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Whew okay guys I gotta do this quick before I go to sleep lol. The writing bug been hittin me left and right right and left and I'm like whoa lol. Please keep in mind that the recent ideas I've put up will not be committed to any time soon. I have my list of stories that I intend to start/continue. Please remember that before y'all (and I) get stressed out lol. Okay! I can kinda tell already that I might... M-I-G-H-T write this one because it's so different and I'm like in love with it already. This is my bare bones sloppy 1st draft. Let me know what you think kay? Y'all know how I do! <3 

As most of my stories are, please be warned any new readers... my subject matter(s) are MATURE. They may include themes that might make you uncomfortable (rape, racism, strong sexual content/erotica/strong language, abuse, depression, etc.) But I promise that my intentions are good hehe. Welcome any new readers!! And for all my ride or dies, my OGs hehehe thank you for still ridin with me <3 Okay here goes! 



Diagnosed with a terminal cancer with no known cure, Star’s entire world plummeted at the tender age of 21. Not even completing her second full year at college yet, her dreams of becoming a veterinarian shatters along with her heart. She is brutally bullied by her classmates, all of whom alienate her upon finding out that she is ill. 


    Enter Eiji Takahata. He’s popular on campus yes. He gets invited to all of the social gatherings yes. But deep inside he feels like something is missing. Invited to one of the biggest parties of the school year, he comes across a short mousy girl who much rather prefers sticking to the wall than the keg of beer. He’s seen her before in passing and never much pays attention to her. But tonight for some reason her presence intrigues him. She’s so quiet. So out of place. So uncomfortable. He decides to introduce himself to her in hopes of making her more comfortable and by the end of the night, he feels even more of a pull towards her. 

    Over the course of the next few weeks things for the two of them escalate rapidly and before he knows it he can’t stop thinking about her…even more so after finding out her not so ‘secret’ secret. In the midst of the ticking time, the two of them fall in love. Right after Star takes her last breath something strange happens. She closes her eyes and wakes up in another time period. And what’s even weirder is that Eiji is there too. But he has no recollection of her at all. Has she been given a second chance? If so, how and why?



    Eiji Miura was once a wholesome man they say. He lived a ‘normal’ life. He had friends, family, loved ones. He once lived an upright life and experienced love as a young man. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps of being a samurai, he attempts to run away and elope. It results in the girl being sold to a prostitution house and he sent to a monastery. From there he tries to adhere to ‘the Way’ and becomes a formidable monk. But it all crumbles when he returns home on granted sabbatical to find his family murdered in cold blood, the killers boldly leaving a declaration. Man can never leave behind his ways of being an animal. He rejects his life as a peaceful monk in favor of vengeance. Vowing to kill all those who had a hand in his family’s deaths, he becomes a servant of powerful daimyo, working his way up the ranks and hopping from influential family to family. Eyes filled with blood lust, he won’t stop until he achieves what he’s worked so hard to do.  That is, until he meets a mysterious dark woman in the forest one day. Then and only then does his eyes begin to fill with something else, a strange feeling of unexplainable familiarity. 


Akanishi Jin as Eiji Takahata/ Eiji Miura (22)


Whitney Kouaho as Star Davis/Au (21) 

** in the trailer I've used Anok Yai because there are no videos/material of Whitney that are available to be used. Anok is just as beautiful and either visual is acceptable for me. But Whitney is first in my mind.** 











    Standing across from the rest of them she held onto a cup, nursing it little by little, a death grip on the poor red plastic container. 

    “Eiji, what’s up with you huh? Surely, you aren’t looking at that piece of shit.” But indeed he was. He’d never much paid that much attention to her and now he was kicking himself in the ass for not doing so. 

    “Mind your business. I can look at whoever the hell I want to.” His friend Harrison smirked and threw an intoxicated arm around him. 

