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"Mommy can we have peanut butter and jelly for dinner?"

"Peanut butter and jelly for dinner? Didn't you have that for lunch Miss Demi?"

"I like peanut butter and jelly"

Sabrina couldn't help but smile at Demetria as she giggled; she couldn't believe her little girl would be turning five in a few weeks on Christmas Eve. Time was moving so fast Sabrina could barely keep up; Demetria would be old enough for kindergarten next fall.

"You're going to turn into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" Sabrina teased Demetria playfully; and the little girl laughed.

"I'll make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Demi"


Sabrina froze in her tracks and a chill ran down her spine at the sight of Trent Jackson at her apartment door with a grin on his face. What the hell was he doing here? He wasn't supposed to be here. How did he find them?

Her stomach turned watching Trent scoop up Demetria and kiss her on the cheek.

This was the same man who didn't give a shit about their daughter because he wanted a "junior" not a girl.

The same man who lost his job when Sabrina was still pregnant with Demetria and became verbally and emotionally abusive. Sabrina had to work up until she gave birth.

Trent had been so obsessed with having a son that he had tried to get Sabrina to have sex even when she was still healing from Demetria's rather difficult birth.

Demetria had unfortunately had colic as a baby and had episodes when she cried and cried and cried. Sabrina caught Trent literally shaking Demetria to a point where it got violent all because he had been annoyed with her crying. If Sabrina hadn't intervened Trent could have killed their daughter.

Outside of the blatant mistreatment of Demetria; Sabrina had also been a punching bag for Trent. How she didn't "hold him down" while he was getting his music career off the ground. A black woman is supposed to hold down her black kind no matter what.

Sabrina was more concerned with steady employment and keeping a roof over Demetria's head and food in her belly. So their daughter could have all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches her heart desired. Trent was a grown ass man and needed to act like it but refused to step up and let go of his "music career"

Sabrina had suggested that perhaps Trent actually go to community college and look into possibly being a music teacher; but he scoffed at that idea he wanted to be a rapper. 

Shortly after Demetria turned two Sabrina had enough of Trent and she divorced him and gained full custody of their daughter. The paperwork to get her maiden name back was a lot but it was even more challenging to change Demetria's last name from Jackson to Ellis. It was worth it though.

When Sabrina and Demetria moved out she didn't even get child support from Trent. She wanted nothing to do with him and didn't find him to be a suitable father for Demetria.

His mother and his sisters who obviously coddled him since he was the only boy in the family scolded her for not "giving him another chance" despite the fact that Trent was laying up in their houses between all three of them.

Sabrina was pissed to see Trent and wanted him gone now.

"Mommy look Daddy's here!"

It was amazing how forgiving children were because Demetria hadn't seen her father in well over a year and didn't have any clear memories of Trent's abuse; so of course she was excited to see him.

It broke Sabrina's heart because Demetria deserved to have a father in her life and she wanted her daughter to have that but Trent just wasn't it.

"Daddy my birthday is coming up!"

"I know" Trent said the look on his face said otherwise "you're turning four right?"

"No Daddy I'm turning five" Demetria corrected him holding all five of her fingers

Sabrina couldn't be more disgusted; Trent didn't even keep track of their child's age.

"Daddy are you coming over for my birthday?"

Trent then looked up at Sabrina in the eye chuckling and slickly said, "Well Demi that depends on what Mommy says; I'd love to come over for your birthday maybe Christmas too"

Demetria's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and immediately tugged on Sabrina's arm "Oh Mommy please! I want Daddy to come!"

Sabrina bit her lower lip and tried to keep it together for Demetria's sake but she was going to get to the bottom of this.

"Demi" Sabrina said softly but seriously "baby go inside okay I have to talk to your daddy alone for a minute"

"Mommy please let Daddy come"

"We'll see" Sabrina nipped it in the bud "inside young lady"

"Okay see you Daddy"

"See you around sweet pea"

Once Demetria was out of earshot inside of the apartment; Sabrina hissed at Trent

"You won't be seeing her at all"

"Well I already promised her" Trent manipulatively "hello to you too Sabrina"

"You didn't promise her shit" Sabrina said defensively "you never even wanted her"

Trent chuckled and pinned Sabrina against the wall and whispered in her ear

"You're right I didn't" he admitted "but we can get started on that junior I think Demi would love a little brother"

"Get off me!" Sabrina pushed Trent off of her trembling "don't fucking touch me!"

