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Rated: 17 and older
[Reviews - 41]



Thalia knows why she abandoned her hometown of Darming for the Big Apple. Her infamous Shannen blood could never let her forget it. But when news of her cousin's murder brings her rushing back home she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of familial dilemmas and betrayals, all while going head-to-head with the notorious MC, the Saxon Horde.

Table of Contents
Categories: Original Fiction
Characters: None
Classification: General
Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Family, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Story Status: Active
Pairings: Original
Warnings: Adult Situations, BDSM, Character Death, Dark Fic, Drugs/Drug Use, Dubcon, Extreme Language, Femslash, Graphic Violence, Original Characters, Racism, Rape, Strong Sexual Content , Work in Progress
Challenges: The Tough and The Gritty
Series: None
Chapters: 8
Word count: 16814
Read Count: 6676
Published: 02/27/13
Updated: 08/15/13

Rated: 17 and older
[Reviews - 9]


For My Tangie Mates

Table of Contents
Categories: One Life to Live
Characters: Evangeline Williamson
Classification: Off Cannon
Genre: Drama, Romance
Story Status: None
Pairings: Tangeline (One Life to Live)
Warnings: Extreme Language, Strong Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 2
Word count: 5475
Read Count: 1317
Published: 12/15/09
Updated: 12/15/09