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Everyone is aware of the elusive Mr. Spock, they know that he is a Vulcan and one of the most intelligent men in Starfleet Command. What they didn't know that Spock is dating the most elusive woman on the ship Nyota Uhura. Spock is aware that his girlfriend of 5 months is highly desirable and that men flock for her attention. Only their closest friends are aware of their relationship: Lt. Masters, Kirk, and McCoy. There no regulations against dating, only for the captain because of his position.
Spock and Uhura are both off duty and sharing each other company, their dating is new territory for both of them. Nyota has dated numerous males from different species enhancing her diversity in language and culture. But none of them compared to dating a Vulcan, Spock has lightened up her life to a level of love she desperately wants to share with him and the universe.

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Spock and Uhura are in his quarters discussing their current issue:

"Spock I don't understand why we don't tell people that we are exclusive, it would solve a lot of my problems and yours!" snaps Nyota with her arms folded across her chest.

"I am aware the male crew is drawn to your beauty, Nyota. I being a Vulcan have no desire to be the topic of the crew discussion. I have responsibilities in being second in command and the science officer."

"That shouldn't matter, the captain says it's ok for us to date."

"I am aware that Terran customs allow for those to display emotional attachments and physical contact, but I am not accustomed to displaying those sediments."

Nyota throws her hands up in the air in exasperation. "Men can be so difficult in relationships. And that includes Vulcan males as well."

Spock raised one of his brows: "Are you stating that I am difficult in our relationship Nyota."

"Yes I am, Mr. Spock, yes.. I... am. I wish they have written a book on 'how to date a Vulcan' because you Mister are difficult." With her hands on her hips.

Spock sees the displeasure in his future wife, he is still maneuvering on this dating situation. He never dated before outside his culture, he is more reserve while Nyota is more extrovert.

"I see you are upset by the matter, Nyota I am not accustomed to such things that you and others find acceptable. Yes, I am a Vulcan with different values to most things versus the Terran culture of the cues of dating."

Nyota covers her mouth and realizes that Spock is right about that point. She takes a deep breath. She didn't mean to force Spock to adjust to her way of thinking in dating. She didn't want to push the issue or cause more friction with her new man that she adores.

"Yes I see now Spock and I'm sorry for snapping at you, it's just I am tired being pursued by the male population on this ship."
Spock extends his two fingers towards her and she accepts with a big smile. From the touch, Spock feels her distress over the matter and will meditate about the issue.

"Let us continue our time together Nyota, I enjoy your company above all others."

"Oh Spockah, you say the most sweetest things to me. You keep that up, I might let you get to third base with me."

Spock gave Nyota the most quizzical look about her statement. "I don't understand those terms, but if it makes you content then I will oblige you."

Uhura burst out laughing and reaches over and hugs her Vulcan. The man she has deeply fallen in love with, but he doesn't know it. It is more reason she would like to announce their relationship, to let people know that she is taken. She just has to put up with what she has now with Spock and take it slow. Their relationship is still young, but she has been crazy over the Vulcan since day one.

"So let's have dinner," she said with a smile as she breaks away from his body. Spock is relieved that the topic is closed and they could move on with the relationship.

"I have prepared some more Vulcan delicacies for you to try." as Spock proceeds to his food replicator/processor.

"Really? I can hardly wait to try this one."

Nyota says excitedly as she gets up to prepared the table. This is one of her favorite parts of their relationship, exploring each other culture through food. Next week will be her turn to cook something for him. Maybe she'll try sweet potato pie?

Nyota found Vulcan food interesting and different will try to adopt to it taste. Their roots and vegetables are so different from Earth and the color of it as well. She closed her eyes while tasting each dish.

Spock looked at her quizzically and asked:
"Why do you close your eyes while tasting the food?"

"To avoid being judgemental, it happens when people look at things that are different. But if you let your mouth do the judging it works better. Well at least for me." Nyota chewed slowly and tried to categorize each course. She found it very different from Terran food.

After the ate and cleaned up, Spock and Nyota played their Ka'athras together, and Spock was amazed at how Nyota has mastered the instrument. Spock has thought numerously about his continuing growing feelings for Nyota.

"Nyota you play commendable, it is an honor to engage with you."

"Spockah, if you keep talking like that I have to do something naughty." as Nyota giggles.

Spock raises another eyebrow, and wonders about her meaning, he is slowly getting human metaphors. He takes a deep sigh as he looks at his girlfriend rather his mate, Nyota is unaware that she has been chosen as his life long mate. Once the logistics of his seven-year mating season needs explaining.
"Nyota I have composed a sonnet that would be rather interesting to play, it does require accompanying."

"Really? Let me read it the sheet notes!"

Spock went to get his pad and pulled his music sheet and gave it to her. "It is written in Vulcansu, I don't know if you can read it."

Nyota took the pad and read the song, in Vulcan. It was a story of forbidden love and how the two lovers struggled. She looked up at Spock and her eyes filled with tears.

"du kitau wuh ralash-tanaf pa' etekdu kitau wuh ralash-tanaf pa' etek"
(You wrote a song about us!)

One of Spock's eyebrow rose again, not only can she speak Vulcan, but she also can read it. He was truly surprised how much of Vulcan culture Nyota knows, he was truly fascinated. He writes a song about them, mostly about their differences but yet they belong together.

"Ha," Spock said softly. "Nash-veh talal du sep-wafikh tehnat etwel natyan"
(Yes) (I find you compatible despite our differences.)

With that, Nyota placed her lyre down in her case, walked over to her boyfriend, sat in his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned down and gave him the biggest kiss. Spock automatically wraps his arms around her to return the unexpected kiss with enthusiasm. As they continued their embrace, let's just say Spock made it to third base that night.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.