"Whoa" Trent said backing off of Sabrina "what's wrong with you Brina---"

"Don't call me that"

Trent chuckled and snorted at the same time

"Funny that pussy used to get real wet when I called you---"

"That was then and this is now" Sabrina cut him off "what the hell are you doing here Trent? What do you want?"

"I want you and Demi back in my life"


"What do you mean bullshit?" Trent said "don't act like you don't need a man when you obviously do"

"I don't need a man like you"

"You could have used a man when you broke your arm a few months ago"

Sabrina paused and a chill went down her spine.

"How did I find out?" Trent read Sabrina's face "word gets around my sister Keisha told me"

Of course she did. Sabrina couldn't stand Keisha.

"Trent you need to leave and not come back"

"You don't want me?"


"You wanted me this time six years ago"

"I've changed" Sabrina replied "please leave before I call the police"

"You really going to call the police on a brotha in this day and age?" Trent guilt tripped her "you trying to make me another hashtag?"

"No I'm not Trent but I don't need you harassing me and my daughter"

"She's my daughter too" Trent argued "she might not be a boy but she still came out of my nut sack; hell you wouldn't even have her if I didn't fuck you"

"You're disgusting" Sabrina spat "how can you talk about Demi that way"

"It's true" Trent said "call the police I'll tell them you're keeping me from my child"

"I have full custody," Sabrina said defensively

"Those papers are more important than blood? Keeping a black child from her black father? Keeping her from her grandmother and aunts---"

"Don't use that black family shit to guilt trip me Trent" Sabrina said "I have custody to protect Demi from you or are you forgetting that you almost killed her"

"I did not," Trent said deflecting "I was trying to get her to stop crying"

"By shaking her like a ragdoll? She was six weeks old Trent!"

"That was then and this is now" Trent guilt tripped her "ain't that what you said? I've changed it's in the past"

"No Trent you haven't changed" Sabrina said firmly "please leave now"

"I can't give Demi a kiss goodnight---"


"Fine" Trent spat at her "this isn't over Sabrina I know where you live now and you can't keep Demi away from me forever"

Sabrina rubbed the arm that had broken when she saved Piero from committing suicide; she had strained it when she pushed Trent off of her. She watched Trent walk down the hall to the exit.

Even though Sabrina had put on a brave front now; she was scared. When Trent made a threat like that he meant it. Piero's Christmas invitation to the Pocono mountains was certainly looking more appealing now.


He took her mouth furiously and conquered her tongue.

She didn't object when he opened her blouse popping a few buttons in the process.

She didn't stop him when he opened the front clasp of her bra.

He took a hold of her breasts and started to knead them.

She moaned and called out his name as he took one of her nipples in his hot mouth and suckled until she was writhing in his arms. He treated her other nipple the same.

He unbuttoned her pants and slipped his hand inside her panties and stroked her slick folds seeking her weeping clit that lay in between.

"Do you get this wet and hot for anyone else? Do your nipples get this big and hard for anyone else? Who's name do you call out when you play with yourself?"

"Piero!" she panted as he interested two fingers in her tight entrance and his thumb rolled her clit.

He pinched one of her nipples as he sped up his penetrating fingers. She cried out again as her climax was quickly impending

"That's it Brina come for me baby!"




Piero woke up in the middle of the night once again with his erection in his hands and the mushroom head pealed with beads of semen. Damn he had it bad for Sabrina Ellis there wasn't a night that didn't go by that he didn't masturbate to her.

Groaning Piero got off bed and into the bathroom to clean himself up. It was 2 in the morning and he would have to be up for work in a few hours; he had to get back to sleep.

As Piero cleaned himself he noticed the collection of bath shampoos and perfumes that had belonged to Valentina on the vanity sink. It was the part of the sink that had been her half; the half where she stood when the two of them would get ready for the day each morning.

It was a lonely routine now as he stood at the sink by himself now on most mornings. On the weekends Noelle would toddle into the bathroom with her unicorn stepstool to "brush her teeth with Daddy" so at least Piero still had her.

Although brushing teeth with daddy usually consisted of Noelle singing silly songs and getting toothpaste everywhere but on her teeth; Piero cherished those moments

Piero loved Noelle very much but the love between him and Valentina was different.

The love between a father and daughter was one thing; but the love between a husband and wife was another.

