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Hi, I'm 23, an aspiring chef, and I love to write! :)

I got into writing Fanfics recently when I noticed a shortage of fanfics featuring women of color--that I actually enjoyed reading. So I just decided to write my own damn story! 

Most if not all of my stories will be rated M for language and/or SEX. Heheheh. I'm a naughty sailor-mouth. What can I say. But as with Quentin Tarantino and his take on graphic violence, I think certain scenes in writing really get people to connect with and enjoy the story. Human nature responds to primitivity. And as Patrick says, cursing is just a way of enhancing a sentence--or maybe I'm just full of shit and cuss a lot. :P

I don't upload photos with color because at the end of the day, color doesn't matter.

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What happens after Loki falls from the Rainbow Bridge? My first fic EVER. M rating for later chapters.

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