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I love to read about great tragedies, awkward situations, violence, hard core die hard never ending love, obsession, interracial relationships (and not just bw/wm couples), and of course... crazy and deranged people.


I'm a writer... but I can't seem to overcome my procrastination or the fear that some lame will copy and paste my hard work and claim it as their own.


Secretly... I want to be an eidtor. I read more stories than not that have (excuse my french..) a fuck load of grammatical errors, broken english, spelling errors, and well... just plain laziness in not using the spell check option on MS Word. Come on yall damn...


Ultimately... I just want to escape reality and get lost in a world of amazing literature. So please... entertain me before I have to find ways to entertain myself. Trust me... you don't want that to happen...

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