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Hey y'all. New possible idea? Yeah. It's exam week and I've been writing like a whirlwind lol. Yeonwang is in my sights next guys FYI so I'm hoping to update that in a couple weeks or so! No promises but it's projected! Okay so what's this one about D&L? Well, I'm not sure where this came from but I kinda like it.

I’m kinda on this ‘cute face but can kill you’ vibe right now (I think it’s really sexy lol) and first person that comes to mind is Park Jimin from BTS. I read somewhere that he’s actually a black belt in Taekwondo and other martial arts. So that’s what I’m going for! 





Enter Rhea Johnson. Twenty-four years old. Mother was a single mother and had her at 16. Father wasn’t much in the picture but he’s attempted to come back now that he’s gotten older. She had her daughter Gaia at 17.. Dropped out of high school so she could be with her then boyfriend Russell Jenkins. Mother kicked her out of the home. Ran the streets with Russ until circumstances forced her to take Gaia and reject the life. She has one brother who has kept an eye on her. Her brother’s friend is a one Lee Moon-jae; whom she’s known since she was 8 years old. It’s been three good years since she saw him last thanks to his latest military deployment. But the promise of him coming home both excites her and makes her nervous. 




Thirty-one year old Moon-jae’s been there from the beginning. He’s known Rhea since she was eight years old. Second generation immigrant. He worked hard to master English and be a good first son to his parents. From Daegu, South Korea. Met her brother in high school. Joined the Marines once he graduated. He’s a sniper for the Corps and was deployed to his motherland. Got his degree in computer science while in the service and has a promised high paying position within one of New York’s most prominent companies on lock when he gets ready to retire. Oh and P.S: He’s loved Rhea since she was 17 years old but he’s never told her. 



Jung Hae-In as Lee Moon-jae (31)



 melas.goddess as Rhea Johnson (24) 











    “UNCLE MOON!” A small body rushed towards him and he grinned, opening his arms wide to receive it. The smell of Pink Lotion and Blue Magic filled his nose and he pressed his cheek against the sweet smell.

    “How are you my little princess?” Pulling her face away from his chest, the little girl grinned at him. 

    “Uncle Moon, you’re talking in a funny language.” Chuckling, he took one of her cheeks in between his fingers and gently pinched. 

    “I’m sorry princess. Is that better?”

    “Yeah! I can understand you now!”  

    “Gaia, what I tell you bout running away from me huh?” Lifting eyes from the child, he felt his heart beat two pulses faster as he took in the woman who approached them. The girl was beautiful and then again so was her mother. Both had flawlessly silky smooth skin, richly melaninated and decadent like that of dark chocolate. Gorgeous brown eyes and button nose to match, all that was left was a set of full plush lips, covered in a becoming lipstick shade of brown. 

    “Sorry mommy. I saw Uncle Moon and got excited.” 

    Don’t be too mad at her.” He urged with a grin, lifting to stand. 

    “Yeah mommy, don’t be too mad.” Gaia echoed, bringing a wink from him and a giggle from her. Frowning, she pursed her lips as the girl separated from him and ran back into her arms. 

    “Hey there stranger.” He smiled at her, lifting up to his full height. She took him in and swallowed tightly, eyes filling with emotion. 


    “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you Rhee.” His gaze was friendly and respectful as they glanced down and across her body. 

    “You haven’t grown a single inch though.” 

    “Shut up.” Smirking, he opened his arms. 

    “Don’t I get a hug?” 

    “Of course…” His arms closed around her and he sighed against her, smiling as she too sighed in relief. 

    “Missed you Peanut.” He whispered against the crown of her head. 

    “Missed you too.” 

    “Uncle Moon what about me I wanna hug too!” 

    “You just got one.” She exclaimed pulling back some. The girl used the opportunity to wiggle her way in between them and wrapped arms around his waist. Laughing warmly, he lifted her up into his arms.

    “Is that my Moon child?” Lifting his eyes from the two, he met the loving eyes of his mother and father as they came up to them.

    “Eomma! Appa!” Putting Gaia down, he ran a bit, crouching down slightly to take the woman in his arms, hugging her tightly. 

    “When did you get here?”

    “Not too long ago. My, look at my handsome son.”  He felt his cheeks flush. 

    “I’m not nearly as fit as I want to be. I’ve been slacking off.”

    “Nonsense. Even the hallyu stars have nothing on our Lee Moon-jae.”

    “Ah…Mom…” His voice was embarrassed and his cheeks gave evidence to that. 

