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Author's Chapter Notes:

Summary: A very handsome man named Tennessee Williams VI is causing chaos on the ship just by standing there. And things get worse.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Tennessee had an appointment for sickbay to check in the next morning before reporting for duty. He is now on his way down the corridor and continues to get stares and strange greetings.

"Hello, do you need help?" said a dreamy-eyed crew woman.

"No thank you, I know my way."

"I can show you, really." said the desperate woman.

Tennessee has seen that look before and he quickly started walking and waving his hand.

"Thanks again"

The woman continued to follow him for several feet until she bumped into another crewman.

Meanwhile in sickbay, Nurse Chapel has pulled the charts on Williams to prepare McCoy for his examination. Chapel notices something out of the ordinary.

"Nurse Aarons, Ducan, and Lovell, what are you ladies doing here? You're not on the schedule?"

The three ladies look at each other and Chapel nervously: "We thought you might need some help today."

Christine looks at all three and knows something is not right.

"There is only one patient today and Dr. McCoy usually check-in new arrivals. Ok ladies, what's up?"

Neither of them wanted to say or admit why there were really there.

"Well, since you three are not talking, please go back to off duty activities."

They stared at her, they didn't want to leave, their hearts were set on seeing that handsome man Williams and take a good look at his bod. They slowly turned and leave sickbay. Christine thought it was odd, and dismissed and went back to preparing for the new crewman.

About a minute later the sickbay doors open and she turns to greet the person and drops her charts. Her mouth falls open, her eyes glare at the most intriguing human male she's ever seen. She noticed his green pool eyes and want to jump in them.

"Lt. Tennessee Williams reporting to sickbay nurse."

Christine couldn't make word form out of her mouth, she couldn't speak. Tennessee has seen that look before and tries to help.

"Nurse, you dropped your charts." Tennessee steps forward and bends down to pick them up.

"Here you go nurse, you dropped these."

He tried to shove the charts to her, but Nurse Chapel is lost in a trance. She understood why the other nurses were lingering around, the man is a hunk!

"Maybe you should sit down."

Tennessee guides the shocked nurse to a chair, while she continues to stare into his deep green eyes.

Christine couldn't believe what she sees, the most handsome man since Spock. She felt like instant love, she has an image of him laying on a beach soaking in the sun and she is next to him, lost in his green pool eyes. She comes back to reality and sees him looking down at her;

"OH!I'm sorry I... didn't, I don't mean to stare."

Christine gets up to fix her uniform and pretends to look at the charts.

"Thanks for coming, Dr. McCoy is expecting you, I'll tell him that you're here." Christine backs away and almost bump into a desk, while still looking at Tennessee.

Tennessee takes his hands and cover his face and says to himself;

"This always happens to me."

Christine steps into McCoy's office where he is at his desk doing reports. McCoy finds it strange that there is an increase in minor injuries among the crew. He notices records from other sickbays around the ship, that mostly female crew-members are the ones injured and starts to notice a pattern. He hears the door open and turns to see a flushed Head Nurse standing there.

"Nurse Chapel, I'm getting reports from other sickbay stations of minor injuries to the female crew. I think something is going on."

McCoy looks at Christine more closely and sees something is wrong with her, stands up to address her.

"Chapel, what's wrong?"

She takes a deep breath and gives McCoy a starry eye look; " I think I found the source of those minor injuries doctor."

"You did?"

"Yes, out there in the waiting area."

McCoy strolls out his office in the waiting area and is faced with a young man standing there. He stops and looks at the man and notices why the women would find him attractive.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Lt. Tennessee Williams the VI, reporting to sickbay as requested sir."

McCoy turns around and looks at Chapel, and sees her head shaking yes. He turns back to Williams.

"How long have you been on the ship?"

"24 hours"

McCoy noticed from the reports that the injuries started about 24 hours ago. No man could do that to a woman, no matter how attractive he may be. McCoy takes a deep breath;

"Come on Williams, let's get you checked out for the records."

Then McCoy notices Christine's eyes still glued on Williams, he never seen her like this, only for one other man. It seems this Lt. Williams has some effect over the women on the ship and he also has some physical attraction so let's deal with her first:

"Nurse Chapel, please find me a male nurse, and take a coffee break."

Her countenance dropped and takes a deep a breath, Dr. McCoy just killed her plans, she wanted to see that body of Williams as well. She wondered about his physique, is it as handsome as his face.

"Yes, doctor," she says smoothly and leaves.

Meanwhile, down in the mess hall, two friends are taking a break.

