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Azalea is a woman on the verge – however, she knows not of what.


At the age of twenty-four, Azalea feels herself to have finally blossomed into womanhood, and during quite a time to be a Black woman. She feels the shifting, though she cannot yet vocalize that towards which the world is shifting. All she knows is that eyes linger a little longer on her hickory-brown skin, that fingers stray a little more often towards her billowing coils, and that the world takes a little deeper of an interest in with whom her newfound womanhood is shared.


She never expected, however, for her newfound womanhood to be the interest of and so influenced by a man – a white man at that. Especially one who has seemingly worked so tirelessly to degrade it. However, so it was. And so it goes.


Azalea is a woman on the verge of so many things – the first hopefully being of conquering motherhood. Join Azalea as she navigates her own experience of this new-aged Black womanhood, and learns of many others’ experiences along the way.

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Published: December 23 2017
Updated: December 23 2017

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