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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


 Now is always the time


 (Only a chapter or two left in this story so continue to read until the end.  This chapter we have the wedding and some surprise characters show up to celebrate with Evangeline and John.)

 (Music playing in the background as I finish up this chapter, "The Bones" by Maren Morris, "We're in the homestretch of the hard times/We took a hard left, but we're alright/Yeah, life sure can try to put love through it, but/We built this right, so nothing's ever gonna move it/When the bones are good, the rest don't matter/Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter/Let it rain 'cause you and I remain the same/When there ain't a crack in the foundation/Baby, I know any storm we're facing/Will blow right over while we stay put/The house don't fall when the bones are good")


Chapter 17

(Flashback) Just as Bo Buchanan had joked John did ask to spend his recovery time with Evangeline and she agreed.  During his recovery they faced the challenge of handling the furor of the arrests of Natalie and Blair and the upcoming trials and all of the publicity that those entailed.  Plus it made it easier for the police and private security guards to protect them if they are both in one place.  

They made great use of the time by growing closer and falling deeper in love with each other so it really did not come as much of a surprise when John proposed to Evangeline on a quiet evening just the two of them sitting on the couch talking about how far they had come. With candlelight illuminating the room and soft music playing in the background and glasses of white wine on the coffee table in front of them John asked her to stand and he got on one knee, took her hand and in his most sexy, smoky voice asked Evangeline "will you marry me?" Looking down into his clear blue eyes, which shone with so much love for her, she said, with so much emotion in her voice that she had to fight to keep from crying, "yes"(End of flashback)

Once the trial ends Evangeline and John set a wedding date and the plans are progressing well.  The guest list compiled of course is made up of family, friends and some co-workers.  Once word spreads about their engagement they receive letters and notes from colleagues who can't believe that either of them finally found the person that they want to marry.  

John's group knew well about his grief after Caitlin's murder and his obsession with solving his father's murder.  They didn't think that he would ever allow himself to love again.  So when they hear that McBain is engaged they had to get it touch with him to congratulate him.  They also let him know that they plan to crash his wedding if they don't receive an invitation.  The first letters he receives are from two of his former FBI colleagues Tobias Fornell and Derek Morgan.  Tobias was more of a mentor to John and Derek was a colleague before he moved to the Behavioral Analysis Unit.  Then he receives a note from Tony DiNozzo who worked in the Baltimore Police Department when John met him and now works with Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  Tony tells him that he has to see it to believe and plans to have a front row seat at the wedding.  

Evangeline has some similar reactions come her way.  Two of her mentors were so shocked to hear the news that straight away they sent notes inviting themselves to her wedding.  They just need her to supply the date and they will make certain to arrive.  Jessica Pearson in New York City is so happy for her little ‘Evie' that she will not miss the happy day. Not to be left out without making his wishes known her long-time advisor who she met while in undergrad, Jack McCoy, who is now District Attorney in New York City, sent a colorfully worded note that he would not miss this event for the world. Then she receives detailed letters from two guys who have designated themselves her ‘brothers in the law' as they are both lawyers themselves, Michael Baldwin in Genoa City, Wisconsin and Harvey Specter in New York City.  Harvey and Jessica are partners in the same law firm in New York City.  Michael and Harvey tell Evangeline that no way in the world will she get married without her ‘brothers' present.

So as not to feel rushed on the day of their wedding since they know that they will leave for their honeymoon after the reception, Evangeline and John plan a get together for the out of town guests at the hotel the evening before the wedding.  A buffet dinner is scheduled and everyone can then relax and chat to their hearts content.  

All of those who said they would crash the wedding didn't have to because they all receive invitations as their wanting to be there was enough for the couple to know that their day would not be complete without those persons who knew of their struggles and still wanted to be a part of their day.  Each of them congratulate their friend individually and the couple.  John makes sure to have several pictures taken with Tobias, Derek and Tony and they pledge to keep in touch with John.  

Jessica tells Evangeline how proud she is of her and to see her so happy is all that she could have wished for her.  

Michael Baldwin and Harvey Specter each remind her that they expect her to keep in touch.  They may not be her blood brothers but they love her like a sister.  They are probably the only two men who know her struggle with ‘love' and being an attorney in a male dominated town.  When she needs a second opinion she calls them for a ‘man's view' because she knows that they will be straight with her and not say things to make her feel better.

Jack McCoy hugs her so tight because he has not seen her in such a long time and he apologizes for his absence.  He promises to do better and assures her that she will always have a place to stay when she comes to New York.  She smiles because now that she has reconnected with Harvey and Jessica that her choice of places to stay has greatly expanded.  

Gia Campbell Cassadine is a young attorney who Evangeline mentors and Gia and her husband Nikolas Cassadine are so excited to share this time with Evangeline and John.  Evangeline helped Gia so much while Gia was in law school and after that Gia always kept in touch.

So on a beautiful, sunny, not too warm day in June, Evangeline Williamson and John McBain become husband and wife in the presence of their family, friends and other invited guests.  Nora serves as the matron of honor as she and Bo remarried a month before the wedding (in a quiet intimate ceremony) and Layla and Uncle Clay's daughter Celeste serve as the maids of honor.  Michael serves as John's best man and Antonio and Todd stand as a groomsmen.  Evangeline insisted on Todd being there since she knew that she could not have a wedding without her other best friend as part of the wedding party.  Uncle Clay and Evangeline's mother walk her down the aisle.  After the vows are exchanged and after the minister pronounces them ‘husband and wife' and John kisses Evangeline the entire gathering break out in applause.  Everyone is so happy for Evangeline and John and they cannot contain their joy.  The Palace ballroom is the venue for the reception and everything looks spectacular.  

The reception goes on with everyone enjoying themselves.  The food and the music are superb.  The happy couple dance and mingle.  The atmosphere is festive and after all that has happened with these two even the town of Llanview is happy for them.  Their wedding makes the front pages of the newspapers and you can hear fireworks in the distance.  The happy couple prepare to leave but stop a moment to address their guests,

"As we prepare to leave we want you to stay and enjoy yourselves.  To our family, we thank you for all of your love, support and encouragement.  We would not have made it to this day without you.  To our friends, all that we can say is that you are the best. You have laughed with us and you have cried with us but you never deserted us and for that we are most thankful.  To all of our other guests, your presence here this day has made this occasion so special.  Thank you.  We love all of you.  Now we must go if we expect to catch our flight and we will see you guys in two weeks.  Enjoy!" 

And with those parting words, Mr. and Mrs. John McBain leave for the airport for a late-night flight to Paris, France.


A/N:  Introducing our surprise guests: Tobias Fornell and Tony DiNozzo from the tv series NCIS; Derek Morgan, from the tv series Criminal Minds; Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter, from the tv series Suits; Michael Baldwin, from the tv series the Young and the Restless; Jack McCoy, from the tv series Law & Order; and Gia Campbell Cassadine and Nikolas Cassadine, from the tv series General Hospital.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.