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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any of the characters featured in this story.







This multi-chapter story will feature other characters and plotlines from the following movies: Thor, Pacific Rim, Would You Rather and the defunct TV show, Nip/Tuck.






This story takes place a good year before Olivia Pope begins working on Fitzgerald Thomas Grant’s presidential campaign...




Still angry over the way her father, Eli Pope. ran Edison Davis out of her life, and just angry with him in general,  Olivia does not appreciate being summoned to London so that she can meet her father’s new girlfriend--a woman named Zoe Luther.




But when she arrives, Olivia finds that her father’s relationship with this woman is not at all what it seems.  Meaning Zoe is not quite ‘single’.  She is separated from her husband,  a man named John Luther, who is a Deputy Chief Inspector working for the Serious Crimes Unit.




Olivia quickly surmises that Zoe, on some level, is dating her father to try and forget John. And John himself, is incensed that Zoe is dating anyone at all, much less a man that John is sure is not what he seems.  This becomes clear to Olivia, when while arriving for a soiree her father and Zoe are putting on,  Olivia discovers John crouched in the backseat of her father’s car,  gun drawn!




Olivia confronts the startled Deputy Chief and quickly comes up with a plan so that they can both get what they want:  she wants her father’s unhappiness, John wants Zoe.  And to Olivia’s way of thinking,  the only way that can happen, is if Zoe sees John moving on with someone else--namely Olivia.




When John refuses, Olivia threatens to tell his superiors about what he tried to do to her father. John reluctantly agrees that the two of them will pretend to be a couple to make Zoe jealous and tick off Eli.




But when Olivia gets a call from John, telling her that not only has he changed his mind about the whole arrangement, but that he plans on confessing to what he tried to do to Eli,  Olivia decides to take matters into her own hands...






“Oh. My. God.” Olivia sniffed, getting out of her car and looking around the neighborhood that DCI Luther lived in! Mother of God! No wonder Zoe had left him!




She felt slightly guilty about thinking that way,  since she knew it wasn’t really true. Sure, as an attorney,  Zoe made more money than John. But Olivia gleaned just from the little she found online about Luther,  that in all probability, his police work overwhelmed their marriage.





But back to this ghetto project looking area...Olivia pulled out her phone and headed into the building that John lived in. She dialed his number and was walking up a flight of stairs when he answered.





“Little girl,” John said as he himself was fixing his necktie,  “I have already told you I will be confessing this morning.  Since I didn’t actually do anything but...”




“Break into my father’s vehicle carrying a weapon. By the way,  my father thinks that you may have abused Zoe. I wonder where he got that idea? Anyway,  he wants her to file a police report. I’m outside of your door now so I want to warn you that they will probably be at your precinct when you go in.” Olivia lied.




John hung up the phone and walked over to his door. He peered out the peephole,  saw Olivia waving cutely and opened it.




“Zoe is actually letting your father talk her into some kind of rubbish like that?” John asked,  his manner incensed!  Olivia breezed past him into the apartment,  shaking her head! Good God! Did the man care anything about decorating at all?




For his part,  John was more and more frightened for Zoe,  as the days passed.  Eli Pope was slippery.  He had good reason to believe that he was much more than a museum curator.  It was the lack of information about him that raised red flags.  John just knew he was American, worked for  a museum and had an annoying daughter that hated his guts!




John slammed the door and walked up to Olivia,  who had now taken off her coat to reveal a sleeveless, tweed dress that looked expensive.




“Tell me what your father said?”




“About what?” Olivia asked,  picking up a couch pillow by it’s end.




“About forcing Zoe to fill out a report against me?” John asked impatiently.  Olivia dropped the pillow and faced him.




“I lied. Sorry.”




“No you aren’t. Now leave. I will get  Zoe back my own way.”




“How?  Especially with this apartment?”




John returned to his mirror to fumble with his tie.




“Zoe and I live in a townhouse.  I just stay here because...”




“It’s all you can afford on your salary? Look, this is just pretend! We go to this shindig tonight and pretend to be a couple. I guarantee you Zoe will quietly freak out.”




John turned away from the mirror and walked up to her.




“As will your father. Why don’t you tell me why you hate him so much?”




“You first.”




“I think my reason is rather obvious. He’s trying to steal my wife. And he is not what he claims to be.  If you just helped me prove that...”




“It would get you no where.” Olivia said quietly.  “Believe me,  the less you know about him,  the better.”




John didn’t like hearing that.  At all.




“So Zoe could be in danger if she breaks it off with him?”




“No.  She could be in in danger if she ever discovers something about him that he doesn’t want her to know.  And if we put on this charade, she’ll be fine.  And my father will be freaked out by the idea of my seeing a common cop.”  Olivia said now reaching up for his tie and fixing it.




“Well as charmingly as you put that,  I’m going to have to pass.  Zoe and I don’t  lie to one another. We have real genuine feelings for each other.”