    “You know she’s got cancer right? The little bitch is dyin and the least you think she would do is have some fun with the time she’s got left.” He didn’t reply to that, instead took another look at her face. He knew she was sick, it was all the talk on campus. But cancer…hm. Pity it was because now that he was looking at her… actually taking her in he had come to the conclusion that she was pretty. No, pretty was something little boys said to describe little girls. She was fucking beautiful. Licking his lips, his darkened almond shaped eyes glided across her high cheekbones, elegant nose and thick full lips. Her hair was pulled up away from her face, a cascade of plentiful free form locks and even in the darkness of the dim room, her skin seemed to shine and sparkle. 

    “I heard she’s never had cock before. I’d fuck just to say I had her but I’d be scared my shit would fall off from all the chemo radiating through her body. I bet her pussy smells like straight death and medicine.” Turning unhumored eyes onto his friend, he threw his arm off of him. 

    “You’re an asshole you know that? Fuck.”

    “You already knew that you bastard.” Harrison laughed in reply, turning to chug another beer down. 

    “Hey, Eiji! Guess who just showed up?” Lifting disinterested eyes to another one of the guys, he lifted his cup, motioned to continue. 

    “Claire Jackson.”

    “Oh shit, she’s here? Aw hell yeah now the party’s getting started! Eiji, you remember her right? The tall hot blonde with those big ass tits? She sits in your-”

    “I know who she is.” 

    “God I just wanna motorboat those motherfuckers. Look at her.” Claire Jackson was your typical average blonde chick. Slim tall body. Big tits that she suckered her father into paying for. She was the spoiled pampered princess that every guy wanted a piece of. Flipping her layered bob across her shoulder, she approached them. In a bralette, those gargantuan melons were on full display and a body con skirt clung to seductive yet dangerous hips. He knew her a little too well and his stomach turned as she set those predatory blue eyes on him. 

    “Watch where the fuck you’re going bitch!” Eyes flickered over to the strange little wall flower from before. The cup she’d been holding was on the ground and its contents were all over one of Claire’s little lap dogs. What was an attempt to apologize was quickly ended by a rough slap to her face. 

    “You just ruined my outfit you little walking disease!” 

    “Eiji.” There she stood in front of him and everything about her repulsed him. Once a time when the very thought of her used to get him rock hard, now the thought of her sent a wave of nausea rippling through his stomach. 

    “Claire.” He replied, lifting his cup to take a drink of his alcoholic beverage. 

    “You haven’t returned any of my calls.”

    “I’ve been busy.”

    “Busy huh?”

    “You two know each other?” Harrison blubbered, mouth flapping like a fish. 

    “Yeah. Kinda.” He answered noncommittally, taking another drink to calm his nerves. 

    “Kinda? We had sex last year at Coachella.” 

    “Whoa. Uh…” For once Harrison was quiet.

    “It was great. We had a great time, great sex. And that was the end of it. You’re the one whose been obsessed with me ever since.” He said with a sigh, darting eyes once more towards the small group of women who now had boxed her in against the wall. 

    “It’s annoying honestly.” 


    “Look Claire I’m sure you’re used to getting any guy you want any time you want. But I’m not interested. I thought I made that clear to you more than once since last year.” This time, her head turned and she looked at the girl currently being harassed by her lackeys. A humorless laugh left her mouth and her eyes were cold and icy when they next met his. 

    “You want that cancer infected corpse over me? Get real Eiji.” 

    “I agree with Claire. She’s nothing but bones and skin.” Harrison chimed in, coming to clap him on the back but it met air as he moved out of the way. Ignoring their calling, he headed straight for the group of girls taking turns pouring all kind of shit on her head, their laughter making him sick to his stomach. 

    “Hey.” Turning towards his voice, they all seemed to melt, eyes lustful and hungry. 

    “E-Eiji. Hey…”

    “Leave her alone.” 

    “We’re just trying to teach her a lesson. She can’t ruin people’s outfits without consequence.” His gaze fell on the girl who spoke and she visibly gulped, forcing her eyes downward. 

