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Hi, I'm Chanelle. It's nice to meet you all. I'm a junior (senior now) in college, majoring in History (Now psychology). I've been writing interracial fiction since I was about 13. Please feel free to leave comments of contructive only helps me improve as a writer. Let me know if you like what I post. ^_^



It has been a year since I have last been here and needless to say I have missed all of you here. I am still not myself or even a shred of who I used to be and I don't think I'll ever be who I was. But, I am learning to grow and adjust to this new Me.

A lot of things have happened in my life this past year and I took up writing because it is needed to keep me here <3 I am a member on Asian Fanfics, the site I joined to keep myself active. As the title says, it is mainly Asian characters so 100% of what I wrote was ambw. It is good that I am going to be writing all interracial fiction. <3 

A warning: My depression is very bad and I have developed suicidal tendencies and desires so due to my fragile emotional and mental health, I would really appreciate it if you guys take it a bit easy when requesting updates. Please respect this. I have no problem with your comments as most of them uplift and inspire me! ^_~ However... comments such as "What is the problem? Why have you taken so long to update? I'm here waiting and you have had so much time to..." etc etc. will not be accepted. 

I am currently seeking help and therapy so let's all be understanding of that kay? 


Welcome me back with open arms please ^_^ <3




Hey Loves! So, I wanted to tell you guys that I am trying to get published. So, that means that some of the stories recently added here will have to be taken down ;__; Please understand that I do not want you to read unfinished work! it's not fair to you. And it puts pressure on me when you constantly ask. My muse as of now is MIA due to my depression. It sucks and I'm trying to get meds for this. But in the mean time, please enjoy my other stories and continue to support me! Wish me luck guys! ^_~ <3 Hope you are happy for me!








Hey everyone!  I'm 21 years old now and in this time, I've taken some time away from ValentChamber and it was much needed time. In that time, I've grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I've come back not as I left. Stronger. Better. Healed. And I owe all this not to myself but all to Jesus Christ. I've also drifted away from kpop as well in the time I have been gone. I know a lot of you aren't going to like it but these are the choices I've made. I, however, will still be writing and updating some of the stories I have placed here. :D Some of them hold values and ideologies that I no longer agree with and will be taken down indefinitely. I aim to create a space here where my creativity is explored and good connections can be made. Not a place where sexual perversion and desires roam free. I'm not that person anymore and I will reflect it properly. :) ^_^ Thank you to everyone who supported me while I was in deep depression and continue to support my work! I appreciate you all! I hope that you will stay with me as new ideas and stories and stories are birthed here. Love you all! Be blessed~ Chanel <3 <3 <3 

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