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"Jacob Joseph-Gordon Marshall! I know you're there you open this door right now!"

Marshall jerked up from the couch as he recognized who was knocking on his front door he should have known that it was her. Marshall had been home from Afghanistan for almost two months now so he knew that eventually his old friend would come around. She always did.

Marshall answered the door to be greeted by the petite chocolate beauty Nicolette Ariel Jenkins who gave him a look of both concern and disgust. Marshall decided to humor her to lighten the mood.

"Hello to you too Nikki"

"Jake you look terrible" she said flatly noting the stubble of his unshaved jaw, his tired eyes with bags under them, messy bed hair, and his dishelved sweatpants and grey wife beater that looked like it had been worn a few times too many.

"Well compared to you I guess so," Marshall said sarcastically with a grin

"I'm serious" Nicolette said, "Are you okay? Everyone has been trying to talk to you but you keep ignoring calls"

"I'm not a child" Marshall replied stubbornly "can't a man have space to himself?"

"Of course you can have space Jake but two months? Really?" Nicolette pointed out "I bet the only one who's seen you since you've been back is Jenna"

Marshall would be lying if he denied that his off and on ex but not so ex-girlfriend still benefitted him physically. There weren't a lot opportunities to get some action while on duty so needless to say Marshall had a lot of pent up sexual frustration to which Jenna Quinn's pussy eased to satisfaction.

Jenna had stopped by at least four or five times the past two months for nights of lust and pleasure and Marshall was able to forget about what happened on his recent traumatic tour.

"You sound a little jealous Nikki" Marshall teased "Jenna and I aren't really together you know"

"Believe it or not Jake I could care less about who you take to your bed" Nicolette said using his first name again "that's your business and yours alone"

Besides his late mother Nicolette was the only other person who Marshall had ever allowed to address him by his given first name. Jacob or Jake. Jenna never called him that even when they were still officially together.

Then again Marshall owed Nicolette a lot he would have flunked out of high school if it weren't for her tutoring him his senior year even if they had been polar opposites. It was because of her he actually graduated

"Jacob" Nicolette said seriously and softly now "I heard about what happened"

Marshall balled his fists and put them in his pockets and replied, "I'm sure you have"

"Jake it's not your fault---"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" Marshall cut her off "I've heard that bullshit it's not my fault then who's fault was it then?"

"Jake you need to talk to somebody about this" Nicolette said, "you can't just keep going on like this"

"Hey I'm fine" Marshall said sarcastically "I'm still living, breathing, and standing right in front of you a constant physical reminder to Rhett's wife that he's not"

There it was confirmation that Marshall was living with survivor's guilt and Nicolette hated seeing him this way

"I know that Rhett was your best friend---"

"Do you know what it's like to see your best friend you've known since you were five die in front of you blown limb from limb knowing you could have prevented it?"

Nicolette grew silent and Marshall chuckled darkly replying "Yeah I thought not got a damn scar from the bullet on my shoulder to remind me every damn day too though I might get a tattoo to cover that shit"

"Look" she spoke up "we don't have to talk about it right now"

"Oh trust me I don't plan to"

"No Jake" Nicolette corrected him "I said not right now but we are going to talk about it"

"Alright Miss Jenkins so what are we going to do then?"

"First you are going to take a shower" Nicolette said, "change into some fresh clothes"


"I'm making you dinner" she went on to say holding up the bag of groceries that she had with her "you've probably been eating nothing but take out"

Marshall shrugged even though he knew he had a couple of pizza boxes on the table

"I didn't say you could come in here Nicolette" Marshall said as the young woman made her way past him anyway. Of course he didn't really mind as he caught a good glimpse of her backside.

"Hit the shower Jacob" she ignored him making her way to his kitchen anyway.


Marshall had to admit the hot water did feel good on his skin since he hadn't showered in three days. The smell of the Irish Spring soap was chasing away the unpleasant underarm odor as well he only showered when he knew Jenna would be coming over.

At first Marshall had considered shutting the door on Nicolette and demand her to go away however he found himself pretty amused that she was bold enough to take charge of him. Hell even Jenna knew better than to do that.

Marshall never had a woman aside from his mother tell him what to do he felt himself growing hard at the thought of teaching Nicolette who was really the boss it was his house after all.

He'd bury himself deep inside her and take her fast until she'd beg for mercy. Marshall knew by this point Nicolette most likely wasn't a virgin any more but he didn't see her as a woman who had a very active sex life. Her pussy was probably just as tight as a virgin's though. He was also willing to bet nobody took that sweet ass of hers either.

