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Hey Fellow writers and readers, 

I'm Riven, and i am new to this world, i love to write and i have a thing for letting my imagination run wild and feeding into my addiction, which is writing. 

After being behind the radar, reading some great works i realized that this site has two of my favorite things: Interracial couples and writing. So i thought to give this a go and share my writing with you.

I hope you accept me into your world, if not then no hard feelings. At the end of the day the only opinions that matters to me is my own, and the only opinion that should matter to you is yours. So i hope we can be friends because we all have a lot in common than you think.

Well off i go and if you have any questions you can ask me on my ask fm.


I also like making powerpoints and at times making picture art so the image you see on my profile is something i made when i was writing and wanted a cover page.

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“They say never love a wild thing because they will break your heart in the end.

You, however are not a Wild thing.

Nothing close to being wild in fact.

You have been caged for so long that you have lost sight of who you are, kidnapped from the chance of true happiness and what you are capable of.

You’re lost Astrid. Stuck in Limbo.

I want to be the one who unlocks you from the gilded cage,

Be the one that frees you.

You have been contained for so long you are a stranger to only yourself.

So let me liberate you.

Let me be the one to uncover your wild side.

I want to strip each layer like a present until you are nothing but bare.

Until you are naked in your own flesh and bask in your beauty.

I want to taint your purity and innocence.

But I must warn you my methods are dangerous and vulgar to some, but to you they will just be enticing and addicting.

So what do you say?”

I looked at him completely smitten by his words, they were true poetry to me. Looking deep into those mischievous eyes, I leaned closer to his ear and whispered:


"Liberate me”

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