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*Judging by the picture... you should already know what's bout to happen.* 


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Straightening his cravat, he smoothed down his hair. Stepping foot in this place again served to make his blood boil. And God help him… the fury that licked his belly demanded retribution. To the surprise of the enslaved servants, upon hearing that Lord and Lady Nolan were away, he still asked to be let in. Told them he would wait for Lord Nolan in his Gentleman’s Lounge. As they led him closer to the room, it was as if this thick suffocating cloud of misery slammed into him and once the door was shut, it near left him paralyzed. Yes, this place had been the place of suffering. Eyes first went to the mantle where that bloody picture still hung. Snarling up his lip, he crossed the room and tore it down from the wall. Snapping it in half, he tore the painting itself to shreds, his claws leaving but a mess in their wake. 

    It was if he could hear her screams…see her tears…. There on the billard table as he’d laid lash after lash to her precious derriere. They turned to the settee. He’d forced himself onto her there…inflicting blow after blow upon her until she grew tired of fighting and laid there like a rag doll. KILL. Taking a deep breath, he went over to the club chair. Slowly, sitting down, he helped himself to some brandy. 




    He entered back into the fray of swirling bodies. Smiling as he eyed the one belonging to his wife, he came behind her, surprising her and a few other Ladies. 

    “Oh! Marquess of Severa! We were just talking about you to your wife.”

    “Good things I hope.”

    “But of course.” Turning, she slipped an hand around his arm. 

    “I don’t do well with these settings. It’s..unnatural for me. I’m sorry.” 

    “Don’t be.. You’re new at this. You’ll learn.” 

    “Thank you.”

    “Ladies, if you would politely excuse us.” Smiling, they watched as the couple left through the large doors. With a grin, he pulled her in a direction away from the day party. Her tinkling sweet laughter spurred him on as he led her further and further away from the house. 

    “Kieran…what are you up to?” He didn’t say a word as he led her into the gardens, the pleasant singing of birds and the soft trickle of fountains making her dizzy. But it was his gaze that made her drown… sink. Hunger. 




    It was half past 3 when Nolan arrived back. And to his surprise, he was told that there had been a visitor waiting for him in his parlor. Knitting together eyebrows, he handed the documents  in his hand to the nearest servant hand and smoothed down his cravat. As he neared the door, the most curious feeling of dread traveled through his stomach. Opening the door, he stepped in with a smile only to have it wiped away completely. Cigar smoke drifted up from pouty lips and half lidded almond shaped eyes glanced across at him. 

    “What…what the hell are you doing here?” Those lips spread and teeth appeared. To his horror, fangs also appeared…glistening in the light of the afternoon sun. Blowing the smoke away from him, the vile creature chuckled lowly before taking another contemplative inhale of the sweet smelling cigar. 

    “Do come in Alexander. We have a lot to discuss.” 





    Madness. The almost desperate mashing of mouth, teeth and tongue had him mad. He couldn’t wait much longer once he’d gotten her far enough away and he satisfied the craving within him, bringing her lips to his, eager to intoxicate himself on the wine of her mouth. Fingers at once traveled to her side, starting to release the pins that held it together. Once the pins were cast away from him, he stepped back, eying the now slack garment. Licking his lips, eyes followed the movement of her hands as they slowly drifted up across her delicate little shoulders. 

    Pulling each arm from the sleeve, she let the entirety of the dress go, wafting to the ground. Her eyes, damn it to hell, her beautiful lidded eyes and smooth lips teased him and with a single finger, she beckoned him. Already he could feel the throb and twitch in his groin but did as she bade, drawing closer. Tiny fingers slid down his shirt and soon drifted across his breeches. 

    “Show me…please.” She asked softly, drawing her bottom lip in between her teeth. Guiding her fingers across the hidden buttons, she seemed to understand then how to remove them. A bit too eager, she began to tug the buttons apart but it was he that slowed her down, taking her face in his hands. 

    “Take your time.” He hushed with a tender kiss and yet another. Her fingers slowed and eased the buttons one by one until his breeched grew slack. 

