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*TRIGGER WARNING: Explicit mentions of rape, violence and physical abuse.* 




Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

    Her next visit was sure but brief. She’d come running in and appeared winded. Under the dim light of the candle she held she approached him. 

    “I found it.” Lifting the keys, she smiled brightly. 

    “I have to hurry.” She began to fiddle with the keys, growing frustrated when each one did not fit. 

    “Oh come on… come on you…” She exclaimed under her breath as she continued. Finally, the one clicked the lock to the cage open. Excitedly, she pulled it free and stepped back. 

    “There. Now you are free. Do hurry.” He wasn’t sure what to say or do so he just stared at her. 


    “Go on then. Don’t think about me. Go on.” They grew quiet as they heard what sounded like footsteps. 

    “I have to go…” Her voice sounded panicked now and she glanced one last time at him. 

    Closing the door behind her, he listened to her footsteps glide quietly up the stairs until they disappeared.




    The click clack of the wheels helped calm her nerves somewhat. Seated across from her was the man to whom her life had been made a living hell. He’d forced her to come along with him on this little excursion and she wished at once she’d stayed back at the Manor. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her yet and it was making her extremely uncomfortable. 

    “Remove your bonnet Zadie. I want to see your hair.” 

    “That would be most inappropriate Lord Nolan. It’s not becoming.” Grinning, he smirked. 

    “I didn’t ask you if it was becoming did I? I told you to remove it.” Taking a shaky inhale, she reached up and untied the ribbon to her bonnet and took it off. 

    “Come here.” She clutched her fingers tightly. 

    “Don’t make me ask again.” Slowly getting up, she sat beside him. Taking her face in his hand, he lifted her gaze up to his. 

    “Beautiful. Simply beautiful.” His fingers glided across the braid at the front of her head, following it to the second braid swooping around to the back of her head. 

    “Very becoming of you.” 

    “T-thank you sir.” 

    “I told you to call me Alex when we’re alone.” Biting her tongue, she replied. 

    “T-thank you… Alex.” 

    “Good.” He examined her a bit more. 

    “I’d love to see it in its natural primitive state. You do such a good job of fashioning it to be acceptable.” She didn’t answer, simply kept her gaze down. 

    “When I call for you, I want it down. Don’t touch it or do anything to it. Understand?” 

    “Yes sir.” 

    “Good then. We’re here.” The carriage stopped and the door was opened. He got out first and offered not a hand as she climbed out. 

    “I will buy my wife a new dress and being that you’re her lady maid you know what she likes best. Come.” 





    The bolt to the door opened and an unexpected familiar face appeared. Familiar almond shaped eyes looked at him and for a moment the two just stared. Soon, the man came towards him and knelt. 

    “My deepest joy is seeing you Your Grace.” Feeling his throat tighten, he came forward and pushed the cage door open. 

    “Aonghas. My friend…” The man began to tear up and soon the two embraced. 

    “I thought you were dead Your Grace. Word reached us that you had fallen from the Cliff of Yeigdrae.”

    “Indeed I did.” Pulling away from his friend, Aonghas swallowed his tears. 

    “What happened to you? How did you get to be here in these deplorable conditions?” 

    “I was young then. And very foolish. Instead of trying to find my way back home, I decided to venture and gain independence from the Monarch itself.” 


    “I was captured during a feed. They thought I was a man…a cannibal. A murderer. And to that last point I suppose I was.”

    “We do what we must to survive Your Grace.”

    “They took me and had means to hang me for my sins. But at the last minute, my bond was purchased by an unknown man. W. H Edwards. He took me and handed me over to the local circus. And thus it began.”

    “You never thought to run away Your Grace?”

    “It wasn’t that easy.”

    “How did you come here?” 

    “The grandfather of the current owner, James Nolan purchased me. Vile creature he was. His son and his son…they are all the same.” 

    “Sire, we must restore you to the Council of Terivalcta. We must reinstate you in the House of Severa.” 

    “In due time.” Aonghas looked confused. 

    “There’s no urgency in you. Why?”

    “You know why. Ivenir. Once they discover that I am alive they will send their hunters after me. I’m sure they’ve been pleased in the news of my death.” Aonghas clenched his jaw. 

    “Yes sire. It’s been complete anarchy. The minute you left, the treaty between our nations shattered and they overthrew us. With your father being old and ailed, there was no one to intercede or oppose them. He tried and fell by their sword.” The news of his father’s death stung him. After all the years wasted….he’d never have the opportunity to thank him for all his wisdom. 

