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** WARNING: RAPE. If triggered, you are free to skip the chapter** 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


The cold of winter chilled to the bone, the wind whipping violently through the small dilapidated houses. But one such person was up. His feet were quiet as he walked, following another set of footsteps laying a path further up ahead. Silky black hair drifted into his face and white icy frost coated his thick long lashes. Feet much bigger than those of the one who travelled here before, his footprint ruined the otherwise delicate shape in the snow with a slight crunch. Shimmery white glimmers twinkled up all around him and for a moment, he reveled in the beauty of the season. It was a shame that soon the beauty would turn to bloodshed. 




    “Where is Tiye?” Looking up into the friendly yet rosy face of Brother Sekhemrekhutawy, Anat smiled in return to his. 

    “She decided to go into the people’s sector.”

    “To do what?”

    “To feed the children Brother.” Accepting her answer, he relaxed and leaned back against the pillows to his seat. 

    “Why didn’t you go with her? I’m sure you would have enjoyed the early morning walk.” To that she smiled deeper and shook her head. 

    “No. It’s too cold. How Lady Tiye has endured this cold so far from home is beyond me. It’s unnatural.” He laughed, pretty white teeth gleaming. 

    “Give it a while. You will adjust.” She sucked her teeth and pursed her lips. 

    “So you say.” 

    “Eat Anat.”

    “But this is not for me.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. Between you and I there is no station, no status to separate us. We are friends right?” 


    “And now family. So the food I have is for you. Eat.” He pushed some fresh godeungeo-gui, miyeok-guk and bap her way. Watching as she slowly accepted, lifting the shiny silver spoon of broth to her lips, he felt pleased in the look of approval that drifted up on her face. Anat had not been easy to please; the food, clothing and way of life much harder to accept. It had been but two weeks since their arrival back home and already she had complained to Tiye that she wanted to go back home. Smirking as she twisted up her nose at the miyeok, he resumed his meal as well, soon escorting her to the door. 

    “Stay with the women in the harem. Perhaps they will take you out to the market today.” Nodding, she welcomed a soft pat to the top of her head before leaving in the harem’s direction. Smiling to himself, he watched until her figure disappeared around the corner. Anat was strong like Tiye and she would survive. That he was certain of. Now that his belly was full it was time to attend to his schedule for the day. 

    He began to dress, slipping his feet into nubi beoseon. Tying them to his jeoksam, he put on black hwa lined with rabbit fur. A deep wine pair of baji were next tied closed. His jeogori was a plain beige color and lastly, a plum and gold durumagi adorned his top half, lined inside and around the collar with fleece and brown grey rabbit fur. A matching nambawi laid on his vanity along with his jinsarip.

    “Pyeha, if you are ready for the meeting to begin, I shall escort you.” The voice of one of the attendants sounded through the door and he swallowed. Let the day begin indeed. 





    The winter cold whipped around her and she clutched her hands tighter together as she went on her way. She was sure that the children were sure to be freezing. She didn’t have much to contribute other than this but it was something she felt in her heart she had to do. She knew what it was like going to bed hungry. For a child to starve…to die from hunger was heart breaking. Inexcusable. Cold clear wisps of crystallized air exhaled from her mouth and she felt the wind cut into the exposed skin of her cheeks. This winter was the coldest it had ever been to her memory. Colder still. And colder still. 

    “Poor thing…why are you out here all by yourself?” The sudden male voice made her jump and she turned around to find a stranger standing behind her. He appeared as if he’d just come behind her. Hands now tighter than ever before, she looked behind him to see no one else. Her heart began to pound into her ears and she swallowed, bowing her head. 

    “I travel to the village up ahead.”

    “Perhaps then I shall accompany you. It’s not safe for a young woman to be alone.” 

    “I will be okay. I promise.”

    “Do you reject the proposal of a nobleman then?” Once cold cheeks grew warm and her eyes roamed across his dress. Bowing her head lower, she folded her body forward in a deep reverent bow. 

