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Author's Chapter Notes:

"If you mess with the big sister, there's always a younger, crazier little sister behind her that you don't want to mess with." -Unknown

Song Inspiration: "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

I can’t believe it went this far. 

“Please turn to the left, Miss Noble.” 

I mean, all we were trying to do was help my sister get her man back. I swear it was for a good cause... or at least 10% of it was. And the rest was all reserved for our dear old gal pal, Daisy Montgomery. 

“To the left, Miss Noble! Otherwise, the Detective will assist you if you’re directionally challenged,” the snippy officer ordered.

Looking over in the direction of said Detective, the combination of humiliation and anger fueled me all over again. I turned my body completely to the left so that a mugshot of my profile can be taken. I knew something bad was going to happen, but not to this extent. My own harebrained scheme not only got me into trouble with the law, but Leslie (the sister I was helping) and our younger sister Callie. 

We look absolutely hideous in these hot pink and leopard print bridesmaids dresses (you read that right, leopard print). We were covered in mud and let’s not even touch the mess that is our hair. We kind of got carried away. I just hate that this was another mess added to Leslie’s pile and we still came out the losers — a fact Daisy always loved to remind us of. 

Poor Leslie, she looks like she’s about to have a breakdown. We were all bridesmaids for Daisy’s wedding, not the normal supportive kind, but the kind that purposely goes out of their way to ruin the special day type. Daisy may have won the battle, but my sisters and I are going to win the war, that’s if they’re not too mad at me. Even if they are I can promise that one way or another I’m going to make Miss Daisy Montgomery pay. She went too far this time. This isn’t over by a long shot. 

I know that may sound a little bitter, but trust me when I say this feeling isn’t coming out of nowhere, this has been building up for years, and just like every teapot that comes to a boil, it starts to sing.

You’re coming in on the middle of this story let’s go back to the beginning to catch you up on why I’m about to have my name added to the system. Let’s go back about 32 years. 

Daisy, Leslie, Callie and I grew up together since we were babies. Daisy’s mother, Jacqueline Montgomery was friends with my mother before we were born. So naturally, our mothers scheduled regular play dates. Leslie is actually Callie’s and my cousin, she was adopted by my parents after she was born.

Leslie was born four months before me. Unfortunately my dad’s sister, Auntie Lauren, had died after she gave birth, and since Leslie’s father had split long before she was even born, my dad stepped up and took Leslie in. As dad tells it, mom happily took her in pregnant and all with no mumbling or grumbling. They made our family work. My parents treated Leslie just the same as me and my other siblings. They called her their daughter and she called them her parents.

Though Callie was a year younger than us, that didn’t stop our trio from becoming thick as thieves. We also had a big sister, Bianca, to teach us the ways of the wise. 

We all loved hanging out with each other and Daisy. What made our relationship challenging was that she had a knack for allowing her spoiled ways to ruin our times together. Everything had to go Daisy’s way or it was nothing at all. It was ridiculous, but what made us keep her around was her home, better known as the Montgomery Estate. It was like heaven on earth for us. Secret passageways, the most extravagant flower garden and the best sleepovers.

The house itself was magical for us. As little girls we played every game by Daisy’s rules and if she thought we weren’t playing right, she’d scream for her mother, Jacqueline, to back her up and of course she would automatically take her daughter’s side. I hated that Daisy would purposely call on her mother and tell on us because Jacqueline always threatened to send us home and if that happened we would get into so much trouble with our mother. Daisy took joy in the downfalls of others especially the Noble girls. 

By the time high school rolled around Daisy used to go behind our backs to steal our spotlight. If Callie earned the leading role in the school play, guess who literally bought their way into the spot? When Leslie earned a high grade, who do you think would throw the biggest tantrum just to upstage my sister? Or if I practiced day and night for the solo at the spring concert, who would play teacher’s pet and would manipulate them causing another student to lose their spot? And let’s say a guy showed any of us any bit of interest, who could we always count on to flirt her way into the guy’s radar? If you guessed Daisy, thank you for paying attention. I like you already!

There was this unspoken knowledge that Daisy was the queen bee and we were her colony. Her reign ended during our senior year of high school. I couldn’t take it anymore. Not only was she sneaky, she was evil. There was no level too low for her. As for me; I had limits and Daisy had crossed me for the last time. 

When I graduated from Kennedy High School, I moved to the city to pursue my dreams. Callie moved in with me a year later. She’s an actress and I’m a singer. We definitely learned the true definitions of broke college students who were also struggling artists, however we survived. 

Two years after my departure from my hometown, I ended up pregnant with twin girls. Their names are Eden and Aspen, who are now twelve years old. They’re the joys and loves of my life. Their father is a totally different story, there was no love lost between us.

