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10 years went by in the blink of an eye. Now eveyone was gathered in a tiny town for there highschool reunion. Sparks will fly as old 'friends' meet again.

Then enters two guys who have come with the intention of wooing the one girl they shouldnt have let go of in the first place. The only problem is there after the same girl.

On this unlevel playing field where hurt, love and jealousy run wild everyone is playing for keeps

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Published: June 22 2013
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Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2-Top of the Stairs

haha yes I love it ! she definitly rubbed her money in their faces. melody was so cool and nonchalant about it. what better way to do it than in a valetino dress and a rolls royce. she definitly didn't need their approval or acceptance. mel is her own woman. its the towns turn now to do some groveling.

Author's Response:

And grovel they will. If its one thing the people in Gareth appreciate it is money. Melody a boss.


Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: tanyam Signed
Date: June 24 2013

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