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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

HI GUYSSSSS!!!! WOOHOO! Part two of Accordance! :D <3 I AM EXCITED TO BEGIN THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU ALL! hehe! I have a new poster, pictures and teasers for you all! Sure to be inspiring, life changing and absolutely amazing I pray that this takes OFF <3 Iwase Hiroto and Ebere Marshall are very dear to my heart and I am blessed that I have been able to bring them to life within the pages of Accordance. I pray that you fall deeper in love with them and their story as it will unfold here. Thank you to all who read Accordance and commented! Now, let's begin Transcending!  


Here is the official poster: 


** This story will not make sense without first reading Accordance, the 1st in this series. If you have not read it, please take time to read. I hope you enjoy it! As the story goes, now Rae and Hiroto are 28 years old, living very different lives. It seems as though the choices made out of pain have solidified and succeeded but when oh when will they truly be set free? When will they come back to each other and be able to love without contraint or problem? Soon my friends. :) Here are some teasers! Please enjoy them guys! Leave your thoughts below! <3 



Sakaguchi Kentaro as Iwase Hiroto (28) 



Natasha Kalos as Ebere Marshall (28) 










Here are the teasers: :D 





    The wind blew around them, the chilly air freezing her skin. But, it was nothing compared to the coldness that had risen up from her heart. 

    “It’s you.” The scent of a man so familiar drifted into her nostrils and she tightened her fists, wanting to despise it… to despise him. 

    “Hello beautiful.” She brought her eyes up to his. Her throat tightened. God, it was him. The man… who had hurt her beyond recognition. The man… the man who her heart still beat for. 

    “What are you doing here?” He licked his lips and cleared his throat. The expression on his face looked painful, as if it hurt him to even talk. 

    “I came to talk to you-” 

    “I don’t want to talk to you.” She replied quickly, cutting him off. He smiled sadly. 

    “I knew you wouldn’t.” 

    “Why’d you waste your time then Hiroto?” He sighed, his breath curling into a thin cloud of vapor. 

    “I was going to try and try again until you finally acquiesced.” She turned away from him, her hands shaking. 

    “I’m going home.” 

    “Let me walk you.” 

    “No. If you know where I live, you’ll never leave me alone.” There was silence. 

    “Tell me something Hiroto.” 


    “Was it worth it?” The time seemed to expand and it took forever until he finally spoke.     

    “No.” His answer was simple but held so much suffering. 

    “Hm.” She heard him step closer until his arms came around her, trapping her. Time ago, she would have melted in his captivity. But now… now it just hurt her. She reached up to pull him off of her but he tightened his grip. 


    “Let go of me.” 

    “Tell me something.” She felt unasked for tears well up in her eyes. She wanted to hate him. She had tried for so long. And she thought she finally had succeeded. But he had made her shatter into a million pieces with just a single glance. All these years later. Still, he had control of her. She hated it. 

    “What?” Her tone hard. 

    “Did you stop loving me?” His calm quiet question stung her and she gasped out loud. She gripped the sleeves of his coat. 

    “Hiroto…” He pressed his face into her hair and sighed loudly. 

    “It does not matter much to me.” 

    “Then why did you ask?” His warmth threatened to overwhelm her. 

    “Why? I suppose I wanted to hear it from your lips. That’s all.” He let his arms slide away from her and slowly, he took his body heat away too. She stood there shivering, clenching her teeth. 

    “Not a day went by that I did not miss you or want you. I realize that I am a stupid stupid man. I let you slip through my fingers and walk away from me… I chose to be silent. I chose to hurt you. For that, I am not sure I want you to forgive me. But, I will ask that you let me see you again. Even if it is just a glance.” The tears slid down her cheeks, cold as ice. Turning, she faced him. He watched as the tears fell, his fists tightening up. 

    “You are a fool Iwase Hiroto. A damn fool.” He hung his head, letting her insult wash over him. 

    “Yes. I am.” His voice was quiet, barely audible. 

    “You don’t deserve to even see me. Talk to me. Damn sure not to touch me.” 

    “All true.” 

    “Hiroto.” He lifted his head. 

    “Stand up straight damn it.” He blinked, his eyes watery. 

    “You’re not a little boy anymore. Stop standing like you want pity.” He stood up straight, his eyes growing hard with resolve. 

    “You’re right about that. I’m not a little boy anymore. I don’t stand here wanting pity from you Rae. I stand here because I want you.” 

    “It’s too late for that.” 

    “I’m prepared to wait.” His voice overflowing with pain sounded much stronger. 

    “Don’t bother.” She started to walk past him. 

    “Goodbye Hiroto.” His arm reached out and grabbed her and he pulled her against him, knocking the breath from her. 

    “Don’t say that to me. Anything but that.” She looked up at him, eyes wide. His fingers gently stroked her cheek. 

    “I do not expect you to forgive me so quickly. I am prepared for that. To wait. But, let me tell you one thing. I’m not going anywhere. Not until your heart heals and once again you let me dwell there. I let you go before. I will not make that mistake a second time. However long it takes Rae, I’ll wait for you.” He gently ran his thumb across her bottom lip, 

    “I love you.” He let her go and she stood there, still. Words didn’t exist as she watched him walk away from her. Deep within the recesses of her heart, she cried out for him. Deep within, her heart answered him. I love you too. 










    Lips crashed against each other, the hunger that existed only growing stronger. There were too many things in the room, too much in the way. Her hands pulled him closer, her breath becoming one with his. So dizzy… the room spun like a top and she found them on the floor, her back against the hardwood. Her chest lifted and fell against his, her heart beat fast. She looked up at him, her fingers fisting his shirt. His eyes spoke loudly to her before his lips found hers again. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her mind was cloudy and the only thing she wanted was him. Despite everything within her telling her no. He lifted her up into his arms and she wrapped her legs around him as he stood. Her fingers tightened in his silky strands and she breathed against his Adam’s apple until she heard a crash. Glancing down, she saw plates and silverware scattered on the floor. He’d placed her down on her short dining room table. 