    “Moon pie!” Turning from his parents, he saw that Rhea’s aunt was in tow, her brother Jace with her. 

    “What up brah?” He called out in greeting, coming to clap his back. 

    “What’s up J?”

    “I’m good bruh. You lookin good.”

    “Thanks man.”

    “You been workin out Moon pie?” Blushing sheepishly, he rustled his hair with an embarrassed laugh. 

    “Just… just a tad…”

    “Looks good on you honey. You look nice and healthy. Tall and lean with just the right amount of muscle.” 

    “Thank you.” Giving her a hug, he gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

    “I’m proud of you! Our big solider man.” His cheeks flushed cutely but he smiled with a nod. 

    “You hungry baby?”

    “Ah.yes ma’am…starved actually.”

    “Why don’t we let Moon go home and get settled? Maybe we can grab dinner later.” She suggested, having kept her distance from his parents. At her appearance, his mother’s lips grew pinched but nonetheless she was putting on a very brave face. 

    “I’ll see you later okay?”

    “Okay Peanut.” Smiling at him, she tightened her grip on her daughter’s hand and they began to part ways. 

    “I was hoping you’d eat at home with us tonight. I went to the store and bought the ingredients to make your favorites.”

    “I think it’s okay to let him go out with his friends tonight Cha-ae.” 

    “Hm. He’s our son first.”  Eyes found her as they grew further and further away from them. 

    “Moon child, did you hear what we said?”

    “Ah, no please…repeat it.” 










    Lifting his duffle bag up across his tricep, he gave a farewell nod to the proprietor of the shooting range. 

    “Take care.”

    “Same to you.” Grabbing his keys, he opened the back seat door and carefully placed the bag on the rear seat floor. Just as he was about to get in the car, his phone began to ring. Rhea’s brother. 

    “What’s up J?”

    “Aye man we need your help.” His brows furled and immediately, he frowned. His voice showed signs of stress and a bit of panic. 

    “What’s going on?” He asked, his own serious. 

    “Gaia’s father picked her up from school without Rhee’s permission and now he’s refusing to give her back.” Groaning under his breath, he clenched his jaw. Idiot. 

    “Rhee’s gone to his house to get her back and they been fighting since.”

    “Give me the address. I’ll go.”

    “Alright man.” Throat tight, he got in the car and started the ignition. Rhea’s disputes with her child’s father was well known and had spanned for years. Sometimes, it ended with her in tears, others in bruises. An alert let him know the address had been sent and once he had access to it he wasted no time in going there. Pulling up into the driveway, he saw Rhea’s car. Following his intuition, he reached into the glove compartment and pulled out his glock. Tucking it into his waistband, he got out of the car and calmly approached the home, knocking on the door. He heard crying and immediately recognized it as being Gaia. Stay calm. A loud audible crash sounded and he prepared himself to kick down the door. To his luck, the door opened to reveal Gaia’s frantically trembling form. 

    “Uncle Moon! Help! He’s hurting mommy!” Throat tight enough to hurt, he forced himself to speak. 

    “Go and get in the car sweetheart. I’ll be there soon okay?” She pressed her face against his stomach and nodded, soon running to get into the car. Eyes sharp and emotionless, he entered the home, glock now drawn. Surveying the environment, he took his time as he came into the living room, eyes darting across every which way one could hide or attack. 

    “Rhea?” He called, finding the living room empty. Her reply came in the form of a loud pained scream. Approaching a closed door, he took a deep breath taking in the audible sounds of hitting, slapping and punching. Lowering a hand, he carefully twisted the knob and gently pushed it open as to not alarm either of them. His heart twisted in his chest at the scene before him. Rhea was underneath him and by the looks of it he had her neck in both hands, choking the life out of her. 

    “Let her go.” He spoke, lifting the weapon upward, aiming for the back of the bastard’s head. He turned and for a moment his eyes widened. Taking him in, he laughed. 

    “Aw shit Jackie Chan came to save the day huh?” 

    “Distance yourself from her.” 

    “If I don’t?”

    “I won’t ask a second time. Distance yourself from her.” His voice was monotonous and demanded action. Sighing, he lifted up off of the small woman and for a moment, she didn’t move. 


    “Where’s…where’s my daughter?” She asked, sounding exhausted, gruff and full of tears. 

    “In the car. She’s safe.” Not for one second had he let him out of his sight, nor had he lowered his weapon. 