    “Very good little one…” He praised, lifting one of her hands to his mouth. Taking that same hand, he brought it to lay on his flesh. She lifted onto her tip toes as she pressed them both now against his chest, searing him with another kiss. 




    “How dare you! You were not invited here and most certainly are not welcomed here. Leave.” He said nothing yet, just sat nice and comfortable in his damned chair, drinking his damned brandy. The utter nerve. He finished his glass and with a quiet click, placed it back onto the table. 

    “How dare I? How dare you.” 

    “I beg your pardon?” 

    “You’ve helped yourself to quite a few things haven’t you? Things you knew you had no permission to.” At that, the man grew pale. 

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Yes you do. Don’t play stupid. It’s not becoming.” 

    “I’ve given you what you’ve wanted you bastard. What more else can I offer?” Again, those sharp teeth grinned.

    “I’m glad you asked.” 




    How pretty. Small brown fingers drifted across the silky warm muscles on his stomach. His skin was like soft sheer muslin, a most beautiful shade of ivory. He reminded her of Hermes, his build slim, powerful, a beauty to behold. Up above, to her delight there appeared to be two little erect blushing nipples, kissed by love already. His chest rose and fell and his eyes looked up at her. He could have thrown her to the side and taken her. The desire to do so she could see in his eyes. Yet, he allowed her to play, to explore, to experience him for the first time. The stays she’d worn had been cast aside, unlaced sweetly by his hand and pulled from her shoulders. 

    To her surprise, he didn’t lay her on her back…instead let his back meet the short manicured green. The sun kissed the bare skin of his torso and his dark soft locks had been freed from the suffocating ribbon. She’d slipped up onto his lap, feeling the hard tight knot of his desire now against her bottom. Leaning down, she kissed him, welcoming the brush of his hands as they drifted up her lower legs, taking with it the chemise. 

    Pulling away, she kissed the warm flushed skin, coming to tease one of those sweet berries with her tongue. A startled groan left his lips and she smiled against him. Perhaps it was a first for him as well? Lifting her eyes, she took in his face as she licked around the bud, saving a last flick against the very top. Another groan rumbled against her as she drew it into her mouth to suck. His hands slid further up her legs and his teeth bit into his plump bottom lip as she kissed him there and to the other. Coming to sit fully upright once more, she reached for his hands and pulled them from under her chemise. Eyes watched her every move, a beautiful color in his cheeks as she lifted his fingers to her lips. Kissing his fingers, she soon drew them too into her mouth. 

    “Bloody hell…” She heard him curse but the simple act of his fingers in her mouth had her most aroused. She felt herself throb and grow wetter each passing moment. It’s…it’s not dirty to feel this way. Not about him… not with him. Opening her eyes, she withdrew his fingers and brought his hands each to her derriere. It’s okay to be free like this. It’s okay to give in. To feel. 






    The fear in his eyes humored him…and he sat still, frozen with the very whole of it. 

    “Now…I want you to go over everything. From top to bottom.” 

    “B-b-bottom of what?” He stuttered, squeezing his eyes shut. 

    “What happened first?” 

    “I…I don’t remember….”

    “The billards table? Or perhaps the settee?” He supplied, toying with the small arrangement of furnace instruments. 

    “B-b-billards table…”

    “Ah. Right. Silly of me to forget.” Turning, he faced him. 

    “Get up.”

    “And do what?!”

    “Go over there. Breeches down.”

    “I beg your pardon?! I will do no such thing.” 

    “Then, I’ll make you.” He was in front of him in an instant, the act horrifying him. Eyes filled with cool blue fury, he grabbed him by the throat. Spluttering, the man stood up at once. Digging his claws slightly into his skin, just enough to pierce he traveled to the other end of the room, dropping him on the floor. Now, he was beginning to understand. As he looked up at him with pure terror, he licked his fangs with glee. Good. That would do very well. 

    “Stand up and bend over.” The man stood, legs now starting to shake. He hesitantly began to undo his breeches. Taking hold of the firm solid wood of the table, he slowly lowered, exposing his arse. For a moment, he didn’t say anything at all, having gone over to pour yet another brandy. My my, he hadn’t realized that he was nearing the end of the bottle. Ah well. Today was a special occasion. He should enjoy himself. 

