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This is my first time posting on here and hopefuly its as good as I think it is. i welcome all crticism and any one willing to help a girl out with her gammar.

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Well first chapter, I hope you like it.
























































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Beep Beep Beep, the sound of her blaring phone alarm could be heard in the background while she was in the shower. She had been up all last night and couldn't sleep because she started having night terrors again. She had stopped taking her medicine because she thought she was cured of them. But as the flashes of dreams cross her mind she diecided to take a pill after breakfast. She stepped out of the shower ansd wrapped her body in a towel. She walked up to her mirror and looked at her reflection. Her dark skin glistend from the water drops on her body and her hair resembled a bag of cotton. She looked at her full figure in the mirror and shook her head," I promise I will strart working out as soon as I can find the time." But she has always been "curvy" or "heavy set," the only difference is that now she weighs more than she ever has. She enjoyed her curves, but not to the point where it would be a turn off for guys.

Shaking her head she cleared her thoughts of all things negative and took three deeps breaths. Her mom always told her it was never good for her to over think, that it could leave to disaterous things. Once she cleared her mind she took off her towel and went into her bedroom to get dressed. She slipped on her favorite pair of black pants and shirt with her black and pink converse. She tied a scarf around the edge of her head and decided to let her hair hang free today. She slipped on her pick jacket and grabbed her bag and left out her apartment. She locked up and turned to leave but found Mrs. Petterson, her next door neighbor peeking out the door looking at her. She smiled," hey Mrs. Petterson, how are you this morning." Like usually Mrs. Peterson just slammed her door cloased without answering. She shook her head," one of these days I'm going to get you to speak to me.

She walked down the hallway while taking out her phone and earphones. She looked down at the time and decided to take her time getting to class this morning. She ran down the steps and put her earpones into her phone. Before she could put them in her ear someone called her name. She looked around but didn't see anyone so she shurgged it off, until she heard her name again. She squinted her eyes and looked around,"ok John I know thats you. Just come out and no one wil get hurt." She waited for a couple of minues and then she seen John, the cute ten year old that lives three doors down from her apporch her and smile." Aww Justice, I was trying to scare you, where are you going?" She smiled and rubbed the top of his head," maybe next time shorty. I'm going to school, somewhere you should be." He moved her hand away from his head and fixed his hair but still smiled up at her," I have a doctors appointment, I just beat my mom down the steps." As soon as he said that Justice seen his mom exit the elevator. She waved at her," you behave today, I have to go before I'm late." "Wait,"John shouted,"are we still on for video games tonight." Justice looked back at him,"if all your homework is finished and done right then yes." She seen his blue eyes sparkle and the biggest smile form across his face,"deal," he replied. "See ya tonight John," she said and walked out the building.

She automatcally put in her headphones and blasted her music. While she was listening to Ed Sheeran Give Me Love, she walked past a hooded figure that caught her eye. They stared at each other until they couldn't anymore without deviating from their path. She felt a chill go down her spin and goosebumps rose on her arms. She tried to shake off the feeling, but it returned when she seen another hooded figure, but she kept picturing the a their pitch black eyes. She was creeped out to the max and speed up walking as much as her little legs would allow. The faster she walked the more creepier it became. It was like the sdewalks were suddenly littered with hooded figures all with the same eye color. She partically ran the next few blocks to school. Once she made it to campus she felt much more safe. She went straight to her class and sat all the way in the back so she could try to take a nap before the class started.

The world was forzen in time, at least thast what it looked like. There wasn't a soul on the street. "Hello, is any body here," she yelled out. "Be queit, they'll hear you." Justice looked around to see who answered her and seen a tiny old lady across the street. Justice walked over to her,"where am I, whats going on here, what happened to everybody?" The old lady looked around and grabbed a hold of her hand,"follow me and quickly there isn't much time." Justice followed her into a fotune tellers shop. Once inside they sat down at the round table. The lady looked at her and smiled,"my you look just like your mother at that age." "You knew my mother," Justice asked. The lady laughed,"Knew, honey I raised your mother when they killed your grandmom. Now listen we haven't much time. Life as you know it will change for you, You are destined for greatness and those who know are after you. You must go to this address and ask for Sebastain from there you must train. Now your path gets a little shaky from there, but what I do know is that you and only you can decide what goes on in your life. Life has always been a choice, you must choose the right one. This is not the last time you'll see me, but for now, may the gods forever watch over you sweet heart.....

"Justice, Justice, Justice, you have to wake up," Justice eyes shot open and she lifted her head up. She looked around and seen the classrom half way full and looked over to her right to see her friend Scott woke her up. She skreatched,and realize she was holding a peice of paper. She looked at it and seen an address that was near her apartment. Before she could figure out where it came from her professor walked in. She paid no attention in class today like she needed to. Instead her mind flooded her with memories of her dream that couldn't have been true. There had to be a rational expanation on why she had a piece of paper with someone's address written on it. When class was over she looked over at Scott," did you slip this paper in my hand while I was sleeping." He arched his eyebrow and shook his head," all I did was wake you up. When I walked in, you were sleeping and I let you get in a couple of minutes before class started filling up." She scrunched up her nose and shook her head, still trying to figure out how she got the address. She started packing up," well then how did I get it." Justice and Scott walked out and he asked to see the adress. "Oh I know where this place is. It's the dojo/herbal shop a couple of blocks from your house. Maybe you needed some herbs or something and you wrote the address down so you wouldn't forget to stop by there before you went home."

She nodded her head up and down, trying to convience herself more than Scott. He watched her dazed and confused look turn into more of one of assurance. "Look how about we stop by there while we have free time and maybe you can remember whatever you forgot," he said while putting his arm around her. Looking up at him she smiled and wondered why she never found him attractive. He was good looing, every girl on campus wanted to be with him. Who could blame them. He has golden blond locks that shinned even in the winter, the perfect sun kissed skin that made even a person like me slightly jealous. His eyes were just as golden as his hair. In fact they almost seemed hypnotizing if you stared too long. He was tall, extremely tall. He had to be at least 6'2 and had the build that would put Michangelo's David to shame. All in all, Scott was every girls wet dream, yet he's never made her heart jump. Coming back to reality she said,"yea, sure I have nothing better to do." He smiled at her," great," He pointed straight ahead of them,"onward my lady, our journey awaits us." Laughing she shook her head," I take orders from no male, sir." He placed his free hand over his heart, " I'm hurt my lady, am I that ugly of a woman that you think I am man." She laughed so hard that tears started streaming out her eyes," come on silly boy."




















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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.