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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi ladies! This is my very first story here on the Chamber. I am pretty excited to see how this goes. I've been reading stories on here for about 4 years or so and never contributed because I thought I didn't have it in me. But finally, here I go.....

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I pulled into the long driveway of my house and stepped out of my car. "Jesus, help me.", I sighed as I walked up the stairs of my porch, unlocked the door and went into my house. All I wanted to do was relax. After a long day of working at the bakery, all I needed was a nice warm soak in the tub. Once I got up the stairs and into my bedroom I threw my purse onto the neatly made king sized bed and stripped down to nothing. I put my purple robe on, and headed into the master bathroom.


Within 10 minutes, I was in my ideal setting. A jacuzzi tub full with steaming hot water and a Lush butterball bath bomb, and a warm vanilla scented candle was the only source light in the room. Sia's hypnotizing voice surrounded the room the room as the acoustic version of Chandelier played from my speakers on the bathroom counter. I slid into the bath with a sigh and lied back. I was glad that I could manage to get this time to myself. This whole day has been so hectic.


-Earlier this morning-

When I woke up this morning, I felt exhausted, like I didn't get enough sleep. Then I realized that my alarm didn't go off. I was awakened at the ungodly hour of 4:30 in the morning from my phone going of nonstop. "Hello?", I answered dreadfully. "Phoenix! I need you!"


"Karina, why are you calling me right now?" "Phoenix!", my younger sister cries. "He did it again." "What?", I exclaimed fully woken now. "Please don't tell me- ""He hit me. Right in the face this time", she laughs darkly. "He fucking hit me and I need you to come over right fucking now." "Karina, oh my god. I'm coming right now just stay there," I say breathless. "Where are you?" "I'm in the garage. I locked myself in. He's banging on the goddamn door and I need someone to come get me right now! I am scared shitless!" "Ok I'm calling the police- ""Don't fucking call the police Phoenix!" "Karina, I need to! He's going to kill you!" "He's not!" she exclaimed.


"I just need to get away from him. He'll cool down by tomorrow. I just need to crash at your place for now, Ok?" "You can't keep going through this Karina. And you can't keep putting me in the middle of this! I told you he was no good! He beats you and beats you and apologizes later so you can go back to him!" I cry. "He's a psychopath and he needs to be put in jail-" "Don't talk about him like that!" she warns. "This is my business and my business only. I am only asking you for help because you are my fucking sister. You are supposed to be there for me no matter what my decision is, ok? I just need you to do this for me, Nix." "Karina open this fucking door!", I hear a loud demanding voice in the background. "Open the fucking door right now before I open it myself and break your fucking neck you whore!"


I love my sister. She was always the rebel in our family and I was always the quiet thinker. She was street smart while I was book smart. But when it came to friends and guys, she was a plain dummy. She dates the most insane guys, while befriending the wildest people. At 22 years old, she met Kaleb at a huge college party she dragged me to in Forks. Forks was a small town, but not quiet whatsoever. The town was ran by its massive college, the University of Toledo. Toledo was a very well-funded school that housed around over 80,000 students. Tuition was about $100,000 alone.


I attended and recently graduated with a bachelors in Culinary arts, and am currently working on my masters. Karina on the other hand does not attend. "College is a waste of time, Nix" she once stated. "All I need is some weed, food, and a man to fuck and take care of all my needs." Sad to say, she was always this way, even when we were younger. I got caught up with her antics and took the blame for a lot of it. We met in an orphanage, been together since we were toddlers. We grew up with each other and never wanted to be separated. So, when a middle-aged couple came in and was dead set on taking me home with them, I was so excited. Then I looked over at Karina and saw tears in her eyes. She was 7 and I was 9. We've been in the orphanage since the age of 3 and we were the only thing we knew. "I'm not leaving without Rina", I stated with a pout and glossy eyes. "She's my sister." They took us both then, we were so grateful. ‘

The fact that Karina and I looked nothing a like didn't faze them. While she was tall and graceful with long glossy chocolate hair, mischievous green eyes and smooth tan skin. I was 5'1 with wild curly hair, big expressive cat-like eyes, and warm brown skin. She was the sexy vixen while I'm just innocent and cute-like. When guys see Karina, they see a real woman. Puberty has truly blessed her, while it seems like I am stuck in adolescence. 24 years old and still look like I'm 15. Sometimes it's a curse, sometimes it's a blessing. But it seems to be more of a curse. Karina could get any man she wanted, which is why I don't understand why she chooses the worst ones. While I on the other hand can barely get a guy to second glance at me. Of course, I know I'm not unattractive, it's just that Karina seems to outshine me in the looks department.


Her figure is more lithe, while I am a bit curvier. Guys always love the supermodel type. I might've envied her a bit, but I never became irrationally jealous. In fact, having less male attention gave me more time to focus on school. While I kept my head in the books, Karina enhanced her beauty. Makeup made her look flawless. I never got into makeup. I wear the occasional lipstick for parties, maybe some mascara, that's about it. I always believed in showing your true beauty to the world.



"Nix? Are you still there?" she whispered. "Phoenix!" I jumped out of the day dream, trance-like state I was in. "Yes, I'm still here." I stated. "I'm coming now." "Well please hurry up, he's quiet now. I know that he's about to do something horrible." and then she ended the phone call. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my black boots, purse, and my keys, and headed straight out the door. "Oh God, please be with me." I chanted as I jumped in my car and sped down the street.

Chapter End Notes:

So this is my first chapter. I know it wasn't that eventful, just wanted to give you all a little bit of a back story on Karina and Pheonix. How do ya'll feel about them? Constructive Criticism is welcome (not hate). I know I am not the best at grammar but I do try. Also, let me know if you want an input on the story. You all can help me direct it, give me some ideas if you want to. I'll make sure to input them if I feel they are really good (and give you credit). Let me know if you want me to include photos of anythng too. Next chapter should be up soon. Thank you!


If someone can tell me the artist that created the lyrics I have in the summary, I'll make sure to mention you in the next chapter (the very first person that does). I love that song to death!


Bath Bomb

Bath bomb



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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.