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"...I don't know why I have to stay in this hell hole for another six months!"

"Now Jack please calm down---"

"No! Fuck this!"

"Jackson Adam-Griffin!" his mother scolded him over the phone

Jackson Ford was damn near thirty-one years old but his mother still got on him about cursing like a sailor.

"Mom I'm sorry"

"Jack I need you to get better"

"I'm not a sociopath"

"Jack you killed your step father and you didn't show any type of emotion or even remorse---"

"And he damn near killed you Mom" Jackson cut Elizabeth Montgomery off "you think I was just going to let him keep beating you? That sick fuck was looking at the girls too they're thirteen"

"It's wasn't your place to step in Jack" Elizabeth tried to explain "I was in the process of divorcing him you are my child---"

"And you're my mom I never liked that bastard and I held back because I knew you liked him" Jackson said "but once he started hitting you....are the girls okay?"

"Sophia and Olivia are fine" Elizabeth said, "their father is dead and they just need their big brother to get better"

"I'm more of a father to them than that fucker ever was"

"Jack please I need you to take this program seriously" Elizabeth said, "Gregory is gone and he won't ever hurt me or your sisters again"

"But you're still very young Jack I know that you may not think that but you are" she pleaded with him "you're lucky you weren't arrested since it was self defense but you would have been otherwise"

"I still don't think I'm a sociopath"

"I don't want to believe you are either Jack but I just..."

"Mom..." Jackson could hear his mother choking up on the other end of the line; trying hard not to cry

"I love you Jack please focus on getting better"

"Times up Jack!"

"I'm talking to my mother!" Jackson shot back at the guard "give me a break Wilson!"

"Times up Jack!" Wilson repeated

"Are you fucking kidding me?!?"

"Jack don't argue" Elizabeth said "just do as you're told we'll talk again soon okay?"

"Come on Jack!" Wilson said, "other folks need to use the phone besides you!"

"Okay I love you Mom"

"I love you too son"

Jackson only hung up when he heard Elizabeth hang up first. The guy that was in line next gave Jackson an annoyed look to which he replied

"Yeah I'll see you in hell too asshole"

"Fuck you Jack"

"Right back at you"



"Yes Jack yes!"

"Right there!"

Jackson drove himself deeper and faster into his girlfriend Melanie Sumpter as she cried out for him to do so. Jackson was in so balls deep he was sure that the head of his cock was hitting her cervix.

"Shit Mel" he groaned kissing her and running his hands through her strawberry blonde hair "you're so fucking like that?"

"You know I do"

Jackson smirked here he was trying to keep control of his strokes but Melanie was just saying all the right things

"You're going to make me cum with the way you're talking"

"Then cum"

With her walls practically hugging his cock Jackson quickly pulled himself out of Melanie and let his seed spill out on her flat belly. Melanie looked pissed as if she really couldn't believe he did that to her.

"You know for someone you just came moaning my name a few seconds ago you sure look pissed"

"Seriously Jack?"

Melanie got up off the tiny twin bed and proceeded to get dressed. Melanie had been Jackson's girlfriend for about ten years now and often came to visit him a few times a month at the institution he was at. Mostly for conjugal visits more than anything.

Jackson knew what Melanie wanted but he wasn't going to comply with her

"You know how much I want a baby"

"Mel we've been through this already" he said, "I'm not father material"

"What do you mean you're not father material?" she asked, "I've seen how you are with Sophia and Olivia"

"That's different I'm their brother and I'm seventeen years older than them" Jackson replied, "I only stepped up to the plate because Gregory was a piece of shit and Mom needed help"

"I really think having a child of your own will encourage you to get better" Melanie said "do you want to be here forever? I heard about your six month extension"

"Of course I want to get out here Mel you know that" Jackson said "but I'm not bringing an innocent life into my mess not the way my so called step father did to my sisters"

"I want a baby Jack" tears came flowing from her eyes now "I want us to get married"


"I can't do this anymore Jack" Melanie said "I tried to make this work but I just can't I have a friend I'm talking to and---"

"Wait what?"

"You heard me" she repeated "I recently met a friend who I've been talking to who wants the same things I do and he isn't rotting away in a damn mental hospital"

"So what the hell was that?" Jackson asked getting pissed now himself "a pity fuck?"

"That was me trying to make it work between us" Melanie said "and before you ask no I have not slept with him"

"But you're planning to"

"Jack you're not being fair"

"Says my girlfriend who I haven't once cheated on"

"I just said we haven't slept together"

"You don't have to sleep with him" Jackson said, "all it took was getting emotionally invested in him and you did"

"Well you know what at least he has his shit together!" Melanie shot back at him "I'm done Jack I thought I could make this work but clearly I can't"

"If you really loved me you wouldn't have done that Mel" Jackson said hurt "but you know what you go right ahead and marry Mr. Right and have you two point five kids and white picket fence"

Before Melanie left she turned to look at Jackson one last time and said "I almost feel sorry for you Jack I don't think you'll ever get better"

"Then don't feel sorry for me Mel" he said dismissively "just go live your life"

With that said Melanie Sumpter walked out of Jackson's life for good.


"Hey Jack we're going to shoot some hoops on the court you in?" his roommate asked

"Nah Pete I'm good" Jackson said as he slouched on the couch flipping through the only three channels the recreation room television had to offer.

"You sure?" Peter Bates asked again "it's been two weeks since Melanie man I'm worried about you"

"I'm fine just go play ball"

"Suit yourself" Peter replied "you're more than welcome to join us if you change your mind"

"Yeah I'll keep that in mind"

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and Jackson had the recreation room to himself. The only three channels that were offered was the 700 Club with Joel Osteen blabbing on about God and Jesus with his perfectly combed hairstyle. Fox News with Bill O'Reilly going on about "traditional marriage". And PBS showing yet another historical documentary on JFK or was it Ronald Reagan?

