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i like to tell stories. haruki murikami is my literary soulmate. i also like creepy things and tea.

***After a long hiatus, I am back to updating my story. I apologize for the wait.

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"Why do you wear those wings all of the time?"

"What wings?"

August 1, 2007. A week before the start of sophomore year. Virginia Nez was murdered in cold blood and everyone totally thinks Solomon Dinétsfósí, the school's pariah, did it. It's so easy to blame the boy for it, too. He's tall, wears black all of the time, and always seems to be stuck in his head. Always. Weird daydreams and visions have plagued him since his dad's accident and they only seem to increase as he ages. He's in love with Emily Davis who is the opposite of him and what he's known; blonde, blue-eyed, and all around perfect in his eyes, who's never even spoken to him. Outside of Spanish class, of course.

Life, at the very least, is grim to the Navajo boy in black who's only friend is his ball python, Smiley. When a young stranger pops in and literally crashlands into his life and the life of everyone else in his Arizona town, he can't help but notice those wings that only he can see.

Strange things begin to happen. His visions become prophecies. People die. People rise from the dead. People turn into fox spirits and other scary spirtual things. And all of this starts right after she shows up. And with her, he's going to have to get to the bottom of the strangeness that seems to glower over his hometown like a rain cloud.

"So, why do you have those wings?"


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