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Chapter 1. Yuan begins to question his personal choices.

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"Fuck!" was all Yuan Cheung could muster as he held the squirming woman in place by her hips as he continued to drive in and out of her tight pussy. Her moans soon turned into screams only heightened his desire. Emi was a girl after his own desires. She loved a good hard fuck almost as much as he did. 

"Okay, okay Sir... wai... wait a sec." She panted on the downside of her orgasm as it started to spread again from her heated center. 'Does this fucker ever ease up, fuck!' "Hey, Sir, fuuuck! Yuan!! Gimme a got damn min... Aw shit!!" Another orgasm was hitting harder than the first.

"Hmm, you say something? I did not quite hear you right?" Yuan leaned in covering her back, slowing down his rhythm, intentionally torturing Emi as she rode out her second explosion and before she knew it she was actually looking forward to her third, that was until Yuan used that moment to remind her of her role in his dungeon by changing his rhythm.

"Aw come on Yua... I mean Sir" she hissed as her third orgasm dwindled to a mind boggling of 'is there is it not there' palpable sensation. "Fuuuck Yuan, look I'm sorry, don't you dare stop! Shit man!

Yuan had long ago gotten his and was building up to this second, but if letting her get away with disrespecting him in his dungeon meant neither got their next round, then neither of them did. So his stopping was to only punctuate the seriousness of her offense during their scene. "Get up, we're done," he barked out. This wasn't the first time she did that shit. Now that he thought about it, this was one of the main reasons he refused to take her on as his sub. Her ass liked to try him. This time he mentally noted to himself, 'loose her contact info.' He was done with Emiko Tashimoto. He got up, loosened his Jabari Knots and lowered her to her knees and outstretched palms. 'Fuck, I need a change! Oh, yeah a change of what though?' He asked himself. He hated to admit it, but even though he loved The Lifestyle, he was beginning to tire of it. He could only see Toshiko laughing at his ass. 'Fucker!'

"Hey, um, Yuan, I'm really sorry for change in our scene. Next time..." She began but was cut off by Yaun's outburst.

"Next time? Next time what?! Look that scene only reminded me why we don't gel. There is no next time Emi. That shit is what keeps you searching for master, but..." He lowered down to he fade to emphasize his next words, "that is why you will always be searching. Stop with the fucking games. You like the humiliation, the pain and pleasure, but you also want to run the show. You're a got damn bottom so fucking act like it! But not with me. We're done. So once again... Get. Out."

"Come on Yuan, it was a little slip." Begging was one of the highlits of a scene, but not from her. 

Yuan walked out of his dungeon, down the hall to his front door, held it open waiting for Emi to get her stuff and get out. "Need help? And trust me, you don't want my help?" Emi quickly shimmied into her into her skin tight black sheaf dress, picked up her pumps, and hurried by Yuan, drawing on her last bit of courage, she paused in front of Yuan at his door. Yuan could only think, 'What now?' As she thought to sway him with her trade mark pout. Yuan reached out and grabbed her by her elbow and pushed her out his condo. 'What am I doing wasting my time with girls like her?'

Yuan locked his door and wandered into his living room and plopped down on his black leather sofa. He put his hands on top of his and let his head roll back to the top of his sofa. Exasperated, he took two deep breaths and hollered out into the room, "Argh!! Fuck!! What the hell am I doing? And now I'm horny as he'll! Shit!" 

His self degeneration didn't last long as he was interrupted by a knock on his door. 'What the hell is this girl's problem?' He thought as he got and marched over to his door. He threw back his locks and snatched his door open. "What do I..."

"You don't do anything but open the door and let me in fool." Toshiko replied with a sly smile on his face.

"Hey, sorry about that, I thought..." 

Toshiko finished for him, "I was Easy Emiko from the mail room? Caught her coming out the elevator. Once again love and leave 'em... At least do your dirt at their place. One of these days them girls is gonna want to pay ya back Yuan."

"I seriously doubt that, but anyway, what'z up with you coming by this late? Yuan asked while rubbing the back of his. He felt he didn't want to be bothered with any of Toshi's mess.

"I just left a late meeting with my uncle. Get this, remember the memo about looking into interns for OTC? He may have mentioned it, but he and the board had already to not only send someone out to look over applicants, but to interview someone he had his eye already. Seems Mr. Tenshay had been impressed with someone he met during a conference in the states. And so now some kind of internship program in America." Toshi seemed a bit out of sorts.

Yuan could understand his friends building frustration. Only he knew of Toshiko's desire to take the reigns of Okada Trading Corporation. His first act would be to fire his uncle's entire board of directors that always got on his nerves. He viewed them as ancients  just as Toshi, holding the company back.

This news made Yuan forget Emi and his personal issues quickly. "What do you mean interviews? I thought you were to conduct interviews for a new intern, wasn't that your idea from months ago? That was fast," he added as he leaned against the wall in his entryway. "And Tenshay interviewed an applicant? Doesn't make sense. But then a lot of what Uncle Rin does doesn't make sense." Yuan went over to his wet bar and made Toshi and he a drink of Scotch with some cubes floating in it. 

"That's what I thought too. I don't like this Yuan. He's acting like he has big plans for changes or something Okada Trading, not like an old man that should be getting ready to step down in the business world." Toshi eyed his drink swirling it around then took a sip. 

"You think maybe he has changed his kind about you taking over or maybe he wants to push back his retirement, what do you think? You're his nephew?" Yuan asked.

Toshi made a face, "who knows with, I'm pissed because he just told me this evening. It was like "Oh, by the way, we have a new intern. Mr. Tenshay interviewed them earlier this week. They will be arriving Monday morning. Either you or Yuan will collect them from the airport."" Toshi added with clear disgust. "I will collect them for the airport! Bullshit!! And dump ther body in the ocean on my way back." Toshi glanced over to Yaun for his reaction. "Well, say something."

Yuan just shook his head. "Look I know what you're thinking and feeling, but don't over play this. You have to look at it from the worse case scenario. So what if he extends announcing his retirement. Do YOU have all your ducks lined up in a roll? Are you ready to dump the "Ancients?" Naw, you're not. As long as your his heir to CEO why worry? Don't complain, who knows he might be testing you."

Toshi looked up with relief on his face but then that turned back to a frown, "Testing me? And that sounds like some dumb shit he would do.Look I got to get outta here, I just came by to give you a heads up. I am not collecting any guy for him or the board. I'm out, check with you on Monday." Toshi pushed off the wall he had been leaning on to placed the glass down on an end table and headed toward the door.

Yuan called over to him, "Toshi, relax it will all work out. Patience my friend. Remember your venture is my venture too. Don't worry about the intern, I'll pick the dude up, okay? Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend, he'll it's just starting, tell ya what, meet me for a game of one on one on Sunday, right?"

Toshi nodded his to agree. Yeah shooting some hoops or doing a scene always helped him to relieve stress. 'Damn Rin Okada, why couldn't he see his time was up and step down. Toshi and Yuan had major plans to make Okada Trading so much more than what was now. They wanted to leave off the trading part of the company and go straight into competitive technology. He had friends that had inside knowledge of the latest gadgets and pending patents that would garner investors and allow them to enter the Japanese Stock Market, that is if his uncle ever gave him control. With him as owner and Yaun as the CEO and their hand picked own board of directors, life would be perfect.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.