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Author's Chapter Notes:

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING LOL. HONESTLY. I HAVEN'T HAD THIS HAPPEN IN A LONG TIME LOL. I have always had too many ideas rummaging around in my head and not enough finished stories. So... um yeah here it is LOL. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This will be a brief story between friends turned lovers. Set in early 1930’s (prewar) and late 1940’s (post war). 



17 year old at the start of the story, Kira Burnett is a regular ol country girl born and raised in Smyrna, Georgia. She developes an unlikely friendship with a quite unconventional Oriental man by the name of Jung Chanjoon. Simply known as Joon or June Bug by relatives and friends, he’s been there her entire life. A quiet, timid girl, she’s perfectly suited for him. In her young life, she’s seen death, heartbreak, and been broken. But nothing could prepare her for what lied ahead. 


21 year old Chanjoon was abandoned by unknown parents 13 years after the turn of the century and the only parents he came to know were Mister Michael Brown and his wife Lilah-Jane Hawkins-Brown. His life was rough growing up as his adopted parents work as sharecroppers. He assumes a life as a Colored boy, unaware of his quite different features until he meets Kira. At four years old, he realizes that he is different than her, but then he discovers that she is different too. Plagued by extremely dark skin and eyes full of grey sea water, she was both bullied and desired by many, white and black alike. She was an unconventional beauty as she grew up but to him, she’d always be his little “Kira girl.” Once the attack on Pearl Harbor happened however, she had became so much more than that. She’d become water and he’d become smoke. 



Lee Gikwang as Jung Chanjoon (21-32)



Nyla Lueeth as Kira Burnett (17-28)









Teaser 1:


“What are you?” She felt him stiffen and instantly went to reach for his arm. 

“June Bug c’mon.” But he didn’t come on. Instead, he turned around and took in the white man who had challenged him, nostrils flared and eyes narrowed. 

“What are you?” He asked back, ignoring the sharp yank of his hand. 

“Joon….stop it. C’mon now I said.”

“Listen to the darkie bitch and go on your way before you end up in trouble.” 

“Fuck you.” His Southern drawl always grew thick as honey when he was pissed and it was like molasses right about now. The white man spit at him but before he could charge at him, she squeezed herself in between them, hands on his chest. 

“Chanjoon!” She never used his full name but damn it he wasn’t listenin. His eyes snapped down to hers. 

“Let’s. Go.” She said, starting to push him back. He let her but his eyes drifted back up to the man who now sneered. 

“This a sight I ain’t never seen. An Oriental looking son of a bitch fucking niggers.” His throat was tight and he didn’t speak, just stared at him, gaze growing in intensity. 

“They’re certainly addictive. That’s for sure. Especially the darker ones. Swear they got the most fight in em.” 

“Remember your place Joon. Come on…just come on…please.”

“Take your pretty little negra bitch home now boy before somethin mean happen to her.” He let her pull him further and further away from the man, eyes never once leaving his. When the trees blocked him from their view, they began to run. 

Sweat sticking to them like flies to molasses, they ran until their feet begged for wait, until they saw her parents house in sight. He panted, lifting fingers to push back damp black hair from his face. 

“Kira gi-” She shut him up with a hard slap across the cheek. 

“You tryna get us killed?!” She hollered at him, eyes filling up with hot angry tears. Jaw tight, his eyes found hers from underneath the spray of hair that misted across his face from the hit. 

“It’s so easy for you to forget your place ain’t it? You could pass tomorrow and wouldn’t nobody well know.”

“I couldn’t pass and you know it Kira.”

“IT DON’T MATTER. I’m nothin like you and you ain’t nothin like me. Simple as that.” 

“So now it’s my fault now?” He shoved his hair out of his eyes, taking her in entirely now. 


“Don’t get a fuckin attitude with me!”

“Don’t you dare curse at me Jung Chanjoon!” His nostrils flared but he grew quiet for a moment.

“I ain’t tried to do anything but protect you.” He tried gentler. 

“You tryna get me lynched is what you tryna do. Get me raped and hung from a tree like an animal. Ain’t you never learned Joon? When you around whites, you shut up, don’t look them in the eye and stay out the way. When’d you forget?” 

“It’s all bullshit and you know it. Who the hell made them God? I’m fucking sick of it.”

“Yeah well be sick of it somewhere else. Here, we know our place and we stay in it.” Turning on her heel, she began to walk away from him. 

“We’re not finished here Kira. Don’t walk away from me.” He said, grabbing her arm. 

“We are finished and in my house I can do what I please. Let me go.”


“Don’t make me slap you again Joon I swear ta Gawd.”

“Do it.”

“What?” He brought her closer, expression within his eyes intense and dark.

