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Story Notes:

This is book 2.5 in the Selkrian Tales universe. I've completed Loving Luc but since it is entered in the Kindle Scout competition I cant post it for sale until April 3 (that is if I dont win it)


This is a little something extra that I'm working on in the meantime. Hope you enjoy it!


The link to vote for Loving Luc is pasted below! Thanks in advance! Thanks so much!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


I stared at the mannequin in front of me dubiously, Shaye and Arianna standing beside me doing the same with their mannequins. The color of the cloth wasn’t anything special, just a neutral beige color. The fabric itself though...I had never seen anything like it, it looked insubstantial and light. Like it was made by faires I thought in awe, watching the way the sunlight coming from the floor to ceiling windows shimmered on the robe. It literally sparkled like there were tiny gemstones embedded all over the fabric. I reached out a tentative hand and fingered a sleeve, it felt just as light as it looked and softer then I could have imagined. It was shorter then I would have thought, looking as if it would fall just above my knees. The sleeves were long and trailing and the collar was a deep v that would expose a well of cleavage. I leaned to the side, looking around the mannequin a little and seeing that there was also a v going down the back of the dress. It would hit me about where my bra strap would be and I bit my lip worriedly. My breasts were large and I didnt want to go without a bra in front of everyone.


“Wow” Arianna breathed touching her own mannequin, it looked to be made of a slightly different material. It was a darker more chocolate color and only had gemstones around the v of the collar. It was the same length with the same sleeves but had a hood in the back. She looked excitedly me at me, fingering the claiming mark resting the curve of her neck. “We are going to look awesome in these!” I grinned back at my new sister in law..well not officially just yet but Luc had recently claimed her and I was so happy for the two of them I could just burst. They looked so good together. Luc was his dark angel looks, shoulder length wavy hair and permanent five o'clock stubble. Arianna looked gorgeous next to him, tucked just under his shoulder with her extremely curly black hair and rounded figure.


I couldn't help but feel as if I’d had a hand in bringing them together. I had implemented an internship program at Totality, the company I worked for and that my mate Kale had founded and still ran today. She was the very first person I had suggested to do the internship at Autonomous, one of the companies under Totality’s umbrella. Arianna had been through alot in the past couple years with losing her mom and having to quit school to take care of her mother and handle the hospital bills. I was trying to do my part when I referred her to the internship and brought to her attention a little known benefit of working at Totality, the CEO could chose to pay for her schooling. I just chose not to tell her it was a new policy. I smiled secretively to myself but look how great it had turned out, she was staying on permanently at Autonomous and she was happily in love with a good man.


I eyed my bestie balefully where she stood next to Arianna in front of her own mannequin. If only others would be so cooperative, I loved Shaye, truly I did. If she needed a kidney I’d hop up on the table with a butter knife, some vaseline, and a couple advil. But the good  Lord knows she tries my patience down to the last nub some times. She was a beautiful woman with a true hourglass shape, she was packing in the front and the back with a gorgeous face. She had a heart of gold, the mouth of a sailor, and could cook up a storm, heck if I was into women, I’d tap that! I knew why she was the way she was with men though and my heart broke for her when I thought of all she’d been through. I had a plan up my sleeve for her and I cackled silently to myself as I thought of everything I had in store for her.


“Well Mia I sure hope this doesn't go naked like yours will...I would hate to have all the men there drooling on their suits” Shaye turned and smirked at me as she circled her mannequin slowly.


“Have at them” I said waving my hand dismissively as I moved behind one of the screens set up in the room with my ...what was this called again? My valia in hand. “I already have the one I want” I stuck out my tongue at her before I ducked behind the screen. I chuckled quietly to myself as I heard her sigh dramatically “Ahhhhh la amour”. I heard Arianna giggle as I began to take off my clothes. Now I was a little skeptical but as it had been explained to me was that I needed to remove everything as the valia needed to be in contact with my bare skin. I stood there naked and held up the valia, eyeing it dubiously. The joys of marrying an alien I thought sarcastically, but I knew I was lying to myself. I was deliriously, blindly, wholeheartedly in love with my intergalactic man and I couldn't wait to marry him.


I thought back over the changes that had been happening in my life over the last six months. I was the human resources director for Totality and during one of the rare meetings we had were the CEO was actually present, I had laid eyes on Kale for the first time in person. Sure I saw him on tv and maybe passing through the halls, but never was I in the same room as hm, never close enough to touch. The sight of him took my breath away and I remember following every move he made closely. There was just something...more..about him. Add in the fact that he was a Selkrian, an alien race who had revealed their presence to use a few decades ago, just added to his mystery. At the meeting he had revealed that he was a Selkrian as previously no one had known that about him.