    “How did you come by here? I’ve never once seen you before now.” Aonghas bowed his head. 

    “Your star. It blazed so brightly just a minute ago. I immediately knew it was you.” 

    “I see.”


    “Go for now. Let the House of Severa know I am alive. And that I will return. I owe it to my father.”

    “Of course sire.”

    “In a few days time meet me at the olde inn by Toggins. 10 post meridiem.” 

    “Yes sire.” With a last hug, he pulled away from him and left out the way he came, using his speed to be like that of wind. Sitting back on the floor, he turned to look out of the window. He had ran from his calling thousands of years ago. And in the process had lost the one person who had ever meant anything to him. It was his duty now to fulfill his father’s wish. 




    It was here. The feeling of dread stabbed its way into her belly. Oh God. God please. 

    “Lord Nolan requires your presence in the gentleman’s parlor.” The maid spoke quietly, monotonously. She had to know what that meant. Did she not care? Her whole entire body began to shake and she could not move from her bed. Her stomach felt like it had balls of iron inside of it. Oh God… he was going to kill her. Tonight was the night she would die. Don’t give in. Don’t be powerless. All you have is your body. Feeling her throat tighten, she slowly got up. 

    Standing in front of the mirror, she took off her nightcap and neatly folded it on the vanity table. Swallowing thickly, she unraveled her hair from their braids. Tonight….would be the night she might die in body… Her fingers combed through the hair a bit. But she would fight with all her spirit. Slave be damned. Eyes drifted over her appearance. This was all she had. Even a little bit of it should remain hers. 

    “Zadie, come on before he grows impatient.” Pursing her lips, she clenched her teeth and fists. Back straight and body stiff, she followed the maid down to his room. Upon entering, he lifted his eyes to hers, hand holding a cup of half empty brandy. Once the door closed, she felt her heart hammer into her ear. 

    “I thought I was going to have to come get you myself.” She didn’t answer. 

    “Don’t look so excited. Want a brandy?” 

    “No.” She answered curtly. 

    “Cigar?” He asked with a grin. 


    “Wouldn’t know what to do with it anyways I assume hm? Fine.” He took a sip of the dark liquor. 

    “Love what you did in here.” She swallowed. The mantle was empty, save for that which she hadn’t burned or destroyed. He’d left everything just the way she had, except his desk. He’d tidied it back up.

    “You thought you could get your little maid friends to clean it up so I wouldn’t notice?” Her bottom lip began to quiver. 

    “You wanted to embarrass me hm? Is that it?”

    “No sir.”

    “No sir.” He mocked with an intoxicated snicker. 

    “Yes you did. Thought to get back at me by fucking up my room. I get it.” Taking the last of the brandy, he placed the glass down next to him on the end table. Standing, he began to come towards her. She dug her nails into her palms as he drew nearer and nearer. Every bone in her body wanted to run but she stood still. Stood firm. At last, he stood a breath’s length away from her, smirk on his face deep and humored. 

    “My, ballsy tonight are we?” She kept eye contact with him, breathing hard through her nose. 

    “Don’t act brave. It won’t do you any good.” He warned, lifting a finger to caress her cheek. 

    “It’ll piss me off. You don’t want that do you?” Closing her eyes, she bit down a whimper as he pressed his lips where his finger had last been, softly pressing a kiss to her cheek. 

    “P-p-please…” Eyes fluttering closed he pressed his nose against her hair, now completely unbound. Lifting fingers, he grabbed hold of it and pulled her head back to expose her neck. Gently, he licked up the column of her neck, forcing her to release the tortured little whimper. 

    “You determine how this will go tonight…everything is in your court.” He spoke with a kiss to the wet flesh. And another. Another closer to her clavicle. Tears prickled her eyes and she began to feel like she would cry at any moment. Making her look at him, his once playful expression of before was gone. 

    “I can make this the best night of your life. Or the worst. You decide.” Her lips trembled as she fought to answer. Chuckling at her reaction, he licked his lips. 

    “Take off your nightdress. Go over to mantle and grab hold of it.” Letting go of her hair, he backed up, instead going over to pour himself another brandy. When she didn’t move, he took a drink. 

    “I won’t repeat myself again. Do it.” Shaky fingers lifted to her dress and slowly each shoulder was pulled down and fell down her body. He watched her intensely as she went over to the mantle and took it in her hands. She could feel the burning heat from the fire and at any moment it felt like she was going to either burn alive or faint. 

