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Author's Chapter Notes:

new idea possibly? 

SUPER ROUGH DRAFT LITERALLY JUST WROTE THIS LOL. HAD THIS POP INTO MY HEAD AT 6:30 AM. I didn't intend to write another story with Sakaguchi Kentaro as the main visual but HERE WE ARE! This is an idea... not sure if I'm going to keep it or scrap it! Lemme know what y'all think! 


title: 0:00 (midnight in military time)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Masato Hirai is a reserved and very timid 21 year old. He prefers to stay to himself and does not interact with others socially. Because of his “nerdy” appearance and intellect, he is often the brunt of both exploitation and bullying from his peers. However, something strange happens to him every single night right around 0:00 am. 


He changes into someone else… or so he thinks. No memory of the previous nights, he awakes wherever his body has left him. He struggles with this condition, not knowing just what to call it. He finds however, that after meeting Maasai, the symptoms grow worse and even start to bleed into his self before 0:00. 


Maasai Thompson would not classify herself as a girl who holds her tongue. She’s bold and outspoken and knows just what she wants in life. When she witnesses a tall lanky guy being harrassed and bullied she jumps into action, not knowing that that one spontanteous interaction would kickstart a friendship. Though slow, painfully so, and steady at first, she begins to develop feelings for Masato. Once she comes in contact with his “other half”, she realizes that she’s taken the blue pill and can’t escape the matrix he’s created. 


Sakaguchi Kentaro as Hirai Masato (21) 

Maasai Thompson (21) 













    A loud urgent splash is what drew her attention away from her friends, all of whom had eagerly gathered around the pool chairs, thirsty to soak up the male eye candy that infested the indoor hall. A group of guys stood around one such edge, toward the deep end, laughing, pointing and carrying on. They watched as a tall lanky guy crawled out of the depths, hair plastered wetly to the entire front of his face. 

    “Missing something nerd boy?” One of the guys grinned and an eruption of laughter soon broke out as onlookers indeed discovered the missing thing…a pair of swimming trunks that floated upon the surface of the water as if to taunt him. He instantly grew red as a tomato and shoved his hair out of his face, the strands sloppily misting to different areas of his cheeks and jaw. Some of the guys doubled over and some of the girls seated that way began to point, grins and phones starting to surface. He tried to cover himself and turned, facing the brave soul who had jumped in to fish the unfortunate pair of trunks out. Dangling it in front of him, the bully grinned. 

    “P-p-please g-g-give t-t-them b-b-b-ack.” He stuttered, an embarrassed red now replacing the paleness of his neck and chest.

    “Come and get em nerd boy.” He taunted, smirk growing deeper. 

    “G-G-Give them b-b-back…C-C-ome O-on…”   

    “You want em, you gotta beg for em.” Before he could utter something else, he was roughly shoved back into the pool. 

    “Hey!” She stood up. 

    “Maasai…girl sit down.”

    “No, how y’all okay with this?” 

    “Girl-” She didn’t stop to hear anything else her supposed friends said, sauntering up to the disgusting group of bullies. 

    “What the hell is your problem?” She demanded, hands on her hips. 

    “This ain’t got nothin to do with you sweet thang. Now why don’t you take that fine little ass back over to your friends.” 

    “Sweet thang my left ass cheek. Why are you being mean to him? He ain’t did shit to y’all.” 

    “You wanna be on his side then join him then.” She was pushed into the pool with a screech. 

    “Aye, now come on now! Y’all outta pocket!” Her friends said, finally coming over to the group. She surfaced, hair wet and heavy down her back. 

    “Bunch of assholes!” She growled at them, drawing laughs and giggles. Turning, she swam towards the poor victim who had distanced himself from them all, having swam to the opposite end of the deep end. 

    “Hey…you alright?” At the sound of her voice, the guy grew stiff. He appeared to have taken off his glasses and clutched them tightly in his right hand. 

    “I’m sorry they did that to you. You didn’t deserve any of that.” He still hadn’t turned around to face her and she lifted a hand to press against his arm. At the contact, he jerked back, turning around to face her, face completely flushed and almond shaped eyes wide. His reaction startled her and she jerked back herself. 