    “You really gon shoot me in my own house Bruce Lee?” Stay calm. Don’t show any emotion. 

    “I’ll be there shortly Rhee.” Picking up on his cue to leave, she slowly pulled herself up from the bed and left them alone. Only when he heard the door close did he lower the weapon. Tucking it back into his waistband, he flexed his fingers and cracked his knuckles. Taking a long deep inhale he closed his eyes only to open them again, his irritation and anger fully present. 

    “It seems you like meeting me this way but I’m not someone you want to make an enemy.”

    “Still sticking ya nose in things that don’t concern you huh? Bitch ass Asian boy don grew up and think he hard now.” 

    “Tread very lightly with me Russell.” 

    “That little girl is MY daughter and I can do whatever the fuck I want with her. I don’t need no wannabe police ass nigga coming in my house and telling me what to do. And as for Rhea,” Sneering, he walked up on him, drawing his face too close for comfort. 

    “I fucked that pussy. I got her pregnant. And if I want to, I’ll do it all over again. She’ll never have the power to leave me. She’ll always keep crawling her way back home when she get ready.” Nostrils flaring, he punched him hard in the jaw.

    “Put your hands on her again. I’ll break every one of your fingers.” Grabbing him by the neck, he shoved him up against the wall. Bringing his face in, he stared into his eyes for the longest time, finally seeing that shred of unsettled emotion that flickered across the man’s gaze. 

    “Take Gaia one more time without letting her mother know and you’ll never walk again.” Leaning in even closer, he tightened his grip on his neck. 

    “Try to take advantage of her. I’ll cut your dick off and put a hole right between your eyes.” There. That seemed to go to his head and the fear now had intensified. Letting go of him he smirked, sending chills down his spine. 

    “It’s good that you know about Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. But I’m neither.” Slipping hands into his pockets, his smirk turned into a flat mouth. 

    “I don’t make threats or statements. I make promises that I will carry through.” Lifting one such hand from his pocket, he tapped his cheek lightly. 

    “Glad we had this talk Russ.” To his relief, Rhea hadn’t left yet, her taillights on and ignition running when he’d departed from the house. Upon approaching, she rolled down the window. She lifted watery red eyes up at him and bit her lip to keep quiet. Lifting gentle fingers, he skimmed a bruised cheek, the skin swollen and tender. One of her eyes was black and blue and the skin of her lips were bloody and broken. Swollen and inflamed, they part as his touch took hold of her chin. Lifting it up, the finger marks from Russ’ hands were present and dark red on her neck and the whole of it was dreadfully bruised. 

    “I’m…I’ll be fine Moon…” She tried to reassure but it failed to convince him. The sight of her infuriated him and he wanted nothing more than to go back into that house and cut him into pieces.  

    “Will you be okay to drive?” He asked, voice quiet and soft. 


    “You’ll call me when you get home.” 

    “Yeah I will.” Clenching his jaw, he let go of her and pressed a kiss to her clammy forehead. 

    “Alright.” Eyes drifted to the backseat where Gaia was wide awake, alert and still very much terrified. 

    “Gai bear, make sure Mommy gets home okay? Call me if anything happens hm?”


    “Right away. Okay sweetheart?”

    “Yes Uncle Moon.”

    “Good.” Feeling rage stir in his belly, he forced himself to take his eyes away from her and soon pulled out of the drive way. He waited until she was good and gone, sat outside the house for a while, watching his form move to and fro inside the house. At long last, he finally drove away, heading for her house. Once he saw her car in its rightful place, he’d call it a night. 









    “So what you’re telling me is that you slept with him.” Cheeks grew a deep dark red and eyes avoided the person next to her. 

    “Not so loud bitch. Damn.” 

    “Wayment when was this?”

    “…two nights ago…”

    “How?” Sighing, she pinched the bridge of her nose.     

    “He invited me to be his date to some dinner being hosted for his military branch.”

    “Oh so he in the military?”

    “Yeah. Marines.”


    “Rhee, take a moment to just look at him will ya?” Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, her eyes lifted to gaze upon the topic of discussion. Gathered around her brother and several of his friends, she wasn’t prepared for the way her body reacted on sight. His skin was glistening from head to toe, droplets of water visible even from where she sat. His short hair was wet and slicked back and all the girls including her watched a bead or two of chlorinated water slide down his broad toned pectorals, destination over the sharp yet smooth muscles of his abdomen. The swimming trunks he had on stuck like glue emphasizing plump yet firm ass cheeks and allowed his long toned legs to be front and center. 

