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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey you guys!! This story been in my head for awhile. My muse busted through my door and told me to write this story.

Now this story is kinda out of my comfort zone so bare with me.


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"P-p-please stop. I don't know anything." the man pleaded while crying.

Tasha looked at the man in front of her crying and begging for the beating that he was recieving from her "Main Bitch" Iggy to stop. She smiled. She knew that he was lying. She was tired of playing games with Luke. Luke have been working for her for six months. Ever since he has been working for her. Her sells were dropping and her product been coming up missing. She wanted to give him the benfit of the doubt. That was until one of warehouses got broken into and all her product was stolen. She knew that Luke had something to do with it. She just didn't have no proof of it. That was until Iggy called her and told that she checked the surveillance cameras and saw Luke on the phone rushing the robbers out of the warehouse.

'Dumbass didn't even think to wear a mask." she thought. She told Iggy to bring the tape and bring Luke ass to her. That was three hours ago.

Now she is sitting down and looking into the face of the asshole who is responsible for stealing 3 million dollars of her product. She was pissed. She looked over at Iggy who had a smile on her face as she pistol whips Luke. She figure that Iggy was enjoying giving him the beating, but she needed him alive. She got up from her desk and walk towards Iggy.

"Iggy Doll. I'm going to need you to stop. I need him alive for the moment. Once I get my answers. He's all yours dear." she said while smiling.

Iggy looked up and said "Okay Boss." she hitted him one more time with her gun and walked off to stand by the door.

Tasha chuckled. She bent down to looked into Luke's face. She pushed in face up so he can look at her.

"Luke baby. I know you are lying. Just tell me the truth and all this can be over." she said while rubbing his hair.

Luke looked up with his left eye that wasn't swollen. He could barely see her. He had blood from his head dripping into his eyes. The whole right side of his face was swollen. His caramel skin was covered in bruises. He knew he had to get out of this situation. He hoped they didn't have anything on him tying him to the robbery. He couldn't tell her that he helped her enemies break into the warehouse. She will kill him. So he would kept lying.

"I'm not lying Tasha. I don't know anything about the break in at the warehouse. I wasn't even there. Just let me go home!!." he cried out.

Tasha busted out laughing. She walked over to her desk and got her IPad. She sat on her desk.

"Luke why do you keep lying to me huh? You should by now that I don't take lying lightly."

"Please just let me go me home. I won't tell anybody what happened here."

She crooked her head to the side while smiling and said "What makes you think that you be walking out here alive."

Luke eyes bulged out of his head. He was scared shitless. This is not how he wanted to die.

"Please.... let me go T." he said while crying.

Tasha was losing her patience with this asshole. She could be at home with her son right now instead of dealing with this shit. Skyler was her everything. She loved him with all her heart. She hated being away from him, but business was first. She hoped April was okay with him. Skyler was seven years old and bad as ever, but that was baby. She had to get back home to her baby.

"Luke i'm really trying to help you, but you are starting to pissed me the FUCK OFF! I don't have time for your shit." she yelled.

Luke jumped in the chair he was tied up in.

"I don't know anything."

Tasha blew her breath and counted to ten. She looked in her IPad. She chuckled when she found what she was looking for.

She walked towards him with a big smile on her face.

"Can I ask you something Luke?" she asked.

He looked up into her face and gulped. He didn't like that look in her eyes. Plus she was too calm, and everybody know when Tasha is calm nothing good is about to happen.


"You don't have a twin right?" she asked nicely.


Tasha nodded her head. She looked over at Iggy who was standing there with a big grin on her face. She already what Tasha had up her sleeve.

"Okay. So who the FUCK IS THIS at my warehouse on Monday night!?" She yelled at him. She was showing him the video of the surveillance footage on her IPad.

Luke looked at the video he was speechless at what he saw. He thought they didn't have cameras back there. 'Fuck' he thought. He was dead and he knew it.