    “Tell me about branding Alexander. I’m most curious of how it works.” 





    Hands now on her breasts, she found she rather enjoyed the way they felt holding them. Warm and big yet gentle. As he gave them another soft squeeze, she let her head fall back, mouth ajar. His touch seemed to be the only thing that could quiet this hunger… this insatiable desire within her. Wiggling against him, she jolted with a moan as his fingers pinched her nipples. The sharp sweet feeling drifted down her body and she moaned again as he did it once more. One. Then the other. Lifting her hands from his forearms, she reached down and slowly pulled the chemise up and over her head. Letting it fall beside her, she felt her cheeks grow hot as his eyes seemed to devour her, nibbling and eating at her until the very flesh burned with want. 

    “Beautiful.” His voice rasped, now terribly deep and gruff. His eyes glowed like a sapphire and yet again, his tongue inched across his lips. 

    “So beautiful…” He praised, hands tracing the sides of her waist. Coming to settle on her hips, she was glad when he lifted up to sit. Teasing the skin of her neck with his lips, his tongue followed, licking across the slender column. 

    “Mine…” He breathed, settling kisses against her ear. Nibbling on her ear lobe, she couldn’t help but squirm with a small giggle. He returned with a gentle laugh, eyes twinkling. She pushed him back to lay and soon joined him, skin to skin…flesh to flesh. Content, she sighed against him as his arms came around her. She felt safe…loved…desired… Glancing down the expanse of his body, the last object of her desire lay. 

    Though loose, his breeches still remained on him. Licking her lips, she looked at the large lump for a long time. Though she was nervous, she wanted to explore it too. She wanted to know it, feel it, taste it. She wanted to take it inside of her. Lifting eyes upward, she blushed as their eyes met. A single finger parted his lips and exposed a fang. She…she could put aside her fears…Now…now she just wanted them to make each other feel good. 





    “P-please….please d-don’t do this….” Funny, he never took Alexander Nolan as a man to cry. But here he was, on his knees before him… begging. Yet his pleas were ignored as he stood by the fire, watching as the brass started to grow hot. 

    “I’m sure that’s what they all said to you. Yet you now have the nerve to beg.” He mused, waiting until the brass glowed a fiery red. Pulling it away from the fire, he turned to face the trembling man. 

    “You enjoyed every moment of it didn’t you? Watching the flesh peel away.” 


    “Stand up.” He barked, making the man jump. 

    “Bend over.” 

    “L-L-Lord S-S-Sev-v-vera-a-a p-please…” Again, he was there to him in an instant and shoved him down over the table. 

    “When Zadie begged you to stop raping her… did you stop?” 

    “Please…Kieran…” Now, the man openly cried, weeping like a child. 

    “When the slaves begged you to stop torturing them…did you stop?” 


    “When I begged your handlers to stop their experiments and their abuse upon my body…did they stop?” He continued to cry but found his head yanked up. 

    “Answer me you sodding piece of shit.” 


    “Right. You didn’t.” Screams drifted up from the man as he pressed the red hot poker against one of his buttocks. He squirmed and clawed the table, his cries of agony filling the room. Removing it, he pressed it to the other buttock, causing more tortured anguish and screaming. Slowly, he backed away as he admired his handiwork. Both of which were covered in blood, the distinct mark of the poker burned deep into the tissue and muscle. Sniffling, the man continued to shake, eyes wide with terror and agony. 

    “Now, continue your tale. What happened next?” 




    “Are you frightened my love?” His question roused her from her staring. Cheeks equally as warm and rosy as hers, he had sat still, legs crossed as she’d observed his manhood. 

    “Ah…it’s…big.” Chuckling, he grinned, eyes twinkling. 

    “I’m flattered.” Swallowing, she glanced down at it again. It was strangely beautiful. Unlike that of Nolan…curiously he had no skin to be pulled back. The whole of the rod stood near straight up, flushed in pretty shades of red and pink. The top of it reminded her of a mushroom, ripe and ready to eat. It had girth yet had length…a most interesting combination of both. And further down laid a sac, clothed in the same color. 


    “Yes my sweet?”