    “Your outfit is trash and so are you. Move.” At once, she skitted to the side, almost bumping into another one of the girls in her eagerness to get away from him. Reaching for her hand, he pulled her towards him and the exit, leaving the lame ass party. Outside, she snatched her hand away from him with a protesting screech. 

    “Let go!” The night had turned cold and she was shivering, thanks to the alcohol that she’d been doused in. The reek of it hit the air. 

    “Why didn’t you defend yourself?” He asked, eyes taking in the wet cheeks that glimmered up at him. Tears openly fell from her eyes and she lifted frail thin arms up to wrap around herself. 

    “What difference is it going to make anyway?” She answered lowly, voice biting. 

    “What difference?” He asked in disbelief, eyes widened. 

    “I’m gonna die anyway. But then you knew that already didn’t you?” Throat tight, he watched as she started to cry, small pain filled whimpers rising from her throat. 

    “I called myself trying to be normal for once but it’s no use.”

    “What…what do you mean by normal?” 

    “Like you.” Blinking, his brows knit together. 

    “Like me?”

    “You’re social and everyone likes you. I…I thought I’d try to be like… like you more. But look where that got me…” His heart beat faster in his chest. 

    “Why me?” At that she was quiet and hugged herself tighter. 

    “It’s not important okay? I gotta go.” Pushing past him, she started to run and soon disappeared from view. Clenching hands into fists, his jaw was next to grow tight. 

    “Why me?” He asked the night, breath curling into mist. 













    Smiling, he glanced down at the small woman as she fidgeted excitedly, reaching to take his hand. 

    “Come on Eiji! Oh my God…we’re really here!” Chuckling, he let her pull him closer to the entrance of the hotel. 

    “Hi! Welcome to The Ahwahnee at Yosemite National Park!” 

    “Thank you.” 

    “Checking in?”

    “Yes.” Smiling handsomely, the host looked them up in the computer and soon gave them their keys to their room. 

    “Here are your keys. Please enjoy your stay and I hope you have a great time here at Yosemite.” 

    “Thanks! COME ON!” Star screeched excitedly, tugging him and their luggage towards the private elevator. The look on her face when he opened the door was priceless and it was one he’d never forget. 

    “Oh my God… this room is gorgeous.” 

    “Like you.” Twisting her head to look at him, her lips were playfully pursed and her eyes twinkling just like her namesake. 


    “There’s a shit ton of stuff to do here so let’s get our stuff in here and then we’ll decide what to do first okay?”

    “Sounds good.” 



    “You know she likes you right?” 


    “Come on dude wake up! You’ve been hanging out with her for two weeks now and have never picked up on it?” 


    “Eiji…she doesn’t have that long left. Please. If you’re just doing this to prove a point or for a prank then leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve it.” 



    That was the problem. He couldn’t leave her alone. He didn’t want to. Reclined back into the sofa, he lifted the remote to change the channel. He hadn’t been able to get her out of his head since the party and from there he had tried everything he could to be around her. Little by little she had opened up to him and they quickly became friends. Things were moving kinda fast but already…already he wanted more. 

    Glancing towards the closed bathroom door, he licked his lips. He wanted more time. More smiles. More laughter. Flickering eyes back to the television he bit his bottom lip. Was it strange that he wanted to be more than friends? In such a short time it seemed like they’d gotten to know so much about each other. They weren’t given much of a choice in the matter. It’d been a full month already and he was surprised at the amount of energy she was having. With little less than two months left, he just… he wanted her. Wanted to be with her not just physically but mentally and emotionally. He wanted to be her support system and her rock. He wanted to bring more happiness in her life. He wanted things that he knew would never happen. So, he’d splurged and spent a whole bunch of money on this trip. Because she deserved it. She deserved the world and it simply wasn’t something he could give her. 

