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Currently working toward a Bachelors in Foreign Languages I am a published poet and aspiring novelist.  My poetic creations have an erotic and sultry undertone.  They are usually inspired by the music that moves me and the muses in my life. I hope you enjoy.


-Life is ever moving, Love is ever changing 

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A man and a woman once strangers stranded on a deserted South Pacific island.  Awaiting rescue these complete strangers find themselves growing more dependent upon each other.  And with the dependency and the plethora of exotic discoveries their drive for survival slowly transforms into a hunger for each other.  Amongst the several chores and hunting excursions they face each day out of necessity, every so often they take a moment to revel in the bounties of their virgin rainforest and each other.  This will be a series of original poems recounting their experiences through the sensual, the mysterious, the dangerous, and the beautiful.


-Life ever moving, Love ever changing 


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