    “I…I didn’t mean to scare you! I just wanted to see if you were alright.” His breathing had grown heavy and he swallowed thickly. Without answering her, he lifted himself out of the pool and ran towards the locker rooms. 





    Eyes watched her. She sat amongst her friends, the same ones that had been there that day at the pool. The heart in his chest threatened to beat up into his throat and he could feel his palms sweating as he tried to grip his pen a tad bit tighter. This was the first time he’d actually paid attention to her, most times more than anxious to get away from her. From everyone. But as he observed her he felt his cheeks come to a blush. She was pretty. No…pretty wasn’t quite the appropriate word for her. Gorgeous? Beautiful? Stunning? All better but still not enough. 

    He had never felt attraction to black girls before… never knew what kind of girls he liked really at all. As long as he’d been on this earth, he’d stayed to himself and kept his nose inside of a book. He’d never dated anyone… was never the object of anyone’s fancy. Hell, though it would embarrass him to admit it… he’d never even slept with anyone before. But, he supposed she was the kind of girl his family might not be too keen on. 

    Why he didn’t know. Not when her laugh reminded him of pure joy and sunlight. Not when her large doe-like eyes glittered with expression and life. Not when he’d traced every inch of her skin with his own eyes, surmising that it must too be sweet like the dark chocolate it resembled. Smooth and blemish free, it looked soft and smooth to the touch. 

     Not when he’d sat here for the latter part of fifteen minutes straight watching her lips move, pout and spread into a smile. Full and plush they were covered with a clear lip gloss. He silently licked his bottom lip as he watched hers poke out in a purse. An unfamiliar stirring below his waist prompted him to sit up, glancing down at the outline of a semi-hard erection clinging to the thigh of his heather grey sweatpants. 

    Swallowing thickly, he quickly drew his gaze upward.  She gathered what appeared to be books and laughed at something one of her friends said before placing her books into a book bag. Oh shit… she was getting up. He forced his head down and stared down at his notes, not caring or focusing enough to read them. As long as she passed him by with no words, he could make it. To his dismay, she paused right in front of his table and leaned down as if she was trying to look at him. He hunched his shoulders and tried lowering his head down further before, 

    “Hirai?” Damn it. No good… He was stiff figuratively and literally, the sound of her voice somehow making him grow harder. Taking a shaky breath, he slowly lifted his eyes and upon setting them on her face, they widened for a split second. He swallowed again, sitting up a bit straighter. With a nod, he confirmed her question. 

    “You mind if I sit with you?” He did mind actually but he didn’t have the courage to tell her that. 

    “It doesn’t have m-my n-name on i-it.” He stuttered out and her bright smile made his heart thrash around like a balloon that was losing air. 

    “Thanks.” Sitting her bag on the adjacent chair, she sat down comfortably and eyed him. 

    “Whatcha studyin?”

    “Macro Economics…” 

    “Oh hell.” He squeezed his eyes shut and concern next met her voice. 

    “You okay Hirai?”

    “Y-yeah. U-um…” Forcing his eyes open, he found her hands and fixated on them. 

    “A-About t-the o-other d-day. T-Thanks…” 

    “It’s no problem! They were serious assholes. You weren’t doing anythin wrong.” Nodding, he let his gaze travel to her forearms. 

    “A-Are y-you s-sure i-it’s o-o-okay for you to b-be s-sitting w-with m-me?” 

    “Why wouldn’t it be?” At that, he lifted his eyes all to way to hers. 

    “You know w-why.”

    “No, I don’t honest.” His gaze had dropped to her lips and quickly resumed its stare on his notes. 

    “I’m…I’m a n-nerd. Y-you’re not. G-Get it?” 

    “How do you know what I am and what I’m not huh?” She asked with a smirk in her voice. 

    “Hirai…that nerd and popular girl stuff is so high school. Look, we’re grown ass adults now. You’re not a nerd. You’re…an intellect. Big difference.” His mouth twitched in an awkward smile and she nearly lost her shit at the appearance of one of his rarely seen dimples. 

    “You got dimples! How cute.” 