    “Please forgive me…I mean no disrespect.”  Indeed, his clothing told his status and it was a sentence of death to those who offended a nobleman. God forbid he be a member of the royal family. 

    “Good then. Where about do you live?”

    “There yonder.” She pointed to a string of black houses up ahead, sure to be identical to the slum he’d just passed through on his journey. 

    “Shall we go?” His smile was friendly and dare she say it charming. Bowing her head, he began to lead the way, she reluctantly following. 




    The library was in an uproar when he walked in and it immediately gave him a headache. 

    “You can’t expect us to listen to him! He’s not been here three years! It’s with allegiance to Seo Jun Wangja-nim that we’ve served His majesty.” 

    “Have you forgotten your place? Kneel and beg for forgiveness! Lest the Crown Prince take your tongue!” 

    “Seems I’ve entered in on a very interesting discussion.” He remarked, eying his Father who sat in the center of the large rectangular table. He too sat back, watching as the men argued back and forth, mouth silent. Sitting down at his right side, he leaned back in his chair and lifted his hand, waving it in the air. 

    “By all means, continue.” Some of the men lost their bravado, paling as his eyes cut into them gaze firm and intense. 


    “You were saying Minister of Accounts?” He grew ashen and his lips grew pinched. 

    “Ah…nothing of importance Majesty. I was simply stating-”

    “He was saying that you aren’t to be trusted.” The King admitted, shrewd eyes leaving the bumbling man in favor of his son. 

    “I see.” 

    “I…beg your pardon M-majesty…I didn’t use those…quite those words e-exactly…”

    “Did you not imply that Cheol-su’s three year expense report was gargantuan in number? Did you not suggest that he was irresponsible in his leaving Goryeo?” The man began to stutter once more as the King leaned forward, steepling his fingers. 

    “Did you not stand here and say that you’d die before you served the likes of he that sits at the table with beasts from another land?” 


    “Tell me Han-gyeol-ah…how is your daughter faring?” Confused yet fearful eyes focused on him, his eyes like that of fire. Yet he remained so composed… so calm. And that the men reasoned was more frightening than to explode. 

    “G-Gyunhui-ah? She’s…she’s just fine…pyeha. Why do you ask?” 

    “Suppose I hadn’t returned when I did. Suppose I hadn’t commissioned the help of another nation’s army. Imagine today…being the very day the Mongols decided to attack us. Unassuming. Naive. Without warning. What do you think would happen to her?” 

    “I-I-I beg your pardon…pye-pyeha?” 

    “What do you think they’d do to her? She’s young.. beautiful… comes from money… she’s valuable. Very much so. What do you think they’d do first? Rape her? Kill her? Or sell her?” The question made the hair on the back of their necks stand up. 

    “Pyeha what is this? Why do you ask these alarming questions?” 

    “Answer the question Han-gyeol-ah. What would you do…if you were one of them? What action would you take?” The man by now was sweating and his eyes had started to grow teary. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. 

    “Answer!” He suddenly barked, making the man whimper. 

    “I’D…I’d….r-rape her…sir….” At that, he leaned back, eyes dangerously narrowed, intensity crackling in them like bolts of lightening. 

    “Sure, I’d accept that. Long months of travel without a woman will do that to you. Seems only natural that you’d want some relief hm?” 

    “Y-yes pyeha…” 

    “I have another question for you then.”

    “Yes pyeha…”

    “Who is more of a beast? You or them?” 

    “I…I’m not…understanding-”

    “You understand very well where I’m going with this. Answer me. Who is more of a beast? You or them?” 