    “That Asian boy fine as fuck.” 

    “This the same dude you had a crush on in high school?”

    “…yes.” She answered, voice cracking. 

    “The glow up on him was real. God is most definitely real look at that ass y’all.”

    “He just radiates big dick energy. Probably do got a big dick. Do he Rhee?”    

    “Shit, I don’t freaking remember…God can we stop lookin at him now?”

    “You think he’s a dom?”

    “Definitely has dominant vibes.”

    “Aw shit he lookin at us.” All of the women froze as he glanced across them, a friendly smile on his gorgeously kissable lips. When their eyes met, that smile deepened. Her stomach did backflips and her womanhood did somersaults as he pulled his eyes away, still on the phone only to make eye contact again. Desire was visible within them and it had her as wet as the pool. Golden hour was being so good to him, illuminating him in such a way that he looked like a glazed donut, warm, delectable and promising sweetness. 

    “Gah damn he wanna do some nasty shit to you. It’s all in his face.”

    “Danae shut yo horny ass up.”

    “Look, I’m just sayin what I see. I say good y’all fucked. Good y’all was drunk. Finally made y’all release all this sexual tension. If you was smart, you be and took him upstairs for round two while y’all sober.” She pressed her thighs together. 

    “I’ma go check on my child.” 

    “Mmhm the oldest excuse in the book. Listen to what I said Rhee!” Danae yelled at her, drawing laughs from the other sistas. She cleared her throat as she entered the main house. The sound of the tv was pleasant, that of a Children’s program making her smile. 

    “Whatcha doin mama?” Gaia was fully engrossed in whatever this Teletubbie look a-like show was and for a moment didn’t reply. 

    “It’s that good it got you ignoring me huh?” At that, she snapped her head around. 

    “Mommy!” Giggling as she near tackled her, she scooped up her Gai baby. 

    “You having fun in here?”


    “Where the other kids you was with?”

    “They playin and stuff outside.”

    “You ain’t wanna join them?”


    “Why not?”

    “Being around new people scares me mommy.” Her heart dropped and she took her daughter’s face in her hands. 

    “You promised when you got one year older you was gon try Gai baby.”

    “I knowwww.” She said with a pout. 

    “Meeting new friends can be scary. I ain’t gon lie. But it can also be very good for you too. You might meet somebody you really like and connect with! You’ll never know unless you step out of your comfort zone a bit and try.” 


    “Promise me you gon go and try. Just for a lil bit.”


    “Alright. Stay in the back okay?”

    “Yes ma’am.” Watching as her daughter slipped out of the back door, she sighed. The events of the past 48 hours were taking her for a loop and she was trying to sort through them. I mean…Moon was so many things. But boyfriend and lover had never even been a consideration or an option.  Coming into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. If she were honest…he’d been her first love…well…first crush. And to get over it she thought dating Russell would do the trick. But it’d only caused more problems than solutions. Reaching for a wine glass in one of the provided cupboards, she quietly opened the bottle and poured some into the glass. 

    By the time she’d happened upon the homeless shelter, Gaia was almost two years old and he was well gone on deployment. She’d never had an opportunity to confront him with her feelings and eventually tried to ignore them. Why screw up a good thing? He’d been her support system through her entire pregnancy and well after the birth. He’d given her rides to Russ’ mom’s house and in the mornings, he’d pick her up to take her to ‘work’ aka the gentleman’s club. While there, he’d watch Gaia since she couldn’t afford babysitting yet. He was such a pillar in her life romance with him just seemed….odd. When he’d left her to deploy, truth be told it had almost ruined her. She’d become so dependent on him and she hated it. Hated how for granted she took him. Moving in with her aunt was perhaps the best thing and scariest thing she’d ever done. It forced her to gain independence and self sufficiency.

    “So this is where you’re hiding.” Jumping, she found him standing against the wall, arms crossed. 

    “Shit Moon, you and yo quiet ass feet.” Grinning, he watched as she leaned against the counter. 

    “I believe that’s gotten you in enough trouble.” He remarked, glancing down at the wine yet to be consumed. 

    “It’s not for me thank you very much. It’s for Danae.” 

    “Ah, the one who thinks I have hm…what was it… big dick energy?” At that, her entire face flushed red. 

    “Oh my God you heard that?” He laughed now, face scrunching up cutely. 

    “Yeah. It’s my job to have good hearing you know.”

    “Yeah yeah yeah what else you hear?”