    “Y-you know my name. B-but I don’t know yours.” He said quietly, lifting his eyes again to hers. She leaned forward on the desk. 

    “I’m Maasai.” 


    “Yeah. And yours?” He took a long time before he answered, contemplating whether he could even tell her. 




    “I like it. It’s cute.” He didn’t answer that and grew quiet again, this time staring at her almost without blinking. She frowned and sat back in her chair. 

    “What? Why you starin at me like that?” His cheeks grew pink and he immediately withdrew his gaze. 

    “I’m uh…gonna go. I’ll see you around kay?” He didn’t reply and only when she was walking away from him did he lift his gaze once again. 










    2:22 am


    Fingers lit a cigarette and watched as she stumbled out of the club, a guy tailing her. 

    “No! I said I don’t wanna do that shit! Now leave me alone!” She said, voice slurred with intoxication. Blowing smoke out of the corner of his mouth, he narrowed his eyes on the particular gentleman who didn’t seem to want to take no for an answer. 

    “Maasai, you wanna pledge you gotta show how bad you want it.” 

    “Fuuuuuck that. An’ fuck you.” She drawled, short wobbly legs leading her away from him. 

    “I asked nice now you wanna do this shit the hard way.” The guy took hold of her arm and roughly pulled her against him. 

    “It don’t matter where or when baby girl. Frankly, you could suck my dick right here and now and I’d put in a good word for you. Long as you do it good.” 

    “No!” She took her purse and smacked him with it, forcing him to let go of her. 

    “Bitch!” Flicking the cigarette to the ground, he didn’t even bother to snuff it out with his shoe. Emerging from the shadow of the narrow alleyway, he slowly approached them, hands in dark pockets. 

    “I said NO! LET GO!” Taking hold of the guy’s varsity jacket, he yanked him back hard enough that he stumbled and fell. 

    “I told you to wait for me babe.” He spoke, slipping an arm around her waist just as the son of a bitch got up.

    “Who the hell are you?” 

    “Why didn’t you wait for me?” He continued, reaching up to slip some loose hair behind her ear. Even in her intoxication, she appeared confused. Leaning down, he pressed lips to her ear. 

    “Play along with me and you’ll get home safe and sound.” She hiccuped and nodded, lips forming into a pout. 

    “I’m talkin to you you giant bastard!” Turning dark glittery eyes onto the man, he glanced up and down the length of him. Big, bulky and boxy, he was short but you could tell he lifted. Possibly bench pressed. But none of it mattered. If he came at him, he’d put him on the ground. No questions asked. 

    “You was takin too long…an you know I got that fuckin final in the mornin…” She slurred leaning her head up against his bicep. 

    “Which is why you should have stayed home like I told you to.” He said in a slight reprimanding manner, tightening his grip on her waist. 

    “Oh so y’all jus gon ignore me?”

    “I’m nobody to you. Somebody to her. Let’s keep it that way.” The man took a good look at him. 

    “Aye, ain’t you that nerdy Asian dude that be in her class?” At that, his fingers began to dig into her side. 

    “Nerdy Asian dude?” He repeated, eyes growing narrow. 

    “Yeah. You that virgin they say comes in his pants every time she comes near you and beats his meat in the shower after y’all study sessions. Hirai right?” At that, he laughed and it made the prick stiffen up. 

    “You mother fuckers humor me. The shit you come up with.” 

    “I’m cold Daddy… take me home now?” At that, his eyebrow lifted as he glanced down at the shivering little thing now pressed fully against him. Daddy? She had the cutest little pout on her face and it made him want to kiss her senseless. 

    “Y’all gotta be kidding. Maasai you datin this nerd bitch? Please tell me you’re joking.”

    “Fuck off…” He lifted his arm to wrap loosely around her neck and he pulled her close as they started to walk away. 

    “Maasai! Maasai wait!” Ignored, the two of them neared his car, parked in a quiet undisturbed place. Once they got to the car, she let go of his hand. 

    “How’d you know where I’d be at?” Blinking, he looked down at her. Her shoulders were now shaking from the cold and whatever this was that she called a dress did nothing to give her any sort of warmth. It was short, clinging to round hips and thick thighs. Under his scrutiny, she pulled it down or attempted to at least. 

