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"You look beautiful tonight Frankie"

Francesca Landry turned around to see Beauregard Gillard enter the kitchen.


"The one and only" he winked at her

Frankie thanked God for the right amount of melanin in her skin. Her cheeks blushed a very faint pink.

"What are you doing hiding your pretty self in the kitchen for?" Beau asked as he took a seat next to her.

"No reason" Frankie insisted

"So I guess you're also just wearing this gorgeous green gown for no reason too"

"It's our friend Pierre's wedding"

Beau had to smile at that one. Neither one of them could believe their shy friend Jean-Pierre Milton Baptiste otherwise known as Pierre was a married man now.

"Good come back" Beau said "it's not everyday I get to see Francesca Marie in a dress---"


"Did I strike a nerve?"

"You know I can't stand my full name"

"It's beautiful Frankie" Beau insisted "just like you"

Frankie rolled her eyes at him and he chuckled "I guess your grandmother didn't get all of the tomboy out of you"

"I have four older brothers" Frankie said "it's in me whether Mamere likes it or not"

"I suppose hanging around Pierre and I didn't help"

"Not really" Frankie admitted "but you two are my best friends"

"You know Frankie this could be you getting married in a few years," Beau said "maybe even next year"

"I don't think so" Frankie replied wrinkling her button nose

"And why is that?" Beau humored her

"I'm not the marriage type" Frankie said, "you know wife material"

"Aw Frankie don't say that"

"It's true" she insisted, "besides I'm not very feminine; and no tonight does not count"

"It counts in my book" Beau said

"Well I don't live my life by the book of Beau Gillard" Frankie said sarcastically

"I think you'd make a gorgeous bride" Beau argued "while everyone was looking at Ophelia I was set on you----"

"That's another reason"

"What's another reason?"

Beau watched Frankie bite her lower lip and pinch the hem of her dress between her thumb and index finger.

"Well I understand why everyone's attention was on Ophelia she is very pretty... it's just that..."

"Go on Frankie"

"Why is so much attention put on the bride?" she asked, "I mean the groom is getting married too"

"Because it's the bride's day to shine"

"Yeah I don't think I'd like that much attention"

It grew silent between them and Beau asked seriously



"This doesn't have anything to do with your father does it?"

Frankie didn't say anything; before she could Pierre came into the kitchen.

"Hey I've been looking all over for you two" Pierre said with a huge smile

"What for?" Beau teased "you're a married man now you don't need us anymore"

"Come on Beau" Pierre laughed, "I'll always need you two; besides you're going to be godparents---"

"Ophelia is pregnant?" Frankie exclaimed

"Yup due around Christmas" Pierre said proudly

"That's wonderful Pierre"

"Yeah" he blushed "I wanted you two to be the first to know"

"It's an honor Pierre" Beau said

"I hope it's a boy" Frankie said, "I want to spoil my little godson"

"Actually Ophelia and I really want a girl" Pierre said "we want to name our first daughter after you"

"Oh good Lord no" Frankie laughed "if it's a girl at least give her a fighting chance"

"Francesca would be her middle name" Pierre said "there's nothing wrong with it"

"I beg to differ," she said disagreeing

"You know how stubborn Frankie is"

"Speaking of which you look great Frankie; thanks for wearing a dress today" Pierre teased

"Don't let your wife of less than twenty-four hours hear you say that" Frankie joked

"Was I interrupting anything?" Pierre asked, "you two looked deep into conversation"

"It's nothing" Frankie insisted as she lied and Beau shot her a knowing look.

"You sure about that Francesca?"

"I'm pretty sure Beauregard"

Beau gave Frankie a playful smirk and she rolled her eyes at him.

Frankie knew damn well they were about to hit a touchy subject before Pierre came in the kitchen. Frankie always used sarcasm as a defense mechanism; even when they were kids. It was her way of avoiding something she didn't want to face.


"You want to take a walk with me?"

Frankie nearly jumped put of her skin. She had forgotten that Beau was standing next to her. They along with the other wedding guests just got finished watching Pierre and Ophelia ride off to their honeymoon.

"I'm sure Delphine Ramsey would" Frankie replied sarcastically "she's been eyeing you like a cat in heat the whole evening"

Frankie wasn't lying even now the red headed vixen was giving Beau ‘fuck-me' eyes.

"Well she's just going to have to settle with touching herself this evening" Beau replied, "because I asked you not her"

Frankie blushed and was now looking for excuses to avoid the situation

"It's a little late"

"This coming from the same tomboy who used to go hunting past midnight deep in the bayou"

"We're not thirteen anymore"

"Yeah that's why I figured the walk would be more suitable"

"Come on Frankie" Beau insisted "it's such a beautiful night"

"Do they call it Bella Notte?"

