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"You know you could have gotten yourself killed"

She didn't turn around to face him as she heard him enter the water behind her

"You hear me?"

"I hear you" she replied, "I don't want to hear you but I hear you"

 "I don't think you're taking me serious"

"I don't give a damn"

Atticus Berkovich was getting annoyed with Cecilia Sommer's stubbornness. Perhaps since he was a stubborn man himself the two personalities clashed fighting to get the other to submit.

Normally this probably wouldn't have been the best time to confront Cecilia on such matters he could have waited until she was finished bathing but he chose this time on purpose.

Cecilia was naked

He was naked

Nakedness was vulnerability

Vulnerability presented honesty

Honesty gave answers


"Atticus do you mind?" she broke him off trying to sink into the pound to hide her body from his view

"You've never been modest around me before why so shy now?"

"I mean it Atticus" she hissed, "go away! Every time we cross paths you stick around too long"

It was true Cecilia mostly always traveled alone just her and mare Morning Star for a companion. Either she didn't realize how dangerous a woman traveling alone was or she was just too stubborn. Hell white women didn't even travel alone so as a black woman she was playing with fire.

Outlaws always traveled alone but Atticus didn't like Cecilia traveling alone

"Those white hood fuckers did something to you Cicely?"

Cecilia grew silent but continued to have her back turned to Atticus

"Why should you care?" she asked

"You forget that I'm Jewish" he pointed out "they hate me just as much"

"You're still white Atticus" she replied with a slight hint of sadness "the only thing that gives you away is your last name not the color of your skin"

Atticus couldn't argue with that since she did have a point on that but he still wanted to know what happened to her.

"What happened Cicely?"

"I'm an outlaw who takes out members of the Klan you know what happened"

"You're talking to a fellow outlaw so don't be a smart ass" Atticus replied losing his patience "something happened to you Cecilia because you're never this way after a loot"

"Didn't I tell you to go away!" she snapped now rising out of the water and that's when Atticus saw it. Just above her breasts seared permanently on her cinnamon brown skin was a branding. A bright red W for ‘Wanted' they had finally marked her they were able to identify her now.

Atticus figured they must have just branded her a few days ago because it looked like the wound was still fresh; which meant she was probably going from town to town without staying too long

Cecilia quickly dipped herself back in the water and turned her back once more

As tough and hard as Cecilia was; Atticus knew that was her weak spot the Klan finally having her where she couldn't escape.

"Shit Cicely" Atticus muttered reached out to her and she jerked away




Atticus never seen Cecilia this scared before and despite her requests to leave her be he took her hands in his and she shook rather violently.

"Shh" he gently coaxed her into his arms causing her to fight against him.

The pond water splashed as they both thrashed about. Atticus was clearly trying to break through Cecilia's walls and she didn't like it.

"Let me go!" she threatened, "I'll kill you Atticus! I swear I will!"

"No you won't" Atticus said calmly

"You don't know that!"

"I know you Cicely" the lone cowboy murmured "I've seen you practically be a killing machine but somewhere deep down is that little girl"

"What the fuck are you talking about?!" Cecilia twisted her face in annoyance "just leave me alone Atticus you sound crazy!

Atticus boldly brought his hands to Cecilia's wound and gently ran his thumbs across it gently. He swore he could hear her heart pound and he definitely felt it in her chest.

"You know that little girl Cicely" he went on to say "the one who was only seven years old and clutched her mother's side crying as those hooded cowards hung her father"

"That was along time ago" Cecilia insisted "damn near twelve years"

"The same little girl who had to then had to watch her mother and baby brother die when they didn't make it out of that fire set by those same hooded fuckers"

"It's behind me"

"Is it Cicely?" Atticus asked gently forcing her to look him in the eyes "I think that little girl is still hurt"

"I don't care what you think" Cecilia hissed "now let me go!"

Atticus ignored her and continued to gaze at her taking in the hurt that swam in her eyes and he swore he saw fear too. Those were the two things Atticus never wanted to see from a woman espcially not Cecilia.

"She's still hurting" he continued to say pulling her to his chest "she's still running and she's still scared"

Atticus wrapped his arms around Cecilia's waist as her breasts were now pushed against his lightly haired chest. Cecilia was ready to protest when she felt the head of Atticus's cock lightly kissing the outer lips and folds of her pussy. Not penetrating her by was kindly knocking on her door to be let in.


"She doesn't have to be scared anymore," he whispered in her ear "she needs to know that somebody has her back"

"And what are you going to do Atticus?" she challenged him "like you said they'll cut down a Jew just as quick as they'll cut down me"

"Not this Jew" he replied now kissing her cheek and jawline "it would take a thousand of those hooded backwards sister fuckers to take me on; but they'd never lay another finger on you with me around"

"Atticus don't" Celica tried pushing him away but he held on to her anyway

"Let me in Cicely" he murmured into her ear "let me take the pain away"

Before Celica could protest any further Atticus silenced her kissing her on the mouth and before she knew it she was kissing him back.

Atticus could feel Celica lean into him her body finally relaxing and being at ease. He lightly traced the branding with his fingertips.

"They'll never touch you again"

"You don't know that"

"You don't trust me Cicely?"

"That's not the point"

"You need somebody to trust"

"You don't know what I need"

"I'm about to find out"

"What do you mean---ohh"

Celica was in shock when Atticus boldly replaced his fingertips with his lips and started kissing the wound on her chest.

"Atticus please...."

"I know sweetie I know" he whispered in between kisses "let me love you okay?"

Celica snaked her hand under the water to wrap her hand around Atticus's throbbing cock and in response his kisses got more heated and ran up along her neck and jaw line and he whispered in her ear.