“Which are hidden because of my father. And they’ll stay that way if he gets his way.” Olivia said,  having finished with his tie.  She patted it and smiled up at him.





“You know what the problem is?”




“I’m sure you’ll tell me.”  John said,  turning back  towards his mirror and looking at his tie. It actually DID look rather neat.




“You’re having trouble with this because it’s pretend.  I think you could get into this more if it was quasi pretend.” 




John was busy feeling inside his pockets for his car keys.




“What is quasi pretend?” John asked, looking at her through the mirror. He got his answer as he saw Olivia Pope reach behind her and unzip her dress.  John watched via the mirror as it dropped to a heap on his floor and she looked so lovely in that moment, that his breath caught in his throat.




He slowly turned away from the mirror, as she brought her firm young body up to him, reached up and slid her arms around his neck to kiss his formerly angry mouth. His hands slid down to the pinch of her waist  and his own cock began to stretch and flex in response to his touching her.





Olivia pulled away and reached up to unfasten his tie.




“I’ll redo it when we’re done.” she smiled.






Olivia had expected to be the one in control of this seduction. After all, it had been her idea, hadn’t it?




But her thoughts were foggy as she clung hungrily to DCI Luther, while she straddled his thick penetration. His hands engulfed her buttocks, while Olivia tirelessly bounced up and down on his pulsing member.  Her breasts jogged lusciously  in front of his lips,  tempting him.   




Electric heat covered them like a blanket, and John tried to hold back when he felt the familiar, almost stinging itch in his loins, but he found himself helplessly riding a wave of spasms and ferocious passion that left him spent. He buried his head between her young breasts as he struggled to catch his breath and come back down to earth.




Olivia tried to shake off the tingling after effects of their lovemaking, as she disentangled herself from him and padded off towards his shower. She was now being forced to work under Zoe at her law firm,  by order of Eli.  She didn’t hate Zoe or the firm, but she loathed being told she HAD to do it, if she wanted her law school loans repaid. And Olivia had never been the long suffering type.  She didn’t want them hanging over her head forever.




They were quiet as they regained their bearings.  Finally, Olivia broke the silence, as they got re-dressed.




“So, you will be my date tonight? We will be showing my father and Zoe that you are not crying over her, and that I am about to make a big mistake being with you,  right?”




Somehow, the way she put that, seemed rather insulting--towards him.  She began to straighten his tie again.




“Fine.” John answered as she worked miracles with his neckwear once again, before smoothing down his tie.





“Fine?  That’s all you have to say?”  




“There is plenty I want to say.  There is also plenty I would like to ask you.  About your father.”




“And I told you, DCI Luther, that the less you know about him, the more alive you will stay. Listen, you’re not wrong about him. But taking him on directly is not the way to do this.   Zoe has to realize she still loves you and leave him.”  Olivia told him.




“And you? How does this possibly work out for you? So your father is pissed off.  You can live with just that?”




Olivia playfully rested her hands on his shoulders.




“It will be a start.”  she smiled, now patting his shoulders, before letting him go and looking around for her purse.  She spotted it and picked it up




“You just remember that this is an all an act, and don’t with desire when you look at me, okay?”  Olivia smiled at him, before turning to walk out. John rolled his eyes and followed her out of his apartment. They walked down the stairs together. Suddenly,  Olivia stopped and looked at him.




“Do you own a tux?”




“Yes.  Zoe purchased one for me some years back. When we were at University.”




“Okay, yes, well than you will come by the law firm later on. Around one. We will go and get you fitted for one in this era. You will also ‘perform’ in front of Zoe, okay? You know, act interested in me?” Olivia said airily as she continued to walk down the stairs ahead of him. John said nothing in response to that, but wondered if he was getting in over his head. Yes, he and Olivia had shagged but wasn’t lying in this manner still a bad idea?  




He told himself that Zoe had probably been intimate with Pope herself.  John realized that on some level,  Zoe would never see Olivia as a serious threat or rival if she did not believe SOMETHING was going on between them.




John hurried down the stairs to  catch up with Olivia, only to find her standing in font of her stripped car, in shock!




“Oh my God! How long were we in there? I’m calling the police!”  Olivia cried, taking out her phone. John took it out of her hands and put her phone in his own pocket.




“You have called the police, luv. Let’s get you off to work. I’ll take the information there and file the report later.  Besides,  don’t you think it will make our ‘relationship’ look even more realistic, hmmm? You know, your car being stripped here, outside of my apartment while we were inside making love?”




Olivia’s eyes met his and she bit her lip.








“Come along.  Let’s get you to work.”  John said, enclosing a hard arm around Olivia’s trim waist and walking her towards his car. Her pulse quickened at his possessive hold around her middle and for one brief moment,  Olivia wondered if she had started something with DCI Luther that might not be so easy to finish?





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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.