    “Star? Come on The Little Mermaid is on!” What answered him was a loud thud and he shot up, throwing the remote away. Opening the door, he found her laying on the floor just outside the bathroom. 

    “Star!” Kneeling, he immediately turned her around, not much caring at the moment that the towel had slipped, exposing her chest and upper part of her stomach. 

    “Star… hey look at me…” She groaned softly, eyelids fluttering. Lifting her up into his arms, he ignored the fallen towel and went to lay her on the bed. At the cold, goose pimples prickled on her skin and she visibly shivered the action seeming to shake her whole entire body. For a moment, he stood frozen, looking at her naked flesh in its entirety. It was painfully obvious that she was ill. Her puny body was sickly and frail, arms and legs resembling twigs. Curling up into a ball, she began to cry suddenly, bringing his attention away from the bones of her hips that jutted out. 


    “G-get out…” Swallowing thickly, he neared her. 

    “Star it’s okay.” 

    “N-no….no it’s not….d-don’t l-l-look a-at me…” 

    “Come here.” Lifting her up, he pulled the weeping woman to him. 

    “Eiji…d-d-don’t…l-let me c-cover up…” Keeping her body close, he pulled her even closer until they stood in front of the floor length mirror. 

    “Look at me.” She shook her face against his chest, hiding behind her hands. Hands on her shoulders, he swallowed thickly. Though she was small and short as God knows what, she was still oh so beautiful. Though her waist was impossibly small, the sickness ravaging her body couldn’t destroy her feminine curves. Lines almost girlish but they were there. A beautiful delicate back that brought his gaze to her bottom. The cheeks were small but round, two cute little back dimples appearing right above them. Just enough to hold, grasp and squeeze. Sighing, he pressed his cheek against the top of her head and held her closer, fingers now leaving her shoulders to stroke and caress her back. 

    “You’re trembling.” He spoke quietly, eyes leaving the mirror to glance down at her. 

    “I’m sorry…”

    “For what?”

    “I’m ruining this trip.”

    “Said who?”

    “You don’t have to pretend Eiji. My energy has its limits and I know I’m…I’m a stick compared to…healthy girls.” Lifting up, he took hold of her face. Bringing her eyes to his, he spoke softly. 

    “Cancer hasn’t taken away your beauty Star.” At that, her eyes widened and tears began to fall down her cheeks. 

    “It may take your strength and your energy. It may take your appetite and make you really sick. But you’ve endured all of that and more while smiling. You haven’t let it diminish your light.” His thumbs were soft as they brushed her gorgeous brown cheeks. 

    “I’m…I’m so fucking proud of you.” Emotion filled his throat and he leaned down, pressing his forehead against hers. 

    “You’re amazing. You know that? You’re so strong when everything seeks to break you.” Sniffling, she gave him a brave little watery smile. 

    “I love that about you. I love that you can still push forward even when it hurts.” 

    “Yeah…and threaten to kick your ass when you don’t study.” Laughing softly, he opened his eyes to look at her. 

    “That’s right.” She’d stopped trembling now and seemed to press into his warmth. 

    “You always make me feel better Ji-ji.” Smiling at her little nickname for him, he dropped his arms slightly to pull her up into his arms. A tiny squeak rumbled against him as he headed towards the bed. Slowly, he lowered her down, still hugging her body. 

    “I’ll get you something to wear okay?” Lifting up, a small hand stopped him, taking hold of his shirt. Glancing at it, his eyes lifted to hers. 

    “I…I don’t wanna get dressed yet.” Swallowing, she let go of his shirt. 

    “I…I like the way you look at my body.” Leaning back, she laid on her back, eyes still on his. 

    “It makes me feel normal.” Damn those big beautiful eyes of hers they stared into his very soul it seemed and he could feel a budding erection forming against his thigh. 

    “You are normal.” He replied with a gentle smile. 

    “With a normal figure?” 