"Looks like you want to love me too" he chuckled "are you trying to make me cum now?"


"Well my dear you were pretty damn close" he replied "and I don't plan on cumming in the lake water either"

Atticus twirled Celica around and pressed his erection right in between her ass cheeks and proceeded to rub it across the luscious pound of flesh.

It was that damn cock of his Celica couldn't help thinking to herself it was always that cock that got them in the position that they always seemed to find themselves in.


"I love getting you this way" he drawled "so speechless that the only thing you can say is my name"

"I'm going to get you hot, wet, and ready for me to bury myself deep inside you"

Celica let out a sigh as Atticus parted her thighs and he his fingers began to tease the swollen lips of her pussy and roll her clit around in slow lazy circles.

"Oh Cicely you're soaking wet" he murmured


"Is it for me? Are you dripping all of this honey for me?"


"What was that?"

"Yes Atticus it's for you"

"I want more Cicely"

Atticus then boldly stuck his index finger deep inside her pussy and hit her G-spot all while strumming on her clit.

"Oh Atticus that feels so good" Cecilia had managed to gasp out

"I certainly aim to please"

"Please..."she moaned now grinding herself against his loving hand

"Please what Cicely?" Atticus asked not showing her pussy any mercy; he wanted her so wet that when it came time for him to love her he could slide in with no problem.

Cecilia was going to cum it was written all over her face and it was heard through quick breathing and pants.

"Atticus...please...I'm going to c---"

She shattered into her pleasure long before she could even finish her sentence. Atticus sent her over that edge he knew what she needed and wanted.

Atticus was loving the sight of Cecilia's glow as she was coming down from her orgasm. Roaming his hands over her hyper sensitive body now the two of them muttered to each other lovingly.

"You're so beautiful fucking beautiful"

Atticus gently wedged himself between Cecilia's thighs and positioned himself at her entrance.

He thrust himself inside of Cecilia's warm and welcoming heat and the two of them finally became one.

Cecilia's head fell back allowing her breast to be on full display for Flynn as she tossed her head back and forth encouraging him to go deeper, faster, and harder.

"Yes!" Cecilia cried out "yes! Atticus!"

"That's right" he urged her "that feels good huh?"

Cecilia didn't need to verbally answer him the way her pussy was seeming to have a vice grip on his cock was all the evidence that he needed to know that it did feel good.

It was almost as if Cecilia didn't want to let go of him and if that was the case Atticus would stay with her for as long as she needed and wanted. Their bodies were shined in sweat under the late July moonlight.

Atticus didn't want to let go of her either and if he had it her way then he would be in her pussy and by his side permanently. He didn't need or want any other woman but Cecilia and it was high time that she realized that as fact.

"Atticus...I'm going to cum....again"

"Me too" he replied gently "I can feel it"

"Faster please"

"Anything for you my sweet Cicely"

With one final thrust Atticus sent both of them to their climax. Cecilia's body accepted Atticus's seed as it planted itself deep inside her. The two of them then collapsed in each other's arms still standing in the middle of the pound caressing each other as the night breeze flowed through them.

The only sound that could be heard was the soft neighing of both of their horses tethered to the trees.


"Come with me in the morning Cicely"

"I travel alone you know that" she said stubbornly "I don't love you Atticus; we're not even acquaintances"

Atticus chuckled pulling Cecilia against his hard body again

"Could have fooled me because the way you were just screaming my name I thought you did love me"

"You're a good fuck" she said attempting to push him away "nothing more than a good scratch on the back we can't keep doing this"

"You're wrong Cicely" Atticus said looking her in the eyes "you're wrong and you know it and you know what I think?"

Cecilia rolled her eyes

"What do you think Mr. Berkovich?"

"I think you're scared to love me" Atticus replied "you're scared you'll lose me to the Klan just like you've lose everybody else you've hold dear"


"Oh yeah?" he challenged her "look me in the eye and tell me I'm lying Miss Sommer"

"I said no Atticus" she replied childishly now "I'm not scared and I don't need you"

"Keep telling yourself that Cicely but I know otherwise" Atticus said patiently "eventually you're going to get tired of running from me and we both know your body can't resist me"

Cecilia snorted at him as she got out of the water with her back to him now, which didn't really offend Atticus at all; it just meant that he could look at her beautiful round ass once more.

Cecilia was about to put her clothes back on to go to sleep for the evening when Atticus came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her once more. She was surprised that his cock was still so hard.

"Haven't had enough you beast?" she asked in disgust and arousal too

"No I haven't and I know you haven't either" he replied in complete arousal

Atticus pulled Cecilia down on the blankets in front of the fire and continued to make love to her into the early hours of the following morning. Hoping a double dose of his loving would convince her that he was right and that she was wrong.


Atticus Berkovich woke the next morning to find Cecilia Sommer fully dressed and saddling Morning Star to get ready to leave and be on her way.

"You don't want to stay for breakfast?" he asked breaking her thoughts "I could catch some fish and I have cornmeal for flapjacks"

"I have to be on my way Mr. Berkovich"

"Funny last night as I was making you reach for the stars I was Atticus" he teased her and she rolled her eyes mounting Morning Star

"Cecilia" Atticus said seriously now "you know I'll always have your back right? Even if you only see me as a good fuck"

Cecilia didn't say anything at first but she didn't even nod either the two of them just stared at each other for a while.

"Goodbye Atticus"

"I'll see you around Cecily"

Cecilia gently kicked her spurs into Morning Star's sides and the horse proceeded to gallop away in the direction of the rising sun.

Atticus watched Cecilia ride away until she became a speck that he couldn't see anymore; he'd see her again though.


He would always have her back.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.