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Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura are married, and the Enterprise is on a slow run to Vulcan. What could go wrong?


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Categories: Primetime Television
Characters: Nyota Uhura (Television)
Classification: General
Genre: Drama
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Pairings: Uhura/Spock
Warnings: Original Characters
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Published: June 04 2020 Updated: April 23 2021
Story Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000


1. Chapter 1-Saana's Hope by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (2210 words)

Summary: Spock and Nyota were on their way to Vulcan to meet his clan and verify their bond. Little unsettling things were happening to Nyota because of their Vulcan mating bond; she has found that she is sensitive to touch and sound. The crew are both shocked and glad upon learning that Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura are married. Spock has found that another club has been established because they see him as some sort of Prince Charming in a romance story. Spock wasn't used to being the center of attention, especially from women. They would bat their eyes and make comments like, "How romantic" or "He's so attentive-like a prince" or "He's a Prince Charming". Spock found it very uncomfortable to know that his movements were being observed by the female crew. While Uhura was taking it all in, the female crew would question her about being married to a prince. Or ask what title she would have: princess, Lady Uhura, or her majesty? Uhura would just laugh and explain that Vulcan titles should not be compared to the Terran titles, that they represented only positions in the family unit.


I want to to delve into the Uhura and S'chn T'gai families and give background on their thoughts about Spock and Nyota's marriage. Lets start there, with Saana from "The Battle for Spock," part II: chapter 25, where Nyota tells her mother that she is married to a Vulcan, the elusive Commander Spock.

2. Chapter 2-Amanda's Hope by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4045 words)

Beta Reader:Jsilver2000


Summary: Now it's S'chn T'gai Amanda Grayson's turn to express her feelings. I have read many stories and versions of her and Sarek's meetings and found them so refreshing and wonderfully written. In the original series, it was implied that Spock was the first Vulcan-human, but I have seen in Star Trek Enterprise series that Vulcans and humans were intimate before Ambassador Sarek relationship with Amanda. Also, I have read that Spock was an engineered-hybrid. But I love my original series; no other recent series has come close to Gene Roddenberry's original idea.

So my version of Amanda and Sarek is more inclined toward the episode "Journey to Babel," my favorite. I liked this version of Amanda: she is funny, sweet and loves her man.

Our story takes place after Spock has introduced Nyota to his parents in "The Battle for Spock, part 2," chapter 28. This will set the scene for Spock to return to Vulcan with his bride.

3. Chapter 3-The Honor of T'Pau by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2928 words)

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000


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4. Chapter 4-The Battle for Spockā€”T'Pau's Way by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3145 words)

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Chapter 4

Summary: T'Pau is bound and determined to bring Spock home to ceremonially validate his bond with Nyota and present her to Vulcan society as his wife. T'Pau and Sarek have also decided to flex the power of the S'chn T'gai clan to coerce the Vulcan High Command into hosting a reception on Altairs VI in Spock's honor.


5. Chapter 5-Meeting the First Time by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 0] starstarstarstarstar (2881 words)

Beta Reader: JSilver2000    

Summary: T'Pau went into battle for Spock to bring him home to have his bond with Nyota ceremonially confirmed and to have a reception on Altair VI provided by all of Vulcan (after a just a smidgen of blackmail).    

6. Chapter 6-The Meeting of Great Minds by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3911 words)

Summary: T'Ara didn't want to tangle with T'Pau again; she made it clear that Vulcan would honor Spock's marriage and his achievements. She had finally agreed that Spock had enhanced Vulcans' reputation and influence in multiple ways. Each civilization thinks it is the best in the universe, T'Pau reminded the Commissioners.


Admiral Komack

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Fleet Admiral Nimitz-is an imaginary charcter in my Star Trek World. 




7. Chapter 7-Back in the Saddle by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3270 words)

Battle for Spock, Part 3, Chapter 7

Beta Reader:Jsilver2000


              Dr. Saana Uhura

                                                 Reuben Achebe



Summary: Now we are up to date: (based on the last chapter) Spock and Uhura are on a slow (3-week) journey to Vulcan. But things are happening during those 3 weeks. But things are happening during those 3 weeks. The 3 weeks are broken down into different scenes that will entwine to later chapters. Now we have two happy mothers, Amanda and Saana, expressing their excitement about their children's marriage. All of Vulcan is aware that S'haile Sarek and Spock are descendants of the great Surak and will finally be recognized for their service to Vulcan and the Federation, and Spock's bonding to Nyota will be celebrated as well. T'Pau has gotten satisfaction from the S'oleh-nau clan for T'Pring's behavior during the Kal-i-fee incident. Saana is in a peaceful place right now, unaware of what is to come.    


8. Chapter 8- The Good Ship Enterprise by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3779 words)

Beta Reader:Jsilver2000
 Saana has just started to live life again, meeting and having lunch with an acquaintance in town. She's been living in the shadows too long; since her daughter's marriage, Saana has stepped into the light. Now we turn to other scenes on the Enterprise.






9. Chapter 9-Confronting the Truth by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4054 words)

Beta Reader:Jsilver2000

Summary: The plans to celebrate Spock and Sarek's accomplishments, as well as to ceremonially validate Spock and Nyota's bond, are well under way. T'Pring is not happy to be included, but Amanda is quite pleased with how everything is going. McCoy had to place Christine Chapel on medical leave to deal with her deep feelings toward Spock.    

10. Chapter 10-It's a start by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4456 words)

Summary: Spock and Nyota continued to bask in the joy their marriage had brought. Nyota continued to research Vulcan history, looking for loopholes to apply in her plan to deal with T'Pring. Nyota is determined to do something about what she did against all her logic and reasons. [To understand Uhura's reasons go back to; "The Battle for Spock part 2; chapter 8"]    

11. Chapter 11-The Message by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4189 words)


Two Vulcan aides were updating T'Amanda on the wedding reception on Altair VI. The majority of the work was done; they were just finalizing the details of the table seatings and the itinerary. The reception was a one-day event, but it was billed as the gala of the century. The wedding of Ambassador Sarek and Lady Amanda's only child was to be celebrated, and the ambassador and Commander Spock were to be honored for their service to Vulcan and the Federation. The President of the Federation, Demetrio, was ecstatic about it. He hadn't known the two people were related.

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000



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12. Chapter 12-The Time the Circus Came to Town by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4717 words)

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000    



Stonn was trying to soothe his bruised ego with a discussion with T'Pring, which she refuses to elaborate her reasons on the Kal-i-farr. While back on Earth; Kim Kelly has decided to make Sarek and Amanda news worthy over Spock's wedding, with dramatic results. Now Saana had been celebrating her new outlook on life and had slowly begun dating an acquaintance in town. Over the weekend, she was planning to go on a casual date with Reuben, who was ecstatic about the fact that Saana was taking an interest in him. Not one of his associates could believe it. Reuben was his shop, holding court:

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13. Chapter 13-It's All Political by Uhura the 9th [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4046 words)

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000


Summary: In the preceding chapter, Saana had a rough time with the media circus depiction of her daughter's marriage to a Vulcan. The Vulcans came and rescued her and now she is living at their Embassy.

Now we get to see events from Amanda's point of view.    


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