"Hey Charlene, how it's going down in engineering?"

Charlene grabs her best friend and heads to the nearest back table, for them to talk discreetly.

"Girl, you got to see what beamed aboard yesterday."

"What, a tribble?"

Charlene eyes her friend and slaps her shoulder.

"Stop being funny, the most handsome, sexiest, nicest guy I've ever seen."

Nyota stares at her and notices her face is lit up.

"I know Spock didn't go anywhere, he was on the bridge all day yesterday."

"UGH, I should hit you again."

Nyota laughs; "Ok tell me about this handsome, sexy guy"

"OMG, he is the cat's meow, he'll make you pure for more."

Nyota looks at her friend, picks up her wrist, pretending to take her pulse. "He must be something to get you all hot and steamy."

"Ny! He is a total knock out" Charlene leans over and whispers; "He'll even challenge the captain in the looks department and physique."

Nyota leans back: "Seriously?" Most women find the captain attractive and they have the most fantasy about him.

"Ny, I'm telling you the truth he has the women falling and hurting themselves everywhere he goes."

Nyota lifts one of her brows and folds her arms across her chest; "Really, I find that hard to believe."

"He wasn't here a minute and sent Yeoman Evers to sickbay, well I did because she didn't even know she was hurt from the fall. Then when I went to do an errand, I found Evers in his quarters ready to pounce on the man."

"What's so special about him Char?"

"Nyota, he has these green eyes, they are like a deep pool and you want to jump in them. Then you look at that his broad shoulders and that chiseled chest, it sends a woman to a cold shower."

Nyota laughs at the description. "Oh wow"

"He could be just your type Ny."

Nyota stopped laughing and look Charlene straight in the face and leans in and spoke sternly. "Don't even go there, you know who I want and trying to get. I waited 2 years to get close to that man, and nothing is going to stop me."

"Oh wow, you're in love." Charlene covers her mouth, and her eyes widen.

"Damn straight, we are compatible, he satisfies my intellectual and physical needs."

"Are you two serious?"

"Yes, I think we are close to a commitment and a deep relationship."

Just then three female crew-members came in with a dazed look on their faces. Charlene notices them and nudges Nyota towards their direction.

"Listen and learn, watch those women."

"Are you OK?" 2nd woman.

"He is so... fine, I just want to hug him." 1st woman

"I want to do more than that!" 3rd woman

"Those eyes are so beautiful, I hate men with long lashes. But with him, it's like an invitation." sighs 2nd woman.

"What about that body of his, the expansion of his chest. I wonder if it has hair on it." 1st woman.

3rd woman holds 1st woman's arm and shakes.

"I wonder too, and more!"

All three laugh and giggle and continue to go the replicator for food.

Charlene turns to Nyota and gives 'I told you so' look'.

"Ok, so he's good looking and sexy, what does it have to do with me?"

"Would you be attracted to all that goodness?"

"Charlene my friend, there is more to a person than just looks. I still have most of the male crew still asking me out. It doesn't mean anything."

"Ok, just warning you, the man is nice and not vain and THAT makes it worse."

"Yeah, your right about that it is rare to find a man that's not always into himself."

"Well, you don't have to worry about me, my heart belongs to ONE MAN."

Just then a tall lean Vulcan enters the mess hall and retrieves his mid-meal. Nyota sees his stride as in slow motion, a man on a mission. Her eyes trail his every move, Nyota goes into a dreamscape over Spock. His sharp eyes, those pointed ears, and the intense chiseled face, just turns her on. Everything about Spock turns her on. Then a song pops her head that describes her man.

"There goes my baby

ooh baby look at you

You don't know how good it feels to call you my man

There goes my baby

Loving everything you do

Ooh Spock look at you"*

"Earth to Nyota!


Stop drooling over the commander


Charlene waving her hands in front of her face. Nyota comes back and takes a deep sigh.

"Sorry Char, that Vulcan does something to me." She watches Spock sit down to eat his meal.

"I bet, you should take a shower girl."

Nyota gives Charlene a sharp look; "Whatever Char, so when do I meet this dreamboat of yours."

"Funny, as he would ever notice me, I think Mr. Scott is giving him a tour of the bridge either later on today or first thing tomorrow."

"OK, I'll check him out for you"

"Nyota the man is dangerous, I mean he is totally attractive, and he's a panty dropper."

"Right.... I'm back on duty and check him out for you."

"Not for me for the sake of womanhood!"

The two women get up to return to duty.

Chapter End Notes:

(insert)There goes my baby by Usher

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.