    “Will it fit inside?” 


    “A-all of it?” Reaching across, he took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss. 

    “Yes.” Swallowing, she gasped as suddenly it twitched, the whole of the shaft moving upward. 

    “Oh…it…it moved…” With a laugh, he smiled, teeth and fang showing.

    “It’s just excited.” Pressing kisses to her wrist, he nibbled the skin. 

    “It wants to be inside of you. That’s all.” 

    “Ah…” Licking her lips, she took his hand and pulled it up to her cheek. 

    “Will you show me? Please…” He leaned towards her and kissed her, taking her bottom lip between his teeth. Slowly, he guided her fingers to his mouth, soon sucking on them. When he decided it enough, intertwined hands slid down and together they grabbed hold of his phallus. First over the head, the soft strokes making his brow crease and a breathy groan leave his throat. Seeing pleasure come over him was breathtaking to watch. The small little groans, breaths and sighs coming from him made her bite her lip.

     Further down, they took hold of the meat of it, to her delight soft silky veins also. They stroked slow at first, simply enjoying the feel of their fingers together. She kissed him again, allowing their tongues to play against another. Groaning into her mouth, he moved her hand a bit faster. Tearing his lips from her, he panted and sighed, pressing his face against her neck. Curiously, a bead or two of satiny dew appeared there at the top and she licked her lips, eager to taste it. At once he made their hands to stop, breathing heavily against her. 

    “I don’t want to come so soon…not yet.” He breathed against her with a kiss to her neck. Smiling, she swiped the top with a thumb, making him jolt a bit. Bringing it to her mouth, she satisfied her desire. Slightly salty, it wasn’t unpleasant. Biting her lips to shreds it seemed, finally she was made to lie on her back. She expected him to open her legs and put it inside but he did not; instead pressing soft loving kisses to her lips, cheek and further to her neck. 

    “You’re a star of Euris, lovely and fair. Daughter of beauty and innocence, you shine so bright. I fear I may never catch up to your light.” Blinking, she knit her eyebrows at the foreign language that spilled from his mouth with such sweet passion. 

    “What?” Nuzzling her, he smiled. 

    “I’m just in awe of you my sweet. How one can be so heavenly as though she herself be an angel.” She blushed as he leaned down to press his face against her breasts. Petite brown fingers slipped up and hid themselves in his hair. 



    The man trembled like that of a leaf. His body was naked, cuts, deep gashes, bruises and burns scattered across him. Sighing, he glanced down at the pitiful lump of human flesh. Kneeling, he lifted his face, black and blue some spots yellow. 

    “Seems our tale has finally come to an end hasn’t it?” Nolan whimpered like that of a wounded animal in reply, causing him to sigh. 

    “I should just put you out of your misery.” His eyes widened as his eyes grew a deep bright blue and his lips smiled to reveal his teeth. 

    “But then what fun would that be?” Without a moment spared, he went straight for his neck, fangs sinking down into his flesh. A startled scream left his lips and he tried, weakly, to push him off but the hand that gripped his neck held him fast. He drank of his blood, filled sweetly with terror, a little while longer before detaching. Inaudible wet choking filled the room and he watched with a sick pleasure as Alexander Nolan bled out, little by little until a small pool of blood began to form underneath him. Lifting a single clawed finger, he pressed it against his chest. 

    Slicing through the thin skin, he felt his body jerk, his eyes once again wide, mouth ajar. A strangled scream bubbled up in his throat as he watched him cut open his chest. Reaching in, he wrapped wet bloody fingers around his heart and slowly pulled it out. To his amazement, his eyes remained on him as he lifted the organ to his mouth to take a bite, blood spilling out and over his chin and neck. But he grew pale and lifeless not a moment later, blood still squirting out onto the carpet. 

    Taking his fill of the blood filled cavity, he let the mass fall from his fingers onto the floor and severed his head from his shoulders. Lifting it up, he placed it up onto the mantle where once Zadie’s picture had once lived. Blue eyes smiled and a tongue licked lips. Now, to wait for the good Lady Nolan to arrive. 



