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I love to write interracial stories that feature unusual pairings. I am especially interested in Black female/Native male pairings.

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After living in the cold, dinky town of Fenway, Michigan for nearly two decades, seventeen year old Claudia Strauss is more than ready for something new. But when she finds herself living in a small Montana town that borders an Indian reservation, she will struggle to to find acceptance in an unfamiliar world. As the only black teenager on the Blackfoot reservation, Claudia must not only come to terms with cultural conflicts, but also deal with the unpleasant realities of transitioning to adulthood.

Along the way, she finds herself drawn to Tristan Whitefeather, the loner artist who is "different" in a way that both scares and intrigues her. She also feels the pull towards Lucas Good Blanket, who is a bad boy with a soft heart that has just as much as skill with the opposite sex as he does with his hand drum.

Through the trials of her teenage years to the problems of young adulthood, Claudia will find her life forever changed by the people on the rez. And in the process, learn more about herself than she ever could have imagined.

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Title: Chapter 12: This is not a chapter. Just want you guys to read this.

OKay, regarding my response to the review by: idiotendenial, please excuse the typos. Just wanted you all to know, I dont think explorating is a word or anything. LOL. I meant exploring. My fingers just move tooo quickly across the keyboard. :)

Reviewer: virgofemme Signed
Date: May 30 2014

Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Hi Pmgayles,

Big John was introduced into the story at the end of Chapter 4. Guess I should have included him into the last few chapters, so that people wouldn't forget about him. Sorry for the confusion!

Reviewer: virgofemme Signed
Date: May 07 2014

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