He’s a decent father, but Montell wasn’t ready for parenthood and 10 years later his actions still proves he’s not ready. If you let his mother, Ms. Evelyn, tell it like it was she would admit to her son being trifling, but nothing and no one would get in the way of her relationship with her granddaughters. Ms. Evelyn never gave me a hard time or pressured me to make things work with her son. We had a great understanding she was like a second mother to me. And the girls adored their Grammy. 

When I realized where Montell’s head was when I told him I was pregnant, I knew I was going to have to step up to the plate and be a single mom. Adoption or abortion was an option for me, I was still determined to be the girl who would chase her dreams even if I had to continue writing songs for some of the biggest names in the industry for a while. At least my foot was in the door. 

Though it sucked to not be in the spotlight like I always dreamt, this woman had mouths to feed, bodies to clothe and roof to keep over some precious heads. Even with all the unexpected highs and lows, the plan never changed for me to stop fighting for my chance to be a star. Now that the girls are older, it’s easier for me to go a little harder to turn my childhood dream to reality. 

Leslie stayed home after our high school graduation. She became a high school math teacher. She told us that she was dating a guy named Issac, who was her co worker's brother. Apparently they met at some type of open house event and hit it off. According to our eldest sister Bianca, the art teacher at the same high school, Isaac is a good guy. 

So when Leslie, a relatively private person, recently updated her relationship status on social media to “in a relationship.” We knew it was serious and another reason to meet and grill the lucky guy. Leslie was a sweet girl and we tended to be overprotective of her. 

I guess one could say that coming back to our small, country and quaint hometown was the break we didn’t know we needed. In all honesty I didn’t want a break. You know that saying, when it rains, it pours? Well, right now we both were currently in a drought. Callie couldn’t land any roles worth acting. She ended up picking up a job as a waitress to help pay the bills. I told her I had us covered, but she refused to be dependent on me when I had two growing girls to raise. I respected her decision, but I always let her know it wasn’t necessary. I just didn’t want my sister to give up on her dreams. She is honestly one of the best undiscovered actresses.I know it’s a matter of time before she finds the role that changes her life. 

I, on the other hand, had writer’s block. It was weird, I could write songs for everyone else, but when I wrote a song to fit me and my voice, I drew a blank. I knew every topic I wanted to address, but not even a complete line would come to me. It was frustrating! Ever since I was a little girl, I could write a song about anything. My first song was about bubble gum. 

“I think it’s dumb

That I can’t eat bubble gum, 

but Bianca can have some.

Mommy keeps telling me wait till you’re older,

She thinks I’ll stick it in places all over. 

But it’s not fair, I just want a taste

Of chewy strawberry, great grape-ilicious or even boring spearmint that tastes like paste!

Mama, don’t hum, please give me some gum!”

That little diddy earned me my first piece of chewing gum. Thank you very much. I always go back to that song to remind me that I was born to be a singer/songwriter. Writing lyrics came to me as easily as it is to breathe, but as of late I’ve been suffocating and coming back home was only going to prolong the process of this block. 

However, I really had no choice in the matter because Bianca was getting married to her high school sweetheart, Harrison. Fate had forced me to go back home. And boy, was I in for quite a few surprises. 

I packed the bags for myself and the twins. I was extra nervous. Going back home was always a different experience. The last time I was home was for my grandfather’s funeral that turned into a boxing match between my uncles. My mother was so embarrassed, but my sisters and I got a major kick out of it. The reason they were fighting was because my Uncle Frank felt he and his family should have walked in first behind my grandmother because he was the one that took care of our grandparents. Instead, Uncle Pete and his family came in first behind my grandmother because all of the siblings, except for Uncle Frank, agreed that the procession should be led by the eldest child with the youngest sibling at the end, which was him. 

We were in a church, but my grandma got her sons together as if they were five year olds cutting up in class. She didn’t curse them out, but her tone held just the same amount. Everyone knows that the universal motherly tone meant you’d better shape up before you get your behind wore out. And she made them apologize in front of everybody. My sisters, our dad and I were crying laughing. The ushers bought us Kleenex because she thought we were emotional over our grandfather. As classy as my mother is, you would never believe who her siblings were, but we loved them all the same. 

This trip back home would be for a more joyous occasion. Drama had a way of following us Nobles. I was hoping it would’ve been different this time around, but like my grandma says, “that would be too much like right.”

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you've enjoyed what you read and you're ready to read more. This story was inspired by one of one my favorite movies (Revenge of The Bridesmaids). There are some similarities, but the characters and a lot of parts in this story are solely my ideas that I've been brainstorming for the longest time. My plan is to finish this story and give the rest of the sisters their own stories. 

I've written stories before, but they've never felt organic. This time around I'm feeling more confident with this. Let me know what you think. 

Thank you for reading! 🥰

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.