    She gripped the grass above her head with a moan and arched her back. Opening her eyes, they drifted downward. Having taken his time with her breasts, lovingly kissing, touching, squeezing sucking and licking…he’d kissed his way down her body. Lips had pressed against her here, there, on her ribcage. Breath heavy upon her skin, further he went in his descent of her body, laying open mouthed kisses to her hips, thighs and lower legs. She wiggled her nose at the way his hair tickled her and reached down to smooth it back from his face but for a moment. Kissing the palm of her hand, he came up onto his knees, causing her heart to beat sporadically in her chest. 

    Leaning down over her, he pressed a simple kiss against her stomach and then one right above her triangle. Gently, he slipped a hand down and under her knee, slowly lifting it up. His kisses had not ceased as he moved his head to the side, adorning her now lifted thigh. Ever so softly, he bit into the flesh, careful not to let his fangs pierce her. Eyes drifted up to hers and at her soft calm breathing lifted her other leg with the same process. 

    Slowly, he came back up to rest on his knees. With a strong pull, he forced her body to come closer to him, taking her by surprise with a gasp. His gaze never left hers, not as he spread her legs, as wide as she could go. It felt like her entire face had a ray of sunshine within it as she watched his gaze finally drop. She felt nervous all of a sudden…self conscious…nerve wracked. But as she watched hunger intensify on his face, his tongue slip across his lips, she let it pass. He looked at her as if she were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. 

    “You’re divine…simply magnificent my sweeting.” His warm breath drew nearer as he lowered on all fours, prepared to feast at her table. He nearly salivated, tongue yet again licking his lips. 

    “This place is so lovely.” He spoke with a kiss against the bush of hair. Letting his tongue tease her inner most thigh, he sucked on the skin, drawing a slight moan from her. 

    “A flower has bloomed at last, ready for my mouth.” His breath upon her had her wiggling some, heart sure to come out of her chest. 

    “Pretty blushing petals. How they’ve spread…covered in the nectar of your desire and want.” His words excited her, causing her to throb. His lips kissed them, tongue teasing the entire short length of them before finally taking the delicate offering into his mouth to suck. Her back arched again and she moaned softly. Letting his tongue travel down, he teased the opening to her cavern, glistening with such sweet inviting dew. Tasting of it, he pressed his face against her as he slipped the tip of his tongue inside enough to make her nearly scream, her sighs and pants pleasing to him. 

    “Oh….mm…mmm….” Spreading the nectar across his lips, he gladly inched up towards the most endearing little pearl, deciding it too was ready for him now no longer hiding. Kissing around the sensitive flesh, he drove her mad with his teasing, not touching it quite yet. But when he decided to play no more, he allowed himself to swirl around it in slow soft circles. 

    “Oh God…mmm….” She moaned above him, bucking against him as he licked the very top of it with the flat of his tongue. A most beautiful sound of abandon left her then and in it he detected the possibility of tears. Feasting on the pearl a bit more with slow soft and much firmer licks, he closed his mouth around it, sucking with a hungry force. Her hips gyrated against him and he followed her movements, delighting in the eyes that rolled back. He let one of her thighs go, instead followed the path down her quim with a lone finger. Teasing her entrance again with the tip of his finger, he slowly inserted it. How quickly she seemed to draw him in to the knuckle and the thought of filling her with his shaft made him groan against her. Slowly, he thrust into her, now licking her pearl. 

    “Kieran….oh…oh God.…” He increased the pace and soon she couldn’t say a word. He could feel her oncoming orgasm and soon heard her cry out, her abundant wine slipping down across his hand.  Pulling it from her throbbing warm wetness, he gave a few small strokes to his manhood before lifting. Coming to lay beside her, he pulled her nice and close and kissed her deeply. Moaning into his mouth, she welcomed the slight pull of her derriere back against him. Reaching up, she slid fingers into his hair. 

    “May I?” He asked, voice soft yet throaty as he glanced down at her, blue eyes gentle. Swallowing, she nodded. 

