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1st encounter: When Spock and Dr. Jones escort Ambassador Kollos from the transporter room to the Ambassador's quarters.

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Spock turns to meet Dr. Jones:" I would appreciate an opportunity to exchange greeting with the ambassador."


"I'm sure the Ambassador would be charmed."


They turned towards the cylinder, then it slightly crackled, and a sliver of light starts to spray out. As the lid continues to lift open the green sparkling lights fill the room. Spock's mind was met with a much stronger one, Spock slightly turned his head by the strength of his appearance, his optical nerve was greeted a sharp shard of light the penetrated to the back of his brain. Spock's optical nerve quickly adjusted to the assault and encountered a being with such magnitude. The Ambassador was a tall being, estimate 6'5 all silver, with short trim platinum white hair, and his eyes were pure silver piercing through Spock's mind. One thing Spock noticed right away was that the Ambassador's meld penetrated through most of his mental shield.


Schn T' gai Spock!


What an honor!: Kollos greeted Spock with a smile


Ambassador Kollos, It is I that is honored.


Mr. Spock, I am projecting an image for a reference point in your mind to assist you.


Vulcanian has always fascinated me for humanoids, your analytical mind is the most intriguing to be acquainted with.


Kollos scans Spock's thoughts


Aah, I see you are interested in astrophysics and other science categories. I'm impressed , you enjoy expanding your mind.


Spock is uncomfortable that Kollos is prying into his consciousness, he enhances his shield.


My apologies Mr. Spock for my rudeness, I didn't mean to invade your thoughts. I seldom have the opportunity to engage in conversation, but I am so amazed by your aptitude to life and academics. It's quite interesting, I would like to engage with you further within the studies of astrophysics, I see you have quite grasped a lot of the dynamics.


I will be quite pleased to entertain you ambassador with many forms and theories. I studied under the tutelage of my father, Sarak of Vulcan.


I am also aware that you are a touch and mind telepath as well, but you subdue them.


I guide myself to my scientific research and meditation to minimize my engagement with other thoughts. Such actions or activities can be taxing. It requires discipline.


I agree Mr. Spock. But It's time to go, I don't want Mindy to be upset that I have conversed this long. Farewell Commander Spock.


Farewell Ambassador. As Spock bows his head in respect.


The lid closes and Spock turns to Dr. Jones and says:


"I almost envy you your assignment."


"I see in your mind that you are tempted to take my place." Miranda couldn't help it, she tried to invade the conversation with Kollos, she wondered what they transpired in their meld.


"Not correct, Doctor, although I am aware of your mind attempting to contact mine, Were you born a telepath?" Spock had to endure again another being trying to invade his consciousness. He found it irritating.


"Yes. That is why I had to study on Vulcan"


"I understand. May I show you to your quarters?" Spock sense that Dr. Jones is upset or disturbed about something, and he attempts to assist her.


Miranda felt uncomfortable, and nervous about the conversation. She wants to know more about the Vulcan and what has transpired between them.


"Not yet, I think I'll stay here a bit. Ambassador Kollos often finds the process of transport somewhat unsettling."


"I understand. Our ship's surgeon often makes the same complaint. Do call when you are ready."


Spock pulls on his tunic and leaves the ambassador's quarters, leaving Miranda alone to gather her thoughts of her encounter with the Vulcan. She stares at the cylinder where Kollos is in encased. She removes her visor in her hand firmly, gripping it tightly, and speaks firmly to him.


"What is it he sees when he looks at you? I must know!"


The cylinder opens and green lights mixed with orange and yellow spills into the room again.


"Miranda, why are you upset? There is no cause to display such negative comments. Such behavior is below you!"


Do you prefer him over me? Why? Because he is a Vulcan? I can perform any assignment better than him! He turned down working with you in the first place."


Miranda..., Mindy it's not that at all, I find the young man fascinating and I desire to converse with other species if I am able too. It's nice to converse with others without fear of my appearance."


Miranda huffs and takes a deep breath: " I feel that he would desire to take my place, I know Vulcanians are discipline people, their way of thinking and lifestyle even intrigues me. I wish I was more Vulcan than human."


Mindy? Are you jealous of the commander? This is really below you, you should not say or think such things. Your work with me has been commendable and satisfactory. I also enjoy your company.


Kollos notices her thoughts has simmered down, not as hostile towards the commander.


" Please proceed to your quarters and rest, I believe Captain Kirk wants to entertain you."


"I have no desire to be entertained Kollos, you know I feel about such things." Miranda snapped.


"That is totally up to you, but it would be rude to not attend since you are representing on behalf of the Medusans. That would also reflect on your duties as my Public Relations, go rest and enjoy the company. Be with your kind and fellowship."


Miranda didn't respond, her thoughts were hurt what Kollos has just said. Commanding her to do her job.


"Be with my kind Kollos? How prejudice of you."


Miranda turns to leave to her quarters, while Kollos closes his case and reflect how Miranda has acted towards the commander.


After Spock left, he didn't understand Dr. Jones animosity against him. He was just doing his job required. He did enjoy his conversation with the ambassador it was quite stimulating, the ambassador reflected his respect towards Vulcan way of logic the order of things. But Dr. Jones projected her disapproval, but Spock admires her work with the ambassador. His reasons for turning down the opportunity goes much deeper;


his relationship with his friends and


his hope and desire for that special someone.


While on the turbo lift to the bridge, Spock has decided to wear his IDIC pin for the special dinner in her honor, it will show respect for Dr. Jones present status by working with the ambassador. Maybe she will see his intent of mutual respect for her position. But the human thoughts are raw, Dr. Jones projected resentment towards him, he will place her thought in that area of his brain for illogical concerns. Spock excited to the bridge and went to work.

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: The prejudice that beauty is not what it seems and the expectations behind it. That includes Spock as well, the prejudice that his character faced daily. This my rendition of those missed conversations with Kollos. I used some of the actual dialogs from the episode and combined them with mine. Star trek


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.