Marshall let out a long sigh God must really be testing him right now. No woman ever stepped into Marshall's home just to talk she was going to leave with her body singing. Even though Nicolette had been the little honors student who tutored him just so he could walk at graduation she was still a woman nonetheless.

Marshall was going to send Nicolette on her glowing and happy but what he wasn't going to do was go into further detail about what happened to Rhett Duncan.


Nicolette poured the steaming hot noodles, beef, mushrooms and egg yolks into two separate bowls as Marshall made his way into the kitchen.

"What is this?"

"You've never had homemade ramen before?"

"Homemade?" Marshall chuckled "you know you can get a few packs of these at the grocery store for 13 cents each right?"

"You can't say you don't like it until you try it"

Marshall didn't even argue with Nicolette on that one although he never had homemade ramen it sure as hell looked good. Three nights of pizza in a row however makes anything look good in comparison though.

Nicolette had to admit Marshall cleaned up nicely. His sweatpants were at least clean now and he wore t-shirt that still showed off his shape. She watched him as he began to eat and it was clear that he found the food to be delicious as he began to fork it down quickly.

"Good huh?"

"Anymore of this?" he asked in between bites

"Of course" Nicolette said, "I made some more that should last you at least a week"

"You did?"

"Yes Jake" Nicolette chuckled "when's the last time you've been food shopping anyway? You hardly have any ingredients"

"When I got back"

"Most people go food shopping at least once a month or two don't you think it's time?"

Marshall gulped down another mouthful of the ramen and grew silent again and at this point Nicolette felt like she was pulling teeth with him. Either that or she might as well have been talking to a brick wall.

"I don't shop during the day plus I don't buy that much because I don't cook or eat that much anyway" he said "relax I'm not starving myself if that's what you're thinking"

"Why do you shop at night?"

"The markets aren't crowded at night" Marshall said simply "better chances of me not running into certain people"

"You mean Rhett's wife?"

Marshall put down his fork and didn't say anything


"I'm sure that I'm the last person she wants to see right now"

"You don't know that" Nicolette said "I'm sure she's hurting just as much as you are"

"Of course she's hurting the man was her husband for Christ's sake" Marshall said getting a bit annoyed "Rhett was a better man than I am and yet he's the one who's gone"

All of Marshall's charm and sarcasm was a defense mechanism of his the same one he had when they were in high school. Deep down inside Nicolette knew Marshall was hurting and his friend's death was tearing him apart.

Rhett Stone practically had been a brother to him.

"Jacob you're not hurting yourself are you?"

Marshall looked up at Nicolette and saw the concern in big soft brown eyes and as much as he didn't want to admit it did touch him that he cared.

Jenna wasn't really known to ask how he was feeling she certainly didn't hesitate asking him for his cock though.

"No Nicolette I'm not hurting myself" he said sincerely putting her mind at ease "it would be a shame in your case if that were so because you wouldn't have me to admire and we can't have that can we?"

Nicolette blushed at Marshall's straight forwardness and cleared her throat.

"Did I strike a nerve?"

"I'll get you some more ramen"

Marshall didn't object to that seeing that he wanted some more ramen anyway and he sat back watching Nicolette make her way back to the stove with his bowl and get some more of the delicious noodles.

Jesus Christ it looked like Nicolette's jeans were painted on her and Marshall thanked God for the table for blocking the tent that currently growing in his sweatpants right now.

"I'm going to pick up some groceries for you tomorrow morning" she said "the ramen should last you the rest of the week; no more pizza at least for right now okay?"

"Yes Miss Jenkins"

"I'm bringing my laptop over tomorrow too" she went on to say, "we're going to start looking for a therapist that you can talk to"

"What's wrong with just talking to you?" he asked "you seem to listen to me well"

"Because you need to see a professional" Nicolette said "and I'm not a professional"

Marshall frowned not really liking the idea of pouring his thoughts out to a complete stranger when he had Nicolette right here if she insisted on talking about what happened to him.

"Here you go---"

Nicolette gasped when Marshall boldly took a gentle hold of her wrist after she put the bowl back down in front of him.


"No look at me" Marshall said when the young woman looked down at their hands instead of his face "why are you doing this Nicolette? You don't owe me a damn thing and you know it"

Nicolette knew Marshall was right technically she didn't owe him anything. The only time Marshall had been her responsibility was in her junior year of high school tutoring him after school to make sure he was able to walk in June to graduate.

Nicolette would be lying to herself if she said she had not grown feelings for him during that time because she certainly did. She knew that she was not his type though so she never expected the feeling to be mutual.

To compensate for those one sided feelings Nicolette it made her business to follow Marshall after high school to make sure he was doing okay. She got nervous whenever he got called into duty to go overseas and would come see him whenever he'd come back.