He had disguised his violet colored eyes with contacts and molded clay over his ears to change the pointed shape into a more rounded one. There was no hiding that body though as I only came up to about his shoulders and he had the strong muscled physique of  a runner or a swimmer. Combine that with his straight shoulder length black hair, and chiseled good looks, I’d found it hard to take my eyes off of him. It had seemed he found me interesting too because several times throughout the meeting our eyes had met across the room. I had pitched my idea about the internship and was shocked when he approached me after the meeting and requested I come up to his office so that way we could discuss it more. A dinner date, beach getaway, movie night, and misunderstanding later and here we are. Getting ready to spend the rest of our lives together.  A smile crossed my face, I was so unbelievably happy I only wish my parents were here to see this.


They had died coming up on six years ago when their car had skidded off the road during a snowstorm. I had struggled a long time with anger and regret, using that to battle away the sadness. Nothing could stop the loneliness though and eventually I just had to accept that they were gone and just trust that they were still together. My wedding was in a few days and the robes had just arrived. While Kale had told me how the material would fit , I still wanted to try it on for myself and see how I looked. We had close to five hundred guests coming with our hale and members of other hales traveling from as far away as england to attend. Kale had left out a little detail when he had proposed to me, that being he was the Lakai of the most powerful and influential hale. In fact all other hales were basically under his command, on his planet it would seem he was essentially their king. I was still shaken by the fact I was a insta queen and doubted how will I would do in the role. But I would try my best and hopefully wouldn't commit many faux pus along the way. I was still surprised by the fact that our wedding would be televised . I hadn't expected humans to really care but in a way it made sense. We were basically like a cosmic cinderella come to life, what human girl didn't dream of marrying a king?


Plus it was a way to see how the hale functioned and get a inside view of how the aliens lived. I sighed thinking of the circus that was soon to occur and shook my head. I would just concentrate on the fact that I was marrying the man of my dreams and that we’ll hopefully live happily ever after. I pulled the robe over my head, again worrying about how my breasts would look. I was that area, wearing a double d cup and while my breasts didn't look like gallon zip lock bags filled halfway with mashed potatoes and held up by a corner, gravity still worked. I dearly wanted a breast reduction at least down to a d cup, Kale had threatened to cut me if I did it. I’d choked on my laughter at the time since his face had an expression of horror and anxiety at the time.


I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, staring directly into the mirror and breathed out “Wow”

The robe skimmed every curve, every dip of my body, it wasn't as tight as I had feared. Rather than exposing me it merely hinted at what lay beneath while at the same time showing I had some serious curves. The hem fluttered around my knees the hemline twinkling in the sunlight. It caressed the flare of my ample hips and dipped in at the curve of my tummy. I tilted my head as I felt something strange under my breasts and my brows rose as I realized the cloth was somehow adjusting it self to cup them supportingly. The cloth clung to the sides of my now lifted breasts where the v neck was giving me a valley of cleavage. I turned and looked at the back to where the v neck showed the curve of my spine and flowed over the generous curve of my behind. I twirled around again and watched my hem line and trailing sleeves flare out with the movement before gracefully settling back in place.


I took one last look in the mirror and noticed that while the cloth had darkened slightly to resemble my skin color it wasn't a perfect match and people would indeed be able to tell that I was dressed. I breathed out a sigh of relief as I moved out from behind the curtain, ridiculously pleased with how I looked. I looked around to the other screens set up in the room and placed my hands on my hips.


“Come on now” I called out, anxious to see how they looked in their dresses. “Let’s see it girls!” I had no doubt Shaye would wear hers with the utmost confidence, swaggering down the aisle ahead of me, head tilted up daring anyone to judge her. Arianna on the other hand was more subdued and I didnt know how she would take to wearing the gown if it revealed more than she was comfortable with. I knew she would look great in it, the short length would showcase her legs so that way she wouldnt look like a meatball since she was a bit more rounded than me on the bottom.  Her waist was tiny though and with how the valia flowed it would definitely show that tininess to its best advantage.


She moved out from behind her screen slowly and I grinned widely “ My God Arianna! You look great!” and she did. The milk chocolate color of the dress provided a nice contrast to her darker skin. Her hem flirted with her knees as mines did and as she moved the jewels at the bottom winked flirtatiously in the light. Her waist looked impossibly tiny where the fabric dipped in at with her breasts looking perky in the v neck of the dress. She turned in a circle for me and I staggered back comically. “ Sheesh Arianna! Warn somebody first before you point that thang at them!” I wiggled my eyebrows at her when she looked over her shoulder at me in confusion. I counted at a success when she laughed and some of the tension relaxed in her face.


