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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Erika Johnson


Peter Morrison


Damien King


Erika Johnson loves her living arrangement. Living with two guys was a lot easier than living with two other, strong women. There was almost no drama about who used what and who’s took somebody’s stilettos. Her roommates were two men who she had in a couple of her classes. Damien King, her friend since her Freshman year in New York University, has been living with her since their second year at college. The other, Peter Morrison, moved in from London, England and had attended NYU a whole year before moving in with his friend Damien. Erika was glad that she didn’t have to deal with the troubles that come with living with women due to past experiences. However, she had to remind the guys that she is a woman and they should clean more often. It was a Saturday and everyone in the apartment was studying. It was near midterm exams.

“Ugh! I can’t bloody take it!” Peter groaned as he let his head drop back on the couch.

“Yeah, if I see one more diagram of a diseased cell I’m about to crack.” Erika closed her textbook.

“You guys are overreacting. You guys need to treat it like a regular test.” both Peter and Erika glared at Damien.

“Don’t give me that look! Hey, at least this isn’t finals.”

“It might as well be. Damn, you think professors would learn not to schedule all their exams on the same day.”

“Well, that’s American university life for you. If you were England, you would be finished with university and in training as a resident.”

“That’s because you don’t have to take basic classes like we do. That’s a shame cuz I met some of the most banging girls in my elective classes.” Damien reminiscing on all the women he slept with. Erika threw a pencil at him. “Ouch!”

“Damien, you are a dog.”

“No, I’m not. Now, Peter is a dog.”

“What?!” Peter was caught off guard.

“Yeah, you know you use that accent to get ladies. You sound like you just stepped off the set of ‘Harry Potter’ and chicks damn near throw their panties at you.”

“It’s not like that at all! I can’t go into the grocery store without the checkout clerk asks me to repeat ‘tomato’ and ‘bottle’ and other shit. The worst one’s are the people that say ‘Cheerio!’ I just want to punch them, you know.”

“Well, I’m glad you are one of those rare guys that don’t take advantage of the situation.” Erika beamed a bright smile at Peter.

“Thanks…” he blushed

 Peter knew he shouldn’t do this, but he was starting to fall for Erika. He knew that it’s an awkward situation. Being attracted to your roommate is a very bad thing. All three of them have formed a strong platonic relationship. But every time he saw Erika’s full lips he wanted nothing more than to devour them. Of course he wasn’t going to tell Damien any of this. He was glad that Damien saw Erika as a close friend instead of something more. She was there for him whenever he gets homesick. He was brought back to reality by Damien’s voice.

“Well, we better get back to work. I have to give a ten minute speech for my midterm exam…” he rolled his eyes.

“I will but I need something to snack on. You know big girls gotta eat.” she lifted herself off the couch and moved past Damien who was on the floor.

“Oh, c’mon. You’re not big, Erika.” Peter really hated when she called herself fat.

“I know…who wants a PB&J sandwich!”

“Me!” Damien held his hand in the air.

“A what?!”

“PB&J? As in peanut butter and jelly? Don’t tell me you haven’t had a PB&J sandwich?!”

“No…can’t say I haven’t.”

“You’re joking, right?!”

“I’ve had jam before but I’ve never tried peanut butter before. It’s not big in England.”

“You so have to try it! You better get your pale, ass over here!”

Peter reluctantly got off the couch. He saw Damien smirking with a look on his face suggesting that Peter was some sort of a guinea pig experiment. Ever since he met Damien, he was subjected to many, awkward, social situations in which he was not accustomed to American culture. He went to the kitchen and saw Erika grab a spoon from the dresser and got a spoonful of peanut butter from the jar.

“Here, tell me what you think.”


Peter took the spoon and sniffed it. It smelled really strange but he had to try it. He put the spoon in his mouth and swirled it around in his mouth. It was difficult because the damn thing was so creamy that it got stuck to the roof of his mouth at times. It was okay, he thought. He could see why peanut butter never really caught on in England.

