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    Tears streamed down her cheeks as her feet drew her closer and closer to the forbidden door, one that should never have been opened. Throwing it open, she set eyes on him. The door to his cage was just as she’d left it, cast aside and ajar, giving to him the freedom he silently yearned for. At her entry, he turned, form tall lean and powerful. In a simple linen shirt and brown breeches, his hair had been tied back from his face and neck with a slim piece of ribbon. No doubt all of which were stolen and taken from the naked flesh of the man who laid nearest the cage, bloodless and pale. 

    “It’s dangerous for you to be here.” He spoke, voice reprimanding. Sniffling, she lowered her gaze, hating that she had no more courage to look at him. The hand that lifted her chin was gentle and steady and his eyes were stern yet kind as they gazed upon her. 

    “I thought you would have been too terrified to see me off.”

    “No…not at all.” Fingers brushed her wet cheeks, glistening with liquid despair. 

    “What brings tears to your eyes little one?” Cheeks flushed and she dare not open her mouth to say for fear of his reaction. His nostrils took in her scent and eyes fell to her thighs. Blood. Scent of terror, pain, screams and anguish. The stench of unwanted semen filled his nose and he felt his chest grow tight with fury. Her maidenhead had been taken. Brutally.

    “Who has had you without your consent Zadie?” That seemed to inspire more tears and she ran into his chest, small trembling form wracked with torturous grief. He could smell the abominable discharge as it oozed from her body and hear the almost desperate squelch of her sex eager to expel the intruder from its midst. Silent to her ears, it was loud and clear in his. Already, his fangs had come down and claws peeked out from underneath his nail beds. Lifting a hand, he laid it upon her uncovered hair, thick billowy and glorious, a black cloud which his fingers gladly sought refuge in. 

    “K-Kieran…p-please take me with you.” Her voice was soft and muffled against his shirt. 

    “I cannot bear this anymore.” His throat grew tight with both rage and sadness. He couldn’t…. not now at least. With him in her current state, she’d be dead before morning. 

    “I cannot.” He rasped, pain evident in his voice and at her lifted tear filled eyes, he felt the pain intensify.

    “W-why not?” 

    “They search for me. I must go as to not bring danger to you.”


    “No!” He shouted, making her grew still. 

    “Enough. Please.” He lowered his voice, trying to make it as gentle as he could. The hand that had been in her hair took hold of her cheek, caressed the high apple with his thumb. 

    “You must stay here. For now.”

    “You can’t leave me here!” She cried, hands gathering up his shirt in fists. 

    “I will not be far from you little one. That I promise.”

    “Kieran…” Finally lifting his other arm, he enclosed them both around her dainty little body. 

    “When it is time, I will come for you. I will take you from this hell.” Her crying answered him and he sighed heavily against her before opening eyes to the door. Those who stood outside it, listening in would meet their demise tonight. And as for the sodding bastard who had forced his way into her precious body, something worse than hell awaited him. Taking her heart shaped face in between his palms, he attempted to smile but her fingers forced it away, having pressed against his lips. Gently, they pulled them apart to expose one lone fang, surrounded by otherwise pearly white teeth.

     Though she had been brutalized this night, the sweet smell of arousal wafted across his nose and he ached to press his nose against her triangle, inhaling her want for him. Later little one. Later we shall have of one another and you shall belong to no other but me. He was aware of his hardening member and tried not to brush against her as he leaned down to kiss her.       

     The contact was sweet and left them both breathless. She seemed to melt against him lifting up onto her tip toes. Mouth compliant and open, she allowed him entry, tongue gently teasing her own. A soft moan drifted up from her throat as he softly sucked on the appendage and her petite arms wrapped around his neck. By now, he pressed wantonly against her stomach, stiffly jabbing her. Their lips separated wetly and he groaned lowly as tiny little kisses were peppered across his bottom lip. Throbbing against her belly, he took a deep breath and pressed his face against her hair. 

    “I have wasted enough time little one. I must go now.” A slight whine of protest vibrated against his collarbone and he smiled, coming to kiss the warm beckoning flesh of her neck. Feeling the pulse of her carotid artery against his lips, he shivered with desire. The beast within him howled like a animal starved of sustenance. MATE. LET US HAVE MATE. TASTE BLOOD. SWEET BLOOD. It demanded in the pit of his stomach but alas he repressed it…held it back with everything in him. No…should he…as hungry as he was…he’d kill her. He’d drain every last drop of blood from her body. His soft wet tongue glided across glistening black skin, drops of sweat produced by the fire light and heat of summer.

     Gently, he allowed his fangs to touch the feather soft flesh. Don’t bite. Don’t bite. Don’t sink down. He grazed lightly in a tease before hiding them completely, lips shielding them as he kissed down and across her throat. She was so fragile in his hands that he feared a tight grip would shatter her. Forcing himself to let her go, he distanced himself from her at once. Breath slightly labored he walked past her and heard the sound of feet running away just beyond the door. Fingers curling around the knob, he pulled it open and stepped into the hallway. Without looking back, he began to zoom through the air, the trails of body heat leading him to his prey. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: teaser three ahead!

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.