    “Very good. My, what a figure.” Taking a lone finger, he traced down the column of her spine. 

    “Do you see what you destroyed?” His voice grew closer and closer until his lips pressed right against her ear.     

    “A lot of those things were family heirlooms.” She cried a bit as she felt his hands come around and grasp her breasts. 

    “They meant everything to me. Things from my great-great grandfather. My maternal grandmother. All gone…turned to ash.” His breath filled her nose and it turned her stomach. 

    “You didn’t know your place that day.” Fingers left her breasts and slipped down her stomach. 

    “For that you understand that I have to punish you.” Fear lit her up like a match and she began to cry. 

    “Please Lord Nolan….please don’t do this.” His touch left her and for a minute she could breathe. 

    “Come here.” His voice ordered and she bit her lip as she turned around. Slowly, she started to walk towards him. 

    “Stand here. Legs here. Bend down.” 

    “Lord Nolan…” He took her by the hair and yanked her to position. Forcing her to bend over, he breathed against her ear. 

    “Take your punishment like a good girl. Hm? It’ll be over soon. And then we’ll be good as new.” Whimpering, she squeezed her eyes shut. The waiting was killing her. A sharp pain rippled against her backside and she cried out in surprised agony, tears leaking down her cheeks. 

    Turning to face him, she gripped the billards table so tight her fingers grew numb. A strap of leather in his hand. God…the pain…Again, it traveled through her buttocks and she groaned low as he did it again, harder than before. 

    “Please…ENOUGH. Please…” She sobbed as her legs buckled. One more lash and he let the strap go from his hand. Instead, they took hold of the sore bruised cheeks and seemed to rub them. 

    “Now we are well you and I Zadie. We’re okay now.”  Wet kisses covered the tortured flesh and then drifted up her back. 

    “You won’t do that again right?”


    “Good girl. Very good.” Standing, he made her straighten up and turn around. Taking hold of her face, he pressed his lips against hers, tongue coming sloppily into her mouth. Repulsion hit her in the stomach and she turned her head enough to separate from him. Taking her hand he dragged her over to the small settee and forced her down. 

    “Now, we’ll start off slow for now. Hm? Nice and slow.” Taking hold of his nightshirt, he lifted it up and over his shoulders until it hit the ground. Eyes grew wide at the male member proudly jutting up at her. She grew still. What in the name of God was that? And how…how was he to attempt to put it inside of her…Grinning at her reaction, he took hold of it. 

    “Have you ever seen one of these before Zadie?” Dear God…help me…


    “This is called a phallus my innocent little flower.” He seemed to enjoy this…sick bastard. Letting go of it, he came towards her, chuckling at her backing away. 

    “It will make you feel really good. Once I put it in.” 

    “No….I…I don’t want you to put it in….” His playfulness intensified as he leaned down over her, forcing her still like a little mouse. 

    “You don’t want to feel good?”

    “No…” Taking her by the chin, he grinned before kissing her again. 

    “Yes you do. Believe me.” She tried to turn her head away from his kisses which made him strike her for the first time. 

    “Don’t upset me Zadie. We’re getting on so well.”     

    “Please just stop this… all of it. Please.” 

    “First I want you to know what it feels like.” She started to shake her head but at the grip of her neck, stayed still. 

    “Perhaps not there yet. So here.” He kissed her lips again. 

    “We’ll try here.” Getting up, he grabbed her by the hair and forced her down onto her knees. 

    “The key with this is not to use your teeth. It doesn’t feel very good to the man hm? Do you understand?” She couldn’t even begin to answer him and it wasn’t like he cared anyway. 

    “Good. Now, take your tongue and lick right here.” He tapped the top of it and pulled some sort of strange skin down, forcing a large protruding head to surface. 

    “Go on. Nice and slow. Like you’re eating an ice.” 

    “I’ve never…had…an ice sir.” He raised his hand, making her flinch. Slowly, she stuck out her tongue. Eyes closed the entire time… She couldn’t handle looking at him… God she felt filthy. She felt something soft and smooth touch her tongue and flinched a bit at the groan that came above her. 

    “That’s it. Move your tongue around in a circle.” She did as he bade, resulting in another loud groan. 

    “Good girl…very good…” Taking hold of her hair, he began to push the thing into her mouth, making her eyes snap open. She protested with a slight yank of her head but he roughly pulled her back and held her still, forcing his length into her mouth. She lifted her hands to push against his hips but found her head yanked back. 