    “Yes…please.” He pressed himself against her opening and wrapped arms around her, taking her lips as he began to enter her. She grew still for a moment but soon tried to relax, discomfort on her face. Making her look at him, he continued, taking in the trust, love and desire in her eyes. He bit his lip, pushing the last bit of himself inside her with a groan. She tightened her grip on his forearm, moaning softly. The look on her face was exquisite and he wished he could capture it and hold onto it for eternity. Neither one of them moved for a short while yet, savoring one another. She felt so perfect, warm and wet, so soft and tight. He wanted to come right then and there…her body lovingly welcoming him in. 

Pressing his hand to her breast, she reached up to sink tiny nails into his bicep. She didn’t understand how all at once she could feel so full… so complete. It was such a satisfying feeling. Wiggling her derriere back against him, she drew up a couple tormented groans from him. Reaching down, he lifted her leg, securing a solid grip just under her knee. Taking his other arm, he slipped it down and across her, keeping them pressed so closely. At his tentative thrust, she gasped. But it was the much more hard thrust that had her seeing stars. Throwing her head back, she felt tears suddenly prickle the corner of her eyes.      

    “Oh God….dear God in heaven…” She cried out as he pleasured her more, deeper, faster. The wet slap of their bodies intoxicated her and she could only dig her nails into his arms. Taking her breath, he slowed at once, making her spin. Reaching up to grab her stomach, he took the other hand and grasped her just under the chin. 

    “Zadie…” He groaned out, panting against her mouth. He began to thrust, holding her body still to receive his hard sure strokes. Her moans had grown loud, sweet and they were many. Grabbing hold of a bobbing breast, he took her mouth as the sound of their bodies clashing filled his ears. Swallowing her cries and sobs, he pulled away, pure ecstasy looking back at him. FEED MATE. BREED MATE. Leaning her head back a bit, he slowed his pace once more slow and deep. 

    “Kieran… please my love…please…” She begged, pushing back against him. 

    “Shall we come together then sweeting?” He asked with a soft kiss against her lips. 

    “I’m close and I think you are too.” Opening her eyes, she looked up at him, tears already slipped past the corners. 

    “Yes… please…make me come…” A slight throb from his shaft within made her hips move back against him. The slow strokes of before were gone in an instant and again he seemed to pound into her, hard deep and fast. 

    “Oh God…Kieran….Kieran…” She cried, squeezing him most forcefully. Kissing her carotid artery, he licked the salty sweet skin and gave her warning with a slight press of his fangs against her. 

    “Mm….my love…oh…oh…OH!” He sank his teeth down into her flesh nice and gentle, groaning as her sweet smooth pleasure filled blood filled his mouth. He kept his pace just a bit more, feeling the onslaught of his release upon him. A few deep strokes and he came with an almost dizzying force, releasing his seed into her. She gushed delightfully in return, her nectar soaking the both of their sex. Groaning against her, he drank a bit more from her, feeling quite full already before separating. Still, spurts of his seed came forth, filling her to the brim. Licking the puncture wounds, he kissed them tenderly. Lifting her mouth to his, he stayed a little while yet inside until finally, he withdrew. MATE FULL. To his satisfaction, some of his seed indeed came out of her, causing him to smirk. Limp and satisfied, she tried to catch her breath as he pulled her close.

    “Sleepy little one?” He whispered against her ear. 

    “Mm….” She vocalized, pressing the full cheeks of her derriere against him. Smiling against her, he slid a leg in-between hers and soon she fell asleep. 

Chapter End Notes:




A/N: Ah, the time we've all been waiting for. This chapter is layered with so many nuggets here wow. Who is really the monster here? The contrast (Y'all KNOW I LOVE ME SOME CONTRAST UGH) here is delicious. Who is beast and who isn't? We see two different sides of Kieran interacting in their respective rights simultaneously. It's CRAZY. Wow. It's like WHOA. And as for our good ole buddy ole pal Alexander Nolan... we too see a different side of him, one no one would have ever thought he had. This is probably one of my favorite chapters LOL. Just for THAT. 

Now, the love making bit. Y'all. Y'ALLLLLL *screams* I got legit chills writing it. It was so beautiful to me *sniff* It was everything I feel that a 'first time' should be. This was EVERYTHING. It's the whole entire chapter for me honestly. lol. 

Another update? Why of course hehe. Click next hehe 



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