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Pt. 2 - Mature

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Songs were sung about blushing maids lured into debauchery by strong, handsome men. When the singers strummed their songs, the women were always shy, having to be coerced in some manner into the arms of the man who tricked her father or bewitched by false promises. 

Yet, Rhapdosis did not feel nervous at all. Yes, her heart was beating uncontrollably. Her body felt aflame wherever their skin connected. Her mind was filled with thoughts of him.  How right their bodies fit together, how there was no longer a chill in the water and the goosebumps on her skin were raised for another reason. It was as if he was everywhere. 

Aksept held her with ease in the waters of The Nile. One arm was wrapped around her waist, hand gripping on her thigh, holding her impossibly close. His other hand was tangled in her curls almost painfully. He forced her head back as he kissed the long column of her throat. He only paused briefly when he grazed her collar.

“I will remove this from you, I swear it.” He growled. His lust filled voice excited her. She did not want to think of his words. They carried too much weight. Now, she just wanted to enjoy him. 

            Rhapdosis kissed him, rubbing her hands through his hair with ease. He deepened the kiss, taking control. His motions were sure, confident. Hers were less coordinated yet enthusiastic. She trailed her hands across his neck down to his muscular chest. He nipped her lip hard, but not enough to hurt when she tweaked a hard nipple of his. She smiled through his kiss and he went back to nuzzling her neck. When he bit her there, she let out a soft moan. 

            “I like that sound.” He rumbled. Hiking her up higher against him, he immediately took her nipple in his mouth. When he ran his tongue over it, she felt a reaction down low causing her to moan again, this time much louder. In this higher position she could do nothing but hold on to him as he continued his assault on her body. 

            Then, she felt his hand on her thigh move higher up her leg. He palmed her behind before she felt his fingers brush against her most intimate parts. Her breath hitched in her throat as his fingers  stroked her again, surer. Rhapdosis dug her own fingers into the muscles of his shoulders. 

            “Gods,” she moaned as a finger slipped inside of her. 

Aksept looked up at her face twisted in pleasure as he worked his finger in and out. 

            “Tell me what you want.” He spoke as he curled his finger inside of her creating a pressure that she had never experienced before. 

            A part of her recognized he spoke to her and by the dangerous look in his eyes, he was awaiting some sort of response from her. But words were hard to form as she kept losing herself in the sensations, he was creating inside of her. There was a pressure building inside of her that she did not understand, yet she knew she needed it and more. 

            After a beat he removed his torturous digit and began swirling small, slow circles on her button causing sparks to the pressure. 

            “Oh Gods,” Rhapdosis moaned again, this time much louder.

            Something in her words made him give her a dark, devilish grin that nearly took what was left her breath right from her throat. 

“I asked you a question,” Aksept said as he bit down on her other nipple and soothing it with gentle licks, “What. Do. You. Want?” Each word was annunciated with a tweak of her nipple, a sinful stroke on her down below, or a tinder kiss on her lips. 

            “Y-y-you,” her voice a staccato, punctuated with short breaths.

Aksept slid two fingers inside of her though he slid in with relative ease, he groaned as she clamped down on them immediately.  He lowered her against him, working her to loosen her. She panted and moaned as his fingers picked up speed. Rhapdosis hugged his neck tighter as she leaned into it, arching her back into his fingers. The pressure was building inside of her. It was a unique sort of torture as she wanted it to end and continue at the same time. When she thought she would explode, he removed his fingers from her.

Before she could complain he spoke again, “Have me you will.”  

Then, she felt the length of him between her legs. She wondered about the object she felt pushing at her entrance, ruing the darkness of the waters obstructing her view. Aksept slipped slowly into her. Muttering things into her ear not meant for her to hear. 

Rhapdosis tensed in fear, she heard this moment full of pain for women. Yet, when Aksept ran a thick hand down her spine, telling her to relax and let him in, she did just that. 

The water and her own wetness aided his slow entrance, “Gods, you’re tight” this time it was Aksept who moaned into her neck. Strain evident in his tone. 

