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Story Notes:

Hey you guys! Im going through a case of writer's block at the moment. So I went decided to write me a one shot. To break through this writer's block. Hopefully it won't last long.

But this one shot was inspired by Meshell N'degechell - You Made A Fool Of Me. This idea just pop in my head last night. I hope you guys enjoy my first one shot!

Please excuse any errors and typos you see.

Author's Chapter Notes:


David (Imagine him with green eyes)



Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

My heart ache, My mind was racing, My palms was sweaty. My vision was getting blurry as the tears started to form in my eyes. I couldn't believe what I walked into.


I walked in on my boyfriend of seven years with his pants around his ankles, as he was fucking the shit out of my supposed to be best friend on his desk in his office.

When he looked up and saw me standing there. He bent down and whispered something in her ear. Whatever he told her cause her to looked back at me and smiled.

She looked back up at him and nodded her head. Then he kissed her on her lips right in front of me.

"I'll be right back." I heard him tell her.

He pulled up his pants and fixed his clothes back in order.

"Hey Bailey." Veronica (My best friend) said while jumping down from the desk and pulling her skirt down.

I couldn't believe this bitch had the nerve to speak to me let alone smile in my face. I was so pissed that I was shaking.

Veronica been my best friend since before we could even talk. My mother and her mother was best friends. They grew up in the same neighbourhood. They were so close they even got pregnant at the same time. My mother had me on the 27th of March. While Veronica mother had her on the 28th of March. So it's like we been together before we were even born.

I never felt so low in my life until today. To catch my best friend and my boyfriend fucking is the worst feeling for anyone to feel. My thought was interrupted by the sound of my boyfriend's voice.

"Bailey follow me outside." he said while walking towards the door of his office. He didn't even looked at me.

"THE FUCK DAVID!! Really. That's all you have to say to me. Is follow you outside. Whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of her. Since you already fucking her!" I yelled at him

He turned back around and looked at me. He gave me the most coldest stare. His eyes were so cold. His green eyes didn't the spark they normally would have. They were cold and distant. He looked at me like I disgusted him. He never looked at me like that before.

The stare he gave me sent a shiver down my spine. The man that was looking at me wasn't my David, I fell in love with seven years ago. He wasn't warm-hearted, loving and caring. The man in front me was cold,heartless, and a asshole.

"I don't have time for your bullshit Bailey. We would talk outside. I don't want to disrespect Veronica by talking to you in front of her. Now bring your ass outside, before i'll drag your ass out." he said coldly.

I was taken aback by what he said. He never talked to me liked that before. Did he just say "disrespecting her' LIKE WHAT THE FUCK he mean by disrespecting her?? I'm the one who caught him cheating on me. HE is the ONE who is DISRESPECTING ME!!!

"Are you fucking kidding me. You are worried about disrespecting this bitch!! When your girlfriend of seven years just walked in and saw you fucking my bestfriend. And you are talking to me like i'm the one who is in the wrong!! Like be fucking serious. I can't believe you David. WE been together for SEVEN YEARS!!! SEVEN YEARS!! I gave up everything for you!! My family! My friends! My job! EVERYTHING!! and you are treating me like I never meant anything to you. Does the seven years we've been together mean anything to you!!!" I yelled at him as the tears ran down my face.

David was standing there looking unamused by everything I had said. He wasn't even listening to me.

He yawned and said "Are you done? Because frankly I really don't give a fuck. Bailey i'm bored with our relationship. To be honest I really never gave a fuck about our relationship. I was just in it for the sex and what I could get out of if. Which really wasn't much. I haven't been happy in our relationship in four year. I'm in love with Veronica always have been. I was actually using you to get to her. With that being said me and you are done!"

I felt my throat go dry. This can't be happening to me. He was in love with my best friend. All the years we've been together was a lie. The I love yous we told each other meant nothing to him. The promises we made to each other would never happen. All of our hopes and dreams would never come true. I felt like I was in a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from.

"Bailey I know this hard for you to understand, but I love David. Me and him have been seeing each other behind your back for three years. You wasn't the right woman for him. I am. I know how to love him and make him feel like a man again. Everything you failed in doing. I mastered and succeeded in them. Let's just say the better woman won." Veronica said to me while smiling.

They been seeing each other for three years!! That's like half of the years me and David been together. My world was crashing down around me. This was to much to handle at once.

I brokedown into a sob. My life I thought I had was a lie. He made a fool of me for seven years.

I looked up at Veronica who was leaning into David. I wanted to knock that bitch in the throat.

"Better woman? Are you serious? You been sleeping with my boyfriend...I mean ex-boyfriend for three years behind my back and yo hoe ass have the nerve to called yourself the better woman!! You supposed to be my best friend. I loved you like a sister. Me and you been friends for over 20 years!! How could you do this to me??" I said looking at her.

Veronica's face got sadden for a moment. She actually looked remorseful for a second. Which was short live till she started smiling.

"Bailey I want you out of my house by the time I get off work. I already called a moving company to help you get your shit. I left all money in your account. I took your name off our joint account and put Veronica's name in your place. I set up an apartment for you by your mother. I payed your rent up for six months. That should give you enough time to look for a job and get settle. You can keep the car and all the other shit I brought you. I just want you gone and out of my life, so me and Veroncia can be happy." David said as he kissed Veronica.

I couldn't barely think. My mind was all over the place. He had everything already planned out. He was treating me liked I was some common hoe. I haven't spoke to my mother in almost two years. She never approved of my relationship with David. She always told me that he was no good. Plus the fact that he was white made her really not like him even more. My mother was never a fan of interracial relationships. She was old school I guess if thats what you want to call it, but I needed my mother at this point.

"Well i'm going back to work. I will see you at home babe." Veronica said walking out out of his office.

She left me and David alone in his office just looking at each other.

"You know you can leave there's nothing more left to say." he said coldly to me.

"Yes it is!" I yelled

"What is it? You got two minutes."

I blew my breath and just looked into his face. He didn't looked the same. His skin was more paler than usual. His eyes wasn't shining. They were dull and cold. His dirty blonde hair looked dry. He had no life in him. He was just an empty shell. The David I feel in loved with was gone.

"What happened to the David I fell in love with seven years ago? Huh? I remember when you filled my heart with joy. Now you are filling it with pain. Was I blind to the truth just there to fill the space. Cause now you can't even look me in the eye. You have no interest in anything I have to say. I have allowed you to make me feel so dumb for the seven years we've been together. What have I done to make you treat me this way?" I said softly.

"Bailey....I haven't done anything. You saw the signs that was unhappy in our relationship. We barely had sex. I was never home. I stay out at all hours of the night. I haven't kissed you in a week. I barely acknowledge your presence when you are around me. The signs were there. You was just to blind to see them. I didn't make a fool out of you. You made a fool out of yourself." he said with a smile on his face.

He was right. I did see all the signs. I knew something wasn't right in our relationship. I prayed everynight that he will loved me again. I did everything to make us right. I cooked and clean everyday. I made sure he had everything he needed. I went to the store and brought me some new sexy clothes. That will make him more attracted to me. I even got my hair cut and dyed the way he liked when we first met. I did everything I could think of to keep him happy. I made it my best to be the a good woman for him and to him.

Maybe he was right. Maybe he really didn't made a fool of me.

I made a fool out of myself..







Chapter End Notes:

Well I hope you guys liked this. This story was really hard for me to write. It touched home for me in every way possible.

But I have a question. Do you guys want to see these characters again??

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