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DON'T (The Urban Girl Book 2) by [Griffin, Elizabeth]


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Published: April 03 2015 Updated: May 13 2017
Story Notes:

Don't is a story I began writing in 1997.  I put it aside in order to raise my family; however, the story is important to me.  It will not go away.  Don't is about three teenage girls growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia. 

I am posting it because I am curious about the type of response this story will receive.  As always, I am thankful for your support and feedback.  My confidence as a writer has increased a 1000 folds because of your encouragement.  I an truly humbled by your comments.

                                                          Elizabeth Griffin

1. Chapter 1 by Elizabeth Griffin [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3903 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Elizabeth Griffin [Reviews - 0] (1541 words)

Hi Chambers,

I have posted this novel in chapter form.  The newest update begins at Chapter Four.  I hope you like.  

Elizabeth Griffin



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