Rhapdosis couldn’t respond if she wanted too. It wasn’t pain she felt, but there was an unfamiliar feeling of being filled. Yet the sensation was quickly fading, making way for a more delicious feeling. She knew she needed more of that feeling. Her body clenched with want. 

“Don’t do that, I am trying to not hurt you,” Aksept hissed, sounding in pain.

Rhapdosis replied, “I am not hurting. I want you.” She spoke confidently, clenching again, this time purposefully. She didn’t want calm and controlled. She wanted him to want her as much as she wanted him. 

“Minx,” Aksept growled ferally as he grabbed her roughly by the hips and thrust himself into her fully. Rhapdosis let out a loud sob of pleasure that the man swallowed with a deep kiss. 

            She regretted her words immediately. He was larger than she could have imagined. Aksept’s length reached deep inside of her, stretching her in parts of her she did not know existed. That pressure that was building slowly before exploded inside of her, releasing a million sparks inside of her. Her body shook uncontrollably, spasm. 

            “No, you’re not getting off that easily,” Aksept rasped and began to move inside of her. 

            The friction was devastating. She her fingers carved rivers in his back as she hung on as her life depended on it. In that moment, she felt that was not far from the truth. 

            “Aksept!” she whimpered as he continued his assault on her. He moved roughly, grinding into her hitting something deep inside her that brought the pressure back to her sooner than she thought possible. He moved her back and forth in the water as if she was weightless. The water splashed around them rippling under the stars. 

            “Say my name again” he uttered in her ear.

            “Aksept. Aksept. Aksept.” She chanted as if her life depended on it. With each thrust, his name continued to spill from her lips. 

            “Rhapdosis, Gods!How could I think I could resist this? You’re mine.”  He thundered. His onslaught continued as their pants and moans continued under the stars. 

            When she felt her core reaching its limit, she tried to tell Aksept she could handle no more.  

            “I can’t! I can’t!” she pleaded, “I’m going to – “ her words were cut off for she had no words to describe the feeling. He responded with a particularly deep stroke inside of her, brushing that sweet spot that was her undoing. Her body shuddered as she clung to him desperately. She released a cry as she clenched around him. He answered her with desperate strokes, prolonging her body’s climax.

            He roared as he stilled inside her. The couple breathed heavily, as their heart beats hammered in their chest. Rhapdosis hung her head on his shoulder in exhaustion, fighting sleep as Aksept’s hands drew lazy circles on her waist where he still held her. 

            After a few moments, he slid out of her. Rhapdosis was surprised at the sudden loss of contact and the chill that ensued. Aksept said nothing as he moved them back towards the shore. Rhapdosis held on tightly, enjoying the sound of his beating heart synced with hers. She was exhausted in the aftermath of their love making. By the time they reached the beach where their clothes were, she could hardly keep her eyes open. 

            Aksept set her down slowly when they returned to land. In a daze, she realized she was completely naked out in the open. Shyness filled her as the thoughts of what they just did flooded her mind. Aksept’s back was to her as he slid into his skirt silently. 

            Rhapdosis wondered what happened next. Would he disappear now that he got what he wanted? She stepped into her own dress turning away from the handsome Priest. As she picked up her servant’s wig, she stared at it unseeing. Her mind flooded with thoughts about the future. What would she do now? What would he do? A sudden hand on her shoulder made her jump and nearly jump out of her skin. 

            “Whatever you are thinking of, stop it.” Aksept said as he turned her around and pulled her close to him, “You are in your head too much. I meant everything I have said to you.”

            Rhapdosis craned her neck to meet his eyes, “I can’t help it.” She responded hopelessly, “It doesn’t seem real.” 

            The moon and the stars danced in the sky, bright and undisturbed by the lovemaking they witnessed. The music had stopped, and the fire was dim now, indicating a late hour. Rhapdosis was taken aback at how still the moment was. A momentous moment in her life yet, there was little to show for it. She was a woman now. 

            Aksept wrapped her in his arms. Their damp skin bothered neither. It was strange at how peaceful his arms made her feel. Rhapdosis leaned into them as he bent down to look her in the eye. 

            “It seems then, that I must prove to you that this is no dream.” He said before engulfing her in a world-shattering kiss.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.