“So, was it good? Bad? Alright?”

“Um…it’s difficult to fucking chew but I like it. The texture kinda freaks me out but besides that it’s not that bad.”

“Great!” Erika beamed.

After making the sandwiches, they went back to studying. Erika would glance at her book, the wall, the window, and anything else to distract herself from her textbook. Her eyes fell upon Peter. She felt a sense of pride as she convinced him to try the peanut butter. She admired how he just dived in and not hesitate to try it. She felt a weird shiver as she looked at his intense, brown eyes. He was arguing with Damien over rugby vs. football. She thought he was cute when his eyebrows furrowed. She quickly had to shake off her last thought.

“Fuck, get it together, girl.” she silently said to herself. It fell silent for awhile until Damien got a text message.

“Oh, hell yeah!”


“You alright, mate?”

“I’m cool. I’m going out tonight with this girl I met last week. I love to stay and go over this speech but I have to get outta here.”

“Mmm-hmm…you just want some.” Erika knew Damien’s ‘I’m gonna get me some sex’ grin by heart.

"Man, why you think all I do is get booty. No comments! You’re gonna back me up, bro?” he turned his attention to Peter.

“You’re on your own, mate.”

“That’s cold. Well I’ll see you two later. Deuces!” Damien said as he left the apartment.

They chuckled and continued studying. Hours had passed and they were exhausted from studying so long. Both had put their studying materials aside and decided to watch T.V. They sat on the couch flipping channels. It was a Saturday which meant nothing was on so they opted on turning to a random channel just as background noise. Peter was getting thirsty and started to get off of the couch.

“I’m about to get a beer. You want one?”


“Two beers coming up.” he walked over to the fridge and grabbed two beers and headed back to the couch. “I’m glad you’re the type of girl that enjoys beers and not one of those lolly-flavored, fruity drinks.”

“I do but not all the time.”

“I think it’s brilliant.”

“I’m really glad you tried the peanut butter, Peter.” she looked into Peter’s eyes as he sipped his beer.

“Thanks.” it was quiet for a bit afterwards.

“I bet Damien is out with God knows who. I really think he should stop the whole playa thing.”


“I’m sorry I’m such a shitty person to hang around. I actually go out on Saturday nights, but I just didn’t feel like it. Damien probably went to a club and you could’ve gone. Hey, you might’ve met someone.”

“I doubt it. And, I don’t mind being with you, you know. Plus, I’d rather fancy being in my pyjamas sitting on a couch with you…” Peter stopped himself because he knew he was starting to stare at her lustfully. “At least you can put up with my accent and not have me repeat every bleeding word out of my mouth.”

“I know, right?! So, how are you with the missing home thing? The last time we talked you weren’t doing so great.”

“Uh…I think I came to grips with it. I will always miss England but I have you guys to keep me company.”

“You know what? I kinda like being in my pajamas just chillin’ on the couch with you. Who needs getting drunk off their asses!”

“To not getting pissed!”

“I really have to get a dictionary book when I talk to you.” she saw a slight look of disappointment in his eyes. “I’m kidding! You know I can get the gist of how you talk.”

“I got the joke.”

Erika looked at the T.V. and saw that she had turned it on ESPN which had a soccer game one. It was Italy vs. England. She saw the excited expression on Peter’s face. His already bright eyes would get more intense as he saw something that reminded him of home. Peter leaned forward as he watched the match. He looked over to see Erika trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He took the time between commercial breaks to explain her the rules and what happened.

“So, that guy was bending the ball?” she had no idea what she was saying.

“Yep…we have to go to England one of these days. I would love to take you and Damien to a real English pub while there’s a football match going on.”

“Would I get fish and chips?”

“And don’t forget about Guinness! I miss that shit.”

“Well, let’s celebrate the win with your new favorite American food, peanut butter!” she let out an innocent laugh.

“I’m not going to hear the end of this, am I?”


