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In his dreams she still lived. There, he was tormented most grievously. He wished never to wake from them and tears would stain his pillow upon the morning light. There… there she rested in his arms and time seemed to be endless… not existing or mattering at all. There he could surrender to his heart’s deepest desires. He could cry, laugh and smile. He could love, listen and speak. He could touch, take, have and possess. She was his again and he could be greedy and eat of her all he wanted. He could ache, long and sigh and the sounds of their love, their passion, their need of one another drifted across the waves, a song stitched into the fabric of the heavens and stars, more beautiful than even the siren. 




    Fingers slipped into his hair and slowly massaged his scalp. 

    “Jie…” Her voice was soft, lilting…sweet. Opening his eyes, he took her into his visage and sighed in contentment. Her smooth skin was bare and glistened with the spray of the ocean…how it beckoned his kiss and her breasts beckoned his tongue. Her lips, what a glorious pathway to the wine of his love flowing, how he wanted to taste of them again. Pretty white teeth melted him as she smiled and leaned down to press her forehead against his. 

    “You sleep so soundly.” She whispered against him, lips smiling. Reaching up, he took hold of a small slim wrist. 

    “I only can when I’m with you.” He answered with another sigh. 

    “I have to return to Grace you know. I can’t-” He lifted up and pushed her back against the sand, fingers gripping wet clumps in between them. Her beautiful brown eyes, slightly wide looked up at him. His hair fell down and around them, seeming to block out everything around them, a halo of black silk. 

    “Don’t mention him.” Biting her lip, she lifted a hand and caressed his cheek. 


    “No. You’re not in his possession. You’re in mine.” 

    “You’re right.” Down below, she had lifted a leg and draped it across his lower back. 

    “I’m sorry.” Lips met and with his tongue, he accepted her apology, reaching down to lift her other leg to rest around his back. 

    “He’s not deserving of you. The thought of him makes me want to kill him.” He breathed against her lips, eyes dark and intense. 

    “Jie…” She breathed, not a moment later moaning at his entry. Slipping hands around his wrists, she let him break the chains around her neck, each thrust into her body severing link by link. Arching her back, she let the freedom take her whole body into the sky and at a loud muffled groan against her neck, closed her eyes in hopes that she never returned to earth. 

    “Don’t let me go.” She breathed against him, arms wrapping him up in safe warm bliss. 

    “Promise that we can stay like this for a little longer.” Soft sweet kisses against her answered her and the sound of the waves crashed against them, filled with their love the same. 





    It seemed to occur more and more frequently now as of late and each time he would wake with tear stains on his pillow. Suffering still but not enough. It was never enough. He’d silently get up and go into the bathroom, turn on the shower and allow the water to rain down on him. Slowly, he’d lift his hand and stroke himself, eyes squeezed shut, mouth sometimes panting quietly… teeth stabbing his lip others. He was silent and full of disappointment, even as he’d release and open his eyes, watching the silky clear testament to his misery drift down the drain. Stiffly, he would wash his body and get out, comb his hair, now no longer down his back and brush his teeth. He’d shave and get dressed. Unplug his phone and charger. Grab his keys and ignite the engine. All the while eyes blank and unfeeling. 





    Her heart pounded wildly in her chest the minute he walked in. Guilt flushed her and she gripped her pencil tightly as their eyes met. His gaze pierced her but it did not stay for long, withdrawing and pointing downward to his briefcase. She should not have kissed him. She didn’t even know what had possessed her to do something like that. Kiss her professor….want to do more than that. It frustrated her that he made her feel these things. And yet he seemed to have no desire to hold himself responsible for his actions. The wanting and yearning within her was going to drive her insane. His hair looked so good today, the strands to his split bangs teasing his eyebrows. He wore a simple dress shirt and slacks, the fabric emphasizing the long length of his legs. 

    “Good morning class.” 

    “Good morning Teacher Yi.” Nodding, he began to jump right into his lesson and his eyes did not happen across her again. 




    “Professor Yi!” His body wanted to ignore her and keep going but his legs stopped. His back was stiff and eyes staring ahead of him. 

    “Can…can we talk please? Just for a moment.” Swallowing, he turned and looked at her. 

    “I’m…I’m sorry. For…what I did the other night. I don’t know what got into me.” She started, lifting nervous fingers up to slide some loose hair from her bun back behind her ear. 

    “I think it’s um… pretty o-obvious by now…that I-I-that I like you.” Lifting shy guilty eyes upward, they stared into his empty ones. 

    “I know it’s inappropriate but I can’t stop my feelings.” He didn’t move… didn’t do anything but stare at her. 

    “Say something!” She demanded, the nervous fingers now visibly shaking. 

    “You asked me if I was a merman.” Her eyes now filled with tears widened. 

    “The answer is yes. I am. The fabled creatures you are so interested in exist. The idyllic fairytales surrounding them do not.”  She could not speak, mouth dropped open in shock. 

    “It is a very lonely existence. We are alone and we wish for death more days than not. We are cursed beings, enslaved to the sea and her call. We are but servant to the moon and her phases.” The girl began to cry and he wished that he could console her. 

    “You asked me to tell you my story. My life. Since you burn with such damning curiosity, I’ll allow this much. All else you desire of me I cannot give you.” 

    “But….but you’re so sad. I just… I just want to take it all away from you.” She sobbed, lifting hands up to her eyes to stop the onslaught of tears that wracked her. 

    “You can’t. It is my price to pay for going against the law of the sea.” 

    “The law of the sea?” 

    “Tonight, I will take you there. I will answer your questions.” At that, he turned away from her and began to walk away from her. 




    The night was cooler than normal and she shivered, closing her jacket. There he stood up ahead, back facing her. Looking out towards the sea. 


    “My birth name is Yi Zhaojie. I was born in the year 715 A.D to wealthy noble parents.” 

    “What?” Her voice exposed her shock and disbelief. 

    “There’s no way you could have been born that long ago! If you’re trying to be funny… Professor Yi I don’t… I don’t appreciate it.” At last, he turned towards her, his eyes mysterious and appeared black in the night. 

    “This is what you wanted. Don’t doubt my words now.” Swallowing thickly, she watched as he turned back to the lapping waves that now glided across his bare feet. 

    “I have lived on this earth for a very long time. And more than half of it has been alone.” 

    “Why?” She asked, sniffling. 

    “Because the woman with the heart of death gave me my first kiss. It was she who lured me into the waves of destruction.” She was now quiet as he continued, 

    “I was 22 cycles when it happened. And it was then that my life both stopped and began.” 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: I know it's short y'all listen LOL. Y'all know I'm not used to writing such short chapters. But in my head they are appearing like short little episodes LOL. so I gotta go with the flow here. I feel torn up about Jie. He's in so much pain... the longing he has for Eminta is heartbreaking. *sigh* Soon, our leading lady will make her appearance though hehe. See y'all one more chapter! 



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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.