    “You’re not being very good now. Stay still and suck.” She could feel her throat constrict and gagged a bit as he forced her head to bob, pushing against him with her hands. A sudden hiss from him brought it to an end and he pulled it out of her mouth, instead slapping her across the cheek. 

    “Bitch! You just tried to bite me!” Crying, she screamed as he grabbed hold of her and threw her down on the settee. 

    “Now you’ve done it. We were getting along so fucking well.” Slap. 

    “Why can’t you just do as I tell you?” Slap. Prying open her legs, she felt him try to put it in and began to hit him, scratch him.. anything. 

    “NO! I DON’T WANT THIS. NO! STOP IT YOU DEMON!” She hollered, only to see stars as he laid a good solid punch against her jaw. Blood began to leak from her mouth. 

    “Fucking cunt.” He hissed, pulling her body closer. 

    “STOP IT…” Grabbing her by the neck, he pushed her down as he grabbed hold of his member. He ignored her pleas and soon roughly entered her, forcing a loud wail from her. Eyes wide and terror filled, they misted with tears as he thrust into her with brute force, pain slicing her open. Mouth ajar, she could do nothing but cry out, feeling light headed as he progressively choked more and more air from her. His gruff groans filled her ears and faster and faster his body seemed to move and the harder he pushed until he suddenly stopped with a loud growl. Hands were weak by her sides and breath started to finally re-fill her as he let her neck go. It felt strange…the weird twitching of it inside…she just wanted it away from her… she wanted it out of her….Helping himself to her breasts, he panted against her with a short laugh. Finally he pulled it out and got off of her. Sighing almost contently, he poured himself another brandy and turned watching her chest rise and fall. 

    “You may go back to your room. I’ll call for you again.” He dismissed with a smirk, putting his nightshirt back on. Taking a seat, he lit a cigar and leaned back against the chair. 




    He’d been waiting on just the right time. Not many visitors today but it had been weeks since his last feed. EAT. He was starting to grow mad. As the door opened, he was met with the sight of a man. He held a torch in his hand. 

    “What can I do for you?” He asked, starting to stand. 

    “I come to give you your meal.” He said, hands shaky. Poor boy. So afraid.  

    “Ah, have you. Well, do come in.” 




    Tears streamed down her cheeks as her feet drew her closer and closer to the forbidden door, one that she never should have been opened. Shoving the bolt aside, she threw the door open, setting eyes on him. The door to his cage was just as she’d left it, though now it had been cast aside and ajar, giving to him the freedom she so greatly desired. At her entry, he turned, form tall lean and powerful. In a simple linen shirt and brown breeches, his hair had been tied back from his face and neck with a slim piece of ribbon. No doubt all of which were stolen and taken from the naked flesh of the man who laid nearest the cage, bloodless and pale. 

    “Zadie…it’s dangerous for you to be here.” He spoke, voice reprimanding. Sniffling, she lowered her gaze, hating that she had no more courage to look at him. 

    “You’re still here…I thought you would have left by now. I wasn’t sure what to expect by coming.” 

    “I decided to wait…only until I saw you again.” The hand that lifted her chin was gentle and steady and his eyes were stern yet kind as they gazed upon her. 

    “I thought you…” He paused as concern replaced the earlier emotions. The poor girl had been beaten, her nose leaking blood, lip split and cheeks each starting to bruise. Gently, he examined her face. Fingers brushed her wet cheeks, glistening with liquid despair. 

    “What has happened little one? What brings tears to your eyes?” Cheeks flushed and she dare not open her mouth to say for fear of his reaction. His nostrils took in her scent and eyes fell to her thighs. Blood. Scent of terror, pain, screams and anguish. The stench of unwanted semen filled his nose and he felt his chest grow tight with fury. Her maidenhead had been taken. Brutally.

    “Someone had you. Without your consent.” His matter-of-fact statement seemed to inspire more tears and she ran into his chest, small trembling form wracked with torturous grief. He could smell the abominable discharge as it oozed from her body and he could hear the almost desperate squelch of her sex eager to expel the intruder from its midst. Silent to her ears, it was loud and clear in his. Already, his fangs had come down and claws peeked out from underneath his nail beds. Nolan. He could smell his stench all over her and it threatened to drive him more mad than the hunger still persisting in his belly. 

