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    I sat and listened to her talk about her latest crush, just like the other fifty times, it was cute but I got bored and simply nodded not hearing a thing after the first three minutes.

Becca was a nice girl and I'd known her a little over four years, we were practically sisters. And that was exactly the problem. How am I supposed to tell my 'sister' I've been having wet dreams about her since the very first day I saw her in a red cut out bikini that had dipped dangerously low on her chest and barely covered her pussy. 

I'm not naturally so crass but.. the things I want to do to her with my mouth and fingers, even a stripper would blush at those thoughts. 


“Naomi.. were you even listening?”


I smiled sheepishly “Not really. I'm sorry”


She sighed “I suppose you must be bored.” 

 A smile followed to show she wasn't mad at me, just like I could never get mad at her. 

Can someone say kryptonite!. 

A good looking guy walked past our table where we sipped quietly on our cups of coffee and they made eye contact ; queue crush number fifty one. A pinch of jealousy flared and I distracted her from the eye screwing they had going on.


“Want to come over to my place?. I've got some MJs” I wiggled my brows watching her eyes light up at the mention of cannabis. We both knew she wasn't really good at it and was a lightweight in every sense but she liked taking it anyway just to unwind. “It's a weekend after all . ”


“Count me in!.” 


I hid a grin behind my cup. 


 We had pizza and smoked and had pizza again and smoked again, almost leaning on top each other. I brushed my hand "accidentally" on her exposed thighs a couple of times. 


“Seems like you've built up your tolerance” I teased, already feeling the effects of the weed but nowhere near Becca . 


"You got that right". Her smile was goofy and relaxed and suddenly it was replaced with something else I couldn't decipher. "tell me something Naomi ".


For some reason I was apprehensive "what is it? ". 


"Do you like me?. Like LIKE me? "


I was sure I had a 'deer caught in the headlights look' and I stupidly muttered "what?" 


"oh come on.. don't be shy" her blue eyes glimmered. She was still very high but very aware. 


A blush crept up on my cheeks. this wasn't how it was supposed to go. I was supposed to get her high as hell and "seduce" her - don't give me that look, maybe it was wrong but it wasn't like I would have forced her or something- but now, I was uncomfortable instead. 


She giggled "no need to feel weird. It's not the first time a girl has had those feelings for me" she managed to wink "but, it's the first time I've entertained the thought of it".


I couldn't believe my ears. Had she just implied what I thought she was implying?. 


A cheeky grin appeared on her face "Don't be surprised, you're hot as hell" the grin left and was replaced by something intense "I noticed how you've always looked at me.. " eyes moved to my lips that had been parted. I licked my lower lip, when it suddenly felt dry and watched her bite hers, stifling a moan. "and I remember that day we went to that pool party, how you kept watching me.. especially a certain part of me.. " she looked back in my eyes. She touched my hand, trailing up my arm up to my shoulder blades. 

Was this actually happening?. Even if it wasn't, I'd be insane to not take the chance. 


I stopped her “You're right. I've wanted you for a long time. I just didn't think it was the right idea to say anything but obviously you already noticed”.


"Well here is your opportunity. Show me".


I didn't wait to be told twice. I leaned in, my lips meeting hers. A moan died in her throat as I pressed harder against her, happy we were both braless as I felt her nipples hard and straining against the light T-shirt she had on, teasing my chest as well. 

She brought a hand to my hair and played with the wayward strands that fell past my neck, before moving to the back of my neck. 

I held her by her neck, a little rough and I was elated as she moaned deeper. Our tongues danced and our lips were locked on tight. Did I mention I was really loved kissing?. Well I do, and her lips, soft and plump, made me hungry for more. 

I took a hand under her shirt and palmed a perfect sized breast, rolling a nipple between my fingers. 

She pulled her lips for a second to take in a much needed breath before coming back for more. 


"Are you just going to kiss me senseless all night? " she spoke in between our mouth choreography. 


I smirked "oh no.. I just want you to get real nice and wet.. I want to have you dripping on my tongue by the time I'm done with you".


She shivered against me. 


We were in my house, like so many times before and all we had on were shirts and cotton panties- my Lucky night. 


“Touch me” I told her and as I felt her hand go down, I shuddered in pleasure. she rubbed me through soaked cotton, slowly, I could feel every sensation and I can't say I didn't love it.

I shifted her underwear to the side and groaned as I touched her too “You're so damn wet.. but I want you to drip for me”. 


I pulled away, raised her shirt over her head and lay her down on my sofa. I salivated as I viewed large dark areolas surrounding perky breasts that rose and fell with every breath she took. “ Beautiful” I murmured to myself. 

My pussy tingled just seeing her lay there, in front of me, soaking wet, eyes dimmed in arousal. 

Was there such a thing as perfect nipples? because hers definitely looked like they belonged in that category. 


I sucked on a breast, pulling softly on that perfect nipple, while my left hand teased her clit, my right fondled on her left breast - good thing I've always been good at multitasking. 


She writhed underneath me, fingers in my hair, voice raw from the sounds she couldn't hold back. By the time I would be done with her, she would be singing notes she never knew she could reach. 

Reluctantly, I moved upward, kissing her neck and making sure I left love bites that would make her remember it was real. 

My fingers still played her. I dipped two digits in, not giving her the time to adjust, loving the way she gasped and gripped tighter on my hair. 

She was slippery, her essence permeating the air and fluids definitely staining my couch. Perfect. 


“Now I'm going to fuck you with my tongue and you are going to come in my mouth”. She nodded in understanding. “Use your words Becca. Do you want me to do that?” .


Her answer came in short breaths “Yes. Yes, I want you to fuck me with your tongue” .


I loved the need in her voice. It was exactly how I felt inside.

 “Good girl”. I smirked. 


I pulled off her panties, holding it to my nose, getting lost in her scent “You smell divine” . 

She bit on her lip, eyes focused on me. 

I positioned my nose on her pussy, inhaling more of her “I think your pussy is my new favorite fragrance ”. she giggled, but it changed to a moan as I licked from her opening to her throbbing clit. 


"Fuuuck " she moaned almost painfully. 

I grabbed her thighs and dived deeper, tongue lost inside of her. 

My pussy ached but I didn't mind as long as I had hers on my tongue. 

My hair was suffering but fuck it if I minded. 

I ate her out like she was my last meal and trust me, that's what she tasted like- a delicacy I had been craving. 

I stiffened my tongue, going faster, using two fingers to play with that hardened nub that sat at her opening. 

Her cries were louder, hips moving in time to my tongue, swear words I couldn't count pouring from her lips. 

I knew when she wanted to cum. Her legs shook and her moans were almost desperate - those high notes I wanted tickling my ears. 

She came, deliciousness flooding my mouth. 

I moved up and kissed her, dropping what was left of her inside her mouth. 

She moaned, holding my face, deepening our kiss. 

I lay beside her, the both of us taking deep breaths before erupting into laughter. 


“That was fun”. she mused. 

 “Yes. it was. ”


She couldn't keep the grin off her face “give me a minute. I'm gonna have a taste of you too”.


It was probably how she said it, and the torturous slow bite of her lip, but I think I almost had a fucking orgasm myself. 












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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.