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Author's Chapter Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: Spock didn't like Tennessee touching Nyota, regardless of whether or not they were friends. Evers was upset over the fact (non-fact) that Tennessee and Nyota were officially dating. This is the last chapter, and I hope you have enjoyed my campy love story. I had this on the shelf-a little something to work on.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The night finally arrived for the talent show; everyone was on edge with anticipation, but the performers felt the excitement the most. Captain Kirk had given the performers the day off to relax and prepare for the show. The crew's attention was focused on the singing duo of Uhura and Williams. The gossip mostly revolved around their so-called romance and concluded that it was the reason why they were singing together.

The theater was packed, and anywhere and everywhere there was a monitor, people were watching. Even the bridge officers, who benefited from the largest monitor on the ship, were awaiting the event of the night.

Kirk, McCoy, and Masters sat in the third row from the stage, which they considered a safe distance from the performers, in case their faces would reveal their true feelings about any lack of talent on display. They faced the stage eagerly, waiting for Sulu to start the show.

Kirk looked at McCoy, noticing that Masters' hand was wrapped around his. Kirk thought to himself, shaking his head: Is everybody dating someone? I hate being out of commission!

McCoy leaned toward Kirk: "Do you still think it's a great idea for this to happen, Jim? I still don't get why Spock is allowing 'Bedroom Eyes' to sing to his woman."

Kirk quickly turned to McCoy and told him firmly: "Get a grip, Bones! It's not really our business... and be careful what you say when we are among the crew!"

Charlene leaned toward the both of them: "Captain and Sugah Bear, it's okay! Those two have an understanding, and it's so romantic!"

A highly amused Kirk looked at McCoy and mouthed at him: "Sugah Bear?"

"Shut up, Jim!"

Kirk started to laugh. "I'm happy for you both!" He leaned back in his chair and laughed a bit more.




Backstage, the entertainers were getting ready for their entrance, Sulu was rehearsing his lines as MC. In a quiet corner, Spock perched on a stool, calm, collected, and patient. He had his lyre in a case at his feet, but his attention was on the stress he observed among the performers. Spock did not see the logic for the stress; it was another human emotion on display. Tennessee walked in and approached Spock. The singer was wearing black pants with glitter thread woven in and a dark purple shirt, also with glitter thread woven in. Tennessee smiled widely and greeted the commander.

"Good evening, Mr. Spock."

"Greetings, Lieutenant Williams."

"Please call me Tennessee when we're off duty... if you like."

"'Williams' will suffice."

Tennessee, feeling uncomfortable around the Vulcan for the first time, tugged on his shirt.

"Have you seen Ms. Uhura?"

"I believe Ms. Uhura is in the facility," Spock replied, pointing to the changing area.

As Tennessee turned toward the changing room, Spock took a moment and stared at Williams. Tilting his head, Spock appraised the man, pondering the attraction that the female crew members had for him. An eyebrow rose as Spock speculated that Williams possessed attributes similar to those of his friend, Jim Kirk.

A few moments later, a radiant Uhura emerged from the dressing room. She wore a soft lavender gown that flowed as she walked. The gown was embellished with diamonds throughout bodice; she wore glittering eye make-up and her hair fell softly around her shoulders. The sparkles of Nyota's dress brought out her mahogany skin, which contrasted beautifully with her lavender dress. Spock's and Tennessee's eyes widened as she approached them, both of them thinking: She looks gorgeous!

Spock stood up; as he took in the sight of his beautiful mate standing in front of him in all her splendor, his heart leapt.

Tennessee's mouth fell open as he gazed at Uhura's flawless face and tantalizing curves, which were accented by the shimmering gown, but he was the first to speak.

"Nyota, you look gorgeous! Wow!"

He couldn't keep his eyes off her. He wished that he were the special man in her life. Just looking at Nyota gave him a deep longing in his heart. The way she looks just makes a man hungry.

Nyota gave a quick twirl and said, "You two look handsome, yourselves," while giving Spock a searching look. She could feel his eyes examining every bit of her and her dress.

He was enchanted with her beauty; she had never looked lovelier. For a moment, Spock forgot where he was and stepped toward her. Sulu's sudden appearance in front of the trio brought him back to reality. He was there to give them their marching orders:

"Okay, you two, you will be on last. You will be my grand finale and bring down the house. People won't forget this performance!"

Sulu was even more excited than they were. He took a deep breath and looked at the chronometer:

"It's SHOWTIME, people! Give them your best!"

