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Chapter 8:Woman's Worth

"I want to be with you", Angel pleaded but he kept walking.

"It will never work. This is the real world sweetheart. Stop acting like a fucking child Angel for once stop needing me", he had turned away from her, walking away from her.

"I want you, there's a complete difference Aiden. Aiden. Aiden!"

Angel shot straight up in the bed gasping for air. Looking around the bedroom, proved last night was not a dream. The curtains were closed shut, Brittany lay to her right snuggled still in dreamland. Angel still had on her mesh swim cover-up and bathing suit, she didn't know what time it was until she looked at the clock on the wall. The clock on the mirrored nightstand read six forty-five in the morning, the perfect time to head out. Looks like she and Brittany were going to be doing the walk of shame, this was the perfect time to be thankful she had her place. Angel tiptoed out of the bed, trying to be careful not to wake Brittany.

"Hey there's a T-Shirt and sweats on the countersink in the bathroom, I figured you would be most comfortable when you woke up", Brittany mumbled in a groggy voice. Angel hadn't been as quiet as she tried to be.

"Thanks", Angel whispered as she tiptoed to the slightly opened door of the bathroom. Brittany shifted in the bed and turned back around.

Angel spotted the T-shirts and sweats before she glanced in the mirror. She had to get this makeup and torn up lashes off her face, she became cringed at the sight of herself. Her mascara had run and dried on her eyes, her false lashes were hanging by stands, her foundation makeup slightly smeared, her natural kinky curls were frizzy and needed a nice twist out. She looked at the grand clear glass door of the massive shower and wished she could take a shower but she just didn't feel too comfortable taking a shower at someone else's home. Especially when she had just met the host the previous night before. Discharging her false lashes in the trash, she decided that just maybe there was some type of body soap she could wash her face with to get this gunk off of her face, and in the cabinets, she found feminine body washes, facial washes, loofas, and scrubs. She was puzzled as to why all of this stuff was under the sink but maybe they had guests all the time. Grabbing an unopened facial wash, Angel eagerly ran the water warm and opened the new facial wash to scrub the mess off of her face. After cleansing her face and putting the t-shirt and sweatpants over her swimsuit, Angel decided to go wake Brittany so the two can head on the road.

"Yes sorry, I'll be in later David", Angel heard Brittany's sleep-filled voice as she spoke into her cell phone.

"You got our phones back", Angel was more concerned at the fact that Brittany had her phone than Brittany talking to their boss. Rose had taken them up last night.

"Yeah, they just brought them when you were in the bathroom. You look good, I need your clear skin", Brittany sat up in the bed, her back resting on the headboard. Her blonde hair was in a messy top bun.

"Oh, okay. Are you ready to hit the road, get back to real life yet", Angel was ready to get into her bed, and looking forward to work?

"Yes, I think the guys are already gone. John said they were leaving hella early", Brittany said.

"Hmm. Well, this is certainly a story we can look back and laugh about", Angel said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hell yes it is, shit was one hell of a night", Brittany said before she chuckled.

Just as Brittany had said, the guys were gone when they had gotten out their rooms. Most of the girls were in the center of the foyer some talking, some exchanging numbers and some just standing when Brittany and Angel were making their way down the stairs. Rose stood at the large front doors next to two male servants who were dressed in tailored suits. She sore a cheetah print robe and her red hair are curled to perfection, her face free of any makeup. She truly is stunning.

"Well ladies, it has been a pleasure to meet you all. Have a safe trip home, thank you all for being so lovely", Rose said as she bided some of the ladies farewells, most were catching a ride back on the bus in which they had come.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality", Brittany said to Rose as she and Angel made their way out the door.

"The pleasure was all mine. You two be safe on the road home now. Don't go looking for trouble", Rose smiled but her last words were directed to Angel seeing her eyes lingered on her for a moment, a smile still on her face.

