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Story Notes:

I have a friend who is reading this for me.  I am sure that I need more editing.  Right now I am trying to write and edit later so please leave constructive criticism only. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey Chambermates,  I am going to start and finish the Mike and Kyra Story I have changed the storyline a little bit.  Please enjoy. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



“Lakeisha, is that you?” states Malik Benedick as he quickly does a double take in front of the Walmart in his neighborhood.  He had stopped to pick up some groceries for the dinner he planned on making tonight for his sister.  She had recently moved from Buffalo NY where they grew up to Raleigh NC for a new job.  His sister and her husband are going through a divorce and he came down to help her with the kids. 


The woman who he believes is Lakeisha is with a man who looks like John Stahamn after a few too many beers.  Kyra instantly freezes as she hears a voice she hoped to NEVER hear again.  Turning slowly and clearing her throat to stall for time Kyra replies “ No sir, I’m sorry my name is not Lakeisha.”  Kyra quickly turns around with Mike and starts walking away.   Before she can leave Malik states “Im sorry you just look so much like her it is really uncanny.  “My sister Solonage told me a few weeks ago that she thought she had saw Lakeisha walking down the street, but she was too far to catch her to speak. I’m sorry again.  Have a good day!” says Malik while looking at Kyra with confusion in his eyes. 


“No problem, Have a good day as well” Kyra says as she and Mike turn to leave again. A visibly shaken Kyra walks to the car beside Mike.  As they reach their car in the parking lot with all of the packages from the store Mike states “So why are you so nervous?”.  While walking up to their 2017 Ford Explorer Kyra drops the keys at Mike’s question.  “Wha What are you talking about?” She states nervously as she bends to pick up the car keys.  “Don’t play with me you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I felt you tense when he started talking and I saw the blood drain from your face after he called you Lakeisha.  Is there something you want to tell me?  Are you cheating with that man using a different name?” asks Mike with more anger in his voice after each word spoken. 


Roughly Mike pulls Kyra and turns her around and getting in her face.  Kyra can smell the alcohol on his breath with his body so close. “Get in the car lets go home we will finish this conversation later.”  Mike states walking around to the other side of the car.  She is not afraid of Mike as most women would be knowing the level of abuse he can dish out, but Kyra was used to abusive men and knew how to handle them.  Kyra loves Mike for all he has done for her.  Even though he barely knew her he helped her at a time when she needed it the most.  Kyra and Mike get in the car and both look out the window in thought as Kyra drives them home. 


Kyra and Mike have been together since she was 25 years old.  She had just moved to Raleigh, NC about 8 months ago with only the clothes on her back and about $200 in cash.  Kyra came here after leaving Atlanta in a hurry.   When Kyra got to Raleigh she immediately got a job and enrolled in school.  Luckily, even with the date so close to the beginning of the semester she was able to start college at Shaw University and get freshman housing. 


Kyra kept to herself on campus and only went to work and school.  While she wore baggy clothes and no make-up she couldn’t hide her Jessica Rabbit figure which caught the attention of the males on campus.   Kyra hated all the attention and became almost a recluse to avoid it as much as possible. 


One day while walking back to her dorm from the library she is approached by Declan Avery the biggest asshole on campus.  His mother and father were Shaw Alums whose name was on the building of his on campus dorm room.  Due to the school’s recent low attendance they could not afford to lose students especially ones whose parents paid triple the regular tuition to ensure their child graduated with honors.  This gave Declan the confidence to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to. 


Declan decided that what he wanted was Kyra and after repeatedly trying to rebuff his overtures he decided enough was enough and he was going to take what she wouldn’t give.  Mike saved her life when he happened to be on patrol with his partner and saw the two fighting at the McDonalds near campus.  Kyra had gone to get dinner using her school discount and was on her way to the library to pull an all-night study session.  Before she could leave she is attacked by Declan who lets her know she is not getting away this time.  If Mike and his partner had not stopped Declan from forcibly taking her off the street and putting her in his car she would have been raped at least if not killed. 


Kyra pull up to the house and parks in the garage.  As Kyra opens the door to the SUV, Mike yells “We are going to deal with this Kyra right now?  Who? Was. That. I know your stupid ass is not cheating on me.  Kyra you better answer me Right Now.” Mike screams this while walking behind her into their home. 


Kyra keeps walking ignoring Mike and hoping he will let it go.  She didn’t understand why he was drunk at 12pm on a weekday when she knew he may have to go into work at any time.  Lately his drinking had gotten out of control and the more he drank the more violent he became.  


Kyra had meet Mike for Lunch at the Ruby Tuesday by the Walmart.  They went to the Walmart to buy a few household items and she just wished she had gone back to work then after dropping Mike off at home.  Now she has to deal with this idiot.   “I am not going to start repeating myself mutherfucker, I told you I don’t know him.  I only got 2 hours before I have to be back at work.  I am going to get a few things from my home office that I left and go back to work.  You really need some coffee and take a nap until you have to go to work.”  Stated Kyra while walking towards the front of the condo where her office is located. 