    “Hiroto…” He didn’t say anything, just gripped the linen under them in his fingers. His cheeks were flushed pink, his lips bruised a rosy red, eyes burning with desire. 

    “This is a mistake.” His voice was low and throaty. She gripped his shoulders. His hands shoved some more plates off of the table and leaned her back against the table linen. Fingers slid up the exposed skin of her thigh, bringing it higher up his waist. 

    “We’ve had plenty of mistakes.” She replied, her voice hushed. 

    “All ones I don’t regret.” She pressed her heel against his bottom, pushing him against her. He took a shaky breath against her shoulder. 

    “Rae…” He breathed against the tender skin. 


    “We can’t.” It was accurate to say they shouldn’t. It had risen until it exploded and she wasn’t sure when the bare skin of his back called her fingers so much. She wanted to let the desire between them bathe them until the dream of becoming one was made reality. She had fought but sometimes, she just grew tired. 

    “I know. But I want to…” He reached up and tangled his fingers in her hair. 

    “I wonder if this is a dream… if I open my eyes will you disappear?” She leaned up and kissed him. 

    “This is not a dream Hiroto. I’m real. Can’t you feel me?” How shameless… she was in this moment. She should be ashamed of herself, moving her hips against his in the way that she did. But… she couldn’t bring herself to care. He groaned and bit his lip, digging his fingers into her hips. 

    “I miss you… I need you…” She whispered, causing him to groan again, a low soft rumble. He slid a hand down to grip her waist, her legs spread slightly on the table. 

    “I want to take it away… this need.” 

    “Please.” He reached up to caress her cheek. 

    “We’ve played quite enough games Ebere. I am not in a playing type of mood this time….” She gripped his wrist. 

    “I’m not either.” He leaned down over her and she felt his lips press against hers. His hand on her waist pulled her down, closer until she felt him firm and warm against her inner thigh. She gasped against his lips. The gaze behind his sleepy lids, the way he seemed to be fighting, the messy strands of hair…all of it aroused her so much. 

    “I’m going to get up. I’m going to leave.” 

    “No… stay…” 

    “Staying will only make things worse. Believe me Ebere. I want to. I want to give you what your body is asking me for. But I won’t.” He let his hands slide away from her and he stiffly stood back, his fingers tight in a fist. She swallowed thickly and sat up, her legs closing. 


    “We’re not in our right mind.” 

    “I beg to differ.” 

    “You have someone right?” 

    “Yes but-”

    “No buts. I have someone too. We must respect this… for now.” He turned away from her. She got up and ran after him, wrapping her arms around his waist. 


    “Even if I do not love her, it remains that we are in a relationship. Allow me to handle that first. Work out whatever you need to with your boyfriend. I won’t touch you again. Not until I can call you mine for sure. Only when you are mine and mine alone. That is when I will let my body speak what my heart wants to say.” She slowly let go of him. He took a breath. 

    “When you are my wife… when your body belongs to me…we won’t have to wait. Or fight.” He turned around and smiled softly. He placed a hand on top of her head and gently ruffled her hair. 

    “That much hasn’t changed about you.” 

    “What do you mean?” A cheeky grin slid across his lips. 

    “You throwing yourself at me. My, you really want what’s in my pants hm?” She sucked her teeth and shoved him. 

    “Shut up Hiroto.” 

    “Ah you didn’t say no.”     

    “So… what if I do?” He chuckled lowly and pulled her against him. His hand slid down her body and playfully teased the skin of her inner thigh, bringing a gasp to her. 

    “I want you right here too. I want to touch you here and maybe… maybe even taste you here.”  Her cheeks grew hot as a summer’s day and she gripped his wrist. How easy it would be for him to just go for it. She kinda wanted him to. He was so close but so far away. 


    “Someday… someday I will.” He pulled his fingers away from her and slid them into his pockets. 

    “But, for now… for now… I will act like I should.” 

    “That’s impossible for you.” 

    “Not so. I’ve been good this far haven’t I?” He playfully winked at her and she rolled her eyes. 

    “Get out Hiroto.” He laughed before grabbing his coat. 

    “I thought you wanted me to stay.” She pushed his arm. 

    “Not no mo. Go.” He poked her forehead. 

    “I’m going.” She huffed as she tried to push him out the door. He walked slowly, nearly cackling at her feeble attempts before finally making it outside. She gripped her skirt and pushed it down, covering her thighs. 

    “Good night you jerk.” He laughed and shook his head. 

    “Good night beautiful.” As she watched him get into his car and drive away, she sighed. She’d missed their playful banter, his cheeky grins and laughter. Even still after 10 years, he managed to make her act like a blushing little school girl. Smiling to herself, she bit her lip. She was grateful at least one of them had a right mind. She was not a hormonal teenager anymore but whenever he was around, she went crazy. She needed to get her whole entire life. That man there… while she still had a ways to go in forgiving him… he was melting the ice she had built around her heart. Slowly, it was turning into the forgiveness they both wanted and needed. If she kept herself straight… maybe they could plant a new seed and start over. She think she wanted that. To start over. With the only man she think she would ever love.





Chapter End Notes:

A/N: hehe well? I hope you guys enjoy them! :) I have started to write of course but for some reason it is not flowing the way I want. Perhaps now with some teasers, I will know how to begin. I will see you all soon! Take care and God bless! 


Sunray into the sky, bright and yellow~ <3 


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.