    “Answer me.”

    “So you’re not drunk?”

    “I am… just… not as drunk as you think.”

    “Ah.” Slipping hands into his pockets, he observed her good and hard. 

    “One of your friends invited me to this joke of a club. No doubt to embarrass me again. Nerds don’t party. Nerds don’t club.” 

    “Right. They don’t.” She agreed, lips pursed. 

    “But I’m not a nerd remember? I’m an intellect.” At that, she began to smile and shivered again, harder this time. 

    “Come on, get in. I’ll take you home.” Opening the door, he watched as she slid inside and soon started the car. For the longest time, she was quiet.     

    “Ask. I can hear your mind running miles per minutes.” 

    “You…you are Masato Hirai right?” Chuckling, he glanced at her from the side. 

    “Unless there is another one then yeah… I’m him.” 


    “But what?”

    “Your glasses are gone.” She said and the expression on her face suggested she thought the statement was stupid. 

    “Believe it or not, not everyone that wears glasses wears them all the time angel.” As they came to a red light, she turned to him. 


    “Same thing as your…Daddy was it?” At that, she blushed and call him crazy but it instantly made him hard. 

    “Look… I was just playing along like you said.”


    “I’m not even sure I’m talking to the right Masato Hirai.” 

    “Then who are you talking to if not to me?” 

    “That’s what the fuck I wanna know. The Masato Hirai I know is shy as hell. Can’t say two words without stuttering. He don’t ever look me in the eye. You’ve not stuttered once. You’re not wearing your glasses and for God’s sake are you wearing leather?” 

    “Leather pants yes.”

    “See that proves my point.” 

    “It proves absolutely nothing Maasai. Nothing at all.”

    “Yes it does. You’re a fuckin fraud.” He didn’t answer her and soon they pulled up to a set of dorms. 

    “You keep mentioning my glasses being gone. Is that really that significant?” He asked suddenly, taking her breath. She blinked and pressed her thighs together, lifting her hands as if to pull her dress down. But he caught the action anyway. That damn dress of hers steadily inched its way back up, determined to tease the hell out of him. 

    “I don’t know.” She answered lamely with a sigh. 

    “If I had them on…would it still turn you on?” He asked, turning intense almond shaped eyes towards her. She seemed at a loss for words and it made him smirk. 

    “Excuse me?”

    “If I had my stutter… would it make you stay still if I wanted to kiss you?” 

    “Okay you outta pocket. Way outta pocket.”

    “Answer me Maasai.”

    “No cause this ridiculous…”

    “If I wanted you to help me get rid of that fucking plague would you? I’ve heard that all it takes is a little twist of the tongue to get it right.”

    “Yeah and you ain’t about to twist mine.”

    “No?” Leaning over, he pressed her back against the car door. Lips just a breath’s length away from hers. He could feel the heat from them, the heat and sweet smell of her body and it sent a bittersweet pain down below his waist. 

    “It’s easy for you to detach yourself when stereotypes and familiar things are around you. But when they’re not… when you’re faced with reality…you can’t handle it.” She breathed a bit heavily than before and the warm puff of air tinged with alcohol misted across his lips. 

    “I thought you were better than that Maasai. I thought you were different.” Lifting eyes up to hers, he didn’t move, smirk deepening. 

    “And how do you suggest I handle this reality Mr. Hirai?” She asked, voice soft and breathy. 

    “Prove me to be this so called fraud.” Her beautiful brown eyes were hazy but they had grown sleepy with the exact same emotion he felt… the exact same emotion forcing all the blood from his brain downwards. When her lips pressed against his, it was hesitant and unsure. But the second time their lips met, it was slow and passionate…real. 


Chapter End Notes:


A/N: Well? SCRAP OR KEEP? LOL. I don't know... it's along the lines of what I originally had with Wasurenaide (when I first started writing it as a teenager... Sakito would 'switch' on Elle and she thought he had split personalities LOL. But it's much different than that. The dichotomy has also changed in this story with the male not being sexually confident or experienced for that matter... something I've never before explored. Ion know... lemme know y'all lol. 

Love y'all. See y'all Friday! <3 


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