"Very funny Frankie"

"If I go on this walk will your ego be satisfied?"

"It just might" Beau said "do you know what would satisfy me more?"


"You being honest with me"

Frankie knew Beau was referring to their kitchen conversation

"I can't promise you that Beau"

"I'm not asking you to" Beau replied "but I do hope that you'll be comfortable enough to do so"

The two of them gave each other little smiles and burst out in laughter as they walked past a pissed off Delphine. Beau was right she'd have to pet her own kitty tonight.


"Has the place changed at all since I went away?" Beau asked as the two of them strolled through the French Quarters.

"If you mean as far as being stuck in the days of the fifties and sixties?" Frankie replied, "no it's still the same"

"It's nineteen seventy-five"

"Beau you know damn well white folks don't give a shit" Frankie said, "why do you think Delphine wanted to tear my head off?"

Beau knew exactly what Frankie meant. At twenty-five he was a young white Vietnam war hero. An eligible bachelor. Delphine Ramsey came from a wealthy family so she just could not wrap her head around how he wanted to spend time with a black woman like Frankie instead of her.

What Delphine failed to realize not only did Beau grow up with Frankie but she was the only woman he had eyes for. She could never hold a candle to Frankie and she knew it. Beau just needed Frankie to know it too. He needed her to know how beautiful she was.

"Word is she's looking for a suitor" Frankie went on to say "although you would think that she would have found one by now; because she's slept with every dog whose thrown her a bone in the parish"

Beau chuckled but Frankie did have a point; Delphine was a whore.

"What about you Frankie?" he asked, "how are you holding up?"

"Okay I guess" she replied, "I'm taking care of Mamere"

"How is your grandmother anyway?"

Beau was mostly raised alongside Frankie by Alma Landry because she used to be a caretaker for the Gillards. Alma was more of a mother to him than his own mother.

"Mamere is doing as well as she can; she's almost ninety years old"

"Do your brothers help at all?"

"Not really" Frankie said, "I think they might still be mad about me and Poppa...."


"Look there's Mr. Albert's old store" she said quickly changing the topic "remember Mamere took us in there all the time to run errands?"

"I remember" Beau smiled

"Mr. Albert used to say that you were his only white customer"

That was true. The Gillards used to allow Alma to take Beau into a lot of black only spaces until Beau was eleven. By that age his parents felt he was hanging around the black community too much. His parents also never approved of his friendship with Frankie or Pierre.

"Mr. Albert passed away shortly after you went off to war"

There was a moment of silence and the two of them continued their walk. The topic of Frankie's father still hung in the air like an elephant in the room.

Now it was Beau's turn to point out a landmark from their childhood; however it was unrecognizable now.

"Isn't that where---"

"The old baseball patch used to be?" Frankie finished "yup it's the junkyard now"

"But why?"

"It was mostly black kids using it; you were just an exception Beau" Frankie explained "if white kids used it they probably would have left it alone"

It did make Beau sad but that was the harsh reality.

"I know something else that's still here that they'll never get rid of" Frankie perked up taking Beau by the hand. An old habit picked up from when they were kids.


The moonlight reflected on the surface of the lake and the evening breeze made it ripple. Fireflies danced and skimmed the water.

"Now I know for a fact that you remember this" Frankie said as the two of them walked on the dock.

"Yes I do" Beau smiled "is that our little boat still tied up on the post?"

"The PFB?" Frankie chuckled "yeah it's still here you want to see it?"

"I sure do"

Frankie led Beau to the end of the dock and she sat down.

"You sure you want to sit down on the dock like that?" Beau teased her "you're wearing a dress not overalls"

"Beau please" Frankie said rolling her eyes as she took one of the oars to pull the PFB closer towards them.

Beau sat down next to Frankie and the two of them felt ten years again.

"Jesus" Beau whistled when he saw the PFB "it's hard to believe we all used to fit in that at some point"

"Yeah" Frankie agreed, "I always liked the placing of us too"

"I bet you did" Beau teased, "you always got to sit in the middle"

"Because I was the captain"

"Yeah okay Princess" Beau chuckled "Pierre and I let you be Captain because you were the only girl"

Frankie blushed but she knew it was true. The three of them spent those endless summer days just drifting on the lake. They learned to swim and catch fish, crabs, and crawfish.