Piero missed Valentina and he missed that type of love; his growing feelings for Sabrina were starting to spark that flame that Piero craved. A flame he greatly missed.

A tiny knock on the door broke Piero from his thoughts

"Daddy?" Noelle asked from the other side "are you having privacy?"

Piero couldn't help but smile a little he had been teaching his daughter proper bathroom etiquette. The almost four year old knew how to knock before opening when her father was in the bathroom. In vice versa Piero taught Noelle to let him know when she was having privacy when she was in the bathroom.

Piero pulled his pajama pants back up and opened the door to see Noelle clutching her stuffed unicorn to her chest with tears in her eyes.

"Ellie" he said "sweetie it's late why aren't you sleeping?"

"I had a bad dream Daddy"

"Oh? What was the bad dream?"

Piero scooped Noelle up and walked her back to her bedroom

"Mommy" she whispered "and the fast car"

The car accident from June really changed things for both Piero and Noelle. Who would have known that an accident would have cost Valentina her life. 

However since Noelle had been the car too it greatly affected her to a point where she had developed an anxiety for car rides and riding fast on the road. 

Piero didn't know what to do because he felt that at not even four years old yet Noelle was too young to see a therapist but perhaps he would have to look into seeing if child therapists saw children Noelle's age.

"I want Mommy" Noelle said as Piero laid her back into her bed

"I know you do," he said understandingly "I want her too"

"Why can't Mommy come back from Heaven Daddy?" she asked innocently

"Heaven is her home now Ellie" Piero tried to explain, "she's resting there now"

"Can't she come back home and rest?"

"She would have loved to have done that; but Noelle when people go to Heaven they don't come back"

"Not ever?"


Noelle frowned as she twiddled her unicorn's mane between her fingers and asked

"Are you going to go to Heaven too?"

"I'm staying right here with you Noelle"


"I promise"

Piero knew he would have to talk about his suicide attempt with Noelle once she got much older like in her teen years; but he it still pained him to know that he had almost left his daughter all alone.

"Mommy didn't want to leave you," he said sincerely

"She didn't?"

"No she didn't she loved you very much Ellie"

"I loved Mommy too"

Piero kissed Noelle on the cheek and pulled her unicorn blanket over her

"Alright Ellie Ladybug it's late" Piero "try to get back to sleep okay?"

"Okay Daddy"

"I love you"

"Love you too Daddy"

Noelle's birthday and Christmas was going to be different this year without Valentina and that's why Piero wanted to make it special for her. He didn't want his little girl hurting anymore.


Sabrina took a deep breath.

She could do this; she knew she could.

She knocked on Piero Morrone's office door and when he answered there was no turning back.

"Sabrina please come in"

"I won't take up too much of your time Mr. Morrone... since it's not work related"

"It's fine Sabrina what is that you wanted to talk about?"

Sabrina bit her lower lip

"Are you nervous?" Piero asked


"You always bite your lip like that when you're nervous" Piero noted, "it's okay"

"Right well um I thought about your invitation for Christmas in the Poconos"

"You've made your decision?"

"Yes" Sabrina replied "I'd love to come with all that's happened in the last few months I want Demi to have a nice birthday and Christmas; a change of scenery will do her some good"

"That's fantastic!" Piero smiled "I'll have to tell Ellie this evening she'll be so excited; she loves Demi like a sister"

"I know" Sabrina chuckled a little

"I hope you're accepting the invitation for you too Sabrina" Piero said sincerely "I know you'd do anything for your daughter but you deserve a change of scenery as well"

"Well I wasn't really thinking about that but I suppose you do have a point"

"Is everything okay?"

Damn Piero could read her like a book. Was she that obvious?

"Oh yes everything's fine"

"You can talk to me about anything Sabrina"

"I know" she said still guarded about the real reason she decided to go on the vacation. As long as Piero didn't find out about her situation with Demetria's sperm donor Trent everything would go smoothly.

"Well it's definitely going to be cold" Piero went on to say "make sure you pack accordingly; the forecast is calling for snow so it might a white Christmas after all"

"Right when are we leaving?"

"December 21st it will give us a few days to settle down; get into grove of things"

"Sounds like a plan"

"Well it's a vacation so you can relax Sabrina" Piero said "the minute we get to the cabin I'm not Mr. Morrone anymore; I'll be Piero. Okay?"


Yes this certainly would be a very interesting Christmas

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.