"I could look into those lovely brown eyes of yours for the rest of the evening" Marshall teased "or you could just simply answer my question"

"....because I want to"

"Okay" he said trying to dig a little deeper "and why do you want to?"

"You need somebody Jake you can't just be alone all the time espcially when you're hurting like this" Nicolette said which was technically partially the truth but she didn't dare say the latter.

"I guess we're both keeping things from each other then" Marshall said sensing there was something else that she just was not telling him.

"It's getting late" she said noting the time "I should go"

"And leave me here all alone?" he teased, "I thought you just said that I needed somebody?"

"You know very well what I mean Jacob" she said with no hesitation "besides if you feel that way Jenna can come over as soon as I leave"

"Now you and I both know that you don't want that to happen Nikki"

"Like I said earlier Jake that's not up to me you're an adult and that's up to you"

Nicolette was fighting her feelings now but she knew they weren't together she was just a friend helping him and nothing more. As Nicolette made her way outside Marshall stood on the porch watched her with a smirk on his face.

"Goodnight Nicolette"

"Goodnight Jacob"

Once Nicolette drove away Marshall picked up his buzzing phone from his pocket and surely enough it was Jenna. One woman who actually cared about him had just left while the other one who only cared about his cock was calling.

"That's good Jake" seventeen-year-old Nicolette said, "now can you solve for y?"

"At this rate I'll be solving for all twenty-six letters of the damn alphabet"

Nicolette giggled at eighteen-year-old Marshall's smart-ass remark as he moved down the worksheet to problem ten.

"You're doing good though I'm sure you'll pass your test Tuesday

"Not my idea of Friday afternoon either"

"Just think in four months you'll be graduating and you'll never have to come back here again"

"Thank God I fucking hate this place"

"Any plans for college or trade school?"

"Come on Nikki look at me do I look like post high school education material?"

"Don't say that you never know"

"If I need to be tutored by the Honor's Society than yeah I'm not going I appreciate the gesture though" Marshall said "Rhett and I and are going join to the military"

"Sounds dangerous aren't you scared?"

"The only thing I've ever been scared of was my old man tattooing my arms with cigarette butts lucky for me he died when I was ten so no I'm not scared"

"Oh" Nicolette was taken by surprise by Marshall's rather blunt confession "I'm sorry Jacob"

"You didn't now," Marshall said simply "the guy was an asshole anyway was just a sperm donor I only considered my mom my real parent"

Marshall looked over Nicolette's head to see some of the junior students put up a poster on the bulletin board advertising the upcoming junior prom.

"Looks like there's a date set for junior prom"

"Yeah I guess so"

"Are you not going?" Marshall asked noting the hint of sadness in her voice

Nicolette bit her bottom lip "Well not really"

"What's not really mean?" Marshall asked, "does that mean yes or no?"

She didn't answer at first and turned her eyes down to the table wishing to get back to the homework.

" body asked me"

"You don't have a date?"

"It's fine" Nicolette lied "I didn't want to go anyway"

"I can take you"


"I'll be your date to prom"

"Jake you don't have to---"

"I want to Nikki" he said sincerely "besides I owe you one"


"Speechless?" he teased

"Jacob are you sure? I don't want people talking about you" Nicolette said, "I'm not exactly one of the most popular girls here"

"I don't give a fuck about what anybody thinks they can kick rocks" Marshall said "and you shouldn't either unlike them you're actually going to be something when you leave this these four walls"

This touched Nicolette and it was honestly the nicest thing she's heard anyone in this school tell her since she started going here. Butterflies took flight in her stomach conceiving and birthing a brand new feeling. Nicolette had a crush on Jacob Joseph-Gordon Marshall.


Marshall was about to lay down when his phone vibrated yet another time. Surprise, surprise it was Jenna yet again wanting her to stop bothering him he finally answered the phone.

"Marshall baby" crooned the feminine voice on the other end of the phone "you finally answered you had me worried for a minute"

"What do you want Jenna?"

"You know what I want" she purred "I haven't been over in a few weeks now and I'm aching for that big thick cock of yours"

Normally that was all it took to get Marshall hard but it just wasn't doing it this time not with Nicolette fresh on his mind. She actually cared about his well-being. She actually asked about how he was handling Rhett's death.

Jenna hadn't done any of those things.

"Marsh baby" she moaned "you aren't saying anything don't you want me I'll come over right now"

"Jenna it's almost midnight"

"That's never stopped you before"

True but that was then and this was now and right now Marshall didn't want Jenna.

"I'm hitting the hay Jenna I've got things to handle tomorrow"






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