Spock sat back down, never taking his eyes off Nyota, who chatted with Williams about the song. Soon the pair would sing a love song for an audience of people who thought it was about them, a song that would draw more men to his mate and more women to Williams.

Sulu took center stage and began to introduce the acts. Each performer or group took the stage with their renditions of music, poetry, juggling, and old-fashioned sleight-of-hand magic. These acts were well received, but the audience was waiting patiently to see the two performers who would close the show. They had to sit through all the other performances before the grand finale would take place.

The time finally arrived; it was their turn. Spock and the other musicians positioned themselves on the stage. They sat in the background as rehearsed and did a quick music check. Spock was to lead off, and the other musicians would follow. The two singers positioned themselves off-stage on opposite sides from each other. Spock started playing the intro; Tennessee entered from the left stage and started to sing as he walked toward the center.


"Moon so bright, night so fine...

Keep your heart here with mine...

Life's a dream we are dreaming..."

Nyota entered from the right stage and they met in the middle.


"Race the moon, catch the wind...

Ride the night to the end...

Seize the day, stand up for the light..."

The two looked into each other's eyes.


"I want to spend my lifetime loving you,

If that is all in life I ever do..."


"Heroes rise; heroes fall...

Rise again, win it all..."


"In your heart, can't you feel the glory?

Through our joy, through our pain..."

Both [bridge]:

"We can move worlds again...

Take my hand, dance with me..."

Tennessee took Nyota's hand and her dress floated out as he twirled her around.


"I want to spend my lifetime loving you,

If that is all in life I ever do...

I will want nothing else to see me through,

If I can spend my lifetime loving you..."


"Though we know we will never come again...

Where there is love...

Both [looking into each other's eyes, playing up the drama]:

"... Life begins...

Over and over again...

Save the night, save the day...

Save the love, come what may...

Love is worth everything we pay...

I want to spend my lifetime loving you,

If that is all in life I ever do...

I want to spend my lifetime loving you,

If that is all in life I ever do...

I will want nothing else to see me through,"

They sang the last line slowly [clasping each other's hands and moving closer]:

"If I can spend my lifetime loving you..."


As the last note faded away, the audience sat in stunned silence. Tennessee and Nyota bowed.

The crew leapt to their feet and gave a standing ovation, along with whistles. Kirk, Masters, and McCoy sat with mouths open in awe. Loud cheers, whistles and whoops erupted:


[Loud clapping.]



"So romantic!"

"They look lovely together."


"Wow, they are a lovely couple."

"Encore! Encore!"

The women choked up and started crying, tears dripping down their cheeks. Many thought that Tennessee and Nyota had been singing to each other because of the way they looked and performed. Throughout the ship, you could hear people clapping and congratulating the pair.

Uhura felt proud. It had been her best performance ever. For years she had done solos, but this performance had been magnificent. It touched her heart. But then she overheard the comments about her and Tennessee as a couple. It was not what she wanted to hear; it was not what she had intended.

During all the commotion, Spock had quietly observed the crew's response to the song. He decided it was time to take action. He placed his lyre in its case and slowly walked toward the couple.

Kirk noticed Spock heading toward the couple and wondered, What is Spock doing? Is he going to punch Williams' lights out for singing to Uhura? He nudged McCoy.

"Bones, what's Spock doing?"

McCoy stopped clapping and smiling and turned to see Spock walking toward the couple, who were still taking their curtain calls.

"I don't know, Jim. Do you think he's going to kill him?"

McCoy nudged Masters and looked at her.

"Darlin', do you see Spock?"

"Yeah, what's he doing?"

The three of them watched with trepidation as the Vulcan approached the couple.

"Maybe you should go up there before something happens, Sugah Bear."

Before either Kirk or McCoy could move, Spock was upon Williams and Uhura. What happened next went down in history.



Spock had seen and heard more than enough in the run-up to the talent show. He had meditated on his move for 3.756 days. He had decided to resolve the matter in his own way by putting an end to speculation about the so-called romance between Williams and Nyota.

Aside from Kirk, McCoy, and Masters, no one noticed him.

No one saw him approaching the couple.

Spock appeared at Nyota's side unexpectedly.

Nyota had a shocked look on her face as he spun her around, embraced her, and bent down to give her a deep, sizzling kiss.

For a moment, you could have heard a pin drop in the theater.

Then shocked gasps broke the silence.

