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My submission for the grindhouse challenge. Jessa has been living for a year in the Masion inherited to her by her now dead parents whom she never met. Finding her new gated community disturbing at first, it has grown to become her home. Jessa is about to discover how and why, herself and the two handsome brothers that live across the street, Ren and Garrett are bonded to each other. With their help, she will learn her true calling.

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Published: October 15 2014 Updated: November 03 2014

1. Chapter 1- Members of the Triquetra by shadow [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2578 words)

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2. Chapter 2- More Questions by shadow [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (2802 words)

This chapter poses a few more questions which will absolutely positively be answered in the next and final chapter. Just a warning- If that  type of shit bothers you, you may want to wait till the next chapter. If not please read! Thank you.

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