Once the ladies were all settled in the car, Angel didn't hesitate to push her foot to the gas. She wanted to get back to her life, as boring or simple as it may be to most. She normally didn't like to go out to the clubs but she would go if she was with Brittany, she knew they'd have each other's back. Brittany and Angel hadn't been separated since meeting their freshman year of college, they just clicked. Sometimes they felt more like long lost sisters than best friends and for that Angel is grateful for. Angel is the only child, the apple of her parent's eye. Her mother had three miscarriages before Angel was conceived, her mother is the true definition of a warrior. She had hoped to follow her mother's footsteps and choose nursing as her career path however that sunk quickly. Instead, Angel decided to follow her passion in journalism, something her father Angelo didn't see a career in. He always critiqued Angel but it was all due in love or a little overbearing. Brittany often would remind Angel, she is a grown woman now and her parents should let her live her own life and that they would love her regardless. Unlike Angel, Brittany is not the only child however she is the only girl, being the second oldest. Brittany always is the "wild card" in her family. While her oldest brother is following in her father's footsteps by going to law school, Brittany is an artist in every sense of the word. Her parents often frowned upon her at times, which is why she rarely visits home. Her mother hasn't worked since Brittany was born, she was a stay at home mom who often drank, shopped, and was arm candy to her husband. A life Brittany did not want for herself. Once the two girls made their way home, Brittany immediately went to her room to get the rest of her sleep until she got ready for her evening shift. Angel made her way to her bedroom, her eyes glowing when she spotted her queen-sized perfectly made blush comforter sheets. She dived into the bed, looking towards her opened curtained windows. Last night felt so unreal, she still wouldn't have believed it until she woke up in sheets that were not hers, a home that is not hers. Wanting a fresh start, Angel decided a much-needed shower is mandatory. As she started to run the water hot, she couldn't help but think of Aiden, she had dreamed of him. It seemed so real, she saw herself in black silk sheets, the mirrored ceiling but she wanted to be there. Then she remembered seeing him snorting, getting sucked off by that woman, and everything became too much for her. Running her hands throw her curly hair in frustration she tightly closed her eyes as she sat on her closed toilet lid and pulled her head to her knees. She wanted to forget about last night yet she wanted to remember these lucid visions. She wanted to relieve a feeling that was unknown to her, she wanted him to look at her in a way that she didn't understand as to why. He was not kind to her like Jamie, he wasn't kind like Jimmy either. The buzzing on her phone had caused her to jolt back into reality, she took a deep sigh and realized she had an unopened text from Brittany about her too going into work with her, the person who was taking her shift called out so she was indeed going in as well. She sent a text of an agreement to Brittany before stripping to the nude and getting into the hot shower. Letting the water run down her back before she put her head under the water, the feeling of the water massaging her roots was soothing her nerves. She blindly reached for her shampoo that sat on the corner of the shower to her right. She would deep condition and slick her hair in a low side ponytail if she was going into work. She and Brittany worked in a clothing store, which often got tiresome due to all of the clothes women left in the dressing rooms. She groaned as she thought about how her shift was going to go.


"I want this entire store spotless tomorrow morning, I don't want clothes left in the back.  Need them steamed and processed for the customers tomorrow morning. Brittany, please put on a smile for the customers today, no arguing", David stood in the center of the circle of girls in the stock room in the back of their clothing store. He was lecturing the evening girls as to how perfect he wanted the store to be. Angel already disliked that they were to be in hair and makeup at all times with an "upscale" dress code if they were going to get a little dirty while working.

"Alright ladies, let's get to it", Alyssa, the manager on the night shift clapped her hands after David had his weekly rant before he left for the day.

"Thank goodness this is over, I cannot stand to hear his mousey ass voice. I can't wait till I quit", a girl mumbled to another associate.

"Well see you on the break", Brittany faked cheered as she walked ahead of Angel.

"Angel, could I speak to you a moment", Alyssa wanted to pull Angel aside before she made it to the door of the main floor.

"Sure", Angel said in a cheerful tone.

"Angel I do love your dress, thank you for always being in the dress code. Your hair. You know how we feel about ponytails", Alyssa said as she clutched the book to her chest.

"I know but I just didn't have time to deal with it", Angel said knowingly.

"That's okay. Hey, maybe you can lose the ponytail, it's too casual"

Angel stared at her questionably and made sure her tone was calm. "It's just hair, I don't get it"

"I know, I know but it'll look less laid back. More upscale without it. You know", Alyssa tried to soften the blow.

"Alright. I'll let my ponytail go but I don't know what my hair has anything to do with my performance"

"I understand, it's just business trust me. Thanks for understanding", Alyssa said before heading into her office.

Angel rolled her eyes as she joined the rest of the team before she took her ponytail out and scrunched her hair. Brittany gave her a knowingly look when she made her way back to the floor.

"Alysa is with the bullshit again", Dana, an associate, said when Angel stood next to her as she arranged some dresses incorrect order.

"Yeah but it's okay. David is aware of her shit", Angel said.

"I hope he knows about her telling Amy, she's too big for that dress she wore last week", Dana said.

"A woman tearing down another woman to build herself up is a self-hater. It's crazy too me"

"For a second I thought you were talking about my mother", Dana said as she shook her head.    

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you guys for each review it means a lot!

So this chapter I wanted to kind of just be mellow and moving forward I may introduce characters, and their backgrounds before I jump back into the band. I wanted it to be a much more of a bang with the first chapters because I hate that build up in the middle of a story and the craziest let down. I hope that you all are enjoying this story so far, I cannot wait for you all to read the next chapters!

As I've stated before, I may edit previous chapters if I see a few errors but I need you guys help. Thank you guys!

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.