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Author's Chapter Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: Spock got an earful of gossip circulating around the ship, and Tennessee is on a mission to win Nyota's heart. But thinks get complicated when Charlene tells Nyota about the rumor of her and Tennessee are dating.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

"Girrrl, you better go straighten your man out if he heard about that rumor" Charlene gave Nyota a knowing look and exhales deeply.

"You just cleared the air about the last episode, Nyota you don't need any more drama over Tennessee."

"I'm out of here, I got to save my man, future and love life."

Nyota turns to leave and practically runs out of her quarters. As she jumps on the turbo to the next deck to intercept Spock, she thinks of the impending danger and Spock's jealousy.

"Please baby don't be upset, we can think this through." Nyota takes a deep breath and hopes that Spock doesn't take it the wrong way.

When Spock finished his duty, he returned to his quarters, showered and changed into his loungewear. Then he set up his ansoi pot to mediate and sat in the lotus position into a deep meditation about his relationship and his Vulcan jealousy. The rumor was all over the ship and that Williams seduced his woman played in his head. He barely finished duty from the bridge. Several hours later, he finished meditating he was refreshed and his thoughts cleared from the world around him. He cleared his pot and settled down to finish his science journal.

Standing in front of his door, Nyota straightens her shirt and pants and presses the buzzer. Spock in less than 5 seconds opens it and receives Nyota in his quarters. Nyota takes a long look into his face, looking for signs of distress or jealousy. Spock hid it well, she starts to wring her hands together, knowing she has to start the conversation.

"Good evening Spock"

"Greeting Nyota"

His voice gave Nyota a sigh of relief, it wasn't stressed or strained.

"Ashalik, I just finished talking to Charlene. She informed me that... that people are saying that I am romantically involved with Williams. I came here to let you know that the information is very false. I have NOT lure or gave any inclination that I am interested in him. That is just people talking not knowing the truth."

Spock took two steps towards her and peered down into her dark large eyes. He sees the worry in them and the love projecting from them. He has her heart, love, and TRUST, he lifted up his hand towards her face and touch her right cheek and slowly rubs it.

"I have heard the conversation among the crew, and I am aware that they do not have the facts of our relationship. In due time Nyota, the ship, crew, and the universe will know of our relationship. I am bonded to you, no other and most of all I trust you."

A single tear slowly trickles down Nyota's face, her arms wrap around Spock's waist. He just declared his undying love for her, he couldn't be more romantic than this very moment. Her head pressed firmly against his chest, gathering the warmth his body sets off.

Spock couldn't deny her anything, even though he has reservations about the duet. He knows that she desires to sing the song with the man, how could he tell her that he would forbid such an action. She enjoys music, to stop it would hinder their relationship, he almost destroyed before.

"Do you wish to continue with the duet, Nyota?"

She stepped back and looked into his eyes, looking for his answer.

"Would I offend you if I said yes"

"It would not offend me, it is a human emotion."

Nyota looked into his deep sharp eyes, looking for any reluctance, but all she sees is a man who deeply loves her. She returns back to hugging his waist and finds comfort.

"Thank you, Spock, Thank you for understanding me."

He stepped back enough to tilt her head up toward his and kissed her gently, Nyota closed her eyes to receive the tender kiss. Spock led her to his bed and they sat, he removed her slippers and laid her on his bed. He climbed next to her and gather her body next to his. It was their moment together and renew their vows to each other.

"She is mine," Spock thought, claiming his woman that even the man with the 'Bedroom eyes' cannot touch.

Nyota stayed the night.

The musicians all agreed to meet at 1900hrs for practice. This would be a big test for Spock watching Williams sing to his woman.

Williams has been on cloud nine all day, he could hardly wait to be with Nyota Uhura. He knows he has to play it cool and not let Nyota shoot him down about getting together. Tennessee is aware that Nyota doesn't fall for the old cliches or any other pick up lines. He has to take the friendship route and that takes more time.

"If I have to take more time, then more time I'll do." Tennessee thought to himself, she is one of the few women that isn't throwing themselves at him. Plus she is an independent and intelligent woman who knows what she wants.

During the day, Nyota, and Spock had to endure the false rumors and conversations about Tennessee. So far, Spock took it like a trooper, he would glance over at the communication station and watch Nyota work. She seems not to be bothered by it, so he shall too, and returned to work.

Nyota and Tennessee met in the theatre department about 1800hrs to practice their voice exercises. Tennessee was thrilled, he greeted her with his winning smile and sparkling eyes. Nyota took note of his glare and knows she has to do something about it before things get worse not for her or Spock, but for him. She can see that Tennessee wants something more than friendship and safeguard her relationship with Spock she needs to end it before it gets further.

They did their exercises and commented on each other voices;

"Nyota, your voice is out of this universe, have you ever thought of going professional?"

"I've been singing since I was a little girl, but my heart has always been in the stars."

"Mine's too, I always dreamt about traveling the stars."

Tennessee gave Nyota a quizzical look and takes a deep sigh;

"You know this is going to cause problems for both of us."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I noticed the men on this ship really admire you, the men say you are quite a catch or even date! and you know how the ladies been treating me."

Uhura softly laughed

"Yes, I am aware I've been on some of their radars for some time."

"Yeah, but do you know they call me 'Bedroom Eyes'!"

Tennessee made disapproval face since he heard the whispers of his newfound name. It bothered him, he bowed his head down.

"I'm not fond of that name, I find it hard to find peace or even have a normal relationship with any kind of special lady."

Uhura smiles at him and pats his back;

"It's the price you pay for having a nice personality and being very handsome."

"Nyota, you are a very beautiful woman, and I see how the men look at you. And I notice that you don't hang or mention a special man in your life. Well, I was wondering if... we... I mean.. are you available for a relationship, being more just friendly. With me?"

Nyota couldn't believe her ears, he asked her out, she was totally shocked. But she has to break the news to him and hope she doesn't hurt his feelings. But the accusations about their made-up love scandal needs to be put to rest. Nyota looks up at Tennessee and gently touched his arm.

"Thank you Tennessee, but... I'm not available, I mean you are a very handsome man and have a great personality. If you haven't noticed, people have already viewed me sleeping with you and we just started our friendship."

"Yes, I've heard the rumors, people should mind their business."

"Correct, and I've made it my business to not date openly, so Tennessee, I'm just keeping my cards close and please I don't mean to offend or hurt your feelings in any way."

"I understand, thanks for giving me fair warning, it seems our looks get in the way of our quality of character. Do you have that problem Nyota?"

"Yes I do, people become spiteful or jealous for no reason, and I agree regardless of looks, people should be judged by their character."

Nyota gives Tennessee a warm smile and the conversation seems to break the ice. "So, are we still friends?"

Tennessee felt sad on the inside, but a better person. He wished it was him the special man in her life. He needed more female friends, to help beat down those intimidating women that push themselves on him. He realizes that Nyota was unavailable and not interested. He takes a deep sigh and responds;

"Of course we are friends, and I understand your point of view. Thank you, Nyota."

She gave Tennessee a side hug.

"Now let's finish practicing before the musicians show up."

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.