    “Normal arms that have muscle on them? Normal thighs and legs that have fat on them?” 

    “Yes and yes.” 

    “Normal breasts?” At that he didn’t answer immediately, eyes dipping to said anatomical features. She wasn’t top heavy and appeared to be a petite A-cup…perhaps a B-cup at best. But watching how they rose with each breath she took, the dark buds already hard and pert had his tongue licking his lips. 

    “Of course little star.” He answered, eyes drifting to her face. Her gaze was contemplative, aroused, shy and slightly embarrassed. 

    “Do…do you like them?” That one question sent a rush of blood to his groin and he honestly couldn’t think of an answer. 

    “They’re not as big as Claire’s but-”

    “Stop it.” His feet carried him to the edge of the bed and he leaned down over her. 

    “Stop comparing yourself.” His voice was soft but serious and she swallowed thickly as he pressed his face against her neck. 

    “Claire could only wish she was half as beautiful as you.” He heard her intake of breath and sighed against her, breath warm against her skin. 

    “She can’t be compared to you. You’re in a league all your own.” Lifting, he gazed deeply into her eyes. Lifting her hands upward, they planted themselves on each one of his cheeks and he took a deep breath before closing his eyes and leaning into her touch. The arousal in her eyes deepened and he felt himself throb below. He had to tell her now… while he still had the opportunity. Just…how she made him feel. 

    “I know it makes no sense. How quickly we connected but seeing you at the party that night was the best thing to ever happen to me Star. Getting to know you has changed me and I’ll…I’ll always be so thankful for the way you’ve made my life better.” 


    “Superficial beauty fades. Bodies grow old, wither and die. But it’s your mind, smile and inner glow that has made me fall in love with you.” The confession hung in the air preciously between them and her eyes widened. Her lips parted and he wanted nothing more than to kiss, suck and bite them. 

    “Ji-ji… I…”

    “It’s okay. You don’t have say anything. I just…needed to tell you. I needed you to know how I feel.” He lifted up away from her and ran fingers through his hair. 

    “To answer your question…yeah I like them. They’re perfect.”  For a moment, she didn’t move but as he turned his back to her, intent on walking away she shot up and pressed her body against him, arms wrapping around his torso.    

    “Don’t go…please.” He remained still as she hugged him tighter. 

    “This may be… the last time… I’m well enough to move, talk… even think. So please… don’t go yet.” He obliged, lifting a hand to cover her two. 

    “I’ve been in love with you since junior year of high school. You never noticed me and I always made sure to stay out of your way. But even then… moments would pass where we’d meet. Each time, your eyes would always show me kindness. Warmth. Even a bit of understanding.” Quiet, he listened intently as she continued, 

    “When I found out that we were both going to UCLA I freaked out. Call it a childish crush whatever I don’t care. I was really happy to know that. When I saw you again it made me even happier. Even if you never spoke to me, at least I could feel comfort by your presence.” Sighing against his back, she pressed her face into one of his shoulder blades. 

    “You’ve always made me feel normal. Like I was worthy to be alive. Out of them all Eiji…you’ve never hurt me with your words. Never with your hands. Never with your eyes or your lips. That’s….that’s why I…” Biting her lip, she gathered up the remaining gusto in her stomach and gripped his shirt now. 

    “I want you to…” Squeezing her eyes shut, her breath came heavier from the realization of what she was about to confess. It’d always dwelled in her mind and heart but never had she had the balls to say it. 

    “I want you to take my virginity.” At that, his breathing grew a tad bit heavier and he tightened his grip on her hand. 


    “I want you be my first. And my last. But…it’s okay if you don’t want to. I mean…you probably don’t want a cancer ridden virgin anyway. Forget it… forget I men-” Her next words were robbed as his lips crushed hers. Eyes wide in shock, slowly they fluttered closed as his arms came to surround her in a cocoon of safety and body heat. 