Jackson rolled his eyes did the hospital really think this was all they wanted to watch it probably played a role in why mostly everyone was depressed. Jackson flipped off the television and sighed since Peter was outside he knew his room was empty maybe he should go whack one off.

Lord knows Jackson was sexual frustrated ever since Melanie dumped him and the hospital had restricted Internet access. Here he was a grown ass man with no free outlet to porn to whack off to if this place wasn't hell he wasn't sure what hell was.

Jackson heard somebody mumbling not too far from him; letting him know that he wasn't the only one in the room. Jackson got up to see the new resident that everyone was avoiding like the plague with her head down focusing on a puzzle.

Her wild dark brown corkscrew curls seemed to hide most of her face from view. Jackson hadn't really paid her any mind plus he heard everyone saying she was schizophrenic.

She was always usually on watch since she had a history of self-harm and was always trying to find ways to cut herself; so Jackson was curious as to why nobody was watching her now.

As Jackson made his way over to the table where she was working on the 1,000 piece puzzle of the Grand Canyon he could see more of her face. Her honey brown skin glowed and her features were soft from her round cheeks, button nose, and full lips.

She was beautiful and clearly younger than him by at least four or five years. However there was something else about her that drew Jackson to her. She seemed to have had a good quarter of the puzzle done but suddenly pushed it away sending all the puzzle pieces flying everywhere.

She looked like she was frustrated or angry.

"Hey you were doing pretty good" Jackson spoke up "what did you do that for?"

The young woman jumped a little and stared up at Jackson in surprise and then frowned at him.

"Go away"

"Sorry doll face but this is the recreation room it's open to everybody"

"Then leave me alone"

"I'd be gladly too," Jackson said as he pulled out a chair to sit across from her "it's kind of hard listening to the bias folks of Fox News with you mumbling to yourself over here"

The young woman snorted at Jackson trying to ignore his presence while getting back to the puzzle.

Jackson watched her put some pieces back together and caught view of her wrists; both of them had slash marks all over them. She was definitely a cutter; no doubt was trying to get the little green vein but clearly never succeeded.

"I'm Jackson" he tried to make conversation with her "folks call me Jack what's your name?"

"Al" she simply replied



Jackson frowned that name was too damn masculine for a young lady who was clearly the definition of feminine.

"What's your real name?"

"That is my real name" she replied getting annoyed with him

"No that's a man's name"

"Just leave me alone!" she spat at him her hostility now showing "why are you even talking to me!?! go away!"

Jackson was surprised when Al started chucking puzzle pieces at him, which caught the attention of one of the nurses.

"Aaliyah there you are!" the nurse exclaimed

"My name is Al!" she insisted, "stop calling me that!"

"Now Aaliyah calm down let's get you to your room---"

Jackson watched as Al violently kicked and shoved at the nurse to leave her be.

"NO!" she screamed "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!"

The nurse had to call for back up to help restrain Al and Jackson didn't like the way they were handling her.

Aside from the nickname Al had given herself one would really think she was a grown man they way they were grabbing and restraining her.

"Hey dude easy!" Jackson spoke up "she's a woman you know"

"Stay out of this Jack!" Wilson replied, "you've caused enough trouble!"

"LET ME GO!" Al continued to fight back "LET ME G---"

Jackson watched as the obviously frustrated nurse stuck Al's arm with some type of sedative causing her to calm down and her speech began to slur.

"...let me"

Al then blacked out and slumped like a rag doll in the arms of the nurse who walked in on her episode.

"I'll get her back to her room" Wilson said picking her up "somebody should be watching her"

Something in Jackson's stomach turned as he watched the male nurse take Al in his arms and he didn't like it. As Wilson turned to exit the room to make his way over to the female wing of the hospital; Jackson got up too to follow him.

However the other nurses held Jackson back and it pissed him off

"Jack calm down please---"

"Are you going to send a female nurse to watch her because I don't trust that fuck!"

"Jackson he is a trained professional!"

"My ass he is!"

"Jack why don't you step outside for some fresh air?" the nurse suggested "Aaliyah will be fine she's in good hands dinner will be ready soon"


After dinner there was one more hour until all the patients had to be in their rooms for the evening. Jackson wondered over to the female wing to check on Al. Her full government birth name was Aaliyah Diana Nelson.


That was a beautiful name so Jackson couldn't understand why she insisted on being called Al. To be fair the name Al was in her name it was the second and third letters.

Usually the rooms of the schizophrenic patients had their doors open so if the nurses were not present at least they could be monitored at all times. With most of them being suicidal it was for the best.

Jackson stopped when he found Al's room and stood in the doorframe to watch her.

The nurse (and hopefully it was a nurse and not Wilson) had tucked Al in bed and she was out like a lamp.

A lot of people if not most people looking from the outside in viewed schizophrenic people as just plain crazy and a dead weight on society. However most people aren't born with schizophrenia and it's a disorder that does not develop until adolescence or early adulthood.

Something happened to Al.

"Get to your room Jack" Wilson barked "it's nine o'clock Sunday you know the rules"

Jackson took one more look at sleeping Al and scowled at Wilson looking him in the eye as if he were challenging him.

That of course pissed Wilson off since Jackson had always challenged his authority

"What are you doing over here anyway Wilson? You've never been assigned to the female wing before"

"I said get to your room" he repeated "since you're going to be here another six months start listening to instructions"


Jackson had no choice but to listen to Wilson but he was definitely going to keep him on his radar for sure; for Al's sake anyway.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.