"Sometimes I wish those days would have lasted forever," Frankie said

"I know what you mean," Beau agreed

"I missed you Beauregard" she admitted, "not many folks have been able to come back from the war"

"I missed you too," Beau said sincerely squeezing her hand in his "I'm here now"

Frankie smiled as Beau helped her back up to her feet

"It's late" he said "why don't you let me walk you home"



"Oh no Beau we can't go that way"

Beau felt Frankie stop immediately as she jerked his arm back.


"Beau please"

She was shaking now and her eyes were watering up

"I can't Beau" she whispered, "I can't"

"You can't what Frankie?"

"I can't walk past the old cotton gin shed," she admitted

"Why not?"

"Because Poppa...." she trailed off "can we go the other way please?"

"Frankie the other way will take another hour" Beau said "I'll take you back to my place for the night and home tomorrow.

"Okay" she said still shaking "I just can't go past there I just can't"

"Shh" Beau whispered, "we'll go the other way it's okay"

Beau took off his suit jacket and draped it over Frankie's shoulders. He proceeded to walk her to his place.


"Do you want anything?" Beau asked as he unlocked the door and let Frankie in


"You sure?" he insisted trying to make her feel better "because I've got praline cheesecake in the fridge"

"That sounds good but I'm fine" Frankie replied still visibly shaken "I don't want any"


"Frankie" she cut him scared that now he wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

"I want to know what happened between you and your father"

"Beau don't do this"

"I love you Francesca" he said sincerely "I want to know what happened"

"Frankie you almost broke down when we were walking past that cotton gin shed" Beau said "for the past nine years anytime Pierre or I asked you about it you shut down"

Frankie tried to open the door to leave but Beau blocked her


"You can tell me Frankie"

Frankie bit her lip nervously but Beau needed her to trust him.

"The summer we were sixteen" she said

"Nineteen sixty-six?"

Frankie nodded and fresh tears trailed down her face "That same summer Poppa raped me in that shed"

That confession hit Beau like a ton of bricks. Gustavus Landry did the unthinkable to his daughter.

"That's why I don't like being around there," she whispered

Well that was understandable. It also explained why Frankie didn't attend Gus's funeral a few years ago and neither did her grandmother. Her brothers were really holding that over her head?

 If anything Beau hoped that Gus was burning in hell.

"It was my fault though" Frankie went on to say

"How?" Beau asked angry at her father "how was that your fault Frankie?"

"Do you remember Armand Richard?"

Of course he did. How could he forget? Armand was the black boy Frankie became infatuated with when they were thirteen. Beau and Pierre used to tease her about it.

By the time they were sixteen Frankie got the courage to ask Armand out on a date.

Beau was a little jealous but he knew that Frankie had only seen him as a friend.

"Yeah I remember him"

"One of my brothers told Poppa I was going to meet him and I was wearing my best Sunday dress" Frankie said "Poppa never liked me talking to boys; you and Pierre were an exception"

"So Armand never showed up" she said sadly "I'm thinking Poppa or my brothers must have scared him"

"As I was walking back home Poppa came stomping towards me," Frankie said "he was angry and heated and he grabbed me almost twisting my arm off"

"He yelled at me and called me fast and that I was a whore"

More tears slid down her face now and she was shaking the same way she had earlier.

"Poppa said since I wanted to act like a whore then he was going to show me how whores get treated"

Beau wrapped his arms around Frankie as she cried.

"He dragged me in the shed and he raped me" she said between sobs "he said it wasn't incest since he wasn't my real father"

Gus Landry was not her real biological father?

Even if he hadn't been he still raised her as a daughter. Either way it certainly did not give him the right to violate her that way.

"It's okay" Beau soothed "it's alright now"

"No" she whispered, "it's not alright, it's the reason why I don't dress up; the last time I did Poppa raped me"

"Frankie you dressing up to look pretty for a guy did not mean you deserved to be raped" Beau tried to reassure her

"But Poppa...."

"To hell with that bastard" Beau said firmly "I don't give a damn about him and neither should you; that fucker is dead"

Frankie looked away from Beau as if she were embarrassed to have told him her story of what happened to her. He gently turned Frankie around to face him.

"Beau" she whispered softly completely vulnerable now.

The tension between them was thick and Beau knew Frankie needed him. She needed him in the most natural way a woman needed a man. Beau felt the same way as the blood began to go down south.

"Do you want me Frankie?"

".....yes" she admitted "I know it's wrong but---"

"Francesca there's nothing wrong with wanting me" Beau said firmly "because I want you too"

Beau then leaned in and pressed his lips against Frankie's. It slowly grew into a kiss. It was gently as the two of them grew comfortable with each other. Beau ran his hands up and down Frankie's arms to soothe her and calm her body down.

Meanwhile Beau was getting hard as a rock.