    “You didn’t hear anything I just said did you?” He whispered against her lips, his own forming a teasing smirk. To which she pouted. 

    “If that’s really what you want…I’d be honored.” A becoming blush decorated her cheeks and he pressed his forehead against hers again. A shudder went through her body as she welcomed the press of his lips against hers again. Hands slipped underneath his shirt and glided across warm chiseled  muscle. Pressing closer, she gasped against his mouth as he poked her stomach. But slowly… hesitantly her hand lowered and ran nervous fingers across the shape of him. He hummed into her mouth, pulling her hand away with entanglement of their fingers. 

    “Let’s take our time little star.” Her cheeks flushed and she fixed her mouth to offer apology but wasn’t given the chance as he kissed her again, this time gently slipping his tongue into her mouth. All words died and evaporated in her brain and she couldn’t stop the small moan of delight that escaped her throat. She just followed his lead, shyly playing back and his hum of approval made her feel like she’d done something good. 

    “Lay back for me sweetheart.”  She slowly disconnected from him and her back met the sheets. The sound of his throaty voice made her feel moist between her legs and she watched as he pulled the shirt up over his head. Biting her lip, she eyed the firm toned pale flesh of his chest, arms and stomach. Nervousness and excitement both thrummed through her as she gazed upon the perfectly pitched tent in his sweatpants. As he pulled his sweats down, she gasped again, this time at the revealed erection that bobbed and twitched too with anticipation. Dear God this was really happening and oh shit he was beautiful. At her expression, he chuckled softly. 

    “You’re so cute.” Coming to take an ankle in hand, he pressed a kiss to it, doing the same to the other one. 

    “I promise we’ll be one soon. First, let me take care of you.” Slightly, he spread her legs just enough to hover in between them. Seeking her lips first, he softly kissed them, trying to soothe and quiet the nervousness coming from her. Lifting her arms to wrap around his neck, she relished in the warmth feelings coursing through her body. His lips traveled down to her neck and left a tiny love bite in its wake. Down further, his tongue and mouth licked and sucked on her nipples, the action making her wet her underwear. Already, the pleasure was too much and yet more was to come. As he worked his way down her body with gentle touch and soft lips, she forced herself to look at him. 

    Kissing her covered mound, he lifted hands to her hips. Slowly, he pulled the plain white cotton briefs down her thighs. Pressing his face against them, he left a string of kisses up her soft silky skin, holding her legs apart. Taking in her wet sex, he cursed under his breath with a groan. Lifting his eyes to hers, she felt herself gush. His lips gently kissed her petals never once lowering his gaze. Arching her back, her eyes rolled away and a moan ripped through her as he wrapped those lips around her sensitive little nub. Giving it fast little licks, he teased her opening with the tip of his finger. Humming against her, he slowly entered her with the digit, her wetness making it smooth and easy.

    “Eiji….oh God…” He opened eyes to look up at her. Already she was in pieces. She thrashed and bucked, the pleasure making her even more beautiful than he’d ever seen her before. Breathing against her button, he gave a few tentative strokes, feeling just how tight she was. 

    “Does it feel good baby?” She mewled as he slightly curled his finger inside, moving it in a come hither motion. 

    “O-oh! Mmhm…so good…” Mouth back on her, he sucked and licked until her hips began to move and gyrate. Tiny fingers slipped into his hair and at that he groaned. Gently, he thrust into her wet warmth until he felt she could handle a second digit. Tonight was all about her and he’d make damn sure she enjoyed every minute of it. He would take his time and love her just right. Finally, she’d feel loved, cherished and appreciated. She would finally be able to be normal. 










1552 A.D 

Sengoku Jidai 


    A loud rumble crackled in the distance like a shred of lightning. All around there lay carnage at his feet. His brothers had been slain; arms, legs, feet, hands and heads strewn across the length of the land. 