    “Not much else. I was on the phone.”

    “Mm.” Smirking, he glanced around her to find the living room empty except for the two of them. 

    “Where’s Gaia?”

    “Out back playing with the other kids.”

    “Mm. Well, I think we need to talk about what happened between us.” At that, she almost choked on the wine and coughed her way through the burn. 

    “T-talk about it?” 

    “Yeah. It’s obvious you’ve been avoiding me for the past two days.” 

    “I wouldn’t say I’ve been avoiding you…” Moon remained quiet as she took another sip of the wine. 

    “Damn…I said this was for Danae and here I am drinking it.” Smirking, he watched as she opened the cupboard, intending to get another glass. This one would be further back and she sighed in annoyed defeat. That annoyance immediately vanished at the press of his wet warm body against hers. He lifted his hand easily up above her and grabbed the glass. Instead of giving it to her, he firmly gripped it, sitting it down in front of her. Sliding it away from them, his palms pressed flat against the surface of the counter top and his body pressed his body even closer against her. He leaned down some, lips teasing her ear lobe. 

    “There’s an elephant in the room that we need cleared up. Now’s the perfect time to do that.” Biting her lip, she tried but failed at controlling her breathing. His voice was throaty and smooth, the words rolled off of his tongue like silk. 

    “It was not my intention to get you drunk and take you home that night. Let’s make that clear first.” 


    “I clearly had too much to drink and so had you.” 


    “That said…I don’t regret anything that happened.” She was barely focusing before but now with his very apparent hard-on pressing into the small of her back, she bit her lip again harder this time to silence the whimper that nearly escaped her mouth.

    “I’m thankful and regretful of one thing. That we were intoxicated. I only remember bits and pieces of what happened.” Lifting his hands to her hips, he gently turned her around.

    His eyes were intense and powerful and she felt like she couldn’t look away.

    “L-like?” Her stupid self croaked. Taking one of his hands away, he skimmed her cheek before lifting a thumb to breeze against her bottom lip. 

    “Kissing your lips. I remember that.” Chuckling quietly, he pressed his forehead against hers eyes downcast.

    “Something I’ve wanted to do since you were 17 happened so easily on that night.” Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as his fingers continued to breeze across her skin.     

    “It’s very hazy in my memory but I remember touching you here.” The warmth of his hand teased a breast and her breath hitched in her throat as that same thumb glided across her erect nipple, painfully obvious underneath her swimsuit halter top. 

    “I remember tasting you here. Taking them in my mouth one by one.” His words were so arousing that she felt herself tremble, pleasure from that one little action had her aching, shivering and wet as the ocean. 

    “Moments of your body moving against mine. That’s all my memory permits me to remember nut I want to remember it all.” Hands back on her hips, breathless, she could do nothing but inhale his clean fresh scent, those gorgeous almond shaped eyes of his trapping her. 

    “The one thing my mind won’t let me forget is the way you made me feel. I’m sure you were given what you deserve and wanted most but have been too scared to ask for. I’d like to think that for once, I could give that to you.” Lifting a shaky hand, she pressed it against his chest and felt just how hard his heart beat against her palm. Taking a deep unsteady breath, she gently pushed him back some. 

    “We-we um should probably be getting back out there.” 

    “You’ve said nothing else this while. Does the cat have your tongue Peanut?” He teased, lifting her chin. 

    “Moon-jae…listen…I…I don’t…know if we’d um..” Pull yourself together sis. 

    “I don’t know if we’d work out romantically.” 

    “Why not?” His immediate response had her tongue tied. What reason was there really? Her brain had drawn a blank. 

    “Uh…well I mean… I’m a single mother first of all. And you’re way too fine-I mean- busy to be tied down by a woman and a child that’s not yours ya know?  I mean I know you’ve helped me all this time when you can but I’ve worked hella hard to be somebody without you. I wanna focus on Gaia and give her the best that I can.”

    “And us being together will prohibit you from providing for her?” She knew. It sounded stupid even to her. 


    “I’ve loved her since she was born. Before she was born in fact while she was growing inside of you. That will never change. I’ll give her the world if she asks me to.”

     “Yeah but-”

    “I’ve known you since you were eight years old. I’ve been love with you since you were 17 and I would have waited until you turned eighteen to pursue you had I not been deployed. The fact that you had a daughter in no way shape or form turned me off.” The confession crashed into her like a tidal wave and she felt her cheeks blossom into a blush as he laid a hand on top of hers on his chest. 

