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Angel was sitting on the living room sofa with a bowl of buttery popcorn, her fingers seemed to linger on the channel button of the remote, and she couldn't find a single thing to watch on the television. After she had gotten her hair done, she went window shopping downtown and came home had a long bath, deciding that a night on the sofa with high cholesterol wasn't such a bad idea.


She turned her head towards the jingling sound of keys coming from her front door of the apartment, Brittany came in huffing, and her face set in an annoyed expression. Angel could tell by Brittany's slumped shoulders and slight dragging of her feet that Brittany was glad to finally be home. "That bad of a day huh?" Angel asked before she put a buttered sweet kernel in her mouth.


"Girl, it was so crowded today and I didn't have the energy nor the patience to deal with a lot of attitudes today. What are you watching", Brittany asked as she closed and locked the front door. Taking her shoes off on the hardwood floor before she steps on their area carpet.


"I think this screen has been watching me since I got here", Angel admitted.


"Well, I'm going to go put on something cozy, and do you want to have a scary movie marathon", Brittany asked.


"Yes, if you can stay awake", Angel laughed and Brittany nodded in knowing, she knew she would quickly fall asleep. Angel browsed through the unnecessary channels until she saw his face, glancing towards the hallway towards their bedrooms making sure Brittany didn't catch her in her memorized act. He appeared to be uninterested in the interview, his cold eyes glancing at the audience without a care in the world. He sat back relaxed and unfazed as his brothers each answered the questions differently.


"You know I never knew how much of a dick David was until today too, he's always so uptight", Brittany now dressed in her button-down pajama top and cozy polka dot pajama bottoms, walked from the back room, pulling her ponytail in a messy top bun. Angel wouldn't have heard her be honest, she was too focused on what the guys were interviewing about.


"Oh wait, I completely forgot to check out their interview. How long has it been on", Brittany took a seat on the chaise cushion of their L shaped couch.


"Oh, I don't know I just flickered through the channels and saw this. It looks interesting", Angel attempted to sound unfazed at the effect seeing him had caused her. She decided to refill her bowl of popcorn as a distraction, an escape from her best friend's questionable gaze. Not that Brittany was even aware of Angel battling emotions when it comes to this man, Aiden.


"John had mentioned it to me to be on the lookout for it. I just completely forgot about it"


Angel decided to get up and refill the half-empty bowl of popcorn, she hurried to the kitchen as Brittany turned the volume notches up.


"So, the girl snuck in your hotel room when you were sleeping, that must have been a fright", the interviewer visibly interested in the story the men were telling.


"No I wasn't frightened at all mate, just upset she didn't wake me up sooner", Asher laughed as the crowd joined in on his laugher.


"Always got to have the ladies around", Angel heard Jamie's voice, he was now talking to the interviewer.


"Do you fellas ever consider the settle down married life", the interviewer asked on a serious topic.


"Maybe whenever that happens but right now we are concerned about the music and our fans", Jamie answered.


"That type of connection is worth the wait definitely, Flyth ladies and gentleman", the interviewer said right before the broadcast turned to commercial.


"You know, I've been humming a nice melody and I'm thinking of singing it for John", Brittany took the cold can of coke Angel handed to her as she made her way back to the living room with a fresh bowl of buttery popcorn.


"You should, are you nervous", Angel asked as she sat the bowl in between her and Brittany.


"Just a little, he's a rock-star", Brittany's cheeks shaded a light pink, Angel was taken aback slightly. Brittany must have liked this guy, more than Angel had originally thought.


"Well I know you are a star, I can't wait to hear you blow them out the water with your voice", Angel truthfully admitted.


"So.....what do you think about Vegas", Brittany asked out of the blue.


"What do you mean what do I think about Vegas?" Angel was puzzled as she put another popcorn into her mouth, chewing slowly as she looked at her best friend with a curious glare.


"Welllllllll, I kind of have a trip to Vegas in two weeks", Brittany announced, throwing Angel off guard.


"Wait, what. Okay, who are you going with", Angel was confused, Brittany had not mentioned anything about Vegas.


"You...I kind of told John it was okay to buy our tickets", at the admission Angel nearly choked on her popcorn as she glared at her best friend.


"I'm sorry, I knew this was stupid but I just got so excited and I wanted to have my best friend with me but I knew you'd probably freak out on me", Brittany was babbling, something she did when she was nervous.


"Woah! Britt! You didn't even ask me first", Angel now standing over her best friend, pacing back and forth, the popcorn now making Angel's stomach turn.


"I'm sorry but I didn't think it would be a big deal"


"What! How is me going to Vegas, not a big deal, I never agreed to this Britt", Angel crossed her arms across her chest.


"Sorry! I'm such a fucking idiot", Brittany regretted this choice she had made for the two of them.


Angel sighed as she looked at her best friend who was covering her face in her hands. "Look, you aren't an idiot okay. I'm just shocked. Okay, when are we leaving", Angel signed as Brittany's faced went from sorrow to excitement.


"We are going to have so much fun", Brittany squealed as she jumped up to hug her best friend.


"We have to tell David first, we have to get something to wear. We have to be smart about this", Angel was making a list aloud and checking it twice.


"Omg you are right and we have to go get waxed!" Brittany agreed as she popped a single buttery kettle into her mouth.


"Oh you are so paying for mine", Angel now sat back on the sofa next to Brittany.









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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.