He should've just told them to fuck themselves when her enemies came to him about Tasha's warehouse. All he wanted to do was move up in the ranks. He was tired of being a 'mail boy'. He wanted to on the inside with the big boys well girls in his case.

That's what they had promised him if he helped them break into Tasha's warehouse. He was so blinded by the fame and the money. He didn't use his common sense. He knew that Tasha was going to find out that he helped with the robbery sooner or later. By the time that she found he helped he would've been long gone by now. Now its to late.

Tasha pulled her knife from behind her and put it in his mouth. She straddled his lap and said " got your tongue. Now start fucking talking before I cut your fucking tongue out and feed it to my dog."

Luke felt her knife go deep in his tongue. He wasn't sure if the blood he was tasting was from the knife or the cut in his mouth. Knowing that there was no way out of here. He nodded his head yes.

"Go boy." she said while getting of his lap.

"Ooooooo..okay I'll tell you. Only if you promise not to kill me. I promise i'll move out of town and never come back." he rushed out.

"Depends on what you have to tell me. Now start fucking talking!!" she said while walking back to her desk and siting down.

"It was Marcello and his crew. They approached me about a month ago. He asked me if like working for you and shit like that. I told him I did, but I would love to move up in the ranks. That's when he promised me a position with his crew on the inside. All I had to do was help him with a situation. I asked him what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to let him know when your next big shipment was coming in. Help him break into the warehouse get the shit. Then I will be in his crew." he said quietly.

Tasha sat back in her desk. Something in her gutt told her its was Marcello and his retarded ass crew. They wasn't even in the game, just some young punks trying to play in a grown folks game. She was sick of his ass. It was plenty of times she could've taken him out, but she wouldn't do it because of his mother. She respected his mother like she was her own. His mother was the sweetest lady anyone could meet. She always brought Skyler some of his favorite pies when they went to church every Sunday. She even watched Skyler sometimes when she had to go out of town to do business. She treated Tasha like she was her own daughter. Tasha couldn't stomach the fact taking her only son away from her, but this time Marcello ass crossed the line. It was a totally different ball game now.

She couldn't believe that Luke dumbass fell for that bullshit Marcello told him. Luke 25 years old and naive as fuck. She was 23 and she was much smarter than him. She will deal with Marcello ass later. Now she had to deal with Luke ass now.

She looked over to Iggy and nodded her head. She got up and walked over to Luke who shaking.

"Luke thank you for telling me the truth." she said while bending down giving him a kiss on his cheek.

She went back to her desk to get her phone to check time. It was 10:30. "Fuck" she muttered. She had to get home.

"Iggy!" she called out.

"Yes boss." Iggy said.

She looked over at Luke and shooked her head. 'He is so cute. Oh well.' she thought.

"Drop this bitch." she said coldly.

Luke head shot up. He was crying.

"What.....You promised you wouldn't kill me if  I told you everything." he yelled in fear.

She laughed and said " I didn't promise you shit doll. I said it depends on what you tells me. You actually thought I would let you live. After you set me up and stole ALL OF MY SHIT!! Come on baby. Now you know nobody crosses me and live to tell the tell."

Luke held his head down. He knew this was it. He was going to die. He worried about his mother and sister. He will missed them deeply, but he made his bed and now he have to lie in it.

Tasha looked at Iggy and motion for her to come over here and handle her business.

Iggy walked over and stood behind Luke's head. She pulled out her 9mm all chrome beretta and cock it.

 "Do you have any last words babe?" Tasha asked while smiling.

"No. Just make it quick." he said while crying.

Tasha looked up at Iggy and nodded her head.

Iggy shot Luke twice in the back of the head.

Luke body slumped over in the chair as his blood dripped on the floor.

Iggy tucked her gun back in her pants. She walked by Tasha.

"Im about to call Carlos and the boys so they can clean this up. Okay boss." Iggy said.

"Okay Iggy and stop calling me boss. We not working no more doll." she said while getting her stuff from her desk.

"Boss we are always working." Iggy said while walking out the room.





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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.