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>> currently living in Australia <<

Hey y'all. I'm probably one of the biggest INTERRACIAL ROMANCE fiction fans in the world... i love it... I honestly think it's an obsession... everytime i see a IR couple walking around, i swear my heart just leaps hahaha yeah i'm that creepy girl who just smiles at a couple that are walking by hahahaha 

i also love non IR! like i have NO problems with non interracial novels since i read them daily. but when i find an interracial read (which is well written and bloody awesome) i get this weird feeling. . . MAINLY because i can picture myself as the female protagonist hahaha i mean when they describe a brunette with blue eyes ... im like 'oh ... haha she's pretty' 

but when they say black hair, brown skin... yaddayaddah... im like 'OOOHHH I SOUND SO PRETTY' lmao yes yes i know ... im a loser hahaha but yeah


ok one thing i cannot stand about SO many freaken reads is that the female is not only clingy, she's a bloody sook and depends on the male SO much... they allow the males to tell them what to do and practically run their lives. NO NO NO! I WILL NOT READ THE BOOK IF THE FEMALE ALLOWS THE MALE TO TREAT THEM LIKE DAMN CHILDREN. 

... i kind of just went cray cray ... lmao but seriously guys please!!!! what's wrong with writing about strong females? who fight back and push the men over board?! who do not allow the men to walk all over them? who actually work for themselves rather than allowing the male to bring home the damn bacon or whatever ! 

OK so i did once again go crazy ... but just letting y'all know... im dead serious. 

ALL RANTS ASIDE... i love this website... i love reading your guys stories. it just amazes me... thank you all! to all the writers on here - YOU ARE ALL CHAMPIONS! 

i hope to one day go into a bookstore and purchase your novels :) 

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