    “I…don’t know sir…”

    “I’ll spare you the torture and answer for you. The Mongolian warriors who have stalked the outskirts of our land, sniffing at it like a hungry dog… we know of what damage they can do. We know they are mighty. Dangerous. Brutal and barbaric. They exist openly in their barbarism, not caring what opinion others hold of them. For they too have allegiance to their country… their King… their way of life. They too have daughters, sons, mothers and fathers that they desire to protect. Likewise, the same can be said of the warriors I’ve brought so far from home. They are ruthless and strategic, nimble and powerful. They are the best Kush has to offer and she has offered them to us.” Even his father listened keenly as he went on, 

    “The men you call beasts are brothers, uncles, fathers, cousins…they have families too just like the Mongols. Just like you. But what differentiates them from you and those like you is that they don’t hide behind false smiles and assurances. The worst kind of animal is one who will destroy his own in order to continue prospering. One who will sell his daughter, sister, mother, even his grandmother for a golden coin.”

    “Pyeha, I’d never d-do such a t-thing…”

    “It’s true I’ve been gone for a long time. It’s true that I’ve brought foreigners into Goryeo. It’s true that I’ve spent large sums of money to leave home. But, look what you’ve gained. You’ve gained an entire fleet of soldiers ready and willing to die for those they know nothing about. They’re willing to put their lives on the line to save you.” The man gulped as he spoke once more, 

    “And this is thanks they get? This is the thanks I get for thinking about you? While you stand here and slander my name? While you proudly proclaim that my brother is the one you will serve until the end of your days. By all means, Han-gyeol-ah… follow him into the pits of hell if you wish. The blood of the people will be on your hands. The blood of your daughter will rest in your mouth. Like master like pupil.” The man trembled like a leaf, mute and ashen gray as the Crown Prince stood, eyes drifting over each and every one of them. 

    “Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you. Right here and right now. I am not my brother. He’s allowed you to exist in your world of pleasures without consequence. That ends today. Should you object, I will personally see to a trial of which you can voice your complaints. But be prepared. That which has been done in the dark will be brought to the light. Even that which you’ve sacrificed blood and bone for. I will find it. Challenge me if you must. I accept gladly.” A clearing of the throat sounded in the deadened room. 

    “Now, if you’re done with this foolishness, I invite you to sit down. We’ve wasted so much time already.” 




    Her mouth was ajar, pretty supple lips covered with a thin film of blood and saliva. 

    “So trusting. So obedient. So naive.” He spoke, tightening his grip of her hair. The black pungcha that had been atop her head had been tore from her and her once neat braid had been unfurled, the long silky black hair now roughly strewn across her face. Lifting a hand, he smoothed it back from her face, the scarlet ribbon symbolizing her girlhood… her untouched maidenhead too cast against the snow. 

    “So pretty.”

    “Please…please don’t…” She struggled to speak but the cold had forced her quiet, shivers shaking her pale petite body. Her cheeks were almost cherry in color and now the smooth thatch of hair covering her triangle drew his gaze. 

    “Offer yourself to me little one. In return you shall have pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever known. I promise.” She began to scream as he pulled her legs apart and tried to hit him. Her strikes were weak and it humored him. If she was going to fight him, at least she should do it right. 

    “Don’t anger me. Be still.” He commanded, striking her in the face with a fist. At once she grew limp. Good. Better. Taking the daenggi he stuffed her mouth and untied his baji and sokbaji. Positioning himself at the entrance of heaven’s gate, with one thrust he found himself in rapture. 





    “Who are you?” Untrusting eyes peered at her. 

    “I’m a friend.”

    “Go away…” Smiling, she took out a persimmon. 

    “I come in peace. I promise.” The eyes eyed the fruit with such longing but fingers did not reach for it. 

    “Do you have a hyung? Noona?” 


'    “Where is he?”

    “Here.” Turning her head, she found a young man appearing to be 15 or so standing behind her. Eyes stony, he eyed the fruit she held in her hand. 

    “Why are you here, woman?” The lack of respect didn’t surprise her and she took no offense to it. Standing, she lifted the small basket she held. 

    “I know what it’s like to starve. I know what it’s like to be oppressed.” Turning soft eyes back towards the small boy, face gaunt with starvation, she knelt once again. 

    “I look funny don’t I?” The boy blinked, surprise all in his expression. 

    “I’m not from your land. I’m from far far away.”

    “How did you get here?”

    “Really bad people took me from my homeland. They brought me to this place.” The boy looked down at her hands as they pressed the fruit against his palm. 

    “There were many nights I was scared…missing my parents…my oppa-nim and eonnie-nim. So many nights I laid cold and hungry…many nights I fought for my life.” She lifted a hand to caress the boy’s face. 

    “Though our skins are different colors, we are more alike than you think.” This time, the boy accepted the fruit, watching as she went to give the basket to the boy’s brother. 

    “I want to return the kindness I’ve been shown. I want to help those who were once like me live and be happy.” The young man glanced at his little brother who had begun to ravish the fruit, eating it like a child possessed, its juices and flesh all over his face. Slowly, he took the basket from her. 

    “What…what is your name?” He asked, hard eyes now softened but a bit in thanks. 

    “It’s Tiye. And yours?” 

    “Young-ho.”  Smiling again, she bowed her head. 

    “It’s nice to meet you.” 


    “Eat… please. I’ll try to come again.”

    “Are you at the palace? Your clothes…” 

    “I have to go now.” Taking off her pungcha, she put it on the boy’s head and removed her tail of fox from around her neck. Placing it around the young man’s neck, she gently laid a hand on top of his head. 

    “I’ll be back okay?” Before he could say anything else, the strange brown woman went back the way she came, leaving the two boys stupefied. 





    When he came through the gates, blood misted across his skin, the gungnyeo nearby quickly bowed their head, bodies stiff. Grinning at them, he stopped walking and lifted a finger to lift one such head. Her countenance was plain and homely and yet there was a beauty there in the midst of it all. Her eyes as fearful and big as they were stroked the fires within his loins. 

    “What a pretty face you have.” Fear paralyzed her and she couldn’t find the words to reply. Smirking, he let go of her face and winked at her before continuing into the Palace grounds. 

    “Pyeha…what…why are you covered in blood?” 

    “I’ve been hunting.” He answered with disinterested eyes, lifting his hands to take off his ayam

    “Were there plenty of game out today sire? I would imagine it would be too cold for any good catch.” Chuckling, he turned to look at the man. 

    “You’d be surprised. All you have to do is look well. You’ll find it.” 

    “A-Ah… of course pyeha…”

    “Tell the servants to warm a bath for me.”

    “At once sire.” Entering through the courtyard, he smirked to himself as he watched the girl of earlier flit and flutter away from his observant eye. Two catches in one day would make him a very lucky man indeed. 




    Her feet were tired and her ears cold as ice when she came across the doors of the North gate. Looking up into the face of one of the watchmen, she withdrew a dwikkoji. Granted entry, she slipped it back into a discreet pocket in the lining of her vest. Heading towards the harem, she sighed in relief once she’d taken a seat, crashing into one of the folded up futons left by one of the women. 

    “Long day hm?” Hae teased, chuckling as she reached up to withdraw her hwa. 

    “Yes but fulfilling.” 

    “Good.” Taking off her vest, she neatly placed it and her wet snowy shoes by the door. 

    “Where is Anat?”

    “Ah, she left with some of the other girls running errands.”


    “In my spare time, I’ve been trying to teach her our language little by little.”

    “And how is she doing?”

    “She’s… not. She refuses to learn anything I try to teach her.” At that, she frowned some. 

    “I see.”

    “She’s so abhorrent to anything here. It’s kinda disheartening.”

    “Well.. give her some time. I wasn’t too fond of life here when I first came. She’s like me in that sense.”

    “Too much like you.”

    “Yah!” The women began to laugh and Hae came to lay down beside her, hugging her close. 

    “I missed you so much Tiye.”

    “I missed you too.”

    “Now that you’re home, stay with us. Don’t leave again.” She only smiled and sighed against her friend’s warmth, yawning against her chest. 

    “Let’s take a nap. It’s nice and warm here.”

    “Yes, Cheol-su wangja-nim made sure that the floors were heated. We haven’t felt heat here for three years and now suddenly it is most welcome and in abundance.” 

    “Hmm…” Yawning in return, Hae snuggled up against the smaller woman and together the two fell asleep. 




    Eyes watched him leave the harem. Fingers gently crushed up into the palm of her hand and nails stabbed the flesh. What a dog. A dirty filthy little rat with no self control. Word had reached her that Minister Han-gyeol’s daughter had been found raped and murdered, her head they said smashed in with a rock. Word also had reached her that he had returned two or three days prior with blood on his face. All of it sounded like his doing. Fury spread through her chest. If she could, she’d kill him here and now. But, alas… she couldn’t. Infuriated eyes turned to find the newly appointed royal concubine as she too left the harem not long after that pig of a man she called brother. She no longer wore the tattered cheaply made clothing the other cheonmin wore. No, her brother made sure his favorite was dressed in finery…even down to her shoes. She appeared comfortable but a bit out of place…not quite knowing how to use her new found authority.             

    Smiling to herself, she chuckled. It was endearing to say the least. Watching as the woman spoke to her servant, clothed in the same brown skin as her, the two headed towards the library; where she was sure her other brother was spending the day.  Perhaps she could do nothing as of yet. But the former musori could. 

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: Welp... that didn't last long. Whenever I start writing Yeonwang again I also end up writing a whole bunch of chapters lol. I finished this one in a day and I'm already starting another lol. Things are getting juicy. First off, CAN. WE. TALK. ABOUT. CHEOL-SU'S. ROASTING. SESSION. I MEAN. MY MANS SAID I'M BOUT TO DESTROY YO WHOLE LIFE, CAREER, BURN THEM EDGES AND THAT TOP KNOT RIGHT OFF. LOL. DUDE WAS COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. 🥶🥶🥶🥶 HE SAID HE NOT THE ONE. Our (let's just be honest..).KING (cause he don upgraded okay in my book lol) said all y'all can get this work. lol. 

I don't know if you can tell but doesn't it seem like Seo Jun's getting more and more... crazy? His little brother has triggered something in him (perhaps his inferiority complex lol) and now he's acting EVEN MORE crazy than normal. And what oh what is Mishil plotting? She has her sights on our lovely little princess. But for what purpose? We'll all find out soon because I'm writing while I got the juice lol. 

I love you guys! I'll see you guys soon! 



Tiye's outfit while on her outing: 


Inspiration for Cheol-su's look came from this picture: 


there are a LOT of terms this chapter! They are: 

godeungeo-gui- grilled mackerel

miyeok-guk- seaweed soup 

bap- rice 

nubi beoseon- a type of sock that protects the foot against cold weather 

jeoksam- male underpants that were worn under the jeogori. I'm not sure if this was like a "onsie" or not. I haven't seen pictures of what it looked like. But It was made to be worn under the jeogori and what's what I'm sticking to lol. Winter gear only! In the summer/spring time sokgoui were worn (over the dari-sokgot) which were like shorts. I like to think about it like tie up boxers in today's lingo. 

 hwa- boots. There are several different types according to gender and status. I didn't go into great detail this chapter but to keep with the historical accuracy, later on I will.

nambawi- a type of winter hat. To be noted for females, the hat was ornamented with a tassel. Male hats were not. 

jinsarip- a specified gat. It was worn by the King, noblemen and members of the royal household. Cheol-su's gats have always been jinsarip. 

pungcha- a type of winter hat. Female hats were ornamented with a tassel.

daenggi- the red ribbon maidens would wear on the ends of their single braids. It signified unmarried status. Married women wore two braids and had them tied up. Also, daenggi came in many colors (for nobility).

ayam- A type of hat. They could be worn in spring/summer and fall/winter. The ones for the winter were thicker. As with the other two types, females only had hats with tassels. 

dwikkoji- a decorative pin with a sharp point.


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