"Can I take you to my bedroom?"


With that said Beau scooped Frankie up bridal style

"Beau I can walk" she said stubbornly

"You can" Beau chuckled "but that wouldn't be romantic"

"This does not have to be romantic," Frankie said trying to hide back in her shell "its just sex"

"This thing between us isn't just sex Frankie" Beau said placing her on his bed "if all I wanted was sex Delphine would be here"

"So what are we doing then?" Frankie asked showing that despite what Gus had done to her she was still a virgin.

"We're going to make love"

Beau saw that Frankie was about to bite her lower lip and he swooped in to kiss her.

It was gentle at first and as more fuel was added to the fire the more passionate the kiss became.

Beau gently pushed the straps of her dress down and snaked around to unzip her back. As more and more of her dress came off; her gorgeous honey brown skin was revealed.

"Beau..." Frankie whispered as she felt her bra being unhooked

"You're so beautiful Frankie; so fucking beautiful"

Frankie tried to bite back a moan as Beau caressed her breasts in his hands. He gave her nipples special attention rolling them around between her fingers.

"Let me hear you Frankie" Beau said kissing her "don't hold back from me"

"Beau please it feels so good"

"That's what I'm doing baby" he whispered pulling her dress all the way off "I'm pleasing you"

Frankie now lay on the bed with nothing on except her panties. Beau also managed to unravel Frankie's coily hair from the loose French braid she wore to the wedding earlier.

"Can I take your clothes off too?" Frankie asked feeling a little self-conscious about being the only one who was practically naked.

"You sure you want to do that Miss Landry?" Beau teased her "I'm packing a lot of heat"

"Well maybe if you let me undress you" Frankie said sarcastically and flirty "you'll cool off Mr. Gillard"

Beau chuckled now seeing Frankie a little more confident it was definitely a turn on.

"I'd like to take you up on your offer"

Frankie sat up and slid her hands under Beau's dress shirt; proceeding to tug it over his head. Her hand gently grazed over his washboard abs. All of that rigorous activity from being a soldier contributed to that.

Beau was sexy and Frankie was wondering why she was just now noticing it.

"Beau what happened here?"

Frankie turned her focus to the faded bruise that ran from his left peck to his arm.

"It was a bombing incident from when I first got to Vietnam" Beau explained, "I'm lucky to still have my arm"

"Beauregard Warren you're lucky to be alive period"

"Yeah that too" Beau chuckled and that mischievous twinkle sparked in his eyes.

The two of them proceeded to kiss more aggressively now.

Beau buried his face in the crook of Frankie's neck and planted some kisses on her skin.


"My pants"


Beau chuckled and continued his kisses. It was obvious his kisses had a strong effect on her.

"My pants Frankie" Beau repeated for her "unbuckle them"


"Oh is right" he replied "I can't enter that gorgeous body of yours with my pants on"

Frankie looked down to see the tent that stood at attention at the zipper of Beau's pants.

"Shit" Frankie hissed "you're huge Beau"

"It's okay I'll fit"

Frankie didn't look convinced but she unbuckled him and pushed his pants and briefs off.

Beau's penis was fully erect and his mushroom shaft was flushed purple and already dripping pre cum.

"Beau that's not going to fit....we can't" Frankie said as she was having second thoughts


"It's going to hurt"

"No it won't"

"Yes it will," she said trying to get up from the bed.

Beau gently grasped Frankie's arm

"Francesca look at me"

It took a bit of hesitation but Frankie eventually did look into Beau's eyes.

"I'm not your father" he said sincerely "I'm not Gus. I'm not going to hurt you"

"Beau I....what are you doing?"

Beau took Frankie by her hips and looped both of his thumbs on each side of her panties.

"I'm going to get you ready for me" he replied, "if you're not wet I'm going to get you wet now"

With that said Beau pulled Frankie's panties all the way off and slipped his finger past her folds. There was a little moisture but Beau needed Frankie's pussy to be dripping wet for him to be able to enter her with little to no tension.


"I'm going to make you cum for me" he said his voice dropped a few octaves "I need your pussy to be soaking wet"

"...Beau I....Oh!"

Frankie was rendered speechless as Beau proceeded to rub her clit between his fingers. He was for sure enjoying the way Frankie was slowly opening up to him.

"Beau stop..." she moaned trying to scoot away from him

"No" Beau replied tightening his grip on her moving his fingers faster "I don't think you want me to Frankie; not with how wet you're getting for me"

"It's too intense.... I can't" she whined, "You're making me...."