    Lifting a hand, he laid it upon her uncovered hair, thick billowy and glorious, a black curly cloud which his fingers gladly sought refuge in. 

    “K-Kieran…p-please…take me with you.” Her voice was soft and muffled against his shirt. 

    “I cannot bear this anymore. I can’t do it…” His throat grew tight with both rage and sadness. He couldn’t…. not now at least. With him in her current state, she’d be dead before morning. 

    “I cannot.” He rasped, pain evident in his voice and at her lifted tear filled eyes, he felt the pain intensify.

    “W-why not?” 

    “There are very dangerous people who are searching for me. If you come with me, you will die. I must go alone as to not bring danger to you.”


    “No!” He shouted, making her grew still. 

    “Enough. Please.” He lowered his voice, trying to make it as gentle as he could. The hand that had been in her hair took hold of her cheek, caressed the high apple with his thumb. 

    “You must stay here. For now.”

    “You can’t leave me here!” She cried, hands gathering up his shirt in fists. 

    “I will not be far from you little one. That I promise.”

    “Kieran…” Finally lifting his other arm, he enclosed them both around her dainty little body. 

    “When it is time, I will come for you. I will deliver you from this hell.” Her crying answered him and he sighed heavily against her before opening eyes to the door. Someone stood there in the hallway listening in. He heard them as they turned to run. It was a waste of time. They would meet their demise tonight. And as for Nolan…the sodding bastard who had forced his way into her precious body, something worse than hell awaited him. Taking her heart shaped face in between his palms, he attempted to smile but her fingers forced it away, having pressed against his lips. Gently, they pulled them apart to expose one lone fang, surrounded by otherwise pearly white teeth.

     Though she had been brutalized this night, the sweet smell of arousal wafted across his nose and he ached to press his nose against her triangle, inhaling her want for him. We shall have of one another in time. That I too promise. He was aware of his hardening member and tried not to brush against her as he leaned down to kiss her. The contact was sweet and left them both breathless. She seemed to melt against him lifting up onto her tip toes. Mouth compliant and open, she allowed him entry, tongue gently teasing her own. A soft moan drifted up from her throat as he softly sucked on the appendage and her petite arms wrapped around his neck. 

    By now, he pressed wantonly against her stomach, stiffly jabbing her. Their lips separated wetly and he smiled softly as she pressed her face against his chest. Throbbing against her belly, he took a deep breath and pressed his face against her hair. 

    “I have wasted enough time. I must go now.” A slight whine of protest vibrated against him and he sighed, coming to kiss the warm beckoning flesh of her neck. Feeling the pulse of her carotid artery against his lips, he shivered with desire. The beast within him howled like an animal starved of sustenance. MATE. LET US HAVE MATE. It demanded in the pit of his stomach but alas he repressed it…held it back with everything in him. No…should he…as hungry as he was…he’d kill her. With his hunger combined, he’d drain every last drop of blood from her body. His soft wet tongue glided across glistening black skin, drops of sweat produced by the fire light and heat of summer.

     Gently, he allowed his fangs to touch the feather soft flesh. Don’t bite. Don’t bite. Don’t sink down. He grazed lightly in a tease before hiding them completely, lips shielding them as he kissed down and across her throat. 

    “Thank you. Thank you.” He kissed into her skin, wishing there was more he could do. She was so fragile in his hands that he feared a tight grip would shatter her. Forcing himself to let her go, he distanced himself from her at once. Breath slightly labored he walked past her and heard the sound of feet running away just beyond the door. Fingers curling around the doorknob, he pulled it open and stepped into the hallway. Without looking back, he began to zoom through the air, the trails of body heat leading him to his prey.

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: wow. this was a lot. When I wrote this I had to legit take a moment to step back. Just for a moment because I was still filled with the story and needed to get it out. But... the brutality of it all just... yeah. The saving grace was in writing Zadie's scene with Kieran. It's not easy believe me... to write some of this stuff.

I tell you, Forever Sea, Yeonwang and this piece have pushed me outside of my comfort zone so HARD. It's stuff that I am even uncomfortable with lol. But, that's the role of a storyteller. We have to be true to the stories within us. Thank you for letting me share my humble tales with you all. I know some of them aren't the easiest to read. This was a very rocky beautiful and poignant chapter for us all. Let's take a moment to breathe shall we? *in* *out* okay. I have a couple more updates for you. Hope to make your weekend happy with reading hehe. Forward yeah? *takes your hand* 


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