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Falling in love; instructions not included.

Rated: Most Ages
Categories: Original Fiction
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Classification: Drabbles , General
Genre: Comedy , Friendship, Romance
Story Status: Active
Pairings: Male/Female
Warnings: Fluff, Original Characters, Work in Progress
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Published: April 04 2015 Updated: May 02 2015
Story Notes:

Hello All!

So, as much as I love ff, I think that its about time I start to share my own writing. I've decided to do a series of short stories featuring a host of my own characters about what it means to fall in love. These stories are both reflections and dreams. I hope that you enjoy them, learn about yourselves as these charcters come of age and do the same, and expereince love, come what may.

1. Tony and Cleo; The First Time by Mello2014 [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarstar (872 words)

Story: Tony and Cleo have known one another since they were seven years old. Now they're about to start looking into colleges, and for the first time, may be apart. He woke up one morning, and realized he was in love with this girl. This is how he told her.

Tony Batta

Cleo Davis


2. Mona and D; I love you. by Mello2014 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1299 words)

Story Notes:

Mona and Dimitri are two college sophmores who are trying this dating thing with no fluff. It gets tricky.

Mona Watson


Dimitri Lawe


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