    “Miura! Move out!” Turning his head towards the voice, he took off, beginning to run into the forest.  Sweat beaded on his brow and he hastily began to rip and peel his armor off. It was heavy and would only slow him down. Tossing it heedlessly, he darted in and out of the trees, thankful for the cool afternoon breeze that met his flushed hot skin. Eyes quickly scanned his environment, deciding to go left. Breath heavy, he could hear the hooves of the approaching horses even from here and knew he needed to move. Just as he turned behind another tree, he smashed into something, losing his balance and slamming to the ground. With a groan, he opened his eyes to find himself on top of a woman. Hastily he got off of her and drew his sword. 

    “Name your purpose woman.” She said nothing, just gawked at him, mouth open and panting. He too for a moment stared at her, genuine interest in his features. He’d never seen a creature such as her before. Turning his sword flat, he brought her chin upward with the tip of it.

Her skin was smooth and shiny with perspiration, the coloring of it dark brown like that of healthy soil. Her hair to him resembled thick ropes that touched the small of her back and hung across her chest. Large expressive brown eyes looked back at him, mouth not offering any such reply. A charming button nose. And strangely enticing lips, each one thick and pillowy. 

    “What is your purpose for being here woman? This is no place for you.” She still didn’t reply and he didn’t bother hiding his annoyance as he sheathed his sword. Towering over the small thing, he grasped her chin and yanked it up roughly. 

    “Answer me or you will die.” When she did speak, one word struck him deep in his gut. 

    “Eiji?”  Once again furling his eyebrows, he drew his face closer. 

    “How do you know of me? Who are you?” The emotions in her eyes unsettled him and he felt an unfamiliar pain hit him in the chest. The sound of the hooves had grown closer and he cursed under his breath. 

    “We do not have time. Come.” Taking her hand, he pulled her with him, forcing her to run deeper into the forest. She near wheezed once they reached his encampment and withdrew her hand from his grasp. 

    “Miura! You made it back! How many-” The men all stopped and gawked at the girl, mouths gaping. 

    “What is that?” One of them asked, reaching for a sword. 

    “Its skin is black!”

    “Where did you find this thing Miura?” 

    “In the forest.”

    “I say we kill it. Who knows the amount of bad luck attached to it.” 

    “It blinked! What the hell is it?” 

    “It is a woman.” 

    “W-woman? It’s not possible.” Taking her by the arm, he eyed the strange looking robe she wore, a weird pattern scattered across the whole of it. Seeing ties near the neck, he pulled it apart, drawing gasps of surprise and wonder as it fell to the ground. Naked, her body proved his assertion. She made a sound of protest and tried to cover herself but it was futile as he grabbed hold of her arms. Though their eyes were filled with curiosity, some disgust and awe, lust too filled them as they roamed the dark breasts, feminine curves and thick patch of hair covering her triangle. 

    “So she is a woman.”  At once he began to pull her away.

    “Hey, where are you going with her?”

    “I will claim her now as mine. From now she will stay with me. Away from you pigs.” 

    “Hey! That’s not fair Miura! Share her!” Ignoring the rowdy pleas of his comrades, he pulled her roughly past the flap of his tent. Shoving her inside, he watched as she tripped over her own feet and fell down into his furs. Naked and small yet, the strangely beautiful woman began to shiver as if cold and tried to pull the furs up across her bare skin. 

    “Until I figure out just what to do with you, you will not go anywhere without me or my permission. Is that clear?” The sound of sniffling sounded from her and he clenched his jaw at her lack of reply. Crouching down, he reached out and took her arm. She tried to yank it back but he only gripped tighter, pulling her towards him. The furs fell away, bringing her small but shapely breasts into view. 