“You heard me.”

“You’ve lost your mind.”

“Yeah maybe I have.” Before she could talk back, he kissed her, knocking the breath out of her. In broad daylight, they risked so much but he’d stopped caring about that too. He no longer gave a shit. She could call him a bastard, a fool, a crazy cotton eyed son of a bitch and he’d still risk everything for this. Panting against her mouth, he loosened his grip on her arm a little bit and watched as a blush spread like wildfire through her cheeks. 

“What…what are you…doin?” She asked, voice breathy, tone confused. 

“Somethin I shoulda done a long time ago.” He said quietly against her lips before letting her go completely. 

“Your Momma and Daddy should be comin back from the crop any minute now.” She hadn’t moved or taken her eyes off him yet and he swallowed thickly, pinching the skin of his palm to keep from kissing her again. Those grey eyes of hers would tempt a man to go straight to hell. 

“Tell your brother when he get here what happened.” 


“I’ll see you later Kira girl.” 






He’d been right. He’d been right and the confirmation of it made him sick to his stomach. The first time he’d ever been right like this, he’d narrowly saved her from a brutal rape. He’d been 18 and on his way back from the train station. He’d recently started as a waiter on a Pullman train and he knew it was because he was the right color. His features were exotic to the whites and they were intrigued more than anything. A tall built Oriental man with a thick Southern accent stunned them. Everything they said he shouldn’t be he was. Everything they said he shouldn’t have… he did. He wasn’t supposed to be smart but he was, studying in the field of medicine…when he wasn’t working. He wasn’t supposed to be good looking but that didn’t stop the girls from vying for his time. In the city, it was more white than black because the black ones had sense. But in the swirling green and thick trees, brown thighs opened gladly. Right. Back to being right. He’d been heading to his Kira girl’s lot, eager to see her after being away for a year. When he’d left her, she was still a girl though he’d noticed places on her already budding and growing more womanly. He worried. Worried somethin serious for her. 

“Kira?” He called out, the window to their house open like it always was. Nothin. Hm. 

“Kira girl…where are you?” Lifting himself up onto the thin wooden planks, he eyed something curious that caught his eye. There by the edge of the door was a piece of clothing…It looked like the head rag she wore at nigh time. Hm. 

“Where are you at gal?” He asked, peeking into the empty space of the shack. This time, he heard something. It was a brief sharp meep and it sounded muffled. Turning his head towards the sound he came back outside and headed toward the back of the house. It was there that he discovered her dress which was nothing but shreds littered on the grass. 

“Kira!” A sudden thrashing flashed brown skin up from the grouping of wild tall grasses a little bit away from her house. Shit. He shot towards her, feeling hot, angry and panicked all at once. He shoved the grasses away as he entered the foliage and soon found his Kira girl naked as the day she had been born, arms pinned above her. A large thick necked white man had his trousers down, the cheeks of his ass flat and pink, starting to burn in the sun. 

“Be still nigger bitch!” He hollered at her, lifting a fist to strike her across the cheek. Her mouth had been gagged with his sweaty stinking shirt. 

“Get the fuck away from her!” He hissed, coming closer to them. 

“Wait your turn! I got to her first!” The man shot back, hastily trying to reach for his member. 

“I said get away from her.” Wrapping an arm around his neck, he forced him to let her go, his need for breath much more important. She struggled to get up but when she did, she ran, leaving them to tousle in the midsummer heat. Lucky for him, the man was weaker than he thought and he knew he’d have to dispose of him in an undisclosed area. Breathing heavily, he’d found a nearby rock and smashed the man’s skull, now certain he was dead. Getting up, he went to go find Kira and when he did, he held her close until her cries grew silent. 

Now though… now….he couldn’t hold her. He couldn’t do anything but face the fact that this was happening. He knew it was stupid and he knew they shouldn’t have been forced to do it this way. But this was what happened when you listened to pride rather to wisdom and he’d pay the price for it. Closing his eyes, he took a shaky breath and closed his eyes tight. Tears slipped through his eyelids. Kira… 

“SER! WE GOTTA DO SOMETHIN!” Opening his eyes, he licked his lips, licking away the salt of his shed emotion. 


“There’s nothin we can do now… nothin we can do now but die.” Kira…baby…I love you.

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Hope y'all like it lol. I realized that the main male character is or was?? in a kpop group and to be honest... don't really care about it lol. He's gorgeous and he's my visual for Joon so *insert girl shrug emoji* LOL. This kinda reminds me of a story I wrote years ago lol. Same time period but the story was VERY different. I wrote it with CNU. lol. Thoughts on this family? Love you and God bless. Gotta work tonight so gotta go to sleep! *kisses* *besos* 

D&L <3 

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.