Mouths fell open all over the theater as the kiss went on.

Uhura hadn't seen Spock approach her. When he pulled her into his arms, she looked into his deep brown eyes and then felt his lips pressing against hers. She was lost in his love, in his embrace; she didn't hear the curtain calls, nor was she aware that they were kissing each other in front of the whole crew. The kiss melted her and she sagged deeper into Spock's arms, her hands reaching up to pull him closer. She loved him and he loved her-and he had just let the whole world know!

Charlene sat in shock for a couple of moments, with her hand covering her mouth. Then a great big smile crossed her face. What seemed like years was only seconds, and she was the first to break the silence.

"It's about time, you two!"

She started whooping out loud.

Followed by McCoy and Kirk, who started clapping.

"Go for it, Spock!" Kirk urged with a huge grin on his face. He was genuinely happy for his friend, who had made a very bold move, especially for a Vulcan.

"Well done, Spock!" McCoy added, turning to Masters with his own smile.

The audience came out of the initial shock and some started screaming, some were shocked, some smiled with joy, and others were whooping and clapping for the couple.

Tennessee was dumbstruck as he watched the couple. He ran his hand through his hair as he watched Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura. Who would have thought?

Then the comments started.


"Didn't see that coming!"

"What a surprise!"

"I'm totally shocked!"

"Wow, how romantic!"

"I don't believe it!"

"I can't believe it!"

"The commander and Uhura?"

"Wow, Mr. Spock?"

"That came out of left field!"

Spock didn't hear or see the people around them; he had eyes only for her. He stepped back to look at Nyota's face; her eyes were closed and she gave a small moan as he pulled away. Spock wanted to smile but held back; he had given the crew enough to gossip about. Spock gently touched two fingers to her cheek and Nyota's eyes slowly opened.

"Oh Spock, t'nash-veh ashaya!"

With that, Spock wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him. As he turned around and guided Nyota out of the theater, her face never left him; her eyes had a faraway look as they walked. Nyota was on cloud nine; she saw only Spock; she didn't even know where they were going.

As Spock escorted her out, the crowd continued to cheer; they were whooping, whistling, and clapping as the pair walked down the aisle.

Charlene grabbed McCoy's arm in her excitement and leaned into him:

"Isn't that romantic, Sugah Bear?!"

"If you say so, Little Darlin'," McCoy replied, still amused by the scene.

The whole performance and the embrace afterward were seen on their monitors by everyone from the bridge crew down to those with quarters on the lower decks. They too were shocked by what they saw.

As Spock and Nyota walked through the corridors, her eyes never leaving him, people stood against the walls applauding as they went. Nyota leaned her head against his shoulder and smiled. Spock had done the unthinkable!

Spock finally reached his quarters and led Nyota inside, locking his door. He led her to the center of his quarters and looked down at her, unable to repress a slight smirk. She reached up with one of her hands and gently touched his cheek.

"Oh Spock! I'm... I'm overwhelmed! What a surprise!"

Spock gave Nyota an intense look:

"Du nam-tor t'nash-veh veh heh goh, [You are my one and only,] Nyota. You will not sing another amorous song to another man. You will sing such songs to me and me only. In private."

Nyota agreed with this. Spock was a one-woman man, and, due to his Vulcan heritage, he was quite possessive. She had to respect his culture and his instincts.

"Yes, Spock, only you."

Spock leaned in closer and kissed her neck, almost nipping it. Nyota gasped at the love nip and sighed deeply. Spock nuzzled his face into her neck and rubbed it back and forth, putting his scent on her as a continuing declaration of his Vulcan love. Then he placed his lips next to her ear and sang the chorus to the song:

"I want to spend my lifetime loving you,

If that is all in life I ever do...

I will want nothing else to see me through,

If I can spend my lifetime loving you..."

Nyota listened in mute amazement. Spock's voice was deep, with a rich timbre. She had forgotten that he wrote songs; she had forgotten that he played music. It shouldn't have come as a shock that the man could sing. His voice vibrated through her body, melting her into a trance as she relaxed into his embrace. As he sang, her straps slipped off her shoulders and her dress pooled at her feet.



Chapter End Notes:

A/N: The song is "I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You" by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena. Please listen on youtube. It's worth it. 


It was the theme song to my wedding; my husband picked it out because neither one of us could sing. After all these years, the love of my life has been with me through thick and thin. This song touches on the true meaning of love. If you listen to it, you will see what I mean. Peace.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.