“Your lucky this is for your big day Mia because this dress….I don't know..I wouldn't normally wear something like this” She said as she turned back to face me. Awe lit her face though as she looked me up in down taking in the site of me in my valia. “ Wow” She breathed “ You look amazing! Kale is going to love you in that!” I blushed and mumbled a thank you, I wasn't much for people gushing over me but was pleased with the compliment all the same. I looked over to Shaye’s screen frowning now because she had not come out from behind it yet. I was confused I would have expected her to be the first one out from the curtain, strutting her stuff back in forward in front of the bank of mirrors on the wall. I walked over to her screen calling her name softly. I heard her mumble something in reply and took that as permission to enter. I walked around and discovered her dressed in her valia but looking down at her phone, a troubled look on her face.


“Hey” I said walking over to stand next to her shoulder, she was a few inches taller than me so I couldn't really see what was on her phone screen from this angle but whatever it was, she was really unhappy about it. She turned off her phone and dropped it into her purse and putting her head back on her shoulders she let out a deep sigh. She lowered her head and looked at me “ Just a bothersome text is all” She ran her eyes up and down my body and a smile split her face “ Wow Mia! Look at you!” She pulled me into a hug and squeezed me tight “ You look fantastic! I’m soo happy for you!” She grabbed my hand and tugging me behind her moved out from behind the screen. I let her tug me wanting to ask what the text was about but knowing she didn't want to talk about it right now. I would allow her time to process it but I would pin her down later to see what had put that look on her face. I scowled to myself, it had better not be her no good, playing with people emotions ex. After what he’d done to her he had better not dare show his face again or we would see how much my kickboxing lessons would pay off.


I ignored the tiny inconsiderate fact that kickboxing wasn't meant to be used in that way, I would use every weapon at my disposal. That would include slashing tires and shrink wrapping his car to a tree, nobody messed with the bestie. I forced a smile to my face as we came up beside Arianna and for a moment we just stood there looking at ourselves in the mirror. I had to admit at least to myself that the selkrian wedding attire was a bit...odd. It was like we were dressed to go clubbing or we were one of those reality stars going  to a hollywood premiere almost instead of a wedding. In a rush it hit me, in a few days I would be marrying the man of my dreams. My eyes teared up and I looked up at the ceiling to stop the tears from falling, I couldn't believe this was actually happening to me. For so long I had railed against fate , cursing it, asking why I was being left along in this world. Worst then my parents leaving me was the crushing loneliness I experienced in the years after their deaths. Sure Shaye and my other friends were there for me but it wasn't the same. It seemed somebody up there had heard my prayers though and had decided to answer in the best way possible. Even if I didn't go to sleep next to him every night..I was an early bird and sometimes hale business kept him out late… he was always only a thought a way.  I woke up next to him every morning and only felt peace and contentment as I looked at him resting beside me


His hale was warm and welcoming of me and the elder females were helping to guide me in their ways. They taught me patiently and was always available to answer any question I may have, I could never have imagined I would have received such a warm welcome. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked over at Shaye. She searched my eyes and being the bestie that she was immediately understood what I was overcome by. I laughed a little shakily as she pulled me and close and gave me a tight hug.


“ I am so so happy for you Mia” She said pulling back and looking into my eyes. Using her thumbs she brushed away the few tears that managed to escape and smiled at me.I felt a hand rub up my back and smiled over my shoulder at Arianna as she came closer to me. I flapped my hands in the air and stepped away from them before I totally broke down crying.

“Alright alright” I said heading back towards my screen to put back on the jeans and tshirt that I had been wearing. “ Enough of this mushy stuff, we have wedding details to finalize”


“What's left to do? We have the venue...that gorgeous gazebo set up by the lake on hale territory.” I heard Arriana say as she presumably moved back to her screen.


“Yeah” I heard Shaye echo as I removed the valia and placed it back on its hanger “ The caterer and the cake is taken care of, our dress fit, Kale has already gotten their outfits taken care of. Most all the out of town guests have arrived, the honeymoon is booked. What else could we be missing?”


I smiled smugly as I buttoned my jeans knowing what I was about to say wouldn't go over well but I considered it payback for how she had surprised me when I first met the hale. She was missing one very important part that I the bridezilla….was putting her in charge of.


“You forgot the press dear dear bestie. Your handling them” I finished pulling my shirt over my head and edged out from behind the screen. Walking on my tip toes I began to head towards the door.


“Wait...what?” I saw her pop her head out from behind her screen and her eyes narrowed on me when she saw I was trying to make a getaway. I stifled a laugh and hauled tail towards the door “You get back here this instant young lady!” I heard her yell behind me as I closed the door and took off down the hall.



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