    “I know my parents’ opinion of you and I know you do too. But I don’t give a fuck about that. Obviously.” He beat her to it cause that was going to be her next flimsy point. When they had found out that she had gotten pregnant, they had told Moon that it was expected from someone like her. They thought it ludicrous that he wanted to stay friends with her and thought that she was trying to trap him with Gaia. She after all had been nothing but a promiscuous black girl from the hood who dropped out of high school and was running the streets with her baby daddy like a fool. But that girl had grown up to go back to school and get her G.E.D with a four-year-old. She’d been on her grind and just got her 2-year Associates in Nursing. She was tryna be somebody, somebody that Gaia could look up to, admire and want to be like. And she ain’t have to prove shit to either of his parents. Periodt. 

    Licking her lips, she swallowed up her fear and pressed her face against his chest, melting in the warm that his arms provided as they came to enclose around her. 

    “What about your deployments? What if something happens to you when you’re not here?” That made him sigh against her and that point at least was valid. 

    “I can’t promise that anything won’t happen to me Rhea. It would be dishonest.” Lifting her face, she looked up into his eyes. 

    “See, that’s what I’m talkin bout. I mean…I couldn’t deal if we became invested in each other only for something to happen. What about Gaia? She’d be devastated.” 

    “That’s a very valid point. But it’s one that we’ll have to risk, tread carefully with and explore if we really want this.” 

    “Moon-jae…I…I can’t…”

    “Give me some credit Rhee. I won’t die so easily.” At his teasing tone, she couldn’t help but smile and suck her teeth. 

    “Yeah okay whatever.” Laughing, he caressed her face. 

    “Do you want to give this a try? I have to know that you want ‘us’ as much as I do.” Though he was lighthearted and funny, he could also be serious as a heart attack, dangerous and deadly underneath that pretty boy exterior of his. Relaxed against him now, she sighed feeling that hard-on still pressing against her, now only a bit softer than before. 

    “Yeah I…I do.” An infectious smile graced his lips and he lifted his other hand to hold her face. Leaning down, he started for her lips but a brief askance blazed in his eyes before the green light was given. Their lips met sweetly and she became like jello almost immediately; the electricity between them danced down her spine. Humming softly as their lips met again, she allowed herself to touch him, fingers lightly dancing like the electrical passion down his stomach. Desire lit her aflame and burned her in its captivity as his soft wet tongue took possession of her mouth. 

    Gentle, it wasn’t demanding or aggressive and the feel of it against her own had her feeling like she was floating. No one had ever kissed her like this and it turned her on to think what other new things she would experience with him. Panting against his mouth, she bit her lip only to have them forced apart by his own, one last kiss, even more dizzying than the first two. 

    “Let’s get back to the party hm?” 

    “Y-yeah okay. Um… lemme get this wine for Danae. She gon be so pissed.” 

    “I’ll tell her you were occupied.” He grinned with a wink. 

    “Boy no. Please don’t get her to start scenarios in her nasty ass head.” Laughing, he waited until she’d poured the glasses before taking one from her. Reaching for her hand, he pressed a kiss to the back of it. 

    “When we get back out here, I’m expecting you to get in this pool with me.” 

    “Are you now?”

    “Yes ma’am.” 

    “Hm, we’ll see about that.” Wiggling his eyebrows playfully, he pulled her back out into the sunlight, splish splash of the pool and good food and laughter. 

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: WHEW. WELL? lol. I think it's safe to say that this might also be kinda a sexual awakening (???) as well for Rhee (which kinda means a bit of um... kink??) and I'm lovin it like McDonalds lol. Moon-jae as a whole individual has me drooling and he's MY character. *starts fanning self* I'm on my cycle right now y'all (y'all totally did NOT ask for that information but I gave it to you anyway lol) so ya girl going through the fire lol. I'm sorry lol. Jung Hae-In literally took my breath away when I saw his picture. He's the perfect visual for Moon-jae. He's so gorgeous and I hear he's an amazing actor so I'll have to check out his work! I've got outfits and stuff below because everything was so vivid for me (as normal). I'll catch you later. I'm going to get some sleep and study for my test tomorrow! Love y'all! God bless! 



Moon's USMC blues:


Rhee's dress on that night that will go down in history LOL I'm kidding. I don't blame Moon for being bothered. 


Her swim suit at the pool party: 

Moon in his golden hour (I had to put this in here for science):

The way he looked at Rhee by the pool side:


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