Erika put her empty beer bottle down and went to the kitchen. She can back with two spoons and the jar of peanut butter. Peter watched as she glided across the room in her red plaid pajama bottoms. He liked how she wasn’t ashamed to be comfortable around a couple of blokes. He had to lick his dehydrating lips as he saw her simple, red tank-top with lace trim. She came back and plopped down on the couch. She handed him a spoon and they dug in. Peter saw that there was a small bit of peanut butter on the corner of Erika’s mouth.

“Um…you have a bit…right about here.” he pointed to his own mouth to show where she had peanut butter on her mouth. She wiped at her mouth.

“Is it off? This is so embarrassing.”

“Here, let me get it.”

Peter moved closer to her on the couch, took his thumb and ran it slowly across her plump bottom lip. He scooped up the peanut butter from her mouth but somehow he couldn’t remove his thumb. He was frozen. Erika just stared into his eyes as they darkened with lust and she stuck her tongue out and licked the morsel of peanut butter on his thumb. He withdrew is digit.

“I never mentioned that peanut butter is my favorite…”

Erika was cut off by Peter swiftly leaning in to kiss her. She tasted the hint of peanuts butter on his lips. Peter kissed her more deeply pressing his tongue against her lips awaiting access inside. She granted his permission and allowed his tongue to dance with hers. She tasted brilliant, he thought. Their was still some peanut butter in his mouth so Erika could taste the peanut butter mixed with him. Peter placed his hands at her curvy hips and laid her, gently, unto the couch. Both of them not caring that they were breaking the code, that bond of friendship. Suddenly, Peter pulled away from her which alarmed her.

“What is it?!” she became worried and thought he grew a conscience. She then noticed a wicked smirk play across his lips.

“I just want to try an experiment.” he grabbed the jar of peanut butter and stuck one finger in. He pulled out a generous amount on his index finger and spread it across her slightly parted lips. He proceeded to lick them, then claiming them again.

“Um…what conclusions did you make from your experiment?”

“That you are the loveliest woman I have ever met. That I wanted you for the longest time. That…” he was cut off by Erika this time.

They kissed for a moment more until they both needed to breathe. Peter took off his T-shirt and bent down to nibble at Erika’s neck. Her moans made his arousal more noticeable in his thin, pajama pants. Erika slightly sat up to take off her tank-top exposing a black bra. His hand traveled to her collarbone making her writhe under his touch. He finally knew how she sounded when she moaned instead of imaging how she would sound when he was secretly wanking off thinking about her. Her hand went to the waistband of his pajama bottom while he unclasped her bra. He had to restrain himself as he saw her exposed orbs practically at eye level. She lifted up to pull her pajama pants down. She soaked through her underwear wanting him inside her now. His kisses trailed to her ear licking the outer shell. Her hand went inside his pants finding his hard member ready. She pulled his pants down at his thighs seeing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He waited patiently as he could until he knew that what they were doing was okay.

“Are you sure about this, Erika?” his intense eyes burning right into hers.


It was all he needed to hear before he entered into her cavern. He groaned as he felt her heat as he plunged in and out of her. Erika’s leg’s wrapped around his waist as she pulled him down into a kiss. He was in perfect bliss as he can still taste the peanut butter lingering on her tongue. She moaned as Peter sped up the tempo slightly as she gripped a cushion on the couch. Her hand moved to his hair as she ran hand into his purposely messy locks. Peter moved faster groaning a she felt Erika’s walls clenching him as she was near her peak.

“Ahh!” Erika’s body convulsed as she climaxed.

“Shit!” Peter came burying his head into the nape of Erika’s neck. He devoured her hungry mouth still tasting the last bit of peanut butter flavor in her mouth. He pulled away to her staring in to his eyes.

“Um…uh…um…wow. We did it, huh? We broke the bond by doing something we swore we would never do.” a wave of guilt washed over her.

“We did. It will never be the same with us again…but, I don’t want it to be.”

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.