Kyra’s office is on the first floor of the condo with a huge bay window that lets her see the beautiful view outside of her home.  Of all the places Kyra has lived Raleigh has been her favorite with the clear air, trees, slow pace, and mostly nice people.  Suddenly Mike is in front of her stopping her from getting to her office. She could feel the aggression rolling off of him in waves, but oddly it turns her on.  Ignoring her feelings of lust Kyra tells Mike “Look move, I don’t have time for your shit today.  I have things to do.  So move the fuck out my way so I can go.”  Mike then grabs her which prompts Kyra to struggle to get lose.  Once she does she takes of back in the direction she just came. 


“BITCH, come back here we ain’t finished yet” Kyra heard Mike yell while running behind her to the garage.   Kyra then runs faster almost to the door she yells “Fuck you Mike” while still running from him.  Just before reaching the door she feels his roughly grab her around the waist and stop her from getting in the garage and to her car. 


“Sit your ass down now, you are going to tell me who he is and how he knows you Right Now?”.  Mike then pushes her to the huge island in the middle of the kitchen.  Shakily, not knowing how to respond and realizing her secrets are catching up to her she sits blinking rapidly so as not to cry from his brutal treatment.   “Mike baby, please calm down you have been drinking and are not thinking clearly.  I told you and that man that I do not know him.  I just look like someone he stated he used to know.  Period.  Please just calm down. “Kyra attempts to touch him, but he jerks away angrily.


“I ain’t stupid that man knew you so why are you lying?” From the expression on his face the anger in his voice and his words she knew he didn’t believe her and she didn’t know what to say to make him believe her.  


Kyra’s only thought at this point was to not let him find out about her past.  She has to get him to calm down, but she doesn’t know how.  Thinking on her feet Kyra quickly says “Mike, you know I volunteer at the shelter and I work in public service. I meet and see people all the time so it’s hard to keep track of them all.  I don’t know that man, but maybe he has seen me somewhere and I look like someone he once knew.  I wouldn’t lie to you you know that, right baby?”  Kyra stands in front of Mike pressing her body close and trying to pet his face.  This time he lets her.  Mike’s weakness has always been her soft touch.  After the harshness of his everyday life her touch is the only thing that soothes his beast. 

Mike’s head and body were at war.  With Kyra in his arms all he can think about is her soft body, and soulful cries as they passionately make love.  Even though he knew she was lying he couldn’t figure out why and at this point really didn’t care.  His last coherent thought before he let passion overwhelm is she better not be cheating on me.  Mike feels her small hands opening his belt then his pants and starts to lower his pants and boxers. 


While removing Mike’s boxers, Kyra is unable to let go like she normally does with Mike.  She can’t get her mind off of Malik she hadn’t seen him in years.  He still looked good as hell, just like the 2018 Sexiest Man of the Year Idris Elba. Trying to stay in the present Kyra hurriedly finished taking off Mikes clothes.  Even though she was mad with Mike she still experienced that same shot of lust she always feels when she frees his big cock.  Trying to prolong the moment Kyra begins by slowly licking Mike from the base of his cock to the tip lightly sucking on the tip increasing pressure as he moans.  Using her hands, lips and mouth Kyra begins to suck as much of Mike’s cock as she can slowly while applying the same about of pressure with her hands on the base.  Due to his length, she is only able to fit about half in her mouth without gagging.  As Mike was getting ready to explode he pulled from her mouth and unloaded on her chest. 


“Fuck! Why did you do that?  Now I got to change my clothes and I am going to be late for work?”  says Kyra while trying to get up and go upstairs.  “That was for trying to distract me from our conversation.  Kyra I’m not stupid, but for now I will let it go for now. “Mike states will grabbing her from behind in a hug as she goes up the stairs.  “I love you and I just don’t want anything to happen to you I can’t lose you. I need you please understand.” Mike lightly kisses the top of her head while moving his hands toward her work pants. 


Kyra feels his hands on her body and moans.  “Damn, as much as I want to stay and let you clean me then make me dirty again I can’t.   I have a meeting in 2 hours and I need to go before I am late.” Kyra lightly pulls out of Mike’s embrace and jogs up the stairs to shower and change. 


Mike watches her round ass as Kyra jogs up the stairs smiling in appreciation.  Suddenly his phone rings.  “Roberts” stated Mike by way of greeting the caller who he know is his partner and best friend Anthony.  Anthony and Mike have been best friends since middle school and both joined the police force at the same time. 


“Mike, we have a situation I need you to meet me at the address I am about to text you.  We have a new murder case.”  Anthony told Mike this information quickly then disconnected the call. 


“Kyra, baby I have to go and meet Anthony for our new case.  I will see you at home later tonight.”  Mike yells this up the stairs as he is grabbing his keys and walking through the kitchen back to the garage. 


Kyra standing in the master suite of their beautiful 3 bedroom, and 3-and-a-half-bathroom condo watches him leave with a huff of relief.  As the events of the day come back to her she remembers “Come on Kyra, we are going to be late for the track meet.  Mom and Dad are already there so we have to go” states Malik from the front door.  “Boy, you better wait a minute I am coming.”  Standing at the top of the stairs Kyra does a twirl in front of Malik asking “How do I look?”  “Late.  Let’s go I want to get good seats and snacks. “Realizing that she is daydreaming when she doesn’t have time Kyra hurriedly dresses so that she can leave. 


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