    “Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Lifting eyes upward, he focused on her face, taking in the almost buttery soft smoothness of her skin. There those thick clouds housed on her mouth parted and he couldn’t explain the sudden desire that ripped through him. He wanted to watch the forms glide and spread across his cock head, milking his length until the cream of his climax spilled out from in between them. Pushing her back into the furs, he stood and withdrew his sword a second time. Lightly trailing it in between the modest little mountains of flesh, he carefully teased her stomach and further down to the bush of her triangle. He took the flat end and pressed it against her thigh, motioning for her to part them. She looked up at him, eyes afraid but defiant. Ah so she was rebellious. Smirking, he turned the blade sharp side up and left it to kiss her skin. One little move and she’d draw blood. Unless she did as he bade. 

    “You would do well to obey me woman. If not, I can surely offer you to the others.” She finally opened her legs, revealing a slick little slit; a blushing cornucopia promising otherworldly pleasures. The petals of paradise under his gaze glistened with the honey of arousal. 

What a pretty little bee’s nest. One that the others would surely tear apart and rip to shreds. 

    “Eiji…why are you doing this? Please…” He brought his gaze upward, gazing upon her beautiful black body until meeting her eyes. Her foreign tongue he did not understand. It sounded strange to him. Unnatural. But the one thing he did recognize was his name yet again spoken on her tongue. Removing his sword, he sheathed it once more and began to remove the ties to his hakama. The action brought a crippling fear to her and she began to scoot back away from him. Pulling the ties back tight, he frowned. Somehow, he didn’t like that look in her eyes. He took off his haori and held it out to her with a hand. 

    “Put it on.” She was small enough that it would cover to her calves which would be acceptable should she have to leave the dwelling. He’d look for appropriate female kimono at a later date. Taking it slowly, he swallowed and gave a nod as she put it on. She seemed to look even tinier once having it on and he frowned even deeper than before. She was waifish and skinny and it did not please him. He’d have fatten her up. 

    “Woman, what is your name?” Her eyebrows knit together and he soon came down to her level, crouching on his calves. 

    “Name? You?” He tried but it still had confused eyes peering back at him. 

    “Fine. I’ll name you.” Briefly thinking, it came clear as day across his tongue. 

    “Au. That’s your name. Au.” For meeting her this day was completely unexpected.

    “Come. Let us go and eat.” Instead of grabbing her, this time he simply outstretched his hand, waiting for her to touch it. She swallowed and looked hesitant but eventually, let him pull her up by her fingers. 

    “Good. Come.” Letting go of her hand, he instead placed it on the hilt of his sword, motioning for her to walk ahead of him. At the camp fire, he pulled her close to his side as they sat, eyes steely at the way the men gawked at her. While he didn’t know her or know of her… one thing was certain. He’d taken claim to her. If any of these horny bastards tried to have her without so much as an askance of permission, he’d kill every last one of them. Comrade or not. What was his was his and he had no intention of sharing. Lifting a large piece of bear meat to her mouth he commanded her to eat. Enough of this and she’d put on some weight in no time. Now he just had to figure out a reason to explain her being here. For in the morning, their commander was sure to come back. If the reason wasn’t acceptable, she’d be put to death. And that was something he would not allow. Not until he got answers. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Y'all call this a gut feeling. I feel like this is going to be B-I-G. Like... it's gonna be akin to Yeonwang level. I just. Feel it. Already. Yeonwang is special to me in ways none other than Hiroto and Ra's story have been. For a different reason than H&R's story though. I can't explain it but I've never written a story like Yeonwang or been so utterly drawn into the world, the characters, the history, etc. Everything has left me 10000% invested as a creative and writer. Like Yeonwang... I feel like this is going to have the same effect. I feel like it's going to elevate me both in writing style and in creative style. Pushing me out of my comfort zone once more (like Yeonwang has). Hold me to this okay? Cause I just feel it. What do you think of the teasers? The characters? Hopefully there is no confusion. Please let e know! I've also created a trailer so please feel free to leave a comment on my youtube and let me know how you all liked it! 

Thank y'all. Love y'all. See y'all soon! 

God bless you all richly! Let's finish out this year STRONG!




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