"I'm making you what Frankie?" Beau egged her on "what am I making you? I think you're close to cumming"

"I want you Beau" she managed to say "I want you inside me"

"Oh you don't even know how badly I want to be inside you too Frankie" he murmured kissing her breasts "cum for me, cum for me my princess"

Frankie's pussy clamped down on Beau's fingers as her arousal oozed out of her. Beau couldn't stop kissing her as her orgasm rippled though her.

"So beautiful"

"You've been saying that all night" Frankie moaned in protest "what are you? A damn parrot?"

 Beau laughed. Even when she was still on cloud nine from her orgasm Frankie still managed to be her sarcastic self.

 "I keep saying it so that it will get through your thick skill Francesca Marie" Beau replied laying her on her back now.

 "You also just want to get me even more wet than I already am" Frankie said, "I'm probably wetter than the Mississippi"

"Trust me it will make it more pleasurable if you're that wet" Beau insisted parting her legs so he could position himself to enter her.

Frankie tensed up a little when she felt Beau's shaft poke at her folds.

"Frankie look at me" Beau whispered she stubbornly turned away until he placed his hand on the side of her face and turned her towards her him.

"I need you to trust me" Beau said gently but firmly "do you trust me?"


"Okay just focus on my eyes baby"

Slowly and gently as possible; Beau pushed his dick inch by inch inside Frankie's tight wet pussy.


"Shh" he murmured kissing her "you're okay Frankie; it's going to feel so good just hold on for me"

"Okay" Frankie managed to say as she felt her body adjusting to his girth.

Beau reached down to rub her clit as he began moving in and out of her. He could feel her opening up for him.

"You feel so good Frankie" he moaned "so good around my dick"

"I want more" Frankie said as pleasure now poured over her

"Oh so you're a greedy girl now?" Beau teased, "you want all my dick"

"You have more than enough to share" Frankie said getting bold now

 "Oh yeah?"


"Well then let's see how much you can handle all this dick"

The thrusts became more in sync with each other. The sound of skin hitting was accompanied with moans, groans, sighs, and gasps. Frankie swore every time Beau kissed her he found a new spot at this point Beau was hitting her cervix making her full to the brim with pleasure.

"You like that Frankie? You like being full of my dick?"

"Yes" Frankie gasped, "yes Beau"

Beau then flipped Frankie over so that she was on top.

"Ride me Francesca" Beau said sincerely "I want you to have total control"

"I don't think I can" Frankie said feeling a little insecure again

"Oh no you don't" Beau said gripping her hips and clutching his hands on her ass "no more crawling back into your shell; you're too beautiful for that"

"Beau I---"

"Just focus on me Frankie" he said "just like I told you"

Frankie saw the sincerity in Beau's eyes. She had known him since she was five years old of course she could trust him....she loved him.

"Come on Frankie" Beau encouraged her thrusting his hips forward "I'm right here baby; I'm not going anywhere"

Frankie placed her hands flat on Beau's chest and thrust her hips forward to meet his.

"That's it" Beau kissed her "that's my girl"

Frankie ground her hips faster and deeper. The sensation of having Beau up inside her at this angle caused her pussy to pulsate like crazy.

"Oh Frankie" Beau moaned, "you're getting so tight"

"Your dick is too big" Frankie said sarcastically "I don't have enough room for it"

Beau playfully smacked her ass in response

"There's enough room in that pussy for my dick" he said gruffly "it's getting tight because you're close to coming"

Frankie bit her lip but she knew that Beau was right and all that dirty talk was just adding fuel to her impending orgasm

"Cum for me" Beau commanded now rocking her back and forth "cum right now Frankie"

"" she fought "I'm not going to....Oh!"

"Oh yes you are" Beau said now tweaking her clit "you're going to cum hard with my dick deep inside you"

"Beauregard" Frankie gasped as her pussy finally caved in around him and her orgasm unleashed

"Yes" Beau grunted as he came closely after her; his seed shot deep up inside her womb.

The two of them embraced each other as they rode out each of their climaxes. Frankie collapsed on to Beau's chest and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Did that feel good?" he whispered kissing her forehead

"You're still inside me"

"Never change Frankie; I love you just the way you are"

Beau peeked over at the clock on his nightstand. It was almost three in the morning.

"Beau..." Frankie yawned "I...I....I"

"Shh let's get some sleep" Beau insisted, "you're obviously tired we can talk in the morning"

"....I love you"

"What was that?"

Beau didn't receive an answer and he looked down to see Frankie fast asleep. Her light sighs was the only thing that could be heard in the room; along with the light buzzing of fireflies outside the window.

Beau